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VALORANT | Ranking All Skins From BEST to WORST (Episode 1 Tier List)

50 263 views | 26 Dec. 2020

Today we take a step back

Today we take a step back to look at all Episode 1 skin bundles and rate which ones are the best and which ones are the worst. From the original launch of the Prime set, to Elderflame and Oni coming out back to back. To the crazy trailer of Glitchpop and it's recent revival. The ominous return of Reaver, the hilariously put together BlastX and everything in between!


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Thanks for watching!


this is so wrong, sovereign "c" for having no good guns, glitchpop, Which has a worse weapon selection "s"????????????


Little did they expect glichmod 2.0


Where is the luxe skin???...


Where’s luxe bundle


To be honest ego skin dont have animations but I love this skin

Sam Bird

Polyfox is a clear d-tier skin. I personally think it’s the worst skin on the game, but it definitely doesn’t deserve b-tier.

Rajko Not

I have ion and oni full upgrade and i just always use ion over oni

Rajko Not

I have ion and oni full upgrade and i just always use ion over oni

Kendrick Manalo

they need to re-release the glitchpop collection but with a vandal or phantom skin

Screw Nova

Wasteland is a solid E tier


damn if only they gave aristocrat a better first person look


Sakura vandal is the best skin in the game in my opinion. So clean and cheap

S Tier:
1. Glitchpop, besides the bad gun selection, it is the best skin line in the game. We should have GP 2.0 with Phantom, Vandal and Operator.
2. Prime just hits different.
3. Reaver is edgy.
4. Singularity, phantom feels kinda small, but overall, good gun selection and execution
5. Oni, it's cool, good theme, but without the smoke upgrade it looks better and you get sick of it after a month.

A Tier:
1. Ion, clean and cool, wish I bought ion instead of reaver because the AWP is S Tier, but overall, finisher looks kinda meh, the rest is definetly S Tier.
2. Sovereign, cool effects, bad gun selection, kill banner without many colors, unlike the other skin lines, but overall, good.
3. Elderflame, overall a good skin, nothing bad about the execution. It's just... Intense? Overdetailed?
4. BlastX, finisher and equiping very seasonal. Looks kinda good but not like other skins.
5. Ruin, battlepass, exclusive for who bought it on act 3, overall cool.
6. Sakura, cheap, simple, clean, beautiful, no defects. They should make a Sakura V2 but with finisher and different gun model.

B Tier:

1. Nebula, clean, cool, just misses a finisher. would be sick with singularity finisher.
2. G.U.N., not that good looking. only firing animation. In-game it looks bad. Gunbuddy is just horrible.
3. Wasteland, nice theme and execution, it just ain't better than the other skins.
4. Polyfox, good, nicelooking, nice execution of the theme. Again, just ain't better than the others.
5. Rush, cheap, nice, good color scheme, simple and clean.
6. Surge, i personally don't like it. But, it's kinda cool for people that like colorful skins, and 2 of the variations are like Prime original and Blue.

C Tier:
1. WinterWunderland, just... I don't know. I don't like it personally. I think it's ugly. And it will look awful in any season besides xmas.
2. Spline, kinda looks good actually. But it ain't better than laughing at some random with a xmas skin in mid-july.

From now on I kinda agreed with you guys. I just think kingdom and dotexe should be B tier, but not totally. Kingdom is a very cool skins, since it's clean and nice, even with no kill effects and dotexe is just simple. Good for people that like simple skins and couldn't afford Sakura or something like this.

Navaneeth C M

Elderflame vandal deserve an upgrade in tier. Maybe a lower S


Broo winter wonderland is the best

Its North

Reaver is alright, but it’s nowhere near prime level.

King Pin

I stopped watching and disliked the moment you put elderflame in a instead of s and smite c really??? Smite is really good for 875. Glitchpop is also s and not a. .exe is definitely an a and not c. Aristocrat is definitely not d. Ion is also s and not a. Red alert is at least b and not c.

Rex Tsang

thats not every skin btw


Kingdom is the best idk what you mean

Pinapl Pg3d

Reader vandal is better than prime. Change my mind

Ayan Pal

elderflame best skin

ivan kenny herrera

Damn glitchpop 2.0


Me and the homies like convex skins

Xan Skidgel

"Bulldog is better than Guardian"

Press X to doubt

Asuka Sheikah

Both are close, tbh Reaver ever so slightly just cuz it has better guns, Oni has Phantom and Bucky, while Reaver has a Sheriff, Awp, and Vandal, plus the reload more unique on the Reaver


personally really dont like the elderflame i think its a little too much going on for my taste i actually prefer it to be a bit cleaner and simpler
doesnt mean i dont like some cool VFX but elderflame is just too much imo

Banana pooped in Your cat

Best is singularity


I love the prime skins, mainly for their sound design. The classic prime gunshots make me nut

bhargav narasimhan

bruh wheres luxe?

Hughan Frederick

singularity p


omg Prime Vandal is S-Tier.... C-Tier....you serious???

Ec1ipse 1

Ayyyyyy mycsas back


I really like smite, I think they made a mistake not having lightning bolt kill animation and a diferente sound for that, it would have been a well spent money for me, although the smite knife sucks one with like a Zeus thunderbolt would be so hyped

Shaheen Namboori

Prime vandal is always at the top ?


Next time you should add a link to the tier list so we can make our own

Ec1ipse 1

Prime vandal diff best skin in the game

Ashwin Prabhu

Reaver is the best skin in the game

Daniel Ionanov

Sovereign ghost all the way!


I did not just watch them put wasteland and ruin over spline and nebula

Martin Marinov

respect for this guy that he put elderflame to A and not S

Yessir _

Blastx is so clean but the noise it makes?

Thomas Nguyen

Do the knives

William Slanina-Wertz

Should i buy the nerf gun skin pack?

Noa Belding

Aristocrat is the best skin in the game change my mind

Aurelius Vincent

Prime Vandal feels so good to play. Legit makes your aim better haha. Wish they added a Glitchpop Phantom or Vandal, that would be a strong contender for the no.1 skin in the game.


ummmmm u forgot luxe....

luxe is s tier for me. especially if they bring back the gold recolor

Japhet Cohitmingao

i really love the reaver vandal and prime vandal but.. I'm broke


reaver and singularity are the best nothing else is right

Navaneeth C M

Best skin is Prime vandal no cap

Stylish Irisman

Reaver glitchpop and sovereign are all S tier. Sovereign is the most popular ghost by far so it has to be S tier. Reaver vandal will be my vandal for good I love it!!

Brett M

Prime Vandal is the best vandal skin in the game ez.


If i made this list I would put spline, wasteland, and ruin at the top of b tier or bottom of a tier, ion, elderflame, oni, and GUN go to top of a tier, and glitchpop, sovereign, and blastx go to S tier

Daddy Skeree

Nice tier list!! Im agree like in the 95%


Reaver has to be the best skin in game and on menu. Has the best weapons, variants and the animation. You'll want to buy all them colours. Haha

Mohamad Syazwan

Wait sovereign have stinger tho ?

VSF biscuttheboss

My first vid ive watched from this channel was the oni bundle showcase


Prime Vandal has got to be my favorite

Sukru Umut Ertene

ion and blastx way better than oni

Marcus Funk

How is elderflame vandal not S tier - it's by far the most crazy skin we have seen in a strategic FPS


Me and the ppl who got the dragon vandal, upgraded it, and can’t refund it now: ???





Afsan Mashrik

The best gun for me is basically reaver. The variants are clean. The skin is og. The animation is amazing. It goes with my user. And the scope is the most creative. The best one in my eyes.

Zaid Yousef

Oni is the best

Apoorv Gupta

Oni ?

Northern Canuck

Prime is the first set that came out after 1.0. Still is the best set they put out, period.



Gude Guy

Bruh they did smite kinda dirty in my opinion.

James master

Oni phantom is the best.

Soham Pakhira

An opportunity to select skin while buying the weapon during a match would be awesome! It would enable one to play with different skins for the same gun in the same match! Hoping Riot can make this possible <3

Raven loves Cake

say crap about Glitchpop and Sovereign and I will punch you to Heaven's doorstep

Pally Warr

i would trade reaver for prime just because i dont like the shooting sound


Let's start a new series with New skins!

N. T.

My wife bought me singularity, such a cool skin. I'm surprised that you guys rated .exe so low, I think it's easily one of the best looking skins in the game. I would love them to release a full pack of .exe skins, I would love to have a purple-light one for my Phantom.



VSF biscuttheboss

I got aristocrat vandal in my night market and ignored it


Now glitchpop has vandal and phantom

Decoy Plays

Prime Vandal is THE BEST skin in the game and Glitchpop Dagger is the best melee in the game.

Uchiha Madara

Reaver vandal is S+ in my heart.

Felipe Amback

Aristocrat at D is just NUTS! At least C.

Its North

Y’all are thinking about it too much. I think that price and the guns it includes shouldn’t matter in a tier list, it should just be about the overall look of the gun.

Sandhya Santhosh

No luxe?


Broo winter wonderland is the best


in spite of the list, I like Kingdom, dot.exe, Ion and Wasteland the best


am I the only one that doesnt really like the oni phantom? it's just kinda lame compared to the ion since it has no shooting sounds at all so its basically the same as spline with kill effects. Imo all the oni skins should be A tier since they have less effects that any of the other s tier skins

Fabio Pineda

Ion is underrated, you can track the bullets very easy and has good animations when you reload and when you pull out the gun

Northern Canuck

With all due respect, I personally think Oni looks like trash. Phantom: Singularity. Vandal: Prime. Best skin is Prime Vandal and best bundle is a very close fight between Prime and Singularity, but I prefer the Singularity melee.


Unpopular opinion, but Act 1's battlepass skins are easily B-S teir


hmm interesting video, I def think the elderflame is S tier because it legit makes me feel overpowered...
I already have the operator (it's just a super cool OP)
waiting for the Vandal to come into my store, every time I pick one up, I perform better.
I had the same thing with the Prime vandal when it released (also purchased that one) but nowadays I got kind of used to it and even played better with dot exe / ruin vandal...

IF I get used to the elderflame, I still have ruin/dot exe and Prime to fall back to.
with the last bp's knife, I don't feel any need to purchase skins other than the elderflame vandal tbh...

Spadaj Szczawiu

how is aristocratic so low?? literally one of my favorite skins imo among prime and singularity


The best skin in the game is the Prime Vandal, the best Phantom is Singularity. Also the Elderflame Vandal not being S tier should be a crime lmfao

So ein Spast

Bad taste: the video


this list is boolsheet

Lakpa Tshering

bought oni phantom for 940VP and prime vandal for 1047VP from Night Market

Sam McColl

I disagree with almost everything but your opinion is your opinion. If anyone's mad at this they are just unable to control their emotions

spooky gav

When are you doing the act 4 battlepass!!!!!


how is elderflame not s tier

M Lunat

Well now theres a glitchpop phantom and vandal so its 100% S tier


Please do knife tier list


ELDERFLAME BARREL IS ACTUALLY SHORTER THAN DEFAULT vandal, SO PAY TO WIN, you can look it up on reddit if you search up wasteland vandal pay to lose as its barrel is longer so you'll see the barrel sooner

Skins ep guide

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VALORANT Act 1 Battle Pass & New Skins - Cosmetics Showcase

217 382 views | 2 Jun. 2020


VALORANT has LAUNCHED! With it we have a look at the New Battle Pass and all the new Valorant skins you'll be able to earn! This includes all of the gun skins as well as the gun buddys and everything you can get on new agent Reyna!

00:00 Intro

01:05 Battle Pass Starts

16:02 More Weapon Skins

29:42 Sprays

35:25 Reyna Skins


Follow us!

►Twitter: https://twitter.com/HitscanYT

►Twitch - Mysca: http://www.twitch.tv/mysca

►Twitch - Ryan: http://www.twitch.tv/ryancentral


Thanks for watching!

Stefan Jevtovic

Anyone has problem with battle pass? I purched it and i am getting xp for tiers but not getting all skins, buddies,icons, etc.Same with agents, i got enough xp but didnt get agent. Anyone know whats that all about?

Viktor bakfeldt

How much does Galleria phantom cost??


Did someone say destiny?????


I want the Prime pack so bad but I’m broke ?

Netherite Ingot

Where the fuck are my skins, or at least the points

StraySM _

Check out 36:26 It is my fav skin

bob ross

How do you get skins tho

Lord Z

But how much xp we have to gain to unlock each tier ?

Dat Tran

bruhhh how did i not know the kingdom skins was part of a battlepass its so nice


Isnt the finisher animation kinda shit? It takes away SO much vision

Nicolás Reveck

i guess the prime brick is a reference to the supreme brick

Hello there

I didn’t finish it ?

Nick Costa

These gun buddies are what you get when everyone is designing from their home. Big fan.


wtih the cat buddy did you just say purfect, like what catwoman says.


if i play and unlocked all of the items, when i purchase the battle pass will i recive all the battle pass items without grinding for xp again?

Harsh Karale

Best skin they've added so far 36:42

HITSCAN - RyanCentral & Mysca

These skins are INCREDIBLE! Check out the description for timestamps to skip to certain spots ??


Nice skins i watvhed until the end


So the battle pass dont give you points to buy the next one
The region lock for the game is a problem i hope that gets removed

TacoChar xKIng

Put the video on 1.5 speed for ur own safety

akmal ahmad

if we buy a battlepass, all the tier that we achieve should be ours, right ? or every single item cost 1000 valorant point ?

ARS - Autoradios

road to INMORTAL?? -> https://youtu.be/nKQa-ishVxk


36:26 that skin, like WOW...Riot did an Amazing job with the game launch, but THIS skin is just the BEST!

Tama *

Your taste is horrible


Do you know the duration?

aidantje_ On IG

Can i make it to tier 49? im at tier 35 now and i have 11 days left. I can play almost everyday cuz of quarantaine. And do u maybe know how much xp you need for one tier?

Miguel Alegre

Guys u gotta check out that skin at 35:26

Nick Vass

Uh, either way, thank you so much. Kappa <3


wow check out the skin at 36:27

István Haim

valorant is suck game

Nino Mora

That skin @ 36:35 was maaaad?


Check out the skin at 36:27... or whatever lol.

Martin Tran

Why does Reyna look like Sindel from MK11 and the Prime weapons a ripoff of Warframe? ?


The "Vertraulich card" is german for "classified card" if you are wondering


im not making the same mistake with fortnite im gonna buy all the season 1 stuff so ill be OG and my account willl be worth a lot :}

Eustass Kid

1:43 Purrfect!


How long is the battlepass going to last?

Filthy Hanzo Main

Go to collection, to the gun and then you can see all the variants of the skins

Valorant Shenanigans

Hopefully they re-release the Beta skins back in, cause I know lots of people liking the Reaver collection and whatnot.

John Yao

Can’t believe I watched the whole video ?


where are the old skins


1.25 speed thank me later


Very nice man, thanks for making this dank video

Dark Side X

How much is battle pass?

If you want money, Then give me even more money

the prime skins pose an interesting question: since they all reload by slotting in an energy cell thing directly into the muzzle, what the point of having a mag?

Zaki Ghemati

Does the battle pass cost 1000 for the whole thing? So I pay 1000, and then I grind XP for all the cool cosmetics?

MalK s

It won’t give me my skins in the battle pass

Mat .

watched all of it

Fernando Castañeda

so we dont get riot points after finish the battle pass like the other shooters?? INTeresting

I want this game on consoleeee

Chris B100

So, basically i got to the kingdom spectre and equipped the skin, but it didn't show up in game. I tried equipping the default skin and then i tried to switch back, but it's telling me that it is locked and i can't equip it anymore.


So satisfying to watch ?


What happened to the old skins? (Reaver, Imperium, Ronin, Prism and Avalanche)


Couture means sewed in french


16:55 nice

Master Technolgy

Can you gift me


There was no skin shown at 36 minutes...


Ah yes over 100 dollars for some skins

Lil Jesus

9:50 It’s Shungite


36:27 Shut up and take my money

Prog Green

When will the battle pass end?

Dat Tran

act1 battlepass > newer battlepass

määlooo mcf

how long will the season be there??

General Zimmer

7:48 This could reference Soldier: 76's voice line and mvp highlight called "lights out".


YOOOOOO 36:26 ?


Idk why it bothered me so much but they always had do comment on how sprays don't relate to the game ??? Some do and some just relate to common gaming slang and it's seems petty to be bothered by it but I was...

fausto almeida2002

"checkout the skin"

Barry Sosa

Lights out is referring to killing someone or knocking them out. Knocking their lights out. As in they aren't using power/brain function

boy toy

How are y’all orgasming over boring recolored gun skins? It’s ridiculous. The incessant fawning over everything in this game just cause it’s Valorant is so pathetic


Will you get 1000 credits back when completing the battlepass ? Like pubg ? Pls reply


How much time is Act 1? Days, month or something..?


I have the battle pass and i already passed level 5 but it still says the spectre on lvl 5 is still locked


Check that skin on 36:42 tho


Talking about the cat charm then he says purrfect


I’m actually so hyped to play, when I wake up in the morning, I’m gonna start the download for Valorant and I’m gonna start playing it straight away, it looks amazing, I’ve purposely been not watching valorant stuff cause I want it to all be a secret, this is the first ever valorant video I have fully watched, I’ve barely watched any gameplay, but of what I have seen, it’s looks incredible, can’t wait ?


0:44 Yo is this a Warframe reference or am I crazy


When you watch threw the whole video


36:27 Awesome skin Riot...

Yohai Ribeiro

I dont understand why riot gave radionite points in the battle pass when it should be valorant points, since you spend v points for it.


36:27 my favorite.


I bought the pass and it say that I unlocked the spectre skin, but I still don't have it


Hey anyone know how to solve this bug that makes it so that I can't equip my spectre in the battle pass? I unlocked it but when I click on it I can't equip it. I heard a lot of others have had the same problem. If u can fix this please let me know


wow thanks for the free RP giftcards at 36:25!! Epic


The game has launched. What do we got?
Skins, battle pass, more skins, sprays, more skins, new lobby, more skins, new agent, a lot of skins.
Riot really want that much money? They have League of Legends.


les fr on est d'accord on dirait qu'il dit "il est beau"
hallucination auditive x30000


That prime card rare af now


I missef Act 1it was so good


It really sucks that you can get your valorant points back for the next battle pass, (for completing the battle pass, like for e.x in apex legends)


Which agents should I unlock?

Nathan Loney



why cant i get on but everyone else can...

Levi Ackerman

How to see Season day left


Is it just me, or are the Finisher's Pay to Win?! I mean its like a smoke grenade..


Best skin at 36:25


36:27 Can already imagine everyone abusing this glitch

Souhail Guenichi

Click to change color

Djdaniel M

"check out the skin at 36:27"


Gotta grind for that tactibear spray

Gary Thesnail

18:30 you're thinking about the leviathan


Look at the skin at 36:25 it is literally the best one of them all

Skins ep guide

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skins seasomn 5 episode 5 part 4

9 141 views | 26 Feb. 2011



Alex Clough

I don't get it, what's so bad about the dad?


Omg this is so.... fucked up lol

Abby Bilbo

@DelusionPR PREACH IT. Plus, Nick doesn't care about anyone but himself. Cook loved Effy, and JJ, and Freddie.

Jassmine Johnson

What is up with these kids burning shit in their backyards?!!! They act like It's the cool thing to do. lol

hakeem romano

thank you !! :D

Zeta Phaze

They live in the Stonem family old house

Teele Merilin Pennie

How do they always grab alcohol randomly?

Amelia Howell

they both so hawttttt


He could be the new Cook


you start to feel sorry for these characters after you see how fucked up their families are.