How to make your own charcoal

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How to make Charcoal Briquettes | At home

38 185 views | 29 Aug. 2020

This is a very simple

This is a very simple method of making Charcoal Briquettes At home. It is quick and easy and produces some quality Briquettes perfect for cooking or chucking on the forge. All you need is some flower and charcoal, give it a whack, and bam, DIY charcoal briquets which can be made from charred sawdust, wood offcuts, rice husk, coconut husk you name it.

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atef soltani

What is white matter

The Boss

Mine was a bit watery please what do I do

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Adriel Coginotti

what is the name of this white product that you mix with coal? this black powder is coal bran?


What is plain flower?



Corbin Egan

Hammering the charcoal looks satisfying!


Tornado hookah charcoals are best. I use them at least for 2 @t smell, little ash. best I ever seen.they sell on amazon
They have 3 kinds.They are amazing

Riana Monserrat

Wow thank you for this. Wdym flower? Is that flour?

Paptton SK

music in 3:44 ?


Good quality and nice for BBQ. Perfekt... ?

Emmanuel Mabitine

Very simple indeed! Thumbs up!!

Roland Go

No need for expensive briquetting machine

fred stailey

Love the video! Would love to see more odds-and-ends


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CKAmina 79

A very nice follow-up video ?

Andi Wang

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Most excellent

Shin Shian Wong

The water is hot water?

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tai HP

Very good

Haziq Ahamed

What's this wight powder?

How to make your own charcoal

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DIY Charcoal Briquettes

435 063 views | 11 Feb. 2018

This is how i made my

This is how i made my briquettes at home using scrap pieces of wood and bark.

Gorla Rohit Yadav

Sir is this what called comoressed charcoal

Le Tinh Song

interesting! but with the time and expense and MESS to do it, I think I'll stick with just buying them.

Bob Barron

This is just what I needed! I buy my lump charcoal for smoking and grilling, but it always has a lot of dust and small bits in it that can’t really be used in the smoker. I can just save all of those small bits, crush them up a little bit more and bind them together to make briquettes that I can then use in the smoker and grill. Perfect! Just curious, how did you grind up the charcoal to dust?


I just roll them into balls

Otieno Steve

Hey, DAD, How do I make a carbonizer for carbonizing wood into charcoal???


Hi everyone i keep getting funny comments about why someone would go through all the trouble of doing this, remember in the first place it was to demonstrate how bark and small pieces of scrap wood (not good quality wood) can be used to make briquettes, it is a good skill to know if you don't have fuel available and you are able to build up stock etc. Also remember that the better the quality (hardness) of wood the longer the diy briquettes will burn. With hard wood ,preferably the thinner diameter branches works best ,it will burn as long or longer than store bought stuff, depending on wood quality.


Hi . Anyone could anserw me . how i can make charcoal smokeless


Glad you enjoyed it?

Piwe Ngema

Can you make charcoal briquettes using sawdust?

Aay Jay

Great video, well done good infomation.

What process do you use to grind it down to powder?

Muthu Kumar

What powder use dad

Troy's Amazing Adventure

Can you or do cook / braai with this

Zin Minn

Please please tell me?
What powder does it put in the charcoal grill?

Rajat Singh

Awesome but I will really burn or not


Anyone else suddenly hungry for charcoal cakes? ?


Try and mould with parafin wax


Ya know I'll just go buy a bag of Kingsford, that's a lot of work and a lot of time for a bag of charcoal briquettes that cost like $10 tops, dunno about you but I don't think it's worth it to spend a day and a half just to save $10, if the apocalypse comes I doubt we'll be having any barb a ques

Mike Wagenblast

Thank you DIY DAD - fine conversion - thanks.


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Rita Ranee

Here in India we use cowdung and clay to bind and in the Western world you could use pet shit....lol

tommy moore

Cornstarch instead of flour should work better.

paul moss

Hey,I enjoyed your video,unique process. Thanx.


Are you south African??

oueriemmi naoufel



4:29 where is the oxygen for the fire coming from?

Alice Austin

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Woody Physeter

hey I'm just wondering. Can I burn charcoal in an ''old timey'' kitchen oven and stovetop? What we call ''poele belanger''

Hennie Roets

Baie dankie vir jou video. Blink plan om mee te begin, verseker.


Bake powder?

scott spencer

How do you crush the wood charcoal to get it to a finer mix for pressing? That would have been helpful to see that process.

ood s

Proud to be south African!

Betty Massanja

DIY DAD, please share with me the measurements of the charcoal powder and the starch, if you don't mind.

Zak Burgess

Gloves bro and would like to see how it burns


Great ! Binding glue was a nice idea.

Sammy Huey

Your video helped me a lot

Kareem Dyb

A simple way to carbonize
Thank you ?


How is it? glower powder? I did not understand what is that white dust.


Yes i am

Jacky Blacky

Thanks mate, you made that so easy to learn. Cheers

papajohn fitbyfaith

Very interesting thank you for sharing this important information listening from Bangs Texas

Mous Larb

It's a good job
Can you help me?


Cold water makes the lumps

Welton D'anhaia

Tony Soprano...

Linda Zhou

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I assume these are for camping needs only. The briquettes are small and messy so I guess you wouldn't make a large scale briquettes from wood charcoal for heating your house? I hope they burn well.

Tukuen Rek

Berapa takaran untuk tepung dan air? Salam dari Indonesia

Amith Bangera

Thank you! fantastic job...you answered an important question - if the charcoal can be crushed and moulded & how to actually mould it

Mental Unicorn

Why u not show one lit

Andi Wang

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yep me

One of the most important part you did not show what you used to grind it up with and how.

Alwyn McLeod

Cassava Flour

Wilky Rangslang

Fucking good ...this is my baby toys..

Donald Swink

Really neet. Just think how many you can make with that big pile of wood you have in your yard.

raj hooblal

Baie Dankie Oom.
Boer maak n plan en siedaar ou Swaar, sy land is n boerdery.


A very interesting process but after seeing it I've decided to just BUY my charcoal...

Jonathan Teoh

Thanks for the video, learnt a lot and have new ideas, appreciate much !

Pius Kimaiyo Kering

thanks for the technology infact i will be able to copy paste so that i will bring food to my table God bless you.

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Time Surfer

Just a tip to make mixing the flour easier: the way you mixed the cooked flour into the charcoal dust? Do the same thing with water, to the flour: Add a bit of water to the flour, make a paste and get it all wet. Then, it's much easier to add all the water, and no lumps.

Ask Mamma to teach you to make Flour Gravy some day ^^

Great vid, and I'm going to steal your ideas. One mod I will be doing, a hinge on the lid so my poor back doesn't have to lift the darn thing!


Don't forget your dust mask.

Chuck Sosa

how long do you need to let them dry before you can use them?


Instead of flour you can use socked paper/ pulp


Please Share you email or Facebook. I need some help to start charcoal briquettes business in my village . Please help. This is amazing video



Guy Faux

So for all the time and wood used /burned, and the even the fuel used to make the glue , then grinding and making the biquettes what it the benefit over just burning the wood outright? Seems like a lot of work with diminishing value.

Julian Dorrell

Since charcoal is not really sold in this shape used in your video, I am interested in the aspects of starting it and also burn time. It seems like it would be harder to light but would likely burn longer. What’s your experience with your briquettes?

W. R. Song

What if you use a longer pvc pipe, stuff it, press it, and cut to length after? I would imagine it would make the process twice as fast at least.

Alwyn McLeod

would the use of Cassava four not be cheaper and more effective?


Just stumbled upon this video, but what do you think about pressing this mixture in an old waffle maker?


Is this really cheaper than buying off shelf???? Holy time suck

Curious CAT Ph

Nice video! Could have been better if u used other materials (waste materials) rather than wood.

Alexander Foster

All this work . what is the point for such a little amount of charcoal ? Charcoal is so cheap why bother ?

Khaled Hussein


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Timothy Jesse


Nhlanhlo Ngeleza

Thank you.

barry cotter


D. Jackson II

south african?


Now you can smoke you sisha pipe


Hi Morne, glad it helped.

Noah van der Redding Hollands

such a lot of work for a little fire. why not a central heater?

lynn lv

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Christopher Briggs

I remember when I lived in England, no central heat just radiator and a stove in the house to heat. The stove took charcoal. I did not use the stove because in England charcoal is bloody expensive. This looks like a good way to make your own on a week end or two.

Stephen Smith

Good beginning for gunpowder. Great project on next video on how to survive the upcoming apocalypse?.

Chris Cringle

What kind of bird do you own.. lol

Lasantha Perera

can u tell me that what is the white color powder u add that..... [email protected]gmail.com

kamaroway günther

diy charcoral

Bizo Bloka

He sounds so South African. The accent

Grant Watson

How long did it take to convert to charcoal 3 hours?? how many times do you re fill the fire and what did you use to grind the charcoal down?

abdulnasser tajudeen

This video was very helpful and applicable to me, especially in the last bit of making the briquettes because in Uganda the charcoal dust is easy to find, but for the binding I used red soil. The plastic tin (technology) was the masterstroke because before I since childhood I’ve been using my hands to make briquette balls. But the tins make the work much, much simpler. I must also add I was very lucky to find the tin and a fitting compressing piece of wood. Thanks a lot.

Daryl Rosenberg

do you use this in BBQ? is there a smell from the flower?

yoyo han

machine can make charcoal briquette: http://www.sinofactory.com/briquette-machine-37.html?lyt


looks like the juice isn't worth the squeeze to me .

Wen Xiao

sawdust charcoal briquette machine price https://www.briquette-machinery.com/products/briquette-machinery.html?ricoy

Morne Saunders

Hi DIY Dad. Great clip! Compliments on your retort design. I am planning on making biochar and your design will make life easier!

Brody Stowers

So this is a real question: why go to all this trouble? It seems like a lot of work when you had the wood to burn in the first place. I am trying to understand why charcoal instead of wood!

عالم لطيفة ام الياس


Robert Heathman

I did this. Thanks for the help. 1. I used the little branch charcoal that's too small to make good use of. 2. Wood has weird terpenes and saps that can cause off flavoring when used for grilling and can even be a health hazard.. You can use wood but you're going to need to let it age for years and when combusted you're still waiting for it to get to the red hot coal stage to work with. Making charcoal stockpiles this red hot coal state so less waiting around watching the fire and can be made with wood cut sooner so less waiting around waiting for firewood to age. It's my assumption it's also more economical as far as weight to heat production for transport compared to wood. 3. As far as charcoal being cheap, if you're having to get rid of wood material from,say, tree trimmings. you're paying to have it removed from your property then turning around and buying bags of charcoal. Most of this expense is probably diesel fuel in transport, When this costs a bit of your down time and can be satisfying. Also store bought charcoal contains sand filler to increase weight and use, which doesnt translate to anything spectacular in the grilling process

I don't have a press and just used a 2 inch cut of pvc, and appropriately sized pvc end cap and rubber mallet to bang on the end cap on a smooth flat surface into the pcv pipe mold then pushed them out like a push pop . I mixed the flour binder in then mixed more water in to get the right consistency, which seems to be about brownie batter for me. One thing that was working for me was, after pressing the briquette, sliding the mold before lifting. It gave a nicer finish on the bottom side, since pulling directly up wanted to leave some of the charcoal batter behind. sliding then pulling up gave a smooth level finish.

Max Hammontree

Good job!

Saar Paz

Very intelligent making but what is the purpose of briquettes?thank you.

How to make your own charcoal

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Make your own Charcoal

16 views | 21 Aug. 2020

Follow step by step show I

Follow step by step show I created a home charcoal maker. With this I now make all the charcoal I need using dead branches and scrap wood.