Silky lips

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821 691 views | 26 Jul. 2019

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Everyday Lip care, Advanced defense for all season

Rich in nutritive fatty acids like oleic, stearic, palmitic and linolenic acids that protect and nourish the skin to prevent drying

Restores the moisture to the lips & provides unique delicate flavor

Softens the lips and imparts beautiful pink color

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yuki yuyu

Ur sooo good sis tankq ...for ur information

Ramesh Naik

How to buy this can you please say link of the product dear.. ☺️

gundarapu saisudha

Hi hydronic lip care orange colour lo undhi amazon lo pink colour lo levu use cheyyavacha... plz reply

Kamala C

Hi akka plz suggest some tips for decreasing of lips size

Karthik Pradeep

Mam e product ekkada dorukutunde plz msg mam

Aravind Babu

Very nice videos
I actually like every video
All in one channel

bathala indrani

Great one I'm using free ur seeing ur vedio. It's excellent not sticky long Lasting. Best moisturizer for lips.bi will never leave this product

madipeddi anil

Ashmithagaru nenu mi new subscriber ni Amazon lo beauty products book cheyali, 10products buy cheste annitiki shipping charges paduthaya plz mobile no. Evvandi pay on delivery ayithe amount potunda cheppandi

Its my life sravani

Thanku so much for sharing the useful tips I am using lipbalm which is so gud and all ur remedies are nice and please suggest me a gud face wash for oily skin too

Sunny Gopi

Pink shade unnatlu ayite idi return petti pink shade order pettukuntanu.. Please reply me aash..

Ch Vennala

Hi Mam Meru chepe products Anni online lone tesukovala ledante ekkada untayo address chepandi ndukante konni products dorakatledu

Bharathi Vemuri

U played very well game in Ismart jodi WE ALL LOVE U AKKA???????

Lakshmi Prasanna

Can't we buy this in shops

teju's book

Plzzz share a lipstick shed for beige tone

Abhinaya Goud

Yes we want hair care video


Can u make videos on retinol, glutathione pros & cons

Swarnalatha Lathasubramanyam

Hii. I'm ur new subscriber.
Would you keep for us about skin whitening herbal bath powder plzzzz

Brutal Hunter Gaming

When can use for kids

Ramya Laxmi


Sudha Kelam

Tq sis e lip bom link lo unna product orange color lo undi miru use chese pink color lo ledu ha link pettu sisy plz reply me

Ajay Anush

Wow super Medam

Varaprasad Paradesi

I used it was good,I have seen difference in the first use itself

jothishna chutki

Hello akka....where did you buy this lip balm....❤️❤️

P.jamsheed Begum

Thank you sissy you are talking of us. ???


But it has some unknown chemicals & acids. Not all if its ingredients r natural. So is it advisable to every1? I tend to get ellergy at mouth corners bcoz of chemicals in toothpaste even. Wanted to know if it has any side effects

Suma Goud Suma

Cost cheppandi


Is it sponsored video?

Swapna Sri

Please gray hair .ni natural way Lo black chese good product herbs lo chepandi


Hi mam..
Your looking so young

Neelima Neelu

Asthrixxxx scrub chesaka cool water tho wash cheyala

Saranya Naidu

Hi, I drink more water. But don't know still why my lips are always dry and need to be moisturized always.
Could you please help me??

sweety p

Akka e lipbalm lo parrafins unnayani undhi avi lips ki manchivi kademo kada

Sruthi vlogs

My dermatologist recommended this lipbalm recently as I'm under medication due to which my lips dried out and started peeling.. Trust me this is the best lipbalm iv ever used and will be using forever, forget about the fancy ones as this it not only moisturized my lips but also removed the darkness turning the lips pink and healthy.. Thank you Ashtrixx for bringing out genuine products for your youtube family?

Raju Varakala

If you say yes piz keep any like

Nemanhi humgana

That only we use or any thing

Jyothi Reddy

Hi akka can u plz say a effective home remedie for the face my face s becoming dark nd nd rid off pores I'm getting many pores plzz think abt it

Harshika Koka

Akka nenu neeku entha pedha fan ante nee channel nee nenu 8 accounts ninchi subscribe chesa so can u plz tell ur phone no. who ever really want the phone no plz give a like

s sahitya

Hi dear tell some tips for pimple scars and open pores as well plz.. Open pores baga kanapadutunayi. Plz. Suggest

mahesh mudhikonda

I want one ☝? more lipstick ? tip

Sai Kiran

nice n thank uu

Yagnavi #

thank you akka

Gifty's Time Bible stories

Hai madam how did u knew these good beauty tips... Did u have any beautician course.. plz reply me ur qualifications in beauty...

haseena shaik

Plzzzzzzzzzzz mam yekkada dorukuthundhi

monika belure

Mam ur osm

AreAswitha prapulla

Can u pls tell us some fruit face packs ??

ramya rams

Hi Akka... Nenu Dr. Sheth's vitamin glotion, sunscreen, lip balm, brilante serum order icha Akka ne midha nammakam tho... Friends.. Oka 3 weeks use chesaka Nenu update istha

Kumari ganneru

Mouth chuttu vunna darkspots ni ,lines ni ela control cheyali cheppandi pls pls pls pls pls ............

Rajini Uppalapati

Hi ashmita garu hair spa ala cheyali a product ite baguntundi cheptara plz

kiraak DIY Hacks

Akka i love your videos ????

Goutami degala

So nice of you, chala detailed explanation ??

Preethi kslnka

We had a major doubt that about hair, Hair cleansing nd hair shampoo is same or different sis❤

Meghana Reddy

Video is very helpful. But I think scrubbing lips leads to larger lips.. Isn't it??

Lucky Roja

How to open it sis

himabindu kolla

Oil skin and normal skin men and women ki best sunscreen and moistureizer cheapandi plz

Sravani Kovagapu

Hai ashmitha garu. This lip balm is fab. Trust me guys it really works.

Lavanya tiru

Kaani indhuloo paraffins vunnai ani choosanu Mari paraffins are not good na???

Vanu Darga

Hi ashmitha akka....
Tq for suggestioning this beautiful product
Really it works over on my lips
It's really doing best....
Tq for this product....

Ratna Chandrika


nishila kolli.

Daily Makeup video cheyandi please akka and also do's and dont's

S H crafts and arts

Hi ahsmita l am supriya l want ?

gowtham sri varma

Yes I ordered the lip balm and I am started to use this

Archana Mounikumari

Just today I got this lip balm and using ghee at nights is very helpful
Lip balm is nice when I applied it

prasanthi m

Hi Super couple...I feel very happy when i see your love between eachother and thanks you for sharing your personal products... keeping rocking

Haritha K

I have extra dry lips, tried almost all top balms but this is magical on lips to keep them moisturized without greesy texture. Thanks a lot Ashtrixx. I try most of your remedies and products and your reviews are so genuine. Keep doing.

Raju Varakala

Mam if we are not having that we can use another
Ante loke vaseline lip care etc

19JE1E007Hima Bindu

Tq mam nenu order petanu I love ashtrixx

lucky boy

Madam e tips boys fallow cheyyavacha

pragathi alithi

Just now I received lip balm chalaaa chalaaa bagundeee tqqqq sis for the best product??love u sis??

Sean m

Show how to grow nails for daily routine

Sunny Gopi

Naku e lipbom iroje vachindi.. Use cheydaniki chala wait chesa iroju vachesindi.. I'm really happy ?? but idi naku pink colour raledu lip balm bottle kuda peach color lo undi.. Aash chupistinna lipbalm bottle pink lo undi.. Naku doubt idi colour different shades unnaya pls anyone cheptara??

faru farhana

thanks di

Gamer jake07

मैं में हिंदी में हिंदी में

lavanya motupalli

Akka nenu use chesa akka naku use kaledhu

Chandra Lekha

Thanks for suggesting this , it is the best thing for my extremely chapped dry lips

krishna priya

I tried this lip balm it's really very nice and used single piece more than six months.. Tq ash?

Priyanka Reddy

Can you please give review on oziva products ... Hearing a lot about this these days

Sravya Purella66


Iswarya Varanasi

Does it have any flavours

Bathula vamsi

Akka livon hair spray serum oder pata and how to use and straighting kii ami ami vadhali after hair wash straight yala chaiyali ani chapava plzzz

Kesava Pattapu

Please show me your makeup kit

Gowthami Giribabu

Jade roller yela use cheyalo cheppandi

Archana Mounikumari

Mam I just had a look on your previous video about lip care ,in that you said ghee with lemon as a lip balm can I use ghee with lemon instead sugar,dhalchina chaka. And hydronic lip balm

thulasi ram

Can u plz post the link of the lip balm


Hi everyone... Akka suggest chesina products use chesi me experience andaritho share cheskondi. Chala mandhiki help avthundi
OK I am going to tell my experience with this hydronic lip balm.
1. I have extremely dry lips. Tried maybelline baby lips and nivea lip balm. Neither of them helped me least....everyday I have cracked lips
2.using this hydronic lip balm for 20 days.... It doesnot give any colour. But it moisturises very very well. Lips become so soft and healthy. Noticing slight reduction in pigmentation as well. Best lip balm I have ever used... No chapped lips forever... Thanks asmita akka. Genuinely gave my experience with the product. Hope it helps others


U r revealing evey product sis that's u r humble heart thank you soooomuch such a good person u r.


Hi sis miku e products ne use cheyali ani evaru guide chestaru???????

Geetha Reddy

This lip balm is in india

Brutal Hunter Gaming

When can use for kids


Tqq madam it's osm product

Mounika Murukurthi

Hair long avadaniki tip chepandi

victoria srinivas

Your tips are good


Pls share the hydronic lipbalm link sis i want to purchase pls share website

vanapalli surekha

hydronic lipbalm tho lips pink ga avuthaya mam

sharanya k

Hi... I also picked this lip balm. Really it's amazing. Thanks akka

lakshmi priya v

Pls help me with any cream to get bigger boobs

Lakshmi Naga Pratyusha

Super mam thank you?...I'm a big fan of you and your beauty... thanks for sharing such a helpful lipcare..Luv u mam❤️

Balu Balu

E. Roju.... Dandanakka.....

Akanksha Akshu

Mam lips edges lo dark podaniki tips cheppandhi plzzzz

Anitha Godishala

Madam ma papa ki 6years lips dark untay edi papa ki use cheyocha please reply evvandi

Silky lips

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NK Creme Silky Sticks - Creme Collection

1 043 views | 9 Jul. 2019

Hey Hey!


Hey Hey!

I'm so excited to review and demo the whole collection of the NickaK Creme Silky Sticks! Check for them at you local Beauty Supply Store, on IG or online!











Thank You so much for watching!!!!

Social Media:

IG: Pashafierce

EMAIL: [email protected]

Bargain Beauty

Have you tried their face products?

Pamela Hudson

You did an awesome job. I want to get some but the way my lipstick n glosses set up they would go bad.


Your whole look is just so bomb! Skin, Shadow, Lashes are POPPIN! I loved all the colors but that blue Tangaroa took the cake for me!!! Keep up the good work. Quality looks amazing ???

Mel Francois

I have alot I have a problem lolz


Thank you so much for this video! It's hard to tell by the pics online which color is best for me. You made it ten times easier! ❤️

Silky lips

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Friends, If you have

Friends, If you have dark, patchy lips and you want baby soft pink lips than you must try out this really simple home remedy that will help you get that perfect pink lips permanently.

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Mint Leaves


Coconut Oil

Rose Petals or Beetroot or Carrot Juice

Kacchi Haldi

~ Love

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Jawaid Aslam

Khadi Chinese chal sakti hai

ghanshyam atulkar

Kio bhi lipbom use kae sakti hai

Akansha Patil

How are you ????

poonam kumari

Thank you madam

Mahesh Khapre

So nice Thakse

Pradnya Mestri

Oh nice

Princi sharma Princi sharma

Itna karne se accha hai. Market se khareed le?

Lalita Raj

lagata nhi ki sachi me jut h ye

sapna kumari

Nice video

Mira Jha

Can l use Vaseline instead of coconut oil



Arun Kumar

2 saman se. Lip balm kaise banaye

Sateshkumar Sateshkumar

so good amazing

Ashok Yadav

Thank you dee.... You are genios

Rakesh Kumar




Hiba Jamil


Chitrakala Das


Indira Singh

Axa laga ???????

Gurpreet Singh

You Whatsapp number ples

Vasant Futane

Kya scrub karna jaruri hai plzz reply

Gajendra Dobriyal

Mam face ke liya bhi video bnao plzz

Khushi Manikpuri

Pet andar karne ka asaan Tarika nahi hai

Shakuntala Devi

On lipstick

Ayan bamang Ayan bamang


Suresh Markam


Sunita Kanwar

Very good

Jindar Ali


Bhagya patil

My underarms swet more so plzz make video on this

Varsha Singh

Face se pimple ke dag dhabe kaise hateye???? I hope next video is ke upar hi bne?????? ?????

dj remix New


Akhilesh Maurya

Very good

Noor Javed

Where is anishkaaaaaaa

Ramshankar Paswan

Gora hone ka tarika pura body

Gayatri Maurya


Kulsum Khatun


Shivani Jadaun

Lekin gazr or normal hldi ko kese use kre

Brijesh Dwivedi

Who are you

Upama Baruah


Rajan Talwar

Yah to Anishka ka channel hai


I don't have lip balm that is my problem ??

Bharat Chauhan


Chunmun Bharti

Chunmun Bharti

Ashish jain

Ghar mein lipstic kaise bnaye bina crayon ke

Mithu Sah


vaibhav craft hacks

Pls tell me how to get glow skin in winter

Roshani Gavit

We use market lip balm

Rokha Rahul

Kya aap desi ilaaz bta rahi ho its very tuff

Asha Pandey

Diy face blush


hii ap mujhe bhot cute lgi

Fabulous Tv

I used amazing ❤

Shabuddeen Khan

Chehre ko gora banana

Lata Vaishnav

gulag ke jgh beetroot le sakte hai? kya usko bhi boil krna padega.

rohit vahane

Realy Nice

Jeetu Karamchandpur

Greg Hui min and grrn

Raju Saini

kya ye such m kam krta h

Seema Goyal

How to grow nails in few days ma'am plese tell ?

Net zone Guide

kya aap video bnate smay lipstick lagai thi plz bataiye

Dimple Sarangal sarangal

Nice video

reena reena


Kartik Rajput



apke bolne ka andaj bhot hi acha h


main ek choti youtuber hun .....ekbar meri channel pe Jake video ko dekho main meri channel pe sundar sundar diy ki video deti hun ......like share and subscribe

Sarika Mahajan

Pudina nahi ho to Kay use karne mam

Iram Khan

Kisne try kiya

Madhu Kandukuri

Instead of lemon peel can we use orange peel

Heena Bano

anwanted heyar ke liye koi video

Amisha Banjare

Turning into different race wow....

Sakuntla Devi

D please kuchh gora hone ka asan Tarika bataiye Meri scheme saawali hi I am 15 year old please bataiye

Anuradha Zad

How to grow nails ☺???

Dilipbhai Viramgama

Thx di

pavan sharma



Mint leaves jaruri hai kya


I try this

Jeetu Karamchandpur

Thanks for your hi

Gita Devi

Ek achhi si night cream btaiye ☺️

Dilipbhai Viramgama

Very nice voice

Pawan Singh

आपने इतना आसान नुस्खा बता दिया उसके लिए बहुत धन्यवाद सकता हूं हो सकता है उनको बोलिए ना

Rejaul Molla


Fashionista sapana

Nice video anaysa love you

Film 2020 ka new

Nyc video video Sister 7398125934

Jelly good to see nice Das

Very nice????

Bijaylaxmi Das

Munh ko gora karne ke liye kuchh tips

Wi Fi Study Kidz

Is it permanent??

Neeraj 72 Kumar


Lalita Sherawat


Anil Kumar

Normal haldi ko kitna lenge

Mobin Ahmad

Bahen appke hott pink nahi he

Jannat Paint & Co.

anyone 2020

Amit Mishra

Mam kay ham gulab jal dal sakte hai

Shailendra Pandey

Agar mint leave na ho to khane wala pudinhara ka juice use ker sakte h please reply


?,wow I can't believe this

Dhannu Yadav


akriti bhardwaj

Di can I use tulsi leaves instead of mint leaves

Khushbu Bahleme

Sach ha na

Vinod Singh

Mai bhut ee koshish krti Hun par nai hote mere lip pink

Trilochan Betal

Kya e Sach me Kam karegi


I will try this

Faisal Shaikh

Tnx but I want yo ask something' can we use daily this remedy

Anurag yadav

Good track