Trim cutting

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How to Mitre Baseboard Trim Perfectly

234 926 views | 27 Aug. 2017

How to cut the perfect

How to cut the perfect mitre joint!

#justdoityourself #lovingit #perfecteverytime

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Tom Rich

Can the same be done with crown molding?

Stan Nicholson

Very nice. I've used this technique using ca glue with accelerator. The tricky part is when you have close inside then outside corners to do all at once.


THANK YOU!!!!! Great tip.



Maria Mac

Can u do an attic video? I need some ideas for that wasted space

Roberto Michienzi

You are so good!

J Boyce

Your Mitre corners was a excellent demo , it's enjoyable to watch a confident tradesmen, i'm a DYI type and this info has been very helpful for me completing my projects. Thanks looking forward to more.

Ty Clute

Love this channel! But how much coffee did you have before this video. I thought i was watching it at the wrong speed. LOL
I was sure you were headed to the ER.

One Like Us

Here I was trying to make a perfect custom cut to each corner adjusting angles and such. Of course i watch this after most of my trim is done :(


Is there a smaller blade I can use


I really wish I had used this method when I replaced all of the baseboards in my house. I watched many videos, consulted with contractor friends, and learned all the tricks they use for "proper" perfect corners, and you know what, I still had to caulk all of the imperfections. I even carefully measured using scrap templates I cut to 44, 45 and 46 degrees to quickly measure. Still never got perfectly tight outside corners. I know part of my issue was my equipment, i.e. a consumer level 10" mitre saw and making my cuts in an upright position. I have so much respect for good finish carpentry now. Mine look good, but next time I'm using these methods. They'll save me so much time and aggravation! I really enjoy the videos!

Charmed By Ashley

Thank you very much, its been a year and a half and my husband still hasnt finished the trim so i said F it and did it myself


If I'm installing stained wood baseboards I can't use the painters caulk. Can I use wood filler for the inside corners instead to cut a clean line with the wall? Should I buy and use a protractor to try and measure out the correct angle to get a tighter fit?

Great videos btw as always, you've been an invaluable resource to me during my kitchen and tile renovation! Cheers from Montreal!

Khloe mudd Mom

Thank you.. very helpful

Sm Ms

????, gonna give it a shot thanks for the tip

Kaitlyn Wiggins

I could have just watched all your videos instead of spending two years and $20,000 in trade school ? dammit


Hi! I’m looking for the baseboard 7 inch tall look like you used. Can you sharing what’s the name or model the baseboard please? Because my contractor said he can’t find anywhere. Thank you.

Paul Skodny

Jeff, for tall baseboard how to cut a baseboard “return” using the saw in bevel orientation? Thx


Works great with long baseboards.........not

Jacob Maier

what about the super long pieces? how do you pre nail/glue


Congratulations on the baby How far along are you ?!?

Rock and Roll Over

love this guy!

Juan Gonzalez

Slow tf down cowboy

Barney Miller

Great job

Hope Remodeling

Shirt to tight LOL!!?


Thanks for the simple and quick tutorial on connecting baseboard trim. I wasn’t sure if I needed to cut it at an angle and now I know. Makes perfect sense!

varun parmar

Thanks for the video and tips , i have a question . I am putting laminate on 2 bedrooms after removing all the baseboards, should I paint the baseboards first and then do the cutting or paint at the end. The problem with painting at the end is all the laminate flooring has to be protected. Also for inward or outward wall cutting 45$ will work everytime ?


Just what I need. Thanks for the video. Do you mind sharing what is the brand of the glue you're using? Cheers from London Ontario!


So your “tips” for perfect casings involved not installing them on any actual walls and just cutting two random pieces at 45 degrees!? For the record, this will work if you cut ANY of the same two pieces of material at ANY consistent angle, and then tack them to one another loosely in the air.. well done sir ?‍♂️

robin sjökvist

If the baseboard is 10 feet or longer, how would you use this then? I cant glue and nail them together that easy. Especially not with radiators and such in the way.

Jake Richards

This guy is a “pro” and he doesn’t cope??


Yes but I can't handle the trim like you did. One piece I have is 10 feet long. Suggestions. It's butting up against a peice that's 2 feet.

Yura Kovalec

Nice, nice, very nice. However, you can make it better. Just google Woodglut and learn how to do it easily.


Thanks for another helpful video! What kind of nails are you using to tack the two pieces together?

Andrei Fasola

How do you glue MDF molding when you can't clamp it or nail it? Say thinner pieces.


What about the rest of the corners ,obviously u cant nail all the corners togther and even use full lengths, this way is much harder

Josh Thomas

ODB. Sounds like a rapper to me.

safiyah sheikh

thanks for the amazing tip for corners, never thought to do it this way. Keep up the good work, also thumbs up on your drywall series, and sanding after priming eh; who woulda thunk it. cheers from Pickering.

Douglas Dever

And all trim is four feet our under in length? Who to you handle 12 foot lengths glued together. Gluing before installing is impractical in most conditions.


What happens if the walls aren't a true 90 degree angle ?

Colette Peters

Middle aged female here,I’m not good at damsel in distress routine. Thank you for providing a starting point of good info for all the silly work around my house. Right now we are building a bathroom that was gutted to studs and pipes. I hung drywall, installed flooring, lights, plumbing, toilet, and ceiling finish. You YouTube guys are lifesavers (probably saving my hubby’s).

Jamie C.

Hate to sound like the safety police, but, you're not setting a very good example by not wearing eye protection. Keep in mind the majority of your users are DIYers who have a wide range of experience from none to a lot.

Mark Law

Inside joints should be coped, not simply mitred.

Joyce Weaver

A-little fast talking . What angle is this cut on . I like flip the wood .

Destruct Ndecay

Trim measurements are visual. Short to long, square to long, left to right always. Only essential employs will understand


How about when you can't nail baseboard you can't paint wall and you can't paint the baseboard? In my country we must doing this on the very end when wall was painted and the baseboard is laminate mdf, without option for painting, so every corner must be mitred perfectly in first time, there is no room for mistake because we simply cant chalk and paint it.

sam sam

Watching your video done all corner by stuck by bay window. I need 3 corner cut but can’t figure out.
Thanks for making video so simple and easy.


Protractor and coping saw

Jose Estrada

Nice job????


You do good work and I will attempt this method


You Sir are a genius!!


Scribing is the proper way!


I thought to myself... "there is no way this is going to work"... mind blown. ha! Every other video I watched said to cope the corners. I tried to miter mine, but as you said, it didn't line up because the wall wasn't a true 90... and even if it was, the texture was heavy embossed.... anyway, very cool trick!!!!! Thanks!

Richard Collette

Not an option to pre-assemble when dealing with a large "U". For example 16, 15, 16. No room to pivot or slide away from the wall to be able to nail on the back side of the joint, or to pull off the wall to use corner clamps. Yeah, maybe it could be stood up but getting things in alignment and supporting is probably going to be problematic and way too much hassle.

Bill Ammer

Gluing a joint before installation is not always practical. Trying to glue two 12 foot pieces before installation just isn't possible. Also, you should not miter inside corners, they should be coped. Coping allows the joint to handle corners that are out of square. Caulking is great for paint grade, but you can't do that with stained trim. Stained trim has to be installed with no gaps.


Great video, seems like you cover just about every task I need to do around my home. Question though - I'm in Ottawa too and was wondering where you at your large solid wood mouldings? I can only find MDF at most home centers.

Kevin Hancock

Not much on angle equations seems you're quick at what you do fare play

Wendy Ogden

I LOVE your vids, but when I saw this one, I was disconcerted to see you using a chop saw with no PPE. WTF? Using a chop saw with no safety glasses or hearing protection?

Since you're demonstrating the correct and easy way to cut, trim, fit, install, etc., one would think the responsible thing to do would be to demonstrate good safety equipment practices.

I get that it's not convenient when you're videoing, but how much less convenient will it be if you lose an eye? Or if one of your followers does because he/she saw you doing it without?

David Switzer

And how did it turn out?

Sharon Moore

Jeff - Great video! However; would you be so kind to clarify cutting the outside corner baseboard position - you were working to fast and didn't show - First cut (upside down with top of baseboard against fence)? and the second cut again upside down with top of baseboard against fence?? or bottom of baseboard against fence?????

Cameron Kazerunian

sorry I am not clear with using nail, staple or glue with baseboards. Please advise. big fan and subscriber. thank you

Gino Guerrero

thanks , very smart !

Numa & Christina Garcia

Sir, your are brilliant just brilliant!!!

Wing man

Slow down buddy, doesn’t make you look more like a pro because of quick movements, 1 piece of advice larger size t-shirt

Paul Lyon

Wear safety goggles, asshole

Wilkinson Carpentry

hahaha where’s ya cope and no one nails the corners together and sits them aside to dry, also spread your glue over the whole piece, that way u get a complete bond . For the outside corners cut them at 45.5 or 46 and it’s a tight corner, inside corner is a cope , if people copy what u done , give it a month and they will start to open up haha


So you turned your sauce sideways because the board was too big how about if it fit in the saw do you just turn the table to 45° and how would I do my second cut

Peter Bergeris

Jeff. Since you'll have mud on the inside corner and your inside angle is not a true 90 degree, how can you cut two 45s to fit? Would like to see what you cut, installed.

Chip B

Bro, you need a much bigger shirt size to hide the beer storage

Ricardo Galvan

Well it looks perfect when you glued them together; however, you never showed how will it look when is install on the wall, I can make 1000 videos with out showing the final installation and make my self look good...

Bigotón Bigotón

Love the last line, " look how tight that joint is" 420 baby


Nice one...how many teeth on that blade?

Ahmed AlJumely

You are the best I wish if you are in rochester ny ?I will working with you and teaching me ☺️

James Clapperton

The exaggerated gestures when he slams the saw down on the base and whips his hand back after he fire a Brad nailer make the think of the salt guy.


not only gluing isnt feasible for +6ft corners, it will damage the boards when you wanna take them out for any reason.

Harry Girgin

How can you glue and nail the mitres if boards are much longer.
Would you do this method once all pieces are in the room then nail and glue

Jean-Claude Blanchard

That's good for two pieces of trim, but what about the other pieces around the room?

Trim cutting

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How To Cut Quarter Rounds for a 45 Degree Angle

292 036 views | 11 Jan. 2018

Learn how to quickly cut a

Learn how to quickly cut a 45 degree angle cut with a circular saw on a quarter round or molding.

Dianna A

Question. How did you determine what the correct angle was?

alan mccann

Should have finished it of with a 45 degree on the opposite end ur even 22.5

Ricardo Hincapie

No me a yegado

Christopher Gregson

The easy part is cutting it - but that's what the whole video is. The hard part is figuring out HOW to do the measuring... and you left that part out :(


Old school saw

Craig Watkins

Thanks ??

Stephen Kelly

Any tips for someone who has no access to one of these tools

Folsom Blues28

Just tap in with a hammer and it will seal the gap and fit into the door trim

Swirling Orlando

I am pretty sure you can still buy handbook with all details you need on woodprix.

Rick Rasterdly

I'm probably being thick but that angle doesn't look like 45 degree more like 135?.....now I'm confused?

Otto Cortes

How did you know it was exactly 45 in the first place??

Matthew Fries

I was pretty sure I had to split the angle prior to watching this but thank you for confirming it. I didn’t want to waste any trim.

Ash R.

Thank you so much I just had to do that in a room I’m working on and I’m so happy I finally got it right just from watching your video ✅?


The angle at wall is 135 degrees.the mitre is 22.5 . This is unclear from video

Justin Peters

Good short video that gets to the point. I've struggled with this degree of cut before, but now I understand since you've explained well how to cut those inside angles. Keep up the good work !

Wajeeh Huweih

This guy gave a hint

H.R Raz

Can you show how to do more basic 90 degree inside corner

Rich Lo

Nice video


I learned to cut the angle portion first, then measure and cut the length. I came here for the 22.5 degree that I needed, Thank you! Nice video.

Robert Traynere Jr

Putty is my friend :)

Andrew J

U saved my life today thanks

Robert Traynere Jr

Thank you!

Dannythe machinegun

This guy uses a carpenter in a can. Wood pudy is for a hacks.


How do you do an outside 45?

Lean Nielsen

I'm so grateful for this video. Thanks


I have a 210 degree obtuse angle to cut. Any ideas?

j. katherine fowler

Thank you so much! You have a real talent for teaching.I cannot tell you how many
confusing videos I have watched on this subject. Thanks for making it so simple.

Trim cutting

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perfect inside miter joint hack - baseboard molding install

142 679 views | 22 Oct. 2019

I will show you a hack to

I will show you a hack to get perfect inside miter joint / cut for baseboards, skirting boards and crown molding. This is the easiest way to get fast and easy perfect joints without any gaps. The inside corner of the wall is very rarely exactly 90 degrees and as a result your joints will not line up properly. Through using a flap disk on a grinder we can quickly use a coping technique to get perfect miters every time. LIKE COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE for more videos. #DIY #howto #billshowto

stuart smith

brilliant idea. Thanks.

DM 82

Can you do this to mdf ?

Jason Hamilton

Filming tip for you... Once your camera is set in place, take it out of auto-focus and into manual focus.

Zac J

Love your work billy????

Bill Ammer

This is not new. It's not a hack. It's the way inside miters are supposed to be done and have been done for hundreds, Yes, hundreds of years. You say that using a coping saw is too time consuming, but I timed your section of the video and it took you about 55 seconds to shape the end with the flap disc. Coping this with a good sharp coping saw would have taken much less time, especially if you practice.


Does this work for straight trim boards?

Gerard Lennon

Genius... Always had a problem with this and coping is just to time consuming. You really have sorted a major problem for me... Thank you

Jake Wesley

Can you cope perfectly straight baseboards?

samoan SAIYAN

Nice work Bill. That's we do. What's your background? Carpenter?

Steve J

Bloody awesome Bill. I am doing my baseboards at home now and had this problem. Thank you mate.

Anthony Galvan

Mindblown ?

Ana Wile

Thank you so much. Yours is the clearest, easiest to follow. I can stop eating chocolate and go back to work!

Nadeem Ahmed

Nice video and explanation

Leslie Cherrington

Dear me I cut 3 coping saw cuts waiting for you lol

Santos Marquez

Brilliant, this was great Billy!

Craig Summer

This is genious! You legend!

Marek Wleklik

Gracias por tu consejo bravo ?

Man Of Beard

You should scribe and cut internal joints not mitre them.


Hi, that sanding bit is the key, much easier then coping for sure, im sold thank you ?

Patrick Jaszewski

This is going to save me a lot of time! Thanks!


It’s not a miter cut then is it

Richard Collette

I have yet to try this, but I wonder, what happens when a vacuum hits this corner? Isn't the unsupported (back cut) section of the trim susceptible to cracking?


Coping is not a miter so no, it’s not a perfect miter



Mike DelGrande

Best video and explanation by far and I have watched TOO many to get this technique down. Thanks.

taylor vancleave

You are the best!!! Such a simplified explanation!!! Thank you for us beginners!!! Wow!!! Still cant believe what I just learned from you in less then,10 minutes!! More valuable then 20 years!!! Haha, your the best!!!

Jesse Eaton


Parekoystyle Vlog

Nice work tnx for your share

Todd Mckee

Very nice explanation Good camera work I'm going to do it soon in my cabin on chair rail and baseboard thank you for your help

David Harris

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Does it matter what piece you cope? I cope the right side board.

nancy loew

Beautiful! Your the only video I had to watch! You get straight to the point! No extra fluff and wasting time!

Riaan Oliver

Top tip using na angel grinder thanks buddy.


You, my friend are a genius! I would have ever thought of such a thing until watching this video. Thanks for the amazing bit of information. Enjoy the rest of you day!

Taco Boy

Fantastic video!


Bill this is a bloody brilliant tip mate! Putting up some dado the weekend this tip will save a lot of time filling! ????

Leslie Cherrington

And all the dust too

Rich MAC

I've always used a coping saw to back cut the molding but this method of using a angle grinder might actually be faster. I'll have to brush up on my grinding skills and give it a try

Bao Nguyen

This is great, thank you so much :)

Beatrice Gordon

Wow!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


Coping and perfect miter joint are two separate things.

Peter C

Now that's clever! Thanks for sharing that, awesome ?

Mike Strat


Anthony G

nailed it

Anthony Belt

That's the way to do it. Time saving at its best. Thanks........,.

Tim O’Brien

Very nice!

neil carpenter

hmmm dust.....................

siuL Chalo

That was cool

Jay Love



This isn't a "hack"...

Bo Bryant

Ladies and Gentlemen if the apprentice gets out the flap disc for paint grade baseboard save yourself the time, money and stress by firing him then and there.
This is fine for the DIYers, or if you have detailed molding on stain-grade In an obscure angled inside corner, but no client or foreman is going to want to pay you for this time. Use a bevel gauge+square and divide by two. Done. There are a million ways to get a perfect mitre that don’t involve huffing dust from a gd flap wheel and hoping you don’t dig too deep. Coping has its place, but it ain’t here.

Bulilit Tv

Wow dude!!
I’ve spent 30min going through useless videos where no one really shows anything useful for a simple DIYer (without specialist saws) and here you pop!!

This has saved me a lot of frustration and anger!!


Awesome, thanks for posting this.

Tone Filter

you are a very good teacher Bill. Thanks

Dakota John

What the fuck is mytawl cawt


Was just about to start replacing all the baseboards at my house and this video is going to help a tonne. Thanks for the great content Bill!

Aura Maarifat

im feel really thankful, no one explained very clear like u.. thank u for the lesson

mick falvey

They say timing is everything Bill im just gunna do some trim this weekend and this is a great bit of advice from you (as usual)
Cheers mate?


How do I do this with pvc baseboard please?

Sherllynn Lime

Do I cut 45 degree same or flip saw to opposite side and cut again? Confused

Mohan Bisset

Wow Bill you done great !


Dude you made this so easy to learn, another income booster!

Paul Grennan

How is this a hack iv always done this and so has most carpenters. Only we use a coping saw not a grinder

Joe Tassone

Awesome - looking forward to trying it this weekend. Wanted to ask ... what grit flap disk do you recommend? Thank you.


I'm so glad I clicked on this video! That's so much faster and precise! Thanks
Cheers from Mississippi, USA

rob jones

Fuck, that was quick and spot on

DM 82

Thank god for this.. my coping saw is crap


Thanks, best tip on baseboards I’ve seen all day??


At first I thought you were simply over complicating it,

But my mind is blown!


You talk like Gordom Ramsay ??? thank you for the video