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Disgusting Nose Pack Removals - Compilation

988 views | 5 Nov. 2018

See some of the worst nose

See some of the worst nose pack removals!




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NASAL PACKING REMOVAL - Brutal Compilation

88 733 views | 27 Mar. 2019

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Nasal packing is the application of sterile tampons to the nasal chambers.

The most common purpose of nasal packing is to control bleeding and provide support to the septum following surgery and nasal reconstruction. It is also used to treat chronic nosebleeds.

The nasal packing is made out of synthetic open cell foam polymer of hydroxylated polyvinyl acetal.

The surface is smooth so it can not stick to the tissue and reduces bacterial growth. The nasal packs are stitched together at the end of the nose. They can hold 25 times their initial weight

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Sheila Herwana

Feels satisfyng. Also not gross

Dairymilk *

When you get on that weird side of YouTube again

Miguel Linek

Factory of human sausage


They look like leeches with conveniently placed strings.

Abd El-Rahman Tawfik

Outro song??

Roman K

Like wtf


That second dudes thing looked like raw bacon

Kim Hannah

Wut du flip?

Eddwardo Chesterfield

I was thinking the first dude was pulling some of his brain out for the longest time

leonrando the arsenal gamer

What is that weird thing?

Ghoullistic Dennis

Kid :Mom can can we get bacons

Mom :No we already have bacons at home

Bacons at home:

Deku fan



This is oddly satisfying but gross

Angela martinez

What a bacon nose

Crime S.A SouthAfrica

How in the fk did they get those liver leeches up there nose fk...why is it there?? Wtf!? Looks so uncomfortable how the fk ? Why would you do that ?? I almost gagged looking at it and that woman is pulling it out like o..its just a nother nose brain removal day..fk....

Carmen W

I had a rhinoplasty last month....believe me this shit hurts.. hahaha

Ella Marie

Ewwwwwww ??????????

Alex Sanchez

Honestly it looks like your pulling raw meat out of your nose....

Maedhros McCabe

Don't eat nose bacon kids.

Silver Mike

Him:it don’t hurt as much
Me: WTF that hurts

Robby Yadi

best part is something out in your nose...

joanna y


Syahirah halman

Well my nose not so stuffy after watching this...

damn technologies are amazing


Nose bacon


The first one is more like BBQ xDD

Reading Area Railfan

Now i kinda want my nose to bleed this looks satiafying

Joshua Esparza

this looks like it feels eye watering good

Dave Japan

They left that third guys brains hanging out of his face for way too long

Arazhul 1007

Is that meat inside this nose (nose splints)


Imagine the amount of relief knowing that thats DONE and that you can finally breath!!

Menno Barten

Omg I got a rhinoplasty done and have them removed this saturday. I'm so scared :((((

MKing 10

Nose tampons. Ok.

Rakeem Nelson

No gloves



Don Cheeto

"You okay?"
"You ready for the second one?"
"That one was easier!"
"No it wasn't..."


What are those things actually?

johnandrei arellano


SasukE UchihA




Vernal Equinox

Just let the wound heal on its own yoir not suppose to put things in yoir nose this is why people have operations on their noses

El Waky

Nose tampons

Tararaco The Meowstic

Damn, that's hot

Aniket Sarkar

Are they lungs??

Taytor Tot

The first one?.....first of all you're not supposed to pull it down, you're supposed to pull it away from the face. Yikes that had to hurt.

Anita Russell

How did I find this???

E kid

I'm cringing so hard

Triumph the Insult Dog

The happy "share with your friends and family" and happy music makes this channel even more disturbing.

save the paling

What the fuck

Kahliyah Sherman

People in 2021 still looking this up

Noah moua

Does it hurt

Melanin N.

Idk how to feel

Lin Turkey

Like fish


Why is this in my recommendations???

Hayden Yumul

Why am I watching this...? I’m about to throw up at my trash bin ? ?

Moonlite Quimby

Like A Tampon For Your Nose

Cat goddess and queen Kynlee

Ew ??



Ella Marie

Im gonna be sick

Kay Chin



The Forbidden Bacon

just a guy who is sad but love to smile

What i am doing with my life!?

r n

Brutal !! Really ?? ?

Kim Adams

i need to find a someone who can do this for me! help

PKfire64 //Wet sAwk

I just bought five buckets. I’m glad I finally found a use for them.

JOSHUA Daniels




Sinus surgery can cause Empty Nose Syndrome, where the mucosa is damaged and you have trouble feeling your own air. It feels like suffocating. Know all possible outcomes before agreeing to surgery. ??????

Angie Leach

I've had this done no it does not feel good

Alyssa The Manokit

OML that is descusting


Lol I had a dissolving one

Zakai Cherenfant

I am still asking myself why am I watching this


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Removing Nose Pack - Day 6 After Nose Surgery

10 355 views | 26 Dec. 2020

Rhinoplasty Day 6 Nose

Rhinoplasty Day 6 Nose Pack Removal After Surgery

State of the art facial plastic surgical procedure for all ages @ Richardsons

Over 16000 successfully completed surgeries in the last decade and a half.

How do we take an appointment?

Coming over for a personal consultation with our maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Sunil Richardson is the best option. We are located physically near the southernmost tip of India, a town named Nagercoil near Kanyakumari.

However, we have other options for patients from far and wide, who can’t travel for a direct physical consult.

The pictures can be sent to our What’s App number: +919443182860

Or emailed to [email protected] and appointment asked or advice sought.

We are also on most of the social media platforms :

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drsunilrichardson/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/facesurgeon1

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/facesurgeon.in/

Pinterest: https://in.pinterest.com/richardsonshospital/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-sunil-richardson/

Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/richardsonshospital

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC65ToDeBHrE1cSlLnuF1HgA?view_as=subscriber

We also have a few websites...

Please visit them to get an idea about the overall work we do... in different locations.


www.facesurgeon.org (medical/dental tourism )

http://www.drsunilrichardson.com/arabic/( Muscat, Oman)

Mir Ishtiyaq

Sir tamilnadu ke ilava aur kahan clinic hai aap ka

Tamanna Sharma

Sar Tamilnadu ke alava aur kahin clinic hai aapka


Doctor can you upload 1 year results of rhinoplastys.

Mir Ishtiyaq

Mujhe bi surgery karvana hai

Vinay Sahare

Sir your great

MyPCTech Solutions

I think his nose looks good now..But his face is bit shorter lengthwise. I may be wrong though. . But his nose looks much better from before.

Abhishek Raj

Patient feeling too nervous..!

Mursaleen Shah

You really need a good camera man and a videographer ?

Ghanshyam Janjal

Great job sir

Javed Malik

Where is your hospital Sir please tell me I need

ank family

Good work Dr Sunil Richardson

Shivakant sagar

Wow great Sir

bodduna priyanka

Very well shaped .

Aashish mehra

More of jaw asymmetry correction sir plz

Funny video

Good. sir

Mir Ishtiyaq

Mujhe bataye ga

Hej Hdis

Amazing work sir, I also need rhinoplasty but I am little sceptical because of Corona, do patients go under corona test before surgery? As if infected it’ll be life threatening.
Could you please clarify this sir ?

Vivek Rathod

This rhinoplasty cast sir

balu mahendranath

He is looking like an actor jeeva

Great peace of work by Dr. Sunil Richardson sir ....

Shaitan Gaming

Iski cost kitni hai sir

miss sanjana

You are great sir ?

Chandan sekhar deo

Mera face bahuth ugly he .......?????????

Kawsar JaMu


ma tripursundari s

Dorsom itna mota q h