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My evening skincare routine with Tretinoin (Retin A) | Doctor Anne

26 916 views | 25 Nov. 2019

As requested my current

As requested my current evening skincare routine both on Tretinoin (Retin A) nights and on nights when I give my skin a retinol break. All the products I am using, shown step by step.

Products mentioned (affiliate links):

the inkey list oil and water double cleanser - https://go.magik.ly/ml/raro/

zelens power d treatment drops - https://go.magik.ly/ml/63cs/

the inkey list ceramide night treatment - https://go.magik.ly/ml/rarq/

pixi retinol eye cream - https://go.magik.ly/ml/pjtq/

pixi rose ceramide cream - https://go.magik.ly/ml/lf54/

murad multivitamin infusion oil - https://go.magik.ly/ml/mo95/

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As doctor passionate about skin care that delivers results I want to help you quickly and efficiently pick a skin care regime that works by explaining the science behind skin and by sharing quick, no bullshit skin care reviews.


I am a doctor, so I do have a good understanding of scientific studies, skin and ingredients. I am however not a trained dermatologist and these videos do not replace a consultation or are a substitute for medical advice.

Products mentioned are PR-Samples (Gifted items) or purchased myself, all opinions are honest and my own. Links used above are affiliate links.

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Ggirl Thess

Hello. Thank you for sharing with us all these informations.
I wonder what’s your opinion about Hydrovit retinol plus monodose, if you know it.


Great video thank u so much

Hannah liah

Can I use alpha arbutin under retin a at night? And then a salicylic acid cleanser in the morning?

Debbie B

I’m confused. In another one of your videos you said to never mix prescription tretinoin’s with other products. It seems like that’s what you’re doing here. Or did you mean physically mix the ingredients together? I have a prescription Retin-A and would like to know what else is safe to use along with it.

Mamá Latina en USA

Hello Dr. Anne. Thank you for sharing! I suffered acne and left me scars and I just bought some retinol cream. I'm also noticing fine lines along my forehead. I have a question. I am not sure if my nighttime routine sounds right:
1. Wash face, 2. Apply toner 3. Retinol cream, 4. Serum (vitamin b), and finally my night cream.
Does that sound right?

Sarah Stroud

You are gorgeous Dr Anne!

Nowroze Chowdhury

Your skin looks amazing!?
I was wondering, for how long have you been using tretinoin?

Jigyaasi Indian

gentle cleanser+ tretinoin 0.025% + sunscreen all day- is this the basic routine ?
I don't want to spend more on other acids/ serums, so will doing just the normal routine (cleanse+ tretinoin+ moisturize+ sunscreen) give me the results I want?
Or are these serums and acids absolutely necessary?

Latasha Morey

Hi, I have been using skin+me, which has tretinoin, can u tread your face or wax, nd if u can how would u proceed?

h a r e e t a r a

Hi doctor, I have a question. I’ve been using The ordinary Glycolic acid as a toner and Lactic acid (both are AHA), so should I continue using those products along w Retin A? And should I use AHA products one night and the other night is Retin-A?


Is it true that over a year period both 0.05% and 0.1% are equally anti-ageing effective?

Shronda Birch

Only thing I don't like about tretinoin Retin A is that it has parabens in it.

Kashish Jain

Hello dr. I have question..my age is 20 years and I have oily acne prone skin ..can I use tretinoin retin A 0.05% cream in night and salicylic acid based toner at morning ???? Plss solve my query..

Debbie B

Is part 2 on an alternate night from retin a or same nightly routine? Thx!

Seethal Mathew

Hi doctor...Can I pair tretinoin and niacinamide together

Nethmi Anusara

I continue tretinoin.025 five months..after my skin became glowing & very clear..but had some scars..then I stopped use tretinoin cream.one month later my skin like before.again becom acne..I start use tretinoin again. It’s my second week..is it not good to stop that?

Debbie B

Suggestion...when you put words on the screen, leave time to read. ? at part 2 I had to rewind three times.

Shushan Hakobyan

Hi. Could you please help me with Retinol A. I can’t understand, if I can use it every day or not?

Ajeng Annisa

hello dr. i heard that Vit C couldnt be paired with tretinoin. but how about the cleansing balm that has vit C in it? can i continue applying tretinoin after the wash-off treatment that has vit C in it? thank you??

Alen Scevis

Hello doctor. I'd like to ask, how many night do u use retin-a, and how many nights do you recover?

Esther P

Hi Dr. Anne! Is it okay to mix tretinoin with Simple Water Boost Sleep Cream before applying?

Kajal Chauhan

Currently I am using tretinoin cream .. my skin is super oily when I put on moisturizer it makes more oily even tretinoin didn't work on sebum production or prevent oil production.. please help me??

Rasha Sarandah

I’m switching from retin a cream .05 to retin a micro .06. Ive heard from some in a group that i shouldn’t use a moisturizer or anything after the tret since it will disrupt the microspheres? I hope this is incorrect and I can still continue using the serums and moisturizers that have worked for me before and after tret. Not understanding why I’d have to drop everything I’m using with retin a in order to switching to the micro version. Any thoughts on this?

Surbala Naorem

How often can we use it in a week??

Nevena Kovac

Hey, I have one question! :) My dermatologist prescribed me tretinoin, but he told me to only put it on my pimples and acne. Is that also a right way to use it or I habe tu put it all over my face? All love ❤️


What make up pads are you using to remove your eye makeup Anne?


Hello Dr Anne ❤️ I really want to know that i'am using tretinoin 0.025 since 2 months so my concern is can i stop using tretinoin whenever i want or after 6 months of using it? Or if i stop using tretinoin cream does it cause any side effects or anything? Please help me with this!

And also can i switch to tretinoin 0.05 after using one tretinoin cream 0.025?

Hoping a helpful reply ❤️

Dawn Beattie

Really hope to hear from you..Your are great...Besides tretenoid qid at night I am on Benzamycin gel BID...how do I layer skin care at night with Benzamycin and Retin A??? My current new dermatologist is either too young or not interested to help with this. He is not too helpful. I have been on both RX products for 20+ years and it is the only combo that keeps me from having pimples!! I love to use toners, essences and serum so trying to come up with routine both day and night. I have been playing around and it is fun but it is getting too expensive. Thank you very much for any help and stay safe please...PS ....67 yo female great health non smoker.

Manya Gyanchandani

Love your videos doctor.

Frankie Lima

Hi Doc. Do u know where I can buy an authentic 0.05 tretinoin cream from in the U.S., my insurance didn't cover it when it was prescribed by my dermotalogist

Nin T.

Hi Dr. Anne.. Can I use my niacinamide with vit e serum with my Retin A? Thank you

Doctor Anne

I need to work on where I film these - sorry for the awkward angle, but my bathroom is way too small for filming in there!

Ramcess Dungca

can i use rosehip oil and tretinoin together? or should i just use rosehip in the morninh and tret on the evening?


Is there any reason you don't put tretinoin around your eyes other than to avoid irritation? As far as I know tretinoin is effective for around the eyes and I have used tretinoin around my eyes for years without any problems.

Patriota Español

Hi dr Anne, i have a question, im a 39years old white male that started Tretinoin for anti aging. Is my 4 month and the 1i used once a week and little bit red and peel, second month 2 a week with redness but not peel, and then the third month i started 3 times a week(monday,wenesday and friday). First two week my skin was Amazing,soft and glow, all the fine wrinkles disapear, but after the third and forth week my skin came out with a few cystic pimples and red around, i feel like a Teenager and i have no idea is because of over using Tretinoin, because i am mixing with Hydroquine(my serum Am and Pm daily) and i just need to reduce the amount of Tretinoin again to twice or even once per week until my skin accustom again. Thank u and amazing video.


Hi mam.....can we use tretinoin and adapalane along with 0.8%retinol serum together??????????please do reply mam

Tiffany Kilby

I've been using a non prescription and it's making my face feel smoother, but I keep peeling over and over in the same areas, (chin and mouth area). Does the peeling eventually lessen? I'm afraid my skin may become scarred from healin6and peeling this much every few days. I know it's supposed to promote cell turnover , but is it normal to keep peeling in the same areas so much?

Karen Faye

What do you recommend substitute for tretinoin while pregnant?. I don't want to stop tretinoin ?

Kagu Aru

I have a %10 niacinamide %2 arbutin serum. Can i use before tretinoin? I'm not sure about arbutin ?


Your skin is beautiful.
Dr. Anne could you do a video explaining what ingredients we can mix & which ones we can't. Like vit c & retinol are great together but vit c & glycolic not really cause we can't get the benefit of each product!
Thank you?

Aysha Amin

I’ve never heard of retinoids but suddenly everyone has been secretly using it for 15/20 years! What’s up with that! ?

Long time retin a users

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Do not use this stuff on your face! It will mess up the chemistry of your skin, use natural products on your skin only


It burned my skin when I used it but I wanna try it again my hyperpigmentation has gotten so bad


Checks channel You are not doing better ? Thanks for this video though ?

S. G

Bikini review pleaaseee xx

Long time retin a users

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What Does Tretinoin (Retin-A) Do For Your Skin? - Tretinoin or Retinol? How to use Tretinoin!

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sagun sakshi

Hi dear I got dark patchy skin due to use of tretinoin , my question is will my dark patchy skin heal and get back to normal ?
Please reply