Voodoo beads meaning

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260 682 views | 14 Oct. 2015

Born into a notorious

Born into a notorious home of witchdoctors and wizardry, Mibon Annette was taught to deceive and destroy. She acquired various ‘powers’ to fulfil her dark aims, the crux being a set of demonic beads passed down by her grandmother. It was only at The SCOAN after a prophecy from T.B. Joshua that the powers behind these occult items were finally dealt with!


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There's power in the name of Jesus. That name, Jesus, is able to heal, deliver, and set free from all fundamental problems of life.

felix mafikiri

MUNGU Jehovah najina la mkomboziYESU KRISTO naamini YESU atanipanguvu zakweli muinchi yangu na inchi jirani kwakweli naamini yatafanyika nasiku sio mbali tb joshua mtu wa MUNGU kumbuka wadogo nao wakomae kweli kamawewe mzee amena

Alingo Lingo

I love TB Joshua ,he is man of god .and I believe that god is work with him

Dayo Sekoni

why are u people so foolish? u don't believe in miracles,then y are u people still on this page.get d fuck out.I love tb joshuo

Graeme Phillips

I have one word in response to all of this: - cessationism.

Kiara Crystal

Thank you man of God, your prayer is always answering and who can against you nobody else. First of all we willthank you our Lord Jesus Christ and we don't serve the death god, but we serve the living God who was the sameYesterday, today and forever. Man of God I will support you and pray for you all the time. I love ❤️ you in Jesus name.

HGM Miracle TV

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ.... Expose all form of witchcraft working against my life...visit Dry hill, touch my neighbors...visit Marshall, yasman/yassy, Ellis,lions, Merrick, nalene, Carlene, Andre, danji,laran,Shirley,Sarge, Neville, bell,Andrew,mada g sharnaine,pet,Carson, josh,raga,delsi,ven,stanley,stewart, randy,Abby...wash them under your precious blood break all yokes of affliction.... In the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Junia Dungaya

wiseman Daniel,Harry, and Christopher


single mother. I am in business debt of 40,000 usd. I believe this problem is sorted in the name of Jesus, i want nothing but to live for God and run my business without debt. Thank you.

Stephen Cash

I just delivered right now
By prophet tb Joshua

Abu Bakar Kamara

I in the words of God, may God continue to elevate prophet TB Joshua


Hallelujah! Glory to Jesus!

Эдуард Лукьянов

Родился в пресловутом доме колдуны. и волшебства, Mibon Аннет учили обманывать и уничтожать. Она приобрела различные полномочия, необходимые для выполнения своих темных целей, суть набора демонические бусы передавались от бабушки. Это было только в SCOAN после предсказания т. Б. Джошуа, что силы, стоящие за эти оккультные вещи были наконец повержены!

Matilda chanyuka

We thank God who gave us here sons to help. US

Anayor Ebuka

The man of God TB JOSHUA I thank God for the service you are rendering to the people through our Lord Jesus Christ..

Chima. C Rita

If you don't believe, get the heck outa here. Unsubscribe the page and get out.

Vigilant G

I don't understand how people can praise Jesus yet at the same time practice witchcraft. Even though she had powers why use them.. hmmm don't get it..


The supposed devil or spirit couldn't have been annoying her that much as she is elaborately dressed, that must have took some time.

Mbabazi Scovia

After watching such testimonies I come to conclude by saying dt thank u Jesus for carrying my cross, for u for laying down ur lif to redeem salvation for our lives. We're sinners, thk u fo dying on de cross

Miluska Rosas

Oh wow

Jarkynai Kuandikova

I love you Jesus!




Powerful! This is to tell us that vampires and witches that fly around exists. Always protect yourself and your family by pleading the blood of Jesus Christ and praying regularly.

Thank you, Emmanuel TV for posting. God bless you!

Linda Okyere

When my Jesus and my daddy TB Joshua collaborate... Wonders happen ??

Lorna Blackwood

Am sorry but when these people mess up good people's life, then they run to church. That's too bad for people who go visit these people and they took all ur money and go get deliverance and leave u in the pit of hell.

Renny Micha

thank you lord haleluya

Abu Jafaru

My faith is lifted by the great and wonderful works of the Holly Spirit through the man of God Senior Prophet T B Joshua. Glory be to God almighty. Amen.

Purity Mukiri

thanks you Jesus


Wow those diabolical beads look just like TB Joshua faith bracelets you can buy .... hmmm

Nicole Moore

Please Covered yourself with the pressured blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

chidimma nwachukwuc

Very often ,watching this program teaches overlooked lessons

Dayo Sekoni

why are u people so foolish? u don't believe in miracles,then y are u people still on this page.get d fuck out.I love tb joshuo

phil Bigboss



Why are they doing this in the English language, also why is the so called demon speaking in English, is the demon even being cooperative for the foreign viewers...

Beautiful Rain


Abu Jafaru

My faith is lifted by the great and wonderful works of the Holly Spirit through the man of God Senior Prophet T B Joshua. Glory be to God almighty. Amen.

Oamien Oliha

In this current cycle, she will need millions of angels to control rain
Why cant she perform this task now in the church

Abu Jafaru

My faith is lifted by the great and wonderful works of the Holly Spirit through the man of God Senior Prophet T B Joshua. Glory be to God almighty. Amen.

Adele Duram

Instead of celebrating her freedom, that lady is holding on tight to her develish beads. scary thing!

Yahawashi Yahweh77

Repent accept Jesus Christ

Princess Ebusetala

Thank you Jesus

Kolade 's studio Comenergy

All powers belongs d greatest one, GOD.

Hàdjakhur Bangou

God is able

Tsunshine gal

???Praise The Lord Jesus for setting her free !

I hope all the beads and stuff get destroyed by fire & crushed - in Jesus name ! Amen


The title of this video made me laugh SO MUCH!!!

Princess Glory

God please help me. I depend on you oh Lord

sipho sibisi

some people just plan liars towards people,

Obeng Manu

A. ,d5ģra28X erröràa0vqeģvvvvvl

Dalubuhle Ncube

Thank you Jesus

Roslin Kola

Abba father we appreciated what is happening through your son Tb Joshua in Jesus name

Douglas Jackson


Hàdjakhur Bangou

she really needsto be prayerful

Dj Penty

thank u LORD for all.... thank u lord for cameroon thank u lord for Nigeria and thank u LORD for ur LOVE


Mental people

Abu Bakar Kamara

Thank you Jesus for the wonderful things and maricle you are doing in the life of TB Joshua.

Saint Hazel Ngoe

To God be the Glory. Thank you man of God.

marissa daiv

glory to be in jesus christ

Sutrisno Opresional


Paula Darosa

Amém amém

Henry George


Teni Purcell

Wtf did I just watch

jane githinji

TB Joshua's God is capital G not small G,my friend old take note.


Heavenly Father, thank you for Emmanuel TV. An eye opener❤

sbongile ntanzi



This diabolical Christianity has destroyed and made slaves of Africans.

Benjamin Kade

lord Jesus you are too wondeful.

Rob Ransom

2-Corinthian 10:4- (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds)

christine woman of God

This r the kind of nurses we have,u cant imagine!
No Jesus no life

Servant of the Most High God Tita



This is a fake exorism fake possesion smh

Children Praise God


Chima. C Rita

May God forgive doubters.

Jarkynai Kuandikova

Истины Пророк. Ти.Би. Джошуа. Человек Божья Генерал.


This is ridiculous. It's a shame to see so many people being fooled by this garbage. So sad!


Good thing the evil spirits are being dealt with

honestly speaking

Some parts she spoke as f she didn't want.... Oba she needs more deliverance from attitude....Anyway glory to God.

Jennifer Knuckles

Thank you Jesus !!!!!!! Jesus is the Victor !

F Morant

All phoney. All good actors.

christine woman of God

Jesus is Lord

Lorna Blackwood

My philosophy is EVERY WITCH MUST DIE


Praise The Lord!

Ch Tla Tla

Amen Thank you my father for message .with God all things are possible 1:37 Amen.


God help us .. Wtf is this Christian bs?

keith fredrick

The power of God is greater than the devil

Mathias Idakpo


Cristina Delia Cuzman

The devil has his people And God have his people!!its a blessing for those who belive in the power of jesus chrst!

Maureen Mutimba

thank youJesus for delivering this woman.let her walk with u and serve u.

Charley Jr. Iriarte


Papy Lele

Any generational cause in my life n my family lite it be broken, in Jesus name Amen. Thank u Lord Jesus, let ur word remind standards in my life, take more of me n give me more of u

Romaric Tété Muna

Merci seigneur jésus

Henry George

Thank you Lord JESUS Christ Amen and Amen

Beatrice kariuki

Td jakes

Segametsi Mogapi

God is awesome


What's really frightening is that people actually believe this

Travion Johnson

Jesus is king


+ Leo Cozijn I just wonder why this video has none of your comments. +Mike T This video (in a limited way) illustrates the existence of both physical and spiritual realms.

Sylina Brown

Man of God thank you very much to deliver that woman from the darkness to d light may God bless you n ur team worker,s in Jesus name

Junia Dungaya

where are the wisemen


Ameeeeen !!!!??????????
With God all things are made possible
luke 1 vs 37

Mayson Santos

Praise be to God our Jesus Christ. .

Voodoo beads meaning

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Voodoo Beads

8 835 views | 11 Jul. 2018

Provided to YouTube by

Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

Voodoo Beads · El figi

Voodoo Beads

℗ 2018 independent

Released on: 2018-07-09

Auto-generated by YouTube.

Jordon Dill

Fye bro ????????

Jerry Silvestre


giovannie quinones

No Face!

Young Bull




Young Juan

Yo who is this kid???????

Elijah Charles


El Figi

Figi figi????

Mari Hues b!txh

??????Sak pase’ Zoe????

cam 1804

✝️R.I.P. Chicko Juan✝️ his page bought me hea this a hit on gawd??????????????☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️?????????????

Kevin Doyle



Wtf is this garbage

john stephens

?????‍♂️ this shit smacks!

Young Bull


Allen Remo



RIP Chiko juan


Fuck America I’m tryna make this coke great again

Mike Otto

??bad voodoo

Amaya M

How you real and your chain aint

young kanoo


Kevin Doyle

Repeat ???

sin city

My shyt rite hea

Voodoo beads meaning

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Live PD: Why You Do VooDoo? (Season 4) | A&E

796 868 views | 9 Apr. 2020

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Police respond to a suspicious individual in this clip from "3.13.20". #LivePD

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That's All State's stand......are you in good hands?? Put em up

shea 11 11 truthseeker

Hottest cop I ever seen

Umar Abdullah

I thought it was live?

Bmx Boy

Least he didn’t let bad karma come to the cop


I don't know why you do the voodoo that you do.

Hunter Wood

Whitest cop with the blackest voice.... what

Lance Brooks

3:06 I guess the comment section completely missed that one....

Joseph Franzen

I can’t stand people like this. “When I talk to African Americans with an urban inflection in their speech I automatically adopt it immediately.” Pay attention during his first interaction upon pulling him over ?☠️

Nicholas Case

His shirt "Stay High. In Weed We Trust" lmao

City & Hill

i said to myself, "this is the last one" it was 3 hrs ago...

Stephanie Davis

His voice is MAD DEEP


Voodoo don’t work on a person with the Holy Spirit; wouldn’t need that hand blowing witchcraft if the officer was truly Born Again & baptized with the Spirit of the Almighty Jesus Christ. Another reason to surrender to Jesus Christ and pledge allegiance to Him.

“Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”
‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭6:11-12‬ ‭

“The name of the LORD is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭18:10‬ ‭

Ammar Hafeez

Why do they get Mustangs and up here in Canada we barely get Chargers????

D Harris

I would’ve had him blow my hands again cause uh uhnnn .. can’t be too sure ?


He looks like Lou Ferrigno

Hanne Halck



he explained this very well

Tom Board

Don't be messing with no voodoo now. Just like with Ouija boards. Mock them at your peril.

Angel Juarez

What are you doing stop

Hailey Findlay

i love the officer also acting like it’s the cheese touch

James Broadbent

Cop laughing now....dude been up since this video getting tormented by that spirit


Man I stg Richland County could have an NBA team purely based on the size of the dudes on the department




guy seems kinda nice tbh.

Brittney Hutchins

I love this man

Paul Carrisoza

He just physically assaulted the female officer


The police ?‍♀️ has an incredible voice!

Trouser Sock Lover

Lol this man had hexes around his neck

King Cobra

Who do - you Voodoo? , dead island was a great game

Adam Shannon

"Cause I don't sell no drugs or nothin" LOL dude you just said I SELL DRUGS

Mike Sunrise

The lying donna compellingly part because pamphlet histochemically charge between a bad santa. addicted, five bone

Tanisha Henderson

You can tell the one officer talking to him has little swag to him

fadel fun&games

why do they have a camera person when in rec ording becose some times in some videos they chase drug dealers

Vinsee Vinsee

0:48 this cop was raised around there??


he sounds black

Bobby Rare

LOL people think Voodoo means something. NOPE! they are just idiots.

Alexis v

He sound like uzi lol

Hell On Earth Entertainment

I think that dude did reverse sociology on that officer. I think he has drugs in those voodoo necklaces.

Keith Turgeon

"You gonna blow me after this?" Lmao

E Morris

I kept looking for a black cop talking...


Lincoln Clay

Kenneth Alan Breeze

This traffic stop literally went into the night tho ?

alex m



Elise is missing since that night....

Kayla Martinez

I’m so glad that the gentleman told the officer about asking permission when removing or touching ceremonial/ religious regalia

Keegan Fisher

Cop looks like lou ferrigno

Lee B

What is this cop eating

Gabi Salazar

This officer Is fineeeeee

Chicken Joe

Tbh I don’t play about voodoo either.

Shae Hebert


Kathy Borthwick

Voodoo is spooky stuff!


Respect to the cop for just playing along with the whole voodoo thing and actually letting him blow in his hands then going as far as not letting his partner touch it with his hands.

Mark Dugan

"You gonna blow me after this?" DEAD.


"You gonna blow me after this"


Man, how long did this traffic stop take? They started in broad daylight and ended up in the middle of the night

Tyreik Coffin

This the type of cop I like


2:05 does he look like Lincoln from Mafia 3 or am I blind?


he can attack him once backup leaves ol whats the point

Lil chavo

What the actual Meth

Annick N

Asking why do you do voodoo is like asking why are you christian.

This was a fun encounter though

King Tut

The cop tryna talk black got me dying.


So is that female officer ok?!


When u finally see who they based the mafia 3 main character off of in real life

Young Brats

What is that on his neck called

Zachary Lee

Don't touch it with ya hands hands.

Cory Banks

“You gone have to blow me after this” ???

Tom Larson

Hold on let me put gloves on. You can blow spittle voodoo germs on them first. Now let me put them gloves on.

Cara Jenness-Smith

Dude said "I'm going to call in some backup but it looks like everything is good so far"... I'm like that's because ur as big as Herman Munster!! With his voice I immediately thought of Robert from Everybody Loves Raymond ??‍♀️

Djordje Nestorovic

why police officer touch back side of car?


Cop: why you do voodoo?
Guy: it's part of my religion
Me: what religion is that?! ???

Rafael Vargas

This officer seems like a cool guy.

angel castanon

3:56 had me dead he really passed it on like a little kid playing tag ??

r3con woo

I would have just said "oh no worries im wearing gloves"


He told him 4 times that his tail light was out. Then he says.. "why am I being pulled over" ? JUST a bit of a listening problem.

Hailey Findlay

i adore the fact that the police officer wanted to explain that he brought extra workers not because he was acting erratic

ChungChin Thang

"Oooh that's voodoo"- Noxeema

kasey hood

Why does these cops change there whole voice tryna act hard tho smh

anas alhomsi

You gonna blow me after this ?


maaan the night comes down quickly

Kaleigh Casterline


Dan Candy

Ya gonna have to blow me after this? Nope. Already did?

Chris Smith

Don't mess with the voodoo. I wouldn't.

Charlotte Harbaugh

Cop: "Are you gonna have to blow me again"
Dude: "yeah...yeah...no no blow your hands yeah"


Is doing da voodooo jujus legal?

Brandon Hardesty

Should have VooDont...

Rufus Bang

That cop turned black really fast

Gus Manue

He does voodoo to cast an evil spell on the opps lol

Marisol Quistian

He for real let the suspect blow in his hands lmfao ? I CANT!! Some real voodoo let me tell ya ???

Kim KarTRASHian sToP mAkInG StUpiD pEople FamouS

Who knew LiL Pump was into voo doo lol

Read My Lips - News & Politics

I'm just gonna go right ahead and wheeww wheeww blow on these YouTube comments

Y'all should be safe now

Angel Juarez

What are you going help you out this

Brian Graves

Voo-doo! ROTFLMAO!

woswas denni

elise shoudl havenb taken those off then you request a blow for safety reason from her... amateur

Angel Juarez

What are you going help you 2020 you want me estoy estoy help you

Hefty Cow



The guy reminds me to King Willie from Predator 2: "His foundation lies in the holy mountain, Selah." F**** Voodoo Magic Man.


The cop believes in voodoo too ?


That cop is definitely part black, putting on that black voice real quick. I'm half myself, trust me we all do it lmao.

Lee Daintry

Yama Yama Yama Yama Yama.

Dacci Pucci

I like that the officer treated his religion with respect in his presence.