Pretty hijab

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616 304 views | 6 Jun. 2020

I hope you like

I hope you like it!

You can get these kinda Hijabs from my Instagram page @hummistore ! Hit me up on Instagram!

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Hind Nusiri

Hi umm am Muslim I don’t know much English but can you tell me what’s the name of the black one you wear it before you put the hijab pls I want my mom to buy me that


you are so beautiful. and your smile is so sweet???.

hafsa yusuf

. To anyone reading this the world we live in now is not permanent we may say from time to time i wish i lived like that person when really the way we live religiously will reward us one billion times better if you ever question yourself in terms of islam like you did something bad plssss repent allah (subhana watta aaylah) The almighty the merciful inshallah he forgives your mistake so *EVERYTHING YOU DO NOWWWWW WILL BE JUDGED BY ALLAH*(subhana watta aaylah) all the pain you may be feeling is allah . Allah will test us those who are tested are worthy so i pray you all stay on a good path do you want an unimaginable paradise or to burn in the seven layers of HELL . Ameen brothers and sisters

Edit : share this or copy and paste it to spread a message . Jazakilah khair


The hijab accentuates and enhances a woman's beauty!

Nadia Afroze Jannat

Tutorial with niqab please

Johanna Molla

All I wanna say is,


farina saboor

Ok y'all... First hijab doesn't have to do anything with "How beautiful you are". And second what'd with the round face hunn??? Allah that face OWN IT QUEEN ...

fasiha ahrar

Thnx fr sharinn this dear

Sana Sultana

Mashallah u r Beauty

Verda Aydin



Weiss jmd von wo sie ihr schwarzes unterkopftuch hat und die Magnetknöpfe?

Fatimah Asad Vlogs: Entertainment /Educational

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Shahina Talukdar

Thank you so much for this video...❤?

bashka 7

kannst du mal ein MakeUp tutorial machen? finde deine Augen kommen durch das extrem in Geltung?

ցαɕнα єlα ηαʑ

You are so beautiful, I love you, and Thanks for the Tutorial (I have do Hijab too) ?❤️

riz_ records

Sister can you please a put a video of wedding hijab wrapping style ?

Let's Enjoy with Shadha



From where do u have the black under headscarf? Bcs it doesnt show ur neck. I also want this.



Everyday Valentine

Thank u

Aikatsu Indonesia


AfsanA MiLy.

Hummi,,,. How u do your underscarf?? Tutorial plzz plzz.


Im shocked cuz we are look like each other.. and thanks to you, finally i found a style for my face.. thanks..

Joseph Rotilia

Can u please tell me the name of the chain

•Lubyna Rahman •

I mean without

maryam rehman

Makeup tutorial plz?

Zishan Ahmad

it just looks that it's easy to wear hijab but actually it isn't so..

Bakhtawer Kamran

From where did you get such beautiful collection of scarves ?

aman vlogs


Aishath Hanaan

Awwn thank u sis ..I've learned so much from the hijab vedios....ur beautiful. And a nice a KAIND and a loving person..inside and outside..masha allah..be happy..and love ur smile..?❤ur smile makes me happy..ily ?❤❤

Aisha Begum

I always struggled to find a hijab style but after waching this i found my style

Malaika Ali

What's the fabric called of the scarf that you used?

Juned Hayat

Masha Allah

Fatima Yousuf

Plz plz make a video on how u did ur under scarf .....???

Iam Me

what do you think the most suitable style for round face people, like east asian round face.

Rounok Jahan

We need big forehead to wear a hijab beautifully like her?

Rayhana jhope

You're so gorgeous girl ❤❤❤❤

ilsavasi Shifuians


Zannun-Youniza Inani

Can you plsss tell me your instagram acc???

Fatimah Asad Vlogs: Entertainment /Educational

A beautiful massage by little girl Fatimah Asad Vlogs about hijab

Mashrufa Nasrin

Can you please make more hijab tutorial videos? I really like the way you wear it ??..

Sharuf Almahmud

Sister,which country you live or where you born?

Muhammad Sajjad

I wish i could talked to her once in my life she is hijabi queen ♥️?




Lovely girl listen hijab is not a fashion product you have cover your whole body (face, hands, foot) & it's the oder of the Allah .

Zoya Ali

What is the material of hajjab

Abu Nasor

I want to merry Muslim girl ???

Inas Salhine

All I'm struggling with is where can I get the hijab please reply x

Rainstorm Birdsong

10 years of wearing hijab and watching endless tutorials, I’m still can’t wear a hijab properly ?‍♀️

Nadirah Rahman

Omg I love this video!! Can I make one similar to it for my videos? It’s okay if I cant❤️

Md Sani

Are you on Facebook or Instagram

Juned Hayat

Your eyes so beautiful ❤️

Tess Darcy

What she wear under the scarf?

Md Islam

So beautiful girl i love you from Bangladesh

nayon vermilion

Masha Allah masha Allah ?

Fatimah Asad Vlogs: Entertainment /Educational

Need to support her please

Park Kim

Hijab isn't "a style" akd shouldn't be wearing like this. For your sake and our sisters sake, you shouldn't do this.

Hijab should hide your head, your hair, your neck and your chest. We wear Hijab for Allah, not for style nor make people looking at us and telling us and beautiful it is. So my sister, may Allah guide you, guide us and guide all Muslim and forgive us.
The tight Hijab you are wearing under the the sscond one isn't a hijab at all

Anusha Shareef

She looks more beautiful without makeup

•Lubyna Rahman •

Your very beautiful apu! Honestly I’m nothing without my hejab,hejab is my best friend.I never go outside with my hejab

survivor of life

Mashallah your videos are amazing as like you love from India hummi

Moon Light

Hey what is that under your hijab the black thingy

Roufaida B.

You are so beautiful mashallah❤️❤️



* fay vne

yes, now I can wear hijab peace fully


U r so beautiful and cute masha allah!

karrar hussain

you look like an angel with that Hijab.

Khadiga Hwedi

She's so gorgeous and so nice I follow her on tiktok ??

Sharma Hassanaly

Can you wear a scarf as a hijab? '^'
It’s a question cuz i only have scarfs and I wanna wear a hijab !

Eisha Mehtab

omg you're the most besautifukclasv

Kim Namjoon

ma face :?

mashardi irzan

My nose bleed ... Subhanallah so beauty...

jamal alblushi

Love you ?

Arib Hussen Labib

Can you please do a eye makeup video??? I really love your one its a request!

Roblox Gurl

I'll probably watch this video after 8 years when I'm 17 bc I'll probably start wearing one at that age , and those styles are so cute or nice I mean hehe oopsie
Wait AM I supposed to be doing a period at the word age uhh Idk IMA just keep it like that probably it is a period but whatever dosent matter unless its a assingmeant about dojng correct stuff ig
Also I might spell things wrong maybe bc I'm ONLY 9
And sorry caps I'm pretty sure it's called autocorrect idk.
And I just like how she smiles ever time she's done doing the hijab style it just looks so much better on her ?


muslim womens still dont understand what it means to wear a hijbi




You turkish?

ilirë Toulouz


Motahar Hossain Tuhin


Muhammad Anwar Mohammad Latif

Allah not only made u beautiful but also .............. i am out of words

faia25 asia

Love it! but can you make hijab styles that cover our chest? ❤☺


These styles are all so beautiful!!

Shahadat Ali

I am new to wearing hijab and it is also corona so I am home learning hijab style's and also thank you so much you really help me wearing hijab thanks

Ti Toc


Indah Maya Rismauli. Indah_maya_r

Wow love the end from this video,so cute?

Dusty Rose

Salaam I have company on Instagram @superior.modesty based in Austria ?? and we sell awesome hijab magnets. Right now we have a giveaway of those magnets running and will gift 3 of them away. Ends in 2 days ?? much safer for you and your scarves than these pins ?

Imraan Hossainn

Sister, you have used instrumental background music in this video which is completely haram. I think you know very well that you are beautiful and you don't know what to do with it. That's why you are moving left and right and you keep giving the same smile for 6 minutes 30 seconds. Don't you get bored? What you are doing is completely against Islam. Please don't mock this great religion in the name of moderation. Allah can't be fooled.

soun des

Islamophobics wants this to be over in the world. Wtf

Nazrul Islam

Why you're showing your beauty to non- mahram it is haram

Google User

Your so Beautiful make me remember about my past love that is not with me....I don't know how my heart feels now...

ismail Ek

I want your back sight hijab

Islam Zindabad

Love from Kashmir..

gabe dog

When I wear hijab I look like dead dog
And I need commit suicide
And to rest from life And its delusion

Mohammed Ahmed

Am I committing sin if watch the sister putting her hijab on ?

Fatimah Asad Vlogs: Entertainment /Educational


travel girl

Mashallah ❤❤??


Wow ?????


Wow I love all of them , you did a great job mashallah?????

¿ ?

Hijab don't need and styles

Anhaar Abdul

Ma Sha Allah! I love your beautiful hijab styles gonna try some of them In Sha Allah........ May Allah bless you and carry on keep sharing this kind of beautiful videos. Love you sister❤️?

Pretty hijab

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Advice For Sisters Who Wants To Look Attractive in a Hijab

159 810 views | 12 Apr. 2012

A Loving Advice to Hijabi

A Loving Advice to Hijabi Sisters by Hafidh Wisam Sharieff

Full Lecture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJ_YAutQxb8

»| Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/FamousIslamicPreachers


the pearl and ferrari covering examples don't work. sunrises, sunsets, flowers, stars, ocean beach views. these things are not covered but are just naturally beautiful.

Tae Hughes

I cover first and foremost to please my lord then myself I don't need none of you freaks looking at me with your Google eyes Thank Allah for hijab

Sule Yildizli

I have to disagree on some parts. It might look or seem weird to an idividual when a muslima wears the headscarf and tight clothes, but we are not the ones who have to judge her. We should not point out her mistakes, she might be struggling with something you don't know. She might need time to adapt, but that is none of your business you just focus on your faults and don't mock her like they did in this video.

Adam Devine

women think about this: why aren't men obligated to wear hijabs? we all know that eyes, hair, lips, cheeks, etc can be arousing, so why don't they have to wear hijabs? isn't that weird?

not zel

If you focus you can feel your brain cells degrading

Connie Pine

Is it ok for muslim women to cut their hair?
I have aways been curious about that.
I am a christian woman and the bible says that a womens hair is her crown and glory.

Mustafa Sahin

muslims Will unfortunately become secular living in the west.

Maria Bardo

With all the respect of my brothers in the Islam. Be on the "women's shoes". Try to wear the female hijab in a 100+ degree weather with humidity for one month. Then tell us your experience including accident with needles.

Nes Ouahi

stop comparing women to objects and food.
what about all those muslim men who post topless pictures on Instagram and wear tight jeans. you men have to be modest too. stop being so judgmental on women and look at yourselves. stop looking at women.


What has hijab got to do with trayvon martin? ....

Faith Faith

Well done

A Anju

Come-on Girls WE can Do it!!!! :) Salam x

Mohammad Khan

I am so glad the host finally said TALK TO US. 

Maro Kay

I see where you coming from but....who's more knowlegeable you or God?? anyways...the "men arent the most pretty creature on the planet" sorry that offended you Allah (swt) says in the Holy Quran that there is no difference between men and women except their level of piety. we are all made beautiful....hope that helped make things clear bro



Taffy Tesoum

Alhamdulillah,that is how Muslim sisters should dress.Thank you.Modesty is a simple way to follow...

Wondering Spirit

3:50 men are incredibley beautiful, irrisistable creatures. 4:00 so jewlery that's on display is less valuable? usually in a store the jewl that's seen and put on display is the most valuable and the box is for once it's purchased to stop it from getting damaged while the person takes it home. 4:25 comparing human beings to lolly pops is not respectful. a naked woman is not dirty and a buqa woman is not clean, chances are the burqa lady is much more sweaty and almost has heat stroke.

Yasmine Miah

if you hate muslims then why are you on a muslim channel watching muslims videos?

elaina collins

i dont think anything should be forced and i dont think a girl should be put inside a treasure box and men are beautiful creatures but seriously why do you keep talking about the subject? it is her choice between her and god the problem with arab men they want to force a girl or talk about the arab/muslim world is crumbling to peices from all the corruption but you want to talk about a girls hijab okay ........


My sisters and soon to be sisters, I am a western convert. Rarely do I see another hijabi. When I put on my hijab my life changed for the better. Men and women treat me with respect and I noticed that their behavior improved, they became a better person when dealing with me. I wear my hijab for the protection Allah promises, for the self reminder that my behavior is a refection of my faith AND I want to be identified as a Muslim, it's a form of Dawah, an invitation to speak to me about my faith. I LOVE MY HIJAB.

Atish Raja

Hoejabis are the best. Don't ruin it man!

Andrea Mangus

I wonder what they would think of a non Muslim wearing hijab, niqab, or khimar...and what if that person wasn't wearing it "correctly" by Muslim standards.

33X 33X

" there's an actual phrase "

A Louise

get a life you ' men'?? worry about your own physical appearance. men advising women what to wear? controlling and misogynistic behaviour.

AnimexMetalxTrance xGamesxPianoxGuitar

They will burn in hell if they dont respect the women and their rules, most men will burn in hell for their sad pathetic behavior, im a guy and im saying that. do not worry about us pathetic men, just hang in there. like i said, those men are sinners. God Bless.


This is soo true alhamdulilllah ;) GO GIRL

Maro Kay

your right...Islam is definitely not about forcing. but wearing hijab isnt even a big deal..most people know about is an have the intention of wearing it someday...I guess theres something thats stopping them and we must pray that they overcome it in sha Allah

Antonia B.

I was loving this until that forsaken candy analogy came along we are not a candy we are human beings and we are wearing it for the sake of Allah swt not so men that so accurately describe themselves as useless annoying flies can be bothered not to objectify our bodies and disobey Allah swt by doing so and most certainly not to find a husband. Female hijab is for the sake of Allah swt, not for the sake of arrogant men.
Imagine a woman saying "Brothers, have some haya!!! Stop being fitna!!!! It's exactly like bread if you wrap it up it will stay nice and soft while those brothers uploading six pack pictures on instagram are like soggy moldy bread touched by everyone!!! Brothers??? What kind of bread do you want to be??? Moldy yucky bread or delicious golden toast??? People will think you are promiscuous if you shave your beard!!!! Women only want men with haya!!"

Faisal Mazhar

Yup...right you are..we all have got corrupt mind and soul...Unfortunately we men are weak that way, our hormones are like that...It's not an excuse I'm showing..Yes, we must try harder..I'm sorry we men hurt you in the process.

Maria Belayet

Is it Harum to wear loose clothes that r trendy and colourful

Rizwan Ansari

Mashallah ...very very awesome video...jazakallah for uploading...


Are you serious? Lol. I am a sister, and I find you very... Idiotic.

Sahar Elh

I wear the hijab. and I wear it good ....and I dont like their talk about women let's have a life guys just don't talk about women its her choice ....and that example of candy please it's really old change it ...hhhh well salam alaikoum

jariya aza

Masha Allah :)


Hijab is a social construct of weak misogynistic men who wanted monopoly and control over lives of women. - simple.

Adam Devine

why don't men have to wear hijabs? i know they have to cover up as well, but they don't have to wear a hijab, and why is that? a man's hair can be arousing.

Pete Street

So why are men not commanded to wear a hijab too?

Faraz Syed

The hijab is a choice to be made by women, encouraged to them in the Qur'an. The hijab is a mindset which can be adopted by a woman in form of a veil, or man in form of abstinence (lowering of the gaze). 

The fact that it is the woman's personal CHOICE to wear the veil, she can also chose not to wear it. If she can CHOOSE not to wear it, she can also chose to wear it in a fashionable way, the same way she would style her hair perhaps. The same way some men wear a kufi or turban but some men may wear a beanie or snapback. 

However, it is important for us to keep reminding ourselves and others of the straight path as at the end of time we are all to be judged by the Almighty.

33X 33X

hojabi and bangjabis eddie this is the first time i heard this...shame on you


WHERE ARE YOUR MALE HIJABS ???!!! Have you overlooked what Hadiths say about male hijabs which are observed in few Islamic countries???? Stop it and look first at yourself before judging woman, Damn

Chef Pirate Roberts

The wrapped candy is a TERRIBLE analogy. You dont want an unwrapped candy on the floor because you're gonna put the candy in your mouth and when it's been on the floor, things that are on the floor that you don't want in your mouth stick to the candy and get inside your mouth.

That's why a person would choose a wrapped candy over an unwrapped candy. Not because he's upset at the idea of another man seeing his candy and coveting it and having bad thoughts over it.

Sorry, you're gonna have to use another analogy. You're gonna have to find another way to rationalize these ideas that only made sense 1400 years ago.


This is. a horrible show. I can't stand to listen to the way these brothers talk. They are not very good as tv hosts. Hard to sit and listen to them talk about this subject. Masha Allah they tried. ?

Maebo Ktoniouk

Wear miniskirt with the Hijab. The creator would love it, and lower his gaze.

Sabbir Syed

Subhanallah, the candy example is so true! Lol

Maro Kay

dude,firstly, women don't need to wear revealing clothes to attract men. theres soemthing called their "piety" and their "modesty". secondly, "sexiness" isn't the best way to attract the right guy anyway...those types of people are not even looking for their mate they are looking for a good time. thirdly...in those schools that dress code is their uniform...it doesnt matter which school ur in..if u don't wear the right uniform ur in trouble. lastly, I'm 17 I wear hijab and I was never forced.

steven rowe

For what its worth as a christian man, I love Hijab
There is something so beautiful about humble modesty and servanthood to God
Even after 35 years marriage and many more to come inshAllah or God willing I simply want to be a spiritual one with her.

So many things in life are so obscene like flaunting your wealth having a superior attitude due to a flash car.
God hates pride
Even though Im Christian I feel Islam can teach me truth
If I look at a Hijabi I see a princess a daughter of the King and the heart

I think the church can learn much as we are also called to modesty

Al Salam Aleykom :-)

Adam Devine

i like how the people who are giving the advice are guys...like seriously?


Muslim "men" are always "advising" women on what to wear & how to behave - a sure & certain sign of their own sexual inadequacy & insecurity - they should mind their own business.

Fatima Syeda

I think the way this was addressed could have been better... Here's a suggestion when it comes giving advice to women on how they should dress, you should get a female scholar to preach to the women audience instead of getting a man to tell us what to do. Why not invite and ask Dalia or Yasmin mogahed to do this instead? There are so many educated women in Islam, why are they not invited to this show?!


Why does it look that bad you have to cover it with a black sugar bag ? A woman is a beautiful thing, and nice clothes can be very classy. Looking like Darth Vader does nothing for it. So sad you have been brainwashed with your men's behaviour you dress like this. They make you look like a walking coal bag because they cannot control their primitive urges is the real truth of it. If Allah wanted you to look like a black walking curtain I sure he would have made these intentions clear.

Nour Abouchala

the candy/ pearl analogy serves no purpose but to objectify muslim women. Don't think by saying princess/pearl/empress it would attract a girl to wear the hijab. Hijab is more than just preserving a women it is a religious act and just like any other religious act t it is done to please Allah swt


I really liked how he said it in a kind and encouraging way.

Hayati Roohi

as a women I love to be compared to a Key box? of a car .. O K


I'm an american muslim woman who wears hijab, and I just want to clarify a few things. These brothers have the best of intentions, i'm sure, but I'm sure that many sisters (including myself) can attest to the fact that I should NOT be compared to as some piece of candy on the floor, waiting to be eaten. That analogy is backwards, objectifying, and offensive to women. Don't use it. Also, women are not dainty fragile "princesses of the home." We work hard, whether it's inside or outside the home. Women--muslim or not--are expected to be working professionals, tame companions, soothing therapists to our kids, top chefs, multi-tasking wizards, and sex gurus. We women like and want to do all these things, but it gets really hard sometimes. So don't say we're "princess" or "candy." We muslim women don the hijab as the flag of islam. We cover not because we will become a preference to men as candy is, but because we want to please out Creator. Because we own our sexuality and control it. We choose who gets the privilege to see out beauty. We DONT cover for men. We cover for OURSELVES. Because we WANT to. We are not oppressed. We are free. Free to decide whatever we want. And we muslim women FREELY choose islam. And thereafter FREELY choose hijab. Stop reducing us to candy.

Sara lara

Their point is, hijab is more than a head covering it's being modest in your actions, your speech and manner. At the end of the day Muslim women should dress as modest as they feel fit bcs our relationship and honour is to Allah (SWT) not other people

Jaefar SABNW

Muslim society may require full modesty of men when entering a sacred site. What happens in Muslim majority populations in terms of injustice is not based on Islam. Even though the crime rates are lower to even an extreme degree, the criminals do have an influence. Both Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan have never required the burqa. Men cover their face in the hot desert. In the malls alot of the women not only don't wear hijab even, but wear makeup and perfume. Hijab doesn't mean headscarf

PCL Outdoors & Bushcraft

For the Christian, the BIble says women should dress modest.  It's sad how Christians have fallen victim to the lustful world system.  Let us all repent.   

Tasneem A

If i hear this candy,crap again I will lose it. Just because a women doesn't cover, it doesn't make her dirty or undesirable. So amazed people haven't picked up on this yet.



Wan Syazlina Wan Aasim

Mashallah. I love this video. This made me feel special being a muslim women. Alhamdullilah. :)

Nirvana Cobain

Only women are not Ferrari keys, or candy wrappers....

Hayati Roohi

(5) "Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) ordered us to trim the moustache closely and spare the beard" says Ibn Umar.
- Muslim, Hadith no. 449  You can see they cut their beards

Jagath Mithya

At 3:45 "Men are not the beautiful creatures in the world; a woman carries that honour" says one. Is that true? How do we know this? Take any other species and figure out whether the male or the female is beautiful. You will be surprised! And we can't be an exception. Frankly, is all of Islam taught like this? I hope not!


So true . Mashallah

steffii sugar

i love hijabbbbbbbbb i used to think omg i am gonna look so ugly in hijab but after i wore it and it's amazing i feel honored 

Wasifa Binte Pasha

I maintain hijab but ur analogies offend me instead of objectifying women how bout simply saying our Master commands us to do so n as His slaves we have to do it period.As for the women wanting the reasons,Allah knows best n also uk "men". May Allah azzawajal give u folks in the video the capability of spreading islamic messages in a more acceptable way.

Adam Devine

it wasnt supposed to be a statement taken seriously genius, u guys get offended too easily. but thank you for the making me laugh by ironically calling me an idiot.

Wondering Spirit

you can hate the muslims in jerusalem who are in charge of the land and restricting you, but don't hate all one billion people, seriously...

Heidi Standell

This is the one thing -- hijab -- that people have the most obvious problem with. I don't see it as sexist myself, but I think it is more insulting to men in a way. The Koran says "modestly" and to "cover the breasts" and modesty should also be practiced by men (so many men wear such tight pants they might as well be in an anatomy textbook! It is as exposing as a woman in a bikini). But must we constantly say men can't control themselves in such a way that they seem more like animals than humans? We learn who we are from culture, and if men are brought up to think of women as only sexual objects ie "princesses of the home" with no respect outside of it and patronized within it, what does that say about the culture that is raising these men?


The whole idea of Muslimas covering up according to surah 33.59 was not to excite the Muslo men! So why should she try & look sexy ..unless she is trying to excite the Muslo men? 

Adam Devine

well i for one find a man with a beard very attractive, and so do a lot of women. But what about the cheek bones, the eyes, the lips, etc? those can arouse women as well, i find a man's cheeks very arousing. So why don't men just cover their whole face up like how some Muslim women do?


Bad troll I easily saw through this.

sara nahal

But the Muslim

Maro Kay

.you're so right..someone need to bang their heads against a wall and put some sense into them


im athiest lol duh fuck am i doing here


Women are not ferrari, are not candy, are not meat. Cars breakdown, candy picks up dirt, and meat spoils and brings flies. Human BEINGS are not things so we should not be judged by the outside, but by hearts and you'll only know the heart if you get to know a person.  Otherwise, women are indeed a commodity because you don't have to get to know objects.


I think the fact that people are getting blown up every other week really shows the focus is in the wrong area.  Hijab didn't protect them from terrorist.  Ever think that peoples behavior is more important than how they dress?


For men as well, wear the trousers that doesn't show your crotch, it's annoying to see. If you ignore this warning, you shouldn't ask women to not wearing sexy clothes, it's unfair.

maryam ali

Hahaha, the pseudo modesty is baffling really, you think 'Allah' will throw you in hell for wearing jeans or whatnot, when Mohammed had sex slaves, Omar whipped women, Ali burnt people alive etc. Get a life. Your moral compass is skewed.

Matthew Robertson

wtf is this crap. total garbage

RC Geraghty

Where are your male hijabs? Have you overlooked what Hadiths say about male hijabs which are observed in few Islamic countries?

Hayati Roohi

why does these men not have the correct Long beards . yet the can talk about the hijab.. I think you need to dress correctly before You talk..

Wondering Spirit

men have to shave their heads or wear a white cloth, wear a kufi and grow a full beard. if women had to do that they'd be seen as oppressed. you know how uncomfortable full beards are? I see immams whohve shaved their heads and grow full beards, I think tha's to do with lowering the risk of female attraction because in their religion men and women need to lower their sex appeal to avoid haram.


I didn't know they had internet in the 13th century.
PROTIP: chuck your hijab in the trash, put on a bikini and hit the beach, you'll love it!!


This is just so disrespectful towards women in general. How dare you comparing women to candies? As if only women's function was to please men, so that they are supposed to be wrapped as if they had to prove something to society. Well, as far as I'm concerned, this is extremely misogynist. Also, you had better put forward God related arguments... are you talking about God's will or men's desire to satisfy their ego? That's just shameful.

Petr Horák

Argument #1 for wearing Hijab "I want people to judge me according my personality, not my body". So now are they saying "I wanna look sexy in Hijab". 

Ifra Sheikh

we are not here to please people but to please Allah swt...we should never speak false like he said just make an excuse that i wear hijaab because so and so wears it i wear hijab because my lord want me to wear it...i dnt care about wht anyone say or think its their job to critise ..

Shan Shan Imaan

How about me wearing eyeshadow with hijab?



Haseeb Saad

Very good video. I request my Muslim Brothers to create more videos like these.

Maro Kay

all the best sis!! do some research and you'll find your answers. wearing hijab is definitely compulsory. good job on putting it on :)

Reincarnated Sin

I'm confused.. Women are meant to wear hijab for whatever reason.. but men can dress as they wish? That's not equality. If a woman should wear that for being humble and stuff then men must wear something similar. No?


why do they care and always telling  women how to dress .

Maro Kay

I'd rather look like a grim reaper than objectify my body

AnimexMetalxTrance xGamesxPianoxGuitar

and honestly when it comes to close family, you dont even have to go that far as to wear a hijab, people are already dressing so immodestly so if anyone tells you what you are doing is wrong, then just realize they have already made their place in hell and are just trying to drag you in, i support the hijab and scarf but to wear in front of your family 24/7 is not something i agree with. only in public and strangers does it make sense.


Ever wondered what it likes wearing the veil while teaching at a public High School? Sr. Khadija explains in poetry fashion on our channel!


I'm deeply offended by a man comparing me to an object. I'm a human being and I don't lose my worth with what I decide to cover my body with. What a disrespectful entitled way of thinking.
Also, how can a straight man declare that men aren't a beautiful thing to look at?! It's like me telling men what to find attractive in a woman. It's my choice what I find beautiful to look at, and as a heterosexual woman...I find certain men very beautiful to look at.


loool Preach Preach Preach sister u hve spoken the truth

Yazzy C

I'm a Muslim and don't wear one unless I pray. I'm claustrophobic and it drives me nuts, it itches around my neck.But I wear long flowing dresses a lot, because they are comfortable and they don't feel revealing.I usually have a scarf for the wind or just to have it and for shade or cold. My fiance loved me for dressing that way the first time he saw me and said, I didn't look like the rest of the women being dressed in tiny shorts and skimpy shirts. He was spelled from that and it's what brought us together, my modern modesty. I'm not to judge how others dress, that is their choice and their relationship with Allah isn't between me and them, it is between then and Allah, so therefore I'm not entitled to tell them how to dress. A man shouldn't tell her how to dress unless it is family, like dad, big brother, husband wants her to look classy. Mom's have the say on their daughters, they are the main nurturers.

Pretty hijab

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أحدث لفات طرح حجاب شيفون أو كريب لسنة 2021 موجودة في هذا الفيديوا ?لا يفوتكم بنات ?

113 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Song: Ikson - Lights

Song: Ikson - Lights (Vlog No Copyright Music)

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Song: Ikson - Lights (Vlog No Copyright Music)

Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/bqk80OOCxOQ​






Song: Ikson - Lights (Vlog No Copyright Music)

Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/bqk80OOCxOQ​