I want bigger lips

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Editing Photos Using Machine Learning | Computational Photography, Part 2

3 353 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Want to make your own

Want to make your own photo editing models but don't know where to start? Sign up for Brilliant! http://brilliant.org/jordan

In Part 2 of this two-part series, we'll look at some examples of machine learning-based computational photography that you can use yourself to edit photos!

Part 1: https://youtu.be/QSvn7uq_KtY

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Chase Kubesh

Absolute legend


Audio sounding good :) Camera focus nice and crisp. The office lighting seems pretty harsh, but maybe working from home for the last year has me forgetting what an office environment is meant to be like (:

Jordan Harrod

➡️ Want to make your own photo editing models but don't know where to start? Sign up for Brilliant! http://brilliant.org/jordan

(also sorry for being a day late! things got a little crazy on my end yesterday ? )

Cretu Radu

I think the smile looks creepy because pretty much only the mouth changes.


I know the smile at 4:08.: It's the smile you get ten minutes after meeting your blind date, when they've just said something totally idiotic (again) and you're calculating the best strategy to ditch them. That smile.

Mojela Moloi

M.L has a really vast scope, it would be fun to sink my teeth into something to build up my portfolio.

Alexander McDonagh

The algorithym likes this

Prénom Nom


DSM: Wannabe Linguist

This was crazy interesting! I use Lightroom for my photography work but I’m very excited to experiment with these bad boys in future. Looking forward to that cartoon vid!

Erik Fox-Jackson

I have a lot of fun with the Neural filters in Photoshop, I intentionally use it to create monstrosities. Great content as always, a couple of strange cuts in this one. Edited by AI?

Virtual Galia

Thanks for a great video! I've always wanted to try messing around with NNs and filters, now I feel re-inspired!

Phillip Jackson

yeah, it didn't know what to do with Black hair.


The gaze filter gave quite good results! I suppose that that type of task is probably where most of the research is done because it has applications in videoconferencing software.

Davidian Music

To me it looks like Adobe has a great neural engine, but massive bias in the curating of the samples. Just seeing the results of ‘anger’ and ‘happy’ I can see they were selected by a overly cautious comitee. And the hair, ‘nuff said.

Nathan West

Audio is so much better! Crystal clear with no echo. (I'm the guy who mentioned hanging a blanket last week)

Worth A Glimpse

Thank you so much for the info ma'am

Ross Radford

The audio was excellent.


Hey look, bias in AI algorithms!


Commenting for the engagement algorithm. Great video.

Aaron Poole

Appreciate that your videos make AI application feel less threatening :>

andrew mcmillan

Just by moving your audio got way better, so that's great :-)

Study Mantra

Me luminar AI
Well what are your thoughts about luminar AI???

Skave Rat

"Creating a cartoon video of me using machine learning" - all I have to say to that: HUZZAH!

The Primeval Void

It's the teeth, man. They're messing the teeth up.

Claudia Chen

yeah I feel like this AI model just doesn't know what to do with Black hair...

Pauls Apšenieks

not first


Hi Jordan, this is a little bit off topic but I was recently reading an article about a company using A.I. to design their product. Do you know of any software I could use to do this?

Anton Wong Video

Recently, a lot of photo/video youtubers are making videos with (and sponsored by) Luminar AI for editing their photos.
I'm curious to know what your thoughts are on Luminar

I want bigger lips

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How can i order one to lebanon ? I really want those !