Olay complete sensitive

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Review Olay Complete Cream

17 737 views | 22 Jun. 2017

Hi Guys!

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Hi Guys!

Watch in HD!

This week I have a little skin care review for you guys.

I hope you like it!

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Evaa Shakha

Which is best this olay or l'oreal Paris whitening cream for sensitive skin

innocent girl

Hiba in ki price kia hai.. Pakistan myn plz tell

Ghulam Faux both acha

Nice but not available in france

Sonam Kaushal

Nice but not available in India ??

Ruban Ruban


babes padasas

I bought these today,, i hope it works

Marion Mesh

Does it remove dark spots

Amna saleem

Shooo shweetttt?

afrin sheikh Rafik sheik

Price kya he iske

Abdul Rafeeq Nalu Purapattil

will it make our skin tone fairer

Pirinthiya Peace

I was gonna buy but I wasn't sure about it. Thanks for review.

Olay complete sensitive

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Quick Tip/Review: The BEST Moisturizer with SPF that I've ever used!!

42 327 views | 30 Dec. 2010

Product: Olay Complete:

Product: Olay Complete: all day UV moisturizer for sensitive skin SPF15

Keep your skin looking and feeling healthy with the best moisturizer with SPF that i've ever tried!! It's formulated for sensitive skin, but I'm sure it'll work for anyone :) This product absorbs quickly and doesn't leave that greasy residue! hooray!

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* This item was a birthday gift because I asked for it, but I would have bought it if I didn't get it as one lol

Naomi Dones

thanks for the review! im so getting this...when I have money D:

Kimberly Montalvan

Can i use it for oily face ? Reply asap

Tanya Tomeva

It's best moisturizer forever....


Skin of my face really sensitive and dry. I bought Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer with Vitamin E and Aloe when I couldn't bare the irritation no longer. As soon as I got home, I washed my face, patted it dry and applied to moisturizer. Once you apply it, you immediately feel it soothing your skin. In 2 days the redness on my face disappeared. Love the product. PS. Don't use lotion

Moushmihaq Haq

Does olay make moisturizer for dry skin..please help


I just tried the new version of this with SPF 30. It's still for sensitive skin and it's light, non-greasy, and feels great, but it's not oil-free. Does anybody know if this will make me break out? It's not irritating at all, but I'm still worried that my acne will get worse with this...

Naomi Dones

thanks for the review! i have normal skin and the normal skin one in pink is perfect!

Lexie Smith

I got this the other day, used it last night and the next morning my face was DRY. It made my face form small little bumps everywhere and super dried out. I looked dead and I trued it again this morning to see if it was this moisturizer and it was. My face doesn't like it at all and I'm really dissapointed. I've been looking all over to find a good one that my face will settle towards but nothing is working.

The Boyce Fam

Yes u can

Denise Romantica

I love this moisturizer , its the best!!  It keeps my face fresh and young .  I use it with the makeup and it stays the whole day.


@mahigak is stupid af'

Denise Romantica

you are welcome

Nusrat Aparna

i have the normal 1, a\but i have a dry skin should i use it ?


Is it hypoallergenic too


im looking for moisturizer with spf, oil free, fragrance free. have you tried the neutrogena one at all? im trying to decide. this one sounds good and i really like the original oil of olay (ulay, olaz etc.!) so i might give it a try

Angelica S

Is olay sensitive good for dy skin type?


@rubbersunny I was using the l'oreal moisturizer and it worked fine for me with makeup. I have comb skin. its in a blue glass packaging. maybe it can work for you.


Are there any good drugstore moisturizers that you can apply before putting on your make up?? PLEASE REPLY!!

LipStick_ Queen

I love this product I just don't like that it makes my eyes water from burning but otherwise my favorite I'm in love

Swati Jadhav

can i apply it on my face under make up?


@Mahigak - It does NOT contain any oil what-so-ever. I use this and if you read the back, it even says it doesn't contain any oils, or even PABAs. Btw: It is a great product. Love it. <3

Olay complete sensitive

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Olay Complete Care 3in1 Moisturiser Day Cream SPF15 Normal/Dry Skin (Review)

7 255 views | 4 Sep. 2017

Amazon Purchase

Amazon Purchase Link:





Joban Jobanbains

nice cream

Balubalu Balu

Iam using but using after my skin to black ....why

Joban Jobanbains

I'm using



Sameer Turk

India price