How to spiral perm

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I Tried SPIRAL HAIR RODS On My Natural Long Straight Hair

10 302 views | 31 Jul. 2019

Hello! I tried the Spiral

Hello! I tried the Spiral Hair Rods Perm that I bought on Amazon on my natural long straight hair. Enjoy Video!


This is a YouTube video for entertainment purposes ONLY.

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FTC: All opinions on products are true and honest and they are my own.

Aztec Girl

Thank you for showing us. They do look cute. A lot of work. I think you would love the chopstick curler. It’s faster. I know it works with heat, but the curls last about 3 to 4 days. I just do a touch up in the morning. Nothing big it takes about 10 minutes to touch up. I just make sure to use a heat protector solution in my hair. Everybody thought my hair was naturally curly. Nobody knew I was using the chopstick curler this whole time. Lol! I love your accent, I’m jealous lol. You remind me of Salma Hayek. You are pretty like her. Thanks for the video!! ?????

Space CAT

The curls are nice but after you do curls like that you need to separate them or shake out the roots

Alejandra Rengifo

Great job


Put music to your videos

Carrie Rush

There has to be a curling iron that gives those kinds of curls. I like it but, heck no on the time frame, that's crazy.

Simply Selah

You should use more define sections and start at exactly at the rotes
With maybe a moose Or a gel

How to spiral perm

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Trying Spiral Rod Curls on Naturally Straight Hair! | Christene Renshaw

5 459 views | 2 Mar. 2020

Sorry this is absolutely

Sorry this is absolutely late! My video wasn't uploading and I had to do it the most backward longest way possible, but it is up now! :)

Hey I'm Christene!

New Videos on Sundays!



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Sanna Hein

Sssoooo cute!!! Love this! New subscriber!

S Kim

Your hair should have started of dry, with a little bit of leave in conditioner and gel...hope you make a video of trying it the right way (:

Paige Luxford

Just came across this video! Will subscribe now! I brought these and was looking for a tutorial! So thankyou! Im still going to try this! Xx


This video was funny and cute I loved it!! Maybe next time try just brushing through the curls and shaking your hair around a bit so that your straight hair doesn’t come back into affect? These look like they have the potential of being suuuuper cute!!


I think it mainly has to do with your hair texture. My mom tried the same thing with her relaxed hair and it looked just like yours. But nice video!

Lily Rye

You should have just brushed your hair instead of putting water in it ??? putting water in it will ruin it!! It’s called a brush out lol and adding a little bit of antifriz oil before brushing it, it would have looked sooooo good if you brushed it !

Ruiyu Tang

I like this video! You are so CUTE and so beautiful


The bit where you were like ‘oh nooo!’, so cute ?

Tianna Mccoy

Its because u sleep way too bad??

Jacklynn Huckleberry

I tried it on second day hair, well only one rod cause I'm getting used to it, I only had it on for 5 minutes and it was a nice sort of beachy wave


I straight up thought those were noodles when you pulled them out ?


You did too big of sections, and you have to do it on wet hair with product on it

ÑEO Ñavema

That's actually so pretty and has a lot of potential

Shanti Silliams

Brush it out next time lol I loved the curls though!?

How to spiral perm

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How To: Spiral Perm

253 views | 11 Dec. 2017