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Why You Should NEVER Open Your Third Eye *WARNING!*

14 605 views | 20 Jun. 2019

These are the

These are the reasons you should never open your third eye. The third eye is commonly referred to as the pineal gland, intuitive mind etc. Opening your third eye can be beautiful, but beware, it can come with some unexpected issues as well.



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Biolife vicious

Sorry for failing to grasp your core meaning at the begining




Im not sure, since i was 8 i was able to see spirits and once i saw my grandpa that died walking up the stairs and when i was 8 i didnt know ab the 3rd eye, why is this?

Biolife vicious

teach us to open so we can close it on our own

Gigi Emile


Just Me Kim 333

So.... How do you open your third eye? I opened it a few years ago... The wrong way... And it was terrifying... But once i conquered the fear... It was awesome! But it has closed over time and i can't seem to reopen it!

Nicola Rodgers

New subscriber from the UK ☺️

Amatiel 8

My third eye has been opened since I was a child.
I AM an Empath,Medium, Clairesentient, Clairvoyant, Clairecogniant ect.
I've been through the loss of many people I called friends. I've been through illness,toxic relationships, drugs,alcohol and childhood trauma.
I have learned that all the things I have been through in my life have been for a reason. Lessons given to me, that at the time, feel like you have been targeted ,or picked on by the universe.
But,when we look closer, it's the universe giving us a lesson to Learn and help us find our authentic selves and our purpose. Also, we recognize our soul family, and the divine guides,angels, and the many helpful divine beings that have always been with us and always will.
We are never alone.
Just remember that we need to do a protection every morning, so we are protected from the negative energies and entities.
Love you beautiful soul.
From Australia. ?

Anton Vitullo

And people think the 3rd eye is satanic when it’s the complete opposite when it’s an antenna to the divine creator .

Mr. Motivation

Ok, good I thought I was going Crazy! The third Eye is very Real.


I don’t know what people like this consider an open!third-eye to be, but you can’t just open it so easily to where someone can talk you against it such as opening the door to a stank bathroom. It’d be like telling someone not to fly away—you can’t just choose to fly away like a bird. He does, however, make a couple of good points.

Hugo Lèandre

I loved this.

george p

My experience was like I felt bad vibes in my house, then I progress with such a beautiful feelings even I think I felt the love of God but later on I suddenly out of no where I started thinking about someone I met 10 years ago its been 2 years already and there is no way I can stop thinking about that person this is the worst situation I've ever been. Now my mother doesn't like my wife and she is a witch or practice Sorcery. Either she got me by taking my belongings in one trip that she did to the Caribbean or the third eye really plant me demons. Now I pray to God and he reveal to me that that I have nothing to repent for that it wasn't cause my doings. If your mind and soul are evil don't do it. I also connect with God by praying and fasting its just amazing how the spiritual world is more real than what we live. If you love sports and things from the world you will stop consuming those things including drugs, cigarettes, music, cars, money, as long as you truly surrender your self to the higher power. Ask God for guidance before you do anything. And trust God like nobody ever


Not only can i feel energy i can now see it...physically see it! Amazi mg amazing amazing there are no words to describe

suki love

Why can’t we see it


Idk specifically how but I’ve been this way for years without even knowing what a third eye is. I already have most of these symptoms (except for food or sensing ancestors) but it seems to get more intense as time goes on. My cousins (theirs are open) told me mines is flickering so now I’m interested. Ty for this video

Grace Song

One time my third eye opened it was there from my cup of water scared me till this day I don’t have it opened anymore it must stay that way


The human body is more Than you think which is why creating a robot that can digest and eat and talk is gonna be pretty hard

Ariana Lurie

I bartend at at stripclub ( worst place to be when working on your energy centers )

Grand Pa

Thanks for the info. ???????????‍♀️??

Bandit A.D

I just subbed. Whenever I see somebody that knows what there talking about and I can just tell that he has good vibes and very likeable personality and is truly just trying to help people out. I sub.

Brunson III Films

This was an excellent video

Anton Vitullo

You don’t look for the 3rd eye , it comes to you .


Great explaining it.?


Opening your third eye is not for everybody!!!!!!

Ali Booman

Milliones of people says do open your third eye n you?

Raul Ceja

i think i opened it thru meditation and i wasnt ready..... its triping me out

Ariana Lurie

This sounds scary ? have you seen creepy things ? Are you able to sleep

Gregory Swann

I believe your third eye is operating in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.


What you mean to say is that one negative aspect of opening your third eye, is simply that you are more aware in general. I was born this way, more aware than average, but I really don't think I have been enlightened.

Arki Gamer

I can sense the persons personality
I can smell that persons emotion
I see what normal people do not see
I also can sense danger.
What I hate most is:
I cannot sleep but when I can sleep I always wake up 3am
I am sensitive to light
Im always sensitive

Glo Boy

not just the eye of Horus but the God Shiva also used his 3rd eye we are so use to this basic life that the unknown be so scary dont be afraid be happy !

That Shit

I think its dope how u play ball and you still are connected with your higher self... respect??

Sheena Rooplal

Dope video, I would like to open my 3rd eye!

William Carnes

Its sounds awesome but I don't know if it's for me or not

Rae Kay

with your comment about what you put in your body in terms of food , that’s so true. energy can only be transferred , not destroyed


3:08 Bless you

Zack Bartlett

I do enjoy these kinds of videos thank you. It’s a very good way to get the point across.


Yeeees ,perfect...?????‍♀️❤

Christian X

Ive been so scared but I really wanna open my Third Eye and by what they say I'm 13 years old and it's my third eye is a little bit opened


Does anyone know how to get rid of your third eye?

Wat IsDit

What about seeing other peoples with 3 eyes?

Mad lemming17

How can you tell your 3rd eye is opening?Do you see flashy white lights?


I can tell you one thing guys.

As soon as you open your third eye there is no more normal or boring life. But believe me sometimes its better to have a "normal" life. Not everyone can handle this energy and are better off without it. As soon as the crazy things begann I shut the eye because I'm still weak

Awaken Aawa

Mines opened unexpected,Probably why I feel uncomfortable being around people because of what they do,It keeps me pretty calm but it closes by itself and when it dose I get extremely tired


Third eye is satanic. Its the same teaching that satanist use they teach the highest level is self. Opening your third eye is all about YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU its exactly like the story of satans fall.

Spirit guides are demons next time your speaking or contacting your spirit guide ask them about Jesus Christ and you will see their true identity they are demons.


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The Third Eye is controlled by the Government. ?

Ali Booman

Mr - please be +

Simeon Yakubu

How do I open my third eye?

FILIPPA FELICIA L.twitter.com/FilippaLinrooos


Carol Klin

I guess the universe is trying to open my third eye because out of nowhere third eye came to my mind. And I just type it. Everyday I see 11:11 I have a pressure in my forehead. But I am not really ready to open it.

Lamar Seymore

Where are you referencing this information from?


I don’t want to open it I’m not ready but i feel like it’s gonna happen ?


You guys it's only gone be this hard if your scared of yourself everybody should open there third eye cause a lot of people can't cause there body's doesn't produce enough melanin so there pineal gland can't be used or in some cases you don't have one so if you have the ability do it.

Victor Thomas

The higher planes aren't for everyone, but one thing I've learned is to talk to people on their current plane. What books do you read?

Happy Texan

Self Hypnosis works to open our mind. = Intuition, Consciousness, World views are irrelevant now. People are B.S.


If I have a short attention span, I can simply set the video to 2x speed and require myself to be present for a mere 9 minutes.

Spiritual Keys

Is so true bro I’ve had to delete social media lol.

Natasha Letourneau

I just looked more into you ... I am literally on the same vibe as you in life right now!
Love from the Boston are!

Natasha Letourneau


Jazz Hothi

Why not open it if it never was meant to be opened it wouldn't exist.

black goku

Idk I kind of what to open it

Bobby Rodriguez

What do you do when demons come close how do you fight them

Joshua.Resilient Shingoose

Thank you for explaining that for me

Lonnie Kimmel

I felt every word! Connection made! Especially about God and the words we speak. I’m so careful about what I speak and think! I’ve noticed recently about the foods I eat. Mostly plant protein.

Monica Rich

We all need or suppose to open our 3rd eye. This is how we are suppose to be living anyway. So do this mean alot of us are still asleep if we don't open our 3rd eye ?

Jake Sternfels

Do you think that the Kundalini Spirit and the Third Eye are the same thing?

krista mccarrell

Everything you described was what happened when I got saved.

Kara Davidson

All I’ve been eating lately is organic baked snacks. Like Chick Peas, baked veggie mixture, Dried fruit etc. I know it’s not healthy but my body doesn’t want anything else right now

Antoinette 777

Thank you so much. Even though you're saying don't it actually makes me want to open it more so that I can experience life the way I know I should and deserve. I really appreciate you??

Jack Johnson

My third eye isn’t open, but I’m very conscious, and I hear clear from God.

Rock Cena

Question for all of you ,Do you know anyone get thought broadcasting (involuntary telepathy) after he open third eye?

Levels of Transparency

Good video! My third eye has been opened since I was a child. The road has been lonely but I know I’m not alone because God has always been with me.

Antoinette 777

Can your 3rd eye open by itself?

Mr. O

thumbnail ?


I appreciate your video and perspective! My story goes, It wasn’t until four years ago the spirits came to me and showed me my calling. Since a child I’ve been highly sensitive (in first grade I taped into a classmate’s spirit, she felt it and told me to stop). I used to hate how much I felt, feeling vulnerable, I would always act against my own self with hardness. It wasn’t until I chose to see my ability as a gift and not a burden that I realized the power I or any human has. Now, a developing clarisentient, I do not doubt my intuition or feelings. I have gained the ability now to see, perceive, understand, and at times control others true emotions. All praise belongs to the most high? bless.

Kåre Andre Thomassen

It is beautiful, but hard sometimes. I have also awakend my kundalini!

Scrolly TM

How to close it? Can you share all methods you know?


This is not a competition nobody is better than anybody, Let’s just say opening your third eye will help you in life

Lady L

Can Organite help to sort of act as a force field for us from bad energy after opening our 3rd eye?

Jose Mojica

It is lonely... Finding your tribe takes a lot of filtering


"Opening your third eye" is opening a demonic portal. You don't want to do this. There's nothing in the Bible about how you should open your 3rd eye.

Sehun Min

okay but like i think its happening on its own and i dont want it to!!!!


What about black magic? How do you gain protection from that if you don't believe in Christ. Alot of people do it in mexico so that's the part i'm confused on..

jones amesco

My has been open since I can remember. I became fully aware a year ago. Kind of shaking but whenever I try to force it, it drains me and causes me hunger for food.

4eva evolving

What u talking about?

Arki Gamer

Third eye is tapping into your soul.

Big Shod

This video was perfect!

evil_muscle muscled

This dudes 3rd eye is open

Toocozy Figss

Can you send me the video of 8:18 when you can feel from the food you eat

Jose Mojica

Oh and what about if third eye is open but not ready? There's so much to deduce.


Do you see some reptilians under human body's?

Martina Grant

Thank you for helping me.

Lerner's think

I think yoga is simple way for this

Natasha Letourneau

ISK who you are OR what you whole channel is about (yet) BUT...
I can already tell I love what you are preaching!

Ariana Lurie

What can you tell about people who does readings? Do they used their third eye?. I think these ppl don’t care good energy ps I am scared ?

Mejia Vince

I have been feeling like this for more than 5 years. How can I know if my 3rd eye is open if I don't eat well and smoke

Baby girl

How do you know if ur getting a gut feeling?


Closed my third eye 2 years ago and now I sense nothing but pain

Shea butter warnings

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Why do you keep talking about the lighting? lol ??‍♀️

L.A The Finesser

New supporter ??


I just started taking the pill yesterday and the side effects is horrible. I can’t sleep at all and me having anxiety is making it worse .

Shea butter warnings

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Amber Griffin

naw ive done the relationship thing enough, im cool on that. im ready to live & work.

Uncrowned Librarian

when stimulus check comes in I'm going to buy a red panda onesie outfit fly to Israel , and start sweeping in the middle of a warzone


New Jerusalem

Fly Mamma

N ive BEEN shakin my SHYT literally bcz i KNO dey ?n

Fly Mamma

U put this UP jus4 Me 12ago n i AINT heard SHYT yet ONLY feel it????

C Scar

Yooooo, that Leo part is pretty wild!

Fly Mamma


PhatKat Thompkins 9LetterGang


Fly Mamma

N my mercury n Gemini...geesh U REALLY B ON IT


Naw i kicked him to the club freaking liar

Fly Mamma


Fly Mamma

Yup it was leo...n imma cáncer sun LEO MOON

Moniqua Myystical

⭐Sun, Moon, Rising, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and North Node/South Node
placements ?

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Nesha West



That dam libra



Sanda Pavlovic

Yes its me Who wanna see whats the world has to offer..... cancer.

Christine Hilario santos

I'm a Virgo and that is my cancer

Amber Griffin

i am a Camcer Sun Leo Moon
and they weird af because they blocked so how tf can you be watching me.


I like her ?

Bello Queen Tarot

Thanks for the reading! I liked and subscribed ! can you please return the favor for a fellow tarot reader? many blessings from Bello Queen tarot

Imagine 32 Lucas

Girl that's me they talk shit about me all day