Lady in the water big arm

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Left arm smaller than right. Always wondered what it would be like if you worked out one side only!

101 635 views | 24 Sep. 2007

What happens if you just

What happens if you just work out one side of your body? My workout buddy and I always used to joke about this - becoming a human fiddler crab! That takes devotion.

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dFunkt jEstr

What we will all look like after months of quarantine


omg Rico from six feet under! sweet as

Aaron M

It's like an experiment, I'm like a Scientist!

Malcolm Cooper

He looks like The Charger from Left 4 Dead 2.

matthew livingston

I dont know if im hallucinating or what, but i think i noticed his left and right side of his face are abnormal as well Lol

Devon Larratt


Roman Kozlovskiy

Ancient YouTube

Cletus Kasady



I don't know why this video came out in Spanish, but it is cool. I always thought Freddy Rodriguez looked Hispanic! My old workout buddy and I used to joke about working out only one side of your body. You'd be like a Fiddler crab man! YOu could really beat the crap out of a dude 1.5 times your size!




He would look better as a big buff guy anyway

Redrasta Ras

I see a lot of so called "weight lifters" do the same. All upper body workouts, but their legs look like they belong to Tweetie Bird!!! I crack up everytime I see it!!!

Necro X

I watched this back when I was 10, and I honestly thought he was like that in real life ahahah

Debi Burke

Isnt that really bad for your body?


Hmmmmm..... So this is where Left 4 Dead 2 Got it's new Zombie Ideas..... It all makes sense now

Evil Nick

very underrated film

matthew livingston

lmao I love this scene, I think its the best scene in the movie for a good laugh

Rube Pena

He wasssss the guardian ?

Luke Jepson

I love this!

Senior Cockonface



Its Lady in the Water - I wrote it right under the video.

Adam The Fisherman

What movie is this?

Antonio muthafaka


Lady in the water big arm

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Lady In The Water ......Reggie is the guardian

41 891 views | 9 Jun. 2012

i own no rights to this

i own no rights to this movie none of the work is my own

Brian McAleer

I believe when humanity reaches that next level of awareness and understanding, we will finally know what this film was all about.


Is it me or can I just not stop watching where he says "oh my god, he's the guardian" til just before Reggie looks up?

Johansus ElNoble

100000000% goosebumps


Such an epic fantasy hidden behind mundane suburbia.
So unfortunate that so many people hated this movie.


2:03 best frame in the movie


This scene would have been 10xs better if the Asian grandmother had been the Guardian.


This wasn't a very good movie, but I found it interesting, and still really like it.


What is up with his left side. It's like he got hit by imperfect cells life drain.


Don't care what anybody says this movie was awesome.


I love the transition from when he drops the plate of food in shock and fear...... to the shot at 2.05 where he emerges from the fog walking towards the creature as if at that moment, he instinctually understands it is his moment of fate.....to safeguard "The Lady in the Water" .....because he was destined to be the "Guardian"


The moment Mr. Heep turns to realizes Reggie was the guardian, people in the movie theater gasp and clapped when the scene changed to see Reggie standing there in a state of shock. Great music, awesome scene and one my favorites M. Night Shyamalan's movie.

diego barcala lorenzo

Evident symbolism. The knight vs the dragon. Heroe vs beast

Father Vulture

This movie was lit

Brooks Brooks

Fucking james newton fucking howard.....

Aya Kasalih

This movie is about finding out...who we are supposed to become, isn't it? ?

michael bartalomy

when it was time for her to go home and the eatlon started his descent it was totally epic because she did save someone's life, i think this film is a masterpiece so thought out with so many twists and turns


absolutely love this scene

John Hanks

Thought this movie was spectacular


loved this film too , i think it gets alot of undeserved hate , its a great dark fairytale film


Holy shit. There are people that unironically like this movie. I've only seen reviews of this crap fest and I can tell it's shit.

The Guy in Shades

"I told you not to put Miracle Gro on your Chia Pet, now look what's happened."


Love that scene so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kenneth Johnson

Thats why he hung out in the Stairwell....His Subconscious put him there to be on guard. Great work MNS

Will K

This movie was terrible

Aeddon Vong

1:57 when you have no friends at your birthday party but you are still thankful

Fang Rainman

One of my favorite movies...this is the funniest scene!! Thanks for sharing!

Necro X

Don't understand why people dismiss this movie, always thought it was unique and interesting.

Now a days hollywood spews out the same garbage just with different titles....

Majestic Tv

one of my favourites of all time.. not only the movie is amazing but also the soundtrack is perfect

Sugar Bubble

I like this movie it's a Fantasy Fairly like movie! love the Ending! Wish they made a Second Movie of this showing her Kingdom!

The Ancient Lantern

Fantastic character for Paul. This is such a great flip from his character in Big Fat Liar.

Kent Lang

One of my favorite M. Night Shyamalan movies!

Cloud 3214

Fucking loved this movie

Mark Mc Donnell

the music in this scene is amazing especially 1:51

michael bartalomy

i just want to say that anyone that commented would be honored to be the guardian to fend off the evil forces in the world because it is your duty to do so

Lady in the water big arm

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The Black Hole Tour: Observations

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Welcome back to the Black

Welcome back to the Black Hole Tour! We’re stuck with that strange middle schooler again, but we’ll talk about how scientists “observe” something that doesn’t emit light.

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