Radio frequency waves

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Frequency from Wavelength: Electromagnetic Radiation Calculation

147 325 views | 14 Oct. 2016

Learn a SIMPLE way to

Learn a SIMPLE way to calculate the frequency of a specific wavelength of electromagnetic radiation.

Sorry! At 2:59 I made a human mistake. I said one billion nm is equal to 1 m, but I wrote 1,000,000 which is only a million. This mistake didn't alter the answer, it was just a human writing error.

Smile Journey

Gyyyyyrl please upgrade your calculator to a TI-84 Plus CE. ???

Nathanael Baillargeon

You got everything right except you put 1 million in the box instead of 1 billion. Also 1nm =1*10^-9m

Fresh Guy

You just saved my grade. Thank you so much.

if u dont stan EXO raise ur standards

I understanded everything clearly thank you for that but at 4:59 it was
7.3170 into 10*14 hertz
How does the 10 raise to power 14 comes, and how to slove the 2 last step to get 10 raise to power 14 , im actually in class 10 i but i didn't understand how that raise to power 14 came . can you please help me out ,and in our school they only allow us to use simple calculator not scientific one!!

Devious Amigo

Help for me

Grace Zoe

Thank you so so so much


Mahn I’m only 14

Val Cortes

What about if the wavelength is mm? Do you have to convert that into m too?

Toan Nguyen

How do you change the answer into scientific notation in an Iphone calculator?

Kundan Kumar

your teaching way is very good and also your voice so sweet....

Hermann 1111

Also how did you get 7.3170 x 10^14 ? I dont get how you got 10^14

LeslieMae Lara

Hi can I ask if the given is in "m" ex.(3m, 0.03m, 0.05m) should I change it to "nm" or solve it that way? Because I kind of struggle and don't know if my answer is correct ?

Brenda A.

omg you helped me so much. Your video was literally the only one that explained it so perfectly clear. Thank you !

ZR Rahman

Can you help me mam
My english so weak how to improve it


Anne mam thank you very very very very



Reap Nudiusterian

thank you

Arvind Sir physics

so nice....

Alex Guetta

You’re a really good teacher! Just had to say it


You are literally a lifesaver.

Anne Schmidt

Sorry! At 2:59 I made a human mistake. I said one billion nm is equal to 1 m, but I wrote 1,000,000 which is only a million. This mistake didn't alter the answer, it was just a human writing error.

Juliana Sepulveda

Awesome video! Very helpful and fun to watch.

sanjai kumar



I’m still super confused but i’m dumb and math goes over my brain


Next time do this faster. There was no reason for you to give all those equations just say convert nm to m and divide the speed of light by the converted wavlelngth etc.

Smile Journey

But thank you for making it sooo simple ???

Antoniammal John

Can you upload how to calculate it for yellow light

Queen Onika

thank uuuuu no one explained it better than u <33333

leilandra laison

Where did the ¹⁴ come from?


My teacher didn't teach us this she just gave us worksheets and I have a quiz tomorrow. This helped a lot thank you so much <3

wong siew may

1 nm = 1x10^-9 m


How did you get -7??

panic! in the TARDIS

You have no idea how helpful this was thank you

mahabubulalam nadir

thank you...

Emmanuel Lombe

Thanks a lot, it actually helped with my grades.

Hoang Thecurry

this was really helpful thank you forr spending on mkaing this video

Hermann 1111

May i ask how did you get 4.1 x 10^-7? Thank you

Brenda Lemus

I really liked how you explained everything. You gave all the equations and which one to use, but above all you never miss a single detail, from the conversions, to the calculations, and the variables. I looked at other videos and they always skip steps which made it hard to understand why they made their calculations. Thank you for the understanding.

Faith Booker

God bless you ??? I really needed help


Omg thank u sm

Open Your Mind to Medicine

very clear calculations
I like the lego people

George Handal

you just saved my grade. i love you

Hoang Thecurry


Ember Ember

It keeps giving me a syntax error :(

Hoang Thecurry

100 comment

Nupoor Joshi

Thank you. Really helped me with my honors chem class

Adora Tobias

You explain this soooo much better than my teacher ?

Yousef Mohamad Muflehi

How Did you get the exponent, 14???, how??

ram corpuz

hello maam. I'm kinda confused of what formula should I use.....pls can you say it to me the correct formula?

Amaanullah Tauseef

Love you a lot?☺

ZR Rahman

Mam .....Very good expltion

Samad Arimanal

tanq u



Nicolette Pilalis

Such an informative video! Thank you so much!

Laurel Shaffer

This helped so much, thank you!

Mr. A.B.S

Love love! Thanks from India!! Come here one day? ❣️✌️?

HiSoKa Official

I wish all teacher teaches this topic before giving the answer sheets

Radio frequency waves

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Speed of Light, Frequency, and Wavelength Calculations - Chemistry Practice Problems

411 577 views | 24 Sep. 2017

This chemistry video

This chemistry video tutorial explains how to solve problems involving the speed of light, wavelength, and frequency of a photon. It also explains how to convert wavelength from m to um and nm to m.

Chemistry Textbook:


My Website: https://www.video-tutor.net

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MathScienceTutor

Amazon Store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/theorganicchemistrytutor

New Chemistry Video Playlist:



in the one with x10^8 and x10^-9 how did the answer get to x10^14?

Ashley Dumalus

What is the wavelength of the UV light with a frequency of 1.07 x 10^15 Hz?

Luis Franco

This is better than the textbook that's supposed to teach me -__-

Austin Z

where sigfigs???

Haley Claros

i love u thank u omg

daddy chill

Im teaching my one last brain cell left on my own. im so dead.

Parker Kreizenbeck

watching this right before my chem final

Addy Lenver Simon


Adrian Atondo

robot hes a robot, excitement is needed, stop ittttttttt

darwinwasright xxx

what am I doing wrong I get 0.0857 instead of 0.00857 on the calculator

4 final exam left Finsh exam in January 13 wensday

Thank u ❤️:)



Jonathan Phlek

i love you man

Meow Mixer5

Thank you

Brittany Houghton

Who else is here with 10 minutes until their proctored final?


you never explained how to get the hz

Mina Nagib

at 8:51, how did you get an exponent of 15?


Thank you, you are a life saver it’s so easier to understand chemistry now

taryn panter

Hi, for #7 when I did it.. the frequency I solved for first and got 6.49 * 10^24, not 6.49 * 10^14?... That would change the value of the wavelength to 4.62 * 10^-17 instead of 4.62 * 10^-7.. I could be wrong but idk. Other than that the video was great, thanks.

xxMISSBOOMxx 0324

Im in love with you. Thank you

J e nn a

Why does it make sense when you explain it but not my teacher

Nathan Branch

This dude is legendary when it comes to online school

Tyler Ferrier

For anyone who is stuck on how the they get 10^14 from 3*10^8/350*10^-9. Do 3/350, the answer is 8.57* 10^-3. then do 8-(-9)=10^17. simply add them 8.57*10^-3 + 10^17= 8.57*10^14.

midnight assassin

When I enter this I got 1.2e20 idk what I did wrong

Kiana Mohammadivafa

where did 14 come from?

Tabitha Rourke-Jones

Jon. ???

Mina Nagib

How are you getting these exponents

Petor Eng

i’m literally watching this taking my test and i have 8 mins left to finish

Sydney Stoyer

for the second one, why did you put speed of light as 3.0 • 10^8 m/s rather than 3.00 • 10^8 m/s?

Johari Bacolod

Tanginaaaa! Kakainis ng module!

Pati ‘ko napapa youtube na

Matthew Rivers

how do we know that 2.5x10^12 Hz is equal to s^-1??


thank you so much! every time I search for a problem in my classes, you will be here.

Esther Kamara

This guy saves my butt!

Christelle Berry

here ten minutes before a quiz =D

Emil Grantcharov

Thx dawg

Talibandz __

For me the wavelength is in centimeters, how would I change it to meters

Mister Super Cool

Light is Particle but travels as waves because space is spiraled at the quantum level https://youtu.be/ZIQQHqBcQWU


How do you get x10^14 on question 3 I believe

Stereo Fox

Without these videos I would have failed math and science

That Cookie

Thank you so much!!! My teacher didn’t bother to go over it twice, now I understand it ty

Alex Ponce

The speed of light is 3x10 to the -8 m/s


how do you calculate the color?

krishna swamy

Thanks a million!

worm hunter

thanks this was really sexy

Daniel Schendel

you are a legend good sir

Faiola Besana

thank you for this video. i am able to teach my son about this topic. Great work!


the organic chemistry tutor you got 2.12 million subs so you have a lot of clout on your name you better be legit

Samuel Ekhator

how'd he get -4?? Im so confused


I have a quiz in 5 minutes wish me luck y'all

John McParland (STUDENT)

AP Chem hard as fuck. U make it easy thank u g

Wilson Noah

my chem teacher fell asleap


im in quarentine .... hope this video helps me


one thing I learned from this video
my teacher doesn't know what she's saying


Sir, you make everything alright

Mannu K

Osm video sir your video is very useful for me thanks a lot for making this video

Re Draw

oml you're a much better teacher than my professor, tysm.

Mdmdndbc c cbchid dndjdkdnf. F Dundun bdbdbdjd

One thing I’ve learned from this video is YouTube will always teach u better

Kevin Kane

not a single soul:
rando in the comments of all youtube videos: who’s here during this pandemic outbreak?

Celine D

Thank you for saving my ass, I love you

This Pleases The Nut

I have a test in 30 minutes, hopefully this helps


needs to explain each term better plz

Nicole jajaja

Thank you!!!

Dammy Chan

Please be clear about everything sir...

Prowess x

I love this guy I was in class the teacher asked me how I’m going to figure out these light problems for tomorrow and I said the Organic Chemistry Tutor and everyone in my class started laughing?

Amirreza Hemmatyar

10000 times better than my prof

ChillSlayer San

I've understood more in this video than what my teacher taught us. Thank You my good Sir

Owen Castillo

how to divide the speed of light and frequency

Alessandra E. Bautista

so it isn't 10^9 but 10^-9?????????????

Blaine sull

1.2x10^20 to me... i dont get it


What is the frequency of an EM wave that is carrying a 2.3x10 -8J of energy?
Can somebody help me with this?


your channel in my opinion, is the best educational channel


Helped me pass a test thanks :)

Albin Joseph. T

You helped me a lot.... Thanks man... You are great...

Larry E

Question: Do the various waves that come out from the sun come out individually ( radio waves. Microwaves, x-ray waves) or do they come out in a combined wave having high and low frequency rates? And how is it separated?

Tomas David Martinez de Pinillos Garanton

Hei man you know a lot about chem, physics, and math. You should try to take the MCAT just for fun. You would get 528. Your videos are the bests.


1:15 how did you get that little -4?

Harendra Koley

Can you show how to calculate manually?

en na

yep im here again yall hi

Jay Lee

Thank you so much, sir.

Shushruth nandamuri

Great vid but can you speak louder

Calvin Jackson

Are you sure about your units for wavelength and why are you using v for frequency?

Lexxie Gomez


Jatrisha Eckford

8-14=-6 not -7. Can someone please help me understand? For problem 7

Michelle Canas

It's a great help to me as a student. THANKS

Sbonelo Dave

This vid helped me alot...i am writing physics exam tomorrow wish me luck..

Julia Vistorovskaya

i kept on getting 1.2 x 10^20 instead of -4

julia n

thanks jg


i have an exam in one hour and half, this is very helpful

lindsey valenzuela

marry me

Pranav Kumar

U r actually goated wtf

Troto XD

can you explain the units at the end of the answer

Marina Hales

voice is so frickin soothing

Landor 65

For the first part how did you get 1.2 X 10^-4 I get how you got 1.2 but not sure how you got the -4

seleny valdez

i have a quiz today on this and this helped me more than my teacher

Kira Akashi ARTS

Why 14??? At the equation of 8 and -9

Sonndie Dela cruz

Where can i found
Wavelength= v÷f?


me cramming for my chem test tomorrow oops

Gabielle Kish Angeles

This video teaches me better than my teacher did???

Soopha Zoom

You saved my grades?Thank you

Ha lo

this saves me

Radio frequency waves

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You Won't Believe How EMFs Affect Your Body!

289 504 views | 17 Sep. 2015

Dr. Elizabeth Plourde

Dr. Elizabeth Plourde discusses the damage electromagnetic frequencies can cause in the body, even down to the cellular level. Find out what conditions may be caused by this kind of pollution. She also discusses how she was affected by EMFs!

Jason Hanerfeld

The minute this lady mentioned autistic children, I immediately lost respect fir anything else that came out if her mouth...

Johan H.

This systematic review is basically some very smart people reading and analyzing the works of houndrens of other scientists on this issue. The topic is higely researched, and the conclusion is this: "The overwhelming consensus of these reviews is that present evidence does not show the existence of health hazards from exposures below present limits (ICNIRP or IEEE)."
(Foster, K. R., Moulder, J. E. Wi-Fi and Health : Review of Current Status of Research. Health Physics, 2013, 561-575)

One instance of whatever this woman claim, is nothing and frankly disrespectful to the large scientific studies out there on this topic.


So how are we going to escape it. By eating a bullet?

connie f

I think you have a good presentation, an I totally agree with the research , I feel it amplifies the conditions of illnesses, an turns into chronic , so I totally agree that EMF EXPOSURE DETERIATES HUMANS QUALITY OF LIFE, BECAUSE IT BREAKS DOWN OUR DNA ON molecular levels, sloooowly.

Mr Horsepower

It's one thing to know about it and another thing to do anything about it...what do we the people do Besides complain about it ? I'm sure it will take all of us to stand together, if that's even possible




That's the same "Dr. Elizabeth Plourde" who hawks $260 pendants with liquid 'smartdots'? Hilarious website that claims "the gold manages the Wi-Fi pulse energies, while the silver manages the constant electrical field generated by the device." ?


Maybe iodine could help her?

drift velocity

All know all this stuff is true....
But todays society is like ..iphone is standard for good status...and happiness
I think to withdarw my cellphone know...

whats good

i wonder if she got flue shots Pryor in life??? if so i feel like it shocked her nervous system

Dimitris Xarir

The Sun's EMF radiation is 20.000 times more powerfull than the 3G, 4G,5G, wifi, and radio EMF radiation. So it is idiotic to think that the problem comes from them. The Earths crust emites nuclear radioton like alpha and beta radiotion because it has a lot of radioactive rocks in in many regions. The humman body has ivoled to handle all this radiation with an problem, this radiation is the reason that we had evoled to what we are today. So Dr. Elizabeth i think that doesn't know what she is talking about.

Jonathon Britten

I am in lock down(covid 19) so what is 5G and towers going to do to our bodies now.

Dan Babani

wireless is a weapon against humanity invented ,,very dangerious ,I feel perfect since Ive turned off wifi crap ,use wire fiber optic .

Zetetic Eye

This is all wrong. It has been known for some time that EMFs cause excitation in our voltage-gated calcium channels. It is THAT which causes the calcium imbalance, not HOLES!!!

King Jordan

There is a group of elevated scientists that know that our bodies have a biofield, which is called by all cultures Spirit, and it is harmful to this part of our bodies been surrounded by dead orgone energy. Electromagnetic pollution and dirty electricity make the Orgone energy stagnant and this polluted energy is called dead orgone energy. We absorb from the environment each second Orgone energy and it is so important as the oxygen, there is nothing else more important for a person than the air and the Life force. High amounts of dead orgone energy weaken a person tremendously and generate health problems. This situation is nothing new with the 5G, this danger born time ago, but it is possible to maintain an area with clean orgone energy with an Orgone generator. An orgone generator reduces around 60 to 80% of the negative impact of electromagnetic pollution by cleaning all dead orgone energy from an area. Orgone energy is what is called Chi in Feng Shui or in the Traditional Chinese Medicine which successfully cures people naturally since 3000 years ago... https://www.pranachy.store/orgone-generators

Greg Miller

Can I destroy them without busting the glass?

thrive or survive ?

Ganoderma mushroom is hugly loaded with antioxidants that protect us from oxidative stress caused by EMFs

Antti Laaksonen

FN crazy.. frequencies used by smart meters been used 0.9-5ghz for decades now...

but now all the suddenly he started to have effects...
although been subject for those same frequencies for her entire life..

Sashay Tucker

How can u block this


This reminds me of chuck McGill from better call saul. I didn't know there was true science behind that


Why does my RIG ps4 headset give up massive high EMF readings from inside the ear cups , even when its plugged out ? its strange cus if i hold it still ..... there is no detection , but as soon as i move the EMF meter around it goes off crazy....... as said even when plugged out , any ideas anyone?


Don’t waste your money on this anti-emf rubbish.

Tony Taino

America is killing Americans.sad...God shield us from this tyranny.

Roy Rice

A "Faraday" cage seems to be in order for those affected by EMF. But that is a difficult solution if not impossible!

Andy K

This video has been bugging me for more than an hour. I had to come back and leave this comment, because this video is SO misleading to the extent where it is offending the audience by treating us like we're dumb and uneducated. I'm just gonna tackle some non sense in the video until 1:10 because I couldn't bear to watch it any longer than that.
1. This channel has no idea what an EMF is. "Electromagnetic frequency" is not a field or radiation. You cannot use it in a sentence like that. Frequency is number, not a field or radiation. Electromagnetic frequency is just the number of electromagnetic wave cycles in a second, so you literally has no basic understanding of what the word means. You just think the word means what you think it is, but it's not. Anyone with the most fundamental knowledge of science in middle school should even know. Yeah, I know this channel is probably trying to say electromagnetic field, but if you're trying to educate people, at least use the right word.
2. Also, too much of mixed up, misunderstood knowledge of chemistry and physics. This lady needs to learn what electromagnetic radiation is before she should talk about why it's so bad, if it's bad. There is a wide spectrum of EMR. The reason you see colors as of this moment is because you're seeing the electromagnetic radiation of visible spectrum. She makes the entire frequencies of EMR sound like they're really toxic to human body or something. She should know, if she knows what EMR is, that they don't do jack shit unless you're introduced to an intense high frequency rays like gamma ray. Even high frequency EMR like uv light and x rays are tolerable unless exposed to high energy level. Why do you think radiologists still live healthy life?? Why are we still not dead from sun light?? There's no such place on Earth where EMR isn't detected, because there will always be some sort of ultra low frequency radiation somewhere. If you don't like EMR, go find a place that's made of dark matter or something. Visible light itself is EMR.
3. Again with biology. Her bringing up autism and making it sound like it's because of calcium unbalance caused by EMR was just too much facepalm moment that it would've gone through my head if I've actually it. I'm not sure where she picked up the info about calcium unbalance, but autism is a result of genetic mutation not calcium unbalance. The EMR that damages the DNA are high frequency EMR and you need to be exposed at a high level for it to be damaging your DNA like an atomic bomb/nuclear plant disaster level shit. I'm not sure how this lady has a PhD or even graduated from college in the first place. I really hope her major wasn't related to math or science.
4. She uses vague words and explanations themselves are just so vague. Who the hell says "do all the things that it does, so that's changed." If you're gonna explain as an intellectual, you're supposed to explain what are 'things that it does,' and what's 'changed.' And common, you NEVER use 'that' as a noun. If you did that you're gonna get so much shit whether you're having a research presentation or even explaining something to a professor, post doc, or even colleagues in undergrad.

jack manetoa

Does she have any evidence not saying that shes lien just need some evident...so basically what shes saying and this is only my opinion is that if you have had mercury capping you become sensitive to EMF???...still not convinced..physics tell us that EMF is slightly radioactive and you would need prolonged exposure to this radiation before it starts messing with genomics???...if that's the case why hasnt our cell phones microwave oven killed more of us??...need more proof sorry..


I only use wired computer and wired internet,but my bother in apartment next door has his router on every day ugh he is so ignorant,but atleast I personally dont use wireless net at all,thats all I can do to protect myself

Era Productions

that's why they want to wake everyone up too because they know they will be dead by then

Larry Putra

Great....to all who are watching your cells are dying including me lol

Marie Riedel

Will they stop 5G from being installed

Amin Babaev

Proofs ?!

Caine Mac

PSEUDO SCIENCE. Cherry picked SOPHISTRY. And sensational Hyperbole.. get it by the bucket load here


It's so important to have a kind of protection. I just bought some of this pants with Silver.
The metal is highly conductive and has an electromagnetic shielding function. When a people wears an anti-electromagnetic wave clothing to contact an electronic device, the anti-electromagnetic wave clothing can quickly and effectively conduct electromagnetic waves, thereby protecting the body from electromagnetic waves. I just bought here if someone is interested https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373002492073

sevgi isik

Bill gates dangerous the worl

City Lights

Psychosomatic Nut Job!

Paranoid Android

If non-ionising electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices like WiFi routers and phones is dangerous then why isn’t electric light and even normal light from the sun dangerous? They’re both the same type of EMF.

Roy Rice

I have always wondered what effect all the TV, radio, electrical, microwaves and short waves have on our tissues. Are they slowly cooking us alive? Resulting in major health problems? Cancer being a result?

z d



So what was your solution for healing?

Ruairi Duffin

There is no evidence that any of her symptoms are coming from EMFs.
Stupid conspiracy theorists just want somthing to moan about

Stuart O'Neill

Coronavirus is a hoax, a false flag, THIS IS DEPOPULATION USING VACCINATIONS AND 5G

Leo Wakefield

Can filling my home with boxes of stuff block the radiation?

Eye of the Storm

Yet she is wearing a radio mic.

Ron Edward

I came here after Trump signed the Secure 5G and Beyond Act.

Roy Rice

Why are some people affected by EMF and others aren't??

dario photography

Coronavirus iS nothing compared to what 5 g will bring, people will be getting sick like crazy, people wake the fuck up

Tim Marcotte

I find it ironic all the comments about how scary and dangerous this is yet the commenters are literally using a device emitting EMFs to make said comments.

Claude Leonard

Thank you so much for keeping this video up.


guys, her Ph.D is in psychology... not physics. the sun causes orders of magnitude more EMFs than cell phones, TVs, etc. she's sitting in a room with lights hitting her, with a camera on her, and talking about EMFs being harmful, all of which produce waves all over the EMS. But hey, she's a psychologist lol

No Choice

We have protection against electromagnetic radiation. Garments made from pure silver that come with a grounded attachment. Lmk what u think. www.nochoicestore.com

Theo Fulk

The first glimpse into why people are BURNING DOWN 5G TOWERS around the world . IF THEY WON'T TEST THEM, DON'T EVEN BUILD THEM ! THE "AUTHORITIES" do not mean much anymore, when a "HEALTH ORGANIZATION IS OUT TO KILL YOU !

Miss Yous Car Life Aint 'da Same

Aw, I am so sorry. I can relate - especially to being in public. Best of health to you. And, thank you for posting this! xoxo <3

Era Productions

the soup i could see the other night in here with the lights off was absolutely insane i had a message a while back saying what's it like knowing your going to die soon at least i won't suffer as much as the others

You are the weakest link, Goodbye!

I give you permission to take a vacation from your fears today & tomorrow & the next day and so on. What you should really worry about is not allowing your mind to play tricks on you.

Clare Kuehn

Vaccine mercury plus detergent in them causes holes in blood-brain-gut barrier. But ... yes, the radiations from EMF make the effects worse. ?

Richard H

Do one on 5G please

Hariharan B

Let everything be wired

Jeremi Miller

Worried about the effects radiation has on the body but not smoking apparently.

kike villa coronado

Any studies? jajajajaja I see too much talking, I want science

Mr. Boschmann

Bruh you are people that are fucking: burn 5g towers.
Lol idiots.


It lowers melatonin ,that's the most serious consequence

Officetips Healer

Perhaps it is time to focus on the solution and not only the problem...

Find out more here: https://brightnightlight.co.uk/emf-and-5g/

richard bello

#Stop5G genocide #stopthecabal responsible for this #stopbillgates vaccine agenda program
EMF ELF 5G magnetic psychotronic radiation microwave Lilly wave frequencies are a military weapon that will not only alter your brain function and make you physically sick as your body cells will excrete toxic pus that creates a virus in your body, it will also make you ill and can also kill you, so your deaths will appear to be from natural causes, it is a slow kill, this is why you are helpless to do anything about this because it has already affected your brain and thinking ability, just like fluoride and prozac does it numbs your brain and you aren't even aware of it, this is also why they want to move the human population to pack and stack kill cities putting everyone in one place as an easy kill, genocide is on the venue.
Chemtrails are spewing out trillions of tons of bacteria, fungi, diseases and viruses of all kinds and bacteria of all kinds, even dried red human blood cells, along with aluminum oxide, copper oxide, strontium, barium, fluoride, chloride, lithium and many toxic poison chemicals not to mention an array of self replicating Pizeo, nanotechnology, nanobots, smart dust, morgellons nano crystals that the entire human race has in their bodies to some degree or another worldwide, as weaponized cellphone tower's act as a conduit that activates these nanotechnology, and are in almost all foods, water, air and vaccines and can be activated by weaponized cellphone towers that emit Lilly waves ultrasonic psychotronic low sound radiation microwave frequencies that can also emit inaudible voice commands directly into the brain from a distance and can alter the moods thoughts and actions of an individual a group of people a a race of people a town of people or an entire city population and adjusting the frequencies can kill the above aforementioned within minutes to hours it just takes one flick of a switch from the psychopaths doing this....Your military secret shadow bilderburg government, the committee of three hundred NSA, CIA, DIA, FBI, NASA and United Nations, which is the secret shadow government headquarters and NATO and FEMA, DARPA, KBR, CFR, Trilateral commission and Homeland security TSA, and many other corrupt government agencies are responsible even your own political leaders and presidents never ever, say anything about this ever ! Your own beloved political leaders and presidents never once speak out against these sick deranged practices, and atrocities against humanity, against the unsuspecting public.
Never once have any of your beloved presidents or politicians spoken out against poisoning your air foods water and vaccines WHY ? ....because they are a part of this they are also in favor !
The 5G system is a WiGig wireless network that operates in the 60GHz spectrum with a download speeds of up to 10 Gbps compared to the 4G download speed of 10 Mbps.
However, the frequency of 60 GHz is the frequency at which oxygen molecules oscillate. At 60 GHz, 98% of the transmitted 5G energy will be absorbed by atmospheric oxygen which then alters the orbital properties of the electrons of the oxygen molecules. '"60GHz is the frequency of oxygen molecule absorption. Oxygen molecules have electrons that they share with each other, oxygen is a diatomic molecule. What we breathe are two oxygen molecules bonded together with the electrons that they share.” When the oxygen molecule is hit with 60GHz 5G waves, these waves affect the orbital resonance properties of those shared electrons. It is those shared electrons that bind to the hemoglobin in our blood.' When the oxygen is disrupted, it will no longer bind to the hemoglobin and myoglobin (oxygen carrying molecules) and therefore will not be able to carry oxygen to the cell's powerhouse 'mitochondria'. Without oxygen, the liver becomes congested and the body, and brain, begins to break down due to slow suffocation.
Because the brain is the body organ most sensitive to the lack of oxygen, not getting enough oxygen to the brain will result in brain hypoxia. Brain hypoxia symptoms range from mild to severe.
Mild symptoms include:
cognitive disturbances
temporary memory loss
reduced ability to move your body
difficulty paying attention
difficulty making sound decisions
Severe symptoms include:
brain death
Note: What do 5G and masks have in common, they both lead to oxygen deprivation!
The masks play another role in restricting your breathing ability. You can't pull normal amount of air to fill your entire lungs. So you end up getting less oxygen because you're getting less air.
Note: The spectrum for 4G starts from 700 MHz to 5 GHz frequency bands. "Compared to the frequencies below 5 GHz previously used by mobile devices, millimeter wave technology allows transmission on frequencies between 30 GHz and 300 GHz. These frequencies are called millimeter waves because they have wavelengths between 1 mm and 10 mm, while the wavelengths of the radio waves currently used by smartphones are mostly several dozen centimeters."
Note: Health Effects of cumulative low intensity Radio Frequency radiation exposure include:
DNA mutations
Mitochondrial damage
Tumors, cancer (children’s skulls receive more radiation)
Heart palpitations
Memory and cognitive problems
Sperm changes and infertility
Headaches, migraines, ringing of ears
Heart Disease
Type-2 Diabetes
Radiofrequency/microwave (RF/MW) radiation affect the Schumann Resonance signals which are the mechanism through which melatonin production is activated.
Note: The frequencies also affect the bodies ability to produce Vitamin D (Vitamin D deficiency causes cold and flu due to the weakening of the immune system. This is the reason why people are prone to cold and flu in the winter season).
Note: The electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range 'are absorbed by water, fats, sugars, and certain other molecules, whose consequent vibrations produce *heat*.' Similar to microwave ovens which generate radiation at a frequency of about 2.45GHz (the microwave energy is converted to thermal energy by causing water molecules to flip back and forth some 2.45 billion times a second...The 60 GHz used by the 5G system causes water molecules to flip back and forth 60 billion times a second!!!)
Note: Main symptoms of Coronavirus: Shortness of breath, Coughing, Fever. They have also shown how people suddenly fall down with seizures which are the effects of the 5G technology


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That's an interesting point about how if the body has already been affected negatively within barrial or protection of immune systems.. then people can be more susceptible to other issues.
Taking that in with the up to eight foot of energy being what can be radiated or felt by humans it seems to back up what she had said regarding the walking past a home and feeling the affects of the energy there.
We have become so reliant upon electrical goods and services.. and phones and devices have increased even within my own lifetime at a very fast rate.
Looking at things with a logical reasoning is important even within investigating the causes of something. Keeping an open mind to different possibilities. It could be the difference between life and death for a person in reality.
So again thank you.

Jo Momma

Electromagnetic radiations is a wrong term you use moron because is nothing but our sun,s lite stupid

wanda taylor


Hysterically Hysterical

If anyone can read this, does electromagnets affect your body too?

Suchismita Gupta

I neglect few aspects.

Dimmer Switch

When the microwave oven was invented everyone panicked. Yet, hardly anyone does not have one now. While we watch this video, we are probably on WiFi. Why is it very few of us make changes when we feel it's bad for us?
What are you doing to rid yourself of these items you feel does damage?

Nam Le

EMF are all in the low spectrum, which means it has low energy. With that being said it does not have the power to do any harm to your body. Only ionizing radiation like UV Ray, X-ray and gamma ray which has very energy can do harm to your body because it has the power to enter and penetrate through your body changing your molecular structures.


I was just reading some lecture about this stuff and what she is telling in a couple minutes is exactly the same as I read in 48 pages. She is explaining it very well!

Violetta Nikolin

Use Shungite

Stacey Del Bucchia

It is all so insane...God bless everyone...I am emf sensitive too...take care?

Mookaron Tha Don

Not only do the United States government kill foreigners, they kill their own! ??‍♂️

No Name

Wow, YouTube has failed to remove this video? Not that I would want such to occur, not at all. Well, YouTube does allow so many pedophile produced videos to exist on YouTube guess this video helps even it all out. *Do your own research.

Sneaky Intel Gamer

I have a doubt,we know that energy will be more if wavelength is less,and radio waves have high wavelength than visible light then we can say that the visible light has more energy than radio waves. We also know that the visible is not harmful then how can radio waves do more damage to our health

The Trump News Network

My Toyota Prius almost killed me.


No wonder I have insomnia and a bad headache all the time. This is scary


I do a emf, rf, readings in south uk , London & the south east, if you feel like you , your house/ flat are exposed to dangerous levels of radiation, pm me , I can come down and check your place/ location

Greg Miller

Ok I just bashed my wireless electric meteor with a baseball batt.

My question is, how do I cause some serious damage?

David Nielsen

This woman is so stupid it hurts

The Healing Hands Duo

EMF's are terrible for you and we've been trying our best to actively bring some change through various petitions and appeals. Here is one of my latest videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oef_3H-iwnM But right now, on top of having our house remediated and mitigated for nnEMFs because my husband is an EMF specialist, we have also been working very closely with Blushield scalar devices since 2008. You can check out our latest promo video here for those that are looking for advanced EMF protection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nY1mx4A_-wo

Ramtin Nazeryan

Respectfully, it sounds like a placebo effect. As soon as she realizes any antenna nearby, she gets the rash or as she said knife.
cell phone frequency = 800 MHz
Wifi = 2.4 - 60 GHz
Visible light (sunlight) = 430 - 770 THz
Higher frequency = more signal energy
So should we runaway from sunlight or in general visible light?


EHS is placebo effect, you feel symptoms because you expect to feel symptoms. That is why they recommend psychological help. How are you not afraid to go outside since visible light is EMF of 600THZ (10,000 times more than 5G) and with infrared light in range 1THz to 400THZ comes at you with power of 1kW/m2

Antti Laaksonen

holes in cells ??? don't walk front of high energy lasers..

currently it's considered ionized, around 1 000 000ghz..

but she talk like 0.9-2.4ghz or even 5G networks around 300ghz is making holes ???

????? must been real professional doctor.. giving herbs ???


If you live in a condo there’s hundreds of rounders by you

Mr Motivator 2000

The amount of counter media out there saying EMF does not cause us damage short-term or longterm is fucked up. Pure lies saying its okay for human interaction is a farce dont believe the counter argument shit prompted by the producers..

Blake D



wonder if there's such a thing as electro psycho semantic

Andy K

I had to stop at 1:30 mark because this supposedly "PhD" sounds stupider than me in my senior year in high school trying to figure out what the hell is going on in a university research lab as an intern.


She’s a whack job but I think it does affect behavior


5G is killer

Lesson Plan

Invest in shungite! If you know, you know.


Get a QChip or something...

Sean Harris

Look into shunghite! Read "shunghite" by Regina Martino.

Joe Schmoe

Haha this woman is like that dude from Better call saul

Nvidia Is the Best

Have you experience symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, poor memory, difficulty sleeping, and lack of clarity in your thoughts? It may seem that these could be the results of day-to-day stress and busyness, but there may be another culprit. All of these are symptoms of electro-sensitivity, which is something more and more people are finding themselves affected by. Studies done in 1997 have found “less than a few cases (of electro-sensitivity) per million”, however now as much as 2.5% of the population find themselves affected by electro-sensitivity. Even by most moderate calculations, electro-sensitivity is 1,000 times more common now than it was 20 years ago. Why could this be?

Electro-sensitivity and its symptoms seem to be triggered by certain microwave frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. Microwaves are frequently used in electronics for the purposes of communication between devices. Due to their high frequency, microwaves allow for higher transmission rates and small antenna sizes, which is perfect for high-tech devices that are constantly getting smaller and faster. These are devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, and any devices able to connect to Wi-Fi, which can now include TVs and refrigerators

Numerous studies, moreover, (2011-2017) report an increased risk of brain cancer due to the use of mobile phones Concern for other cancers: breast (male and female), testicle, leukemia, thyroid and much more. the current classification of radio frequencies as carcinogenic to humans (Class 2B) should be updated to carcinogenic to humans
Many claim that this is not true at all or that there is no evidence just to progress with the construction of radio transmitters!
And the 5 g accelerates all of this.
One piece of advice I would like to give is to equip yourself with devices that protect against electromagnetic waves, such as Aires tech products,produced by AMERICAN AIRES, in my opinion is one of the best on the market
5g is part of progress, it is right to progress but why not protect yourself?



Žan Spehonja

She doesn't even know what she is saying, "100 people 100 knives" (probably has anxiety lol), "computer skin rash", "frequencies vibrating your dna but slower", she is full of crap probably believes her own imaginations without knowing anything for a fact, does light also vibrate DNA? By her logic it should vibrate it even more since it has a higher frequency. But it doesn't even penetrate since it get's reflected off your skin, because of the right frequency. She supposedly has a degree in >clinical< laboratory science, but molecules don't just react/vibrate to any frequency, that's not how it works. Like light can be reflected off material, or it can pass through it, it is because the frequencies or energies do not match the energies of the molecules. Butthurt people spreading bullshit and blaming everything they can for their problems, especially things they do not understand. I am not saying that there is 100% no harm since I don't know, but I know that what she is saying is absolute nonsense. "I'm more sensitive to it" yea right maybe she is an alien made of some different materials than the rest of humans. Use your own brain people and go learn how things actually work before you believe just anything anyone says. Her having the title of Doctor doesn't mean you don't have to use your brain (I wonder how she got it in the first place). There is a ton of material here on youtube