Skin healing food

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Top 10 Skin Healing Foods

1 views | 18 Jan. 2021



Skin healing food

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86 237 views | 7 Nov. 2019

Some common healthy foods

Some common healthy foods to avoid if you have eczema. In Ayurveda, food is medicine. So, some food that are in doubt nutritious and healthy for our bodies, may still be less suitable when you have eczema.

I'm sharing a few eczema foods to avoid EVEN when they are filled with goodness.



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Syeda Yomna

Can I eat garpe fruit and orange (juice)?
Which type of fish can I eat?

komal pahwa

Twak Churna balances all the three doshas of your body. It help reduce symptoms of various skin diseases like ECZEMA, PSORIASIS, cure FRECKLES, and other skin allergies. It help reduce Pigmentation of skin, MELASMA over face and Acne along with Urticaria, Cellulites and all kinds of Dermatitis. It contain ingredients like Yashtimadhu and Manjishtha that possess antioxidant, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

jayli draven

what about kombucha?

Wai Lee

Enjoy watching you talk ! Thank you.

John Solar

Thanks so much for your work! I'm working through a pretty horrific eczema outbreak now. Many of these foods are staples in my diet :/

irum Wahid

I found egg is not good to eat if you have ezxema. Whenever I eat eggs I have itchy eczema. That’s why I only left eggs.


Can we drink coconut milk daily?


Is garlic ok if you cook it ...?

Masudur Rahman

Hi Dawn,
Hope you are well.
Does lime or lemon make are making eckzima condition worse?

Jenetsy Gutierrez

I love this thank you ?

Pissga Alfazir

What about purple sweet potato ? Because i love to consume it

Oh Pickles

Dang all the food I love and eat a lot of ?


What do you think bout herbal teas like burdock root and dandelion teas, can they be bad for my eczema???

Irene Matumaini

Thank you

danny onyemairo

Are u married

may powis

Why eat melon on an empty stomach

Sophie Fakoua

Hi ,
What brand is the probiotic you had mentioned in your video that you highly recommend ?

Daniel Blount

Wait... That’s literally everything in my refrigerator...


What is beet?

Hind Akkari

Oh you just talked about Ayurveda! Nice ! yes ! Chinese medicine and Ayurveda are a big win win

Daniel Gwynne

I see so many people suffering in these comments. To all those who see this PLEASE look up the WIM HOF METHOD! This removed my eczema and makes me feel superhuman! When it feels like there’s nothing else you can do to help your condition maybe, just maybe this will help x

Arjun Sundar

I m 22 i have hair loss and eye prblm so onion and carrot can not be avoided

Kate K

I avoid these products during my whole life and it doesn’t help


I had been going through an irritating break outs underneath my eyes. Later on to see that it’s currently an eyelid eczema. I noticed the sickness has a bit lessened the next day quickly after using this eczema guide. In only Fourteen days of regularly applying the guide, I`m assured that it’s completely vanished with zero possibility of coming back again. I just researched Google to find this tip, it calls Kαmden Koladoz
well wishes

Regine Castillo

Are chips okay i.e Lays, tortilla chips?

Nicholas Sosin

After 4 years of following ayurveda I agree 100% with everything in this video.

may powis

Hi..can you eat broccoli and cauliflower? Thank

Victoria Pelaez

OMGOSH I love Beets! I juice beets and carrots. I love onions, I love garlic ☹️ now I’m depressed

Deborah Grantham

Eliminate just one food at a time, for a month..... like milk products. If it doesn’t get better after you give it up for that time probably not the problem.

Katharina UwU

Thank you for making this video! I'll try to avoid these foods! :D

It's not possible for me to avoid orange juice.

AKSH Chowdhury

Hi..r u a doctor????

Krystal Evans-Garden Queen

The beets I have been eating raw are what's breaking me out. omg!

TRAP 101

How much salt if it’s Himalayan do you recommend?

mukul goswami

You are doing a great job. All the best ??

kevin fadriquela

I love melons too

long sk

Eczema been with me more than 10years, and im 28 y/o. Its so bad and i had to rely on steroids jab. I will try everything you mentioned and hopefully it will get better in future.

Louie Mae Empinado

Is this applicable for seborrheic dermatitis?


How about chicken? ?

Brian O.

So , stop eating everything I love. Next is stop drinking water and breathing oxygen.
I wish those Aliens would come back and pick me up!

Aniya B

Do you know if detoxing and eating better helps get rid of eczema scars? Or anything else that helps??

Hadassah Ward

Can you use garlic and onion powder instead?

Lisa Garcia

My 3 year old is breaking out bad everywhere?????


Can i buy diffrent brand of probiotics ?

Daniel Quevedo

Garlic and onions are actually inmunoregulator food so unless you actually have an allergy to either of them they should be a fundamental part of your diet. Citrus also help boost the inmune system so they should be a part of your diet

On Your Travels

I’m nearly 30 and it’s depressing to know this information, I’ve had it all my life, when I went travelling for a year in Asia in went away but then came back with power when I came back. Mine is mostly from climate change but thank you for the info


This was great, I've been looking for "can hydrocortisone cream help eczema" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Eonrayson Simplified Eradicator - (do a search on google ) ? It is a good exclusive guide for discovering how to stop your eczema once and for all minus the headache. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my brother in law got amazing results with it.

mukul goswami

Good to know you are following Ayurveda. Cure for every disease in this world. Well done girl.

komal pahwa

Trikatu Tablet helps to eliminate excess Kapha or mucous from the body, supports respiratory system, manages weight, helps to take out impurities or ama from the body, supports healthy detoxification, reduces swelling. It shows anti-inflammatory, analgesic, expectorant, antioxidant properties. This tablet is made up of equal parts of three herbs such as Pippali (Piper longum), Shunthi (Zingiber officinale), & Marich (Piper nigrum) that maintains the metabolism in the body.

uroosa Aamir

Everything is OK but what about the scars left after that the hyperpigmentation I had eczema and then it left such big scars on my body:( it has been years and they still haven't faded I can't wear anything long. I have big scars all over my body please help me out:(


i have this too. And foods that I need to avoid are(base on my doctor): chickens, seafoods, veggies that has seeds, citrus fruits, nuts, beer and soymilk

And me was lyk: Im gonna dieeeee now? What am I goin to eat now? u know, we're not that rich to buy expensive foods for replacement

Last Hour

But according to my knowledge garlic and onions are best for skin issues.


Is what you saying scientifically backed ??
You are quoting ayurveda

Dumitrascu Claudiu

You are right whit the tomatoes, it depend how are bean eat it cook/uncook...
For the eczema, usually we need to evoid sweet (frits)??

Coups 17

My hearts broke when i heard onions ☹️

Gold Mark

I used to be struggling with rashes ever since I was a teenager and immediately after above Twenty years, I was not able to deal with this specific health issue. Even I’ve been to a number of skin experts to examined exactly what I have got, the thing is still appear. I straight away tested out this eczema guideline for around 30 days, unexpectedly, the illness never appear for years.. Google can be used to get this guide, the name is Kαmden Koladoz
hope you get it

High On Persona

Thanks this might change my life?

chan2 s.

It's been reduce to me eating nothing☹️ god damn Eczema ?
No diary
No egg
No gluten


Thank you so much for the ideas

Lovepreet Singh

I think you need heat,?? lodu c

Madelyn Riethmiller

I love tomatoes rip?

may powis

Hi can u eat oatmeal?

Sheeba Xavier

Is gooseberries good for eczema

Pooja Jain

Dats everything in our diet?

Maryam Ali

I believe that all autoimmune diseases including eczema results with a leaky gut.. Heal your gut and say bye bye to eczema psoriasis and all other autoimmune disorders. There are lists of food to eat/avoid available on Internet which can heal your gut. I healed my psoriasis by healing my leaky gut. Constipation, hemorrhoids, allergies, sugar cravings, junk food cravings all are signs of leaky gut. I hope this comment helps

Mevrouw Humz

If I cook the tomato still it will have heat effect?

Jean Hven

My dad told me that I may have a allergic reaction since the day I came to my dad's I got this dry things on my skin theres a little on my hand and arm and one near on my eye and my lips too the upper lips and just yesterday I got it to the half of my lips? it'll disappear right even u wont put smtg on it?

Syed Rafael

I thought of making Tom yum clear soup but it uses lime... Hmmmm :(

La Dolce Vita

Everyone needs to look up the probiotic called SKINESA it will clear you in 60 days or less it's a probiotic for the skin and gut LOOK IT UP AND YOUR WELCOME ?

Edward's Content

How are ripe plantians?

ruda mi

Garlic and onions? Garlic and onions have anti-inflammatory agents called diallyl sulfide and allicin which fights off the inflammation. These can also be a good antibacterial and antifungal. So how this should be avoided?

Michael Paul

I taken care of the tiny spots of Herpes applying this Herpes remedy i purchased from Dr Agbonifo The outcomes had been wonderful so I made a decision to further use the treatment method in the face and my entire body It stopped my outbreaks and just makes my skin feel so much more healthful till now which i just finished the treatment and i am completely healed from my herpes virus after three weeks of using this herbs by Dr Agbonifo His WhatsApp +234903474 9874.

Jyoti Das

Thankyou maam

Krishna Francisco

is broccoli & kale good for eczema??

Cailey Thiessen

I learned this recently, but try avoiding nightshade plants, which as she said in the video, eggplants and tomatoes are in the nightshade group. I have a really bad reaction to potatoes, tomatoes and peppers. Obviously, everyone is different, but it is really common for nightshades to be a trigger for people with eczema.


Don’t mind me writing this down

Beets (not cooked)
Radishes (eat in moderation)
Onions (not cooked)

Citrus fruits
Lime (good in moderation)
Sweet oranges are good, sour is bad
Melons are great but you should eat it on an empty stomach
Sweet is good, sour is bad

Avoid nuts and seeds
Eccept sunflower seeds

Fermented food is bad

Check out video

Dark chocolate are high in heat= bad

Ginger are high in head= good in moderation if the ginger is
Mustard bad
Salt, choose rock salt, without preservatives

Eat things in moderation

mike calubayan

Oh my Peanut is my favorite...

• Shadowboi •

Hello! Can you help me cure my skin disease? i had it for 7 years and the doctor dosent know the cause.

kay bee

I have eczema
Thanks for this vid

Tony Tran

So no eggs at all? Warm to hot shower also help me...?


literally most of these foods are the staples of my Asian household, I don't know if I can even avoid it..... ? oh no

Amelia B

I almost shit myself when I saw bananas in thumbnail ?

Bailey McCoy

No tomatoes if you have eczema everyone just a small tip I found out

Ear Hustler

I’m about to bite into this juicy air sandwich... because that’s about all I can eat according to this.

Tamreishang Raman

Very helpful ...thank you so much ????

Imogen-Jade Argyle-Ross

I’d really recommend Pure Heavenly chocolate. It’s sugar, dairy, palm oil and soy free - which I know sounds awful but I swear it’s amazing. Sugar, soy and dairy are triggers for my eczema and I’m a chocoholic - I can’t recommend it enough. This is from someone who has severe eczema and tends to use comfort food to support my mental health because of eczema☺️ it’s one of those where it’s slightly more expensive than normal chocolate but it’s so worth it as a treat that won’t harm me.

I’ve been tracking my eczema for ages in terms of food, period, what I eat, use in my skin and general just existing.
The Eztrack app is the best thing ever to track photos of your eczema using a body part albums. This is handy if you need to show your doctor photos of your eczema at it’s worse so they take you seriously.

And I’ve also just discovered Vicks Vaporub as an instant soother for itchiness. I can’t recommend this strongly enough. It’s natural ingredients with the petrolium jelly sooths patchiness and cools down the skin. Which helps if you’re like me and have to use an ice pack to stop your eczema from that burning and itchiness feeling.
Also placing your moisturisers or oil (bio oil is amazing) in the fridge so they cool your skin when in use.

Naelah Shahzad

Rice is the worst for me

loaded sun

I'll keep my eczema, thanks

Yassin Kirdi

اتمنى ان تتم ترجمة إلى اللغة العربية

Lindsay Lauriaga

The kimchi one hurted me I love kimchi :(


how about lemons?

Richard L

Different strokes for different folks.....just experiment to see what works for you. Some of these recommendations may be a nonsense for you but the most important thing is to find out for yourself. My advice.....try taking a high dosage probiotic tab for a month or so to kick start your gut/digestive system.....

sean pael

I have this curse(eczema) for 4 years and i dont know how to deal with it

Louis Fede

So is taking vitamin C bad?? ☹️

Swagata Das

As Probiotics, can I drink Apple Cider Vinegar? Or will it affect my Eczema?

Vicc 2 Sicc

I’m so sad I can’t have seafood my eczema gotten worse ?

Alexandra S

just writing down the stuff i need to aviod
veg: garlic, eggplant, onions
fruits: citrus fruits,limes (little only), oranges (make sure its sweet) melons (emty stomach if ur gonna eat it)
- avoid sour fruits
-dark chocolates (dont eat)
- use rock salt than sea salt
-eat 90% whole foods


Does it mean that Meat is also not allowed?

A. Meowzki

Fermented foods help with the gut, though? Eczema and other conditions are tied to the gut microbiome.

flea s.

I feel both onions and tomatoes trigger my dyshrotic eczema on my hands :/ food without onions/garlic taste bland though :/ how do u flavor it.

Tamanna Tajrin

Did i have to avoid all kinds of nuts

Skin healing food

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The 4 WORST foods for healing ECZEMA

7 738 views | 12 Jul. 2019

4 foods that need to be

4 foods that need to be avoided if you are trying to naturally heal eczema, dermatitis or any other skin issue related to gut health.

- Sign up for a free consultation with Rob




- Eczema healing guide book




I'm Rob Stuart and I help people with DERMATITIS, ECZEMA, PSORIASIS and all other digestion related skin issues get clear and healthy skin by teaching them how to eat, cleanse and move the body.

If you are suffering with poor skin health and would like my personal one on one help send me and email or visit my website.

Custom Programs Include:

- 3 and 6 month programs for over coming gut related skin issues like: dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, acne, etc.

- 3 and 6 month programs for gaining muscle and staying fit on a whole food vegan or keto diet.

send me an email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: the opinions expressed by Rob Stuart are for educational and informational purposes only, and are not intended as a diagnosis, treatment or as a substitute for medical care.

A Delight

I cannot drink coffee or eat dairy , I can’t eat grains as well.

Léa Staraselski

I totally agree. I tried raw brocoli and it just worsened my digestive problems. And also, never mix fat with carbs, I totally agree.

Together With Akshay

Is it ok to eat tomatoes in eczema, cooked/raw?

LivingTo Live

Blend your veggies, cook em well = digestability 100%


I think we souldn't have a such big focus on diet when we try to heal from eczema!
It's more important, that we have a good mental thinking and we can be a part of the world.

I mean it's important, that we can go out with family and friends and have fun. Not struggling and thinking the hole timeabout food thats good or bad...

Latasha Rhodes

Thank you for talking about coffee

Nicholas Baker

I actually do super well with steamed broccoli (from what I can tell). Added it in not too long ago with berries and my digestion is perrrrrfect now ??

On carnivore it was decent. Just not as “feel good” as Rob was alluding to recently. Now we feelin’ good, my peeps

Natasha Anderson-Hunt

Hi Rob. Coffee is to be avoided.
But can I use the occasional coffee enemas to clean my colon?


I feel horribel when consuming dairy ?

Bigfoot 1111

Coffee is the worst for my skin! Little red dots appear and I itch like crazy! As much as I love it, it’s not worth it! Thanks Rob! My skin has greatly improved since I discovered you s year ago ♥️?♥️

Gaz Hvys

For sure Coffee and Milk for me !

ricky goullet

Love the vids rob your helping me regain my happyness. I pray 1 day my skin will be as normal as yours?❤

Andrew George

I found eating salads had no effect on me one bit or vegetables even do my eczema is getting worse

Victor Yang

Is eating rye bread instead of wheat bread gonna to help? thanks

Animal Mother

Do you have any videos on histamines. I feel like histamines make my skin red and make my hair fall out.

Carol D.

I cut out all caffeine as well. It makes me flare.

Little Lulu

I've had terrible eczema..It goes away when I eat berries melon grapes and certain fish as my whole diet...when I cheat, I know by the next morning(bubbles under skin). Tomatoes, peanuts, almonds, gluten +++trigger the outbreaks too...so annoying bc I crave stuff I can't have

Tim Rijvers

Giving up coffee, dairy and wheat. Let’s see if it helps!

gospel of dirt

i've reduced chocolate, eliminated cheese too

todd canning

WHEAT! during the holidays i said fuck it and ate what was made and my beard dandruff/fungus went out of control. i also have a patch of something (ring worm?) on my chest and it flared up big time. last week i completely cut out the wheat and sure enough no beard flaking and the flare up on the chest has mellowed right out.

Edward Russell

Best video ever! Thank you so much. Got it!!!!!❤️

j l

anyone do well with sprouted bread?

Daniel Mercado

And are red and green peppers whith out the spiciness ok?

Jubie Ju

Rob how about black tea ?

gospel of dirt

i thought bread would be one of the four. any thoughts on this? I've gone gluten free and its helped a lot


informative as always thank you brother

Mr. Casti

But kids tend to pick the cookies...

Elise Forest Dancer

I noticed that (especially when I was pregnant) cruciferous veggies and kale were NOT good for me... but kimchi and sauerkraut are fine. Mixing lots of foods together, no matter what the diet and overeating are the things that mess me up the most. Some lentils and beans are okay, little bits of cheese or kefir are okay occasionally.... but food combining is key for me and my digestion. Never did protein powders but i do other powders like maca, ashwagandha, sometimes green powders - no problem that i can tell.


Rob I live with hyperpigmentation most of my life and I truly feel self conscious about it. Is there any i can do to Suppress or eliminate it

August Ice

omfg... I have been eating steamed broccoli everyday along with supposed "non-gluten" oats and i am cutting that out. I notice my eye inflames after eating these two things.


Hey rob i did whole food plant based and i didn't manage to heal my skin,than did carnivore and had no success. when i ate shitty foods i never saw my skin getting worse to be honest i dont know what to do. are you sure it is the diet for everyone?

Daniel Mercado

Hi I'm on carnivore and my mind is way clearer and I feel stronger[i was anorexic previously from eating disorder] my skin got way clearer but now I'm itching everywhere and My face cleared up entirely but now I'm having tiny flare UPS in places I've never had flare up Before. Is that Me detoxing or the diet not working ps. I went straight to carnivore cause I was still too low weight to phase 1


You say avoid coffee, but what about teeaaa ? I'm British.

Nikki Lewis

For me...
Red meat=hot flashes
Soy=arthritic flare ups
Avocados=eczema flares
All grains=intense muscle pain!


is agave syrup ok to eat when on whole food plant based diet?


Whats your thoughts on bone broth protein powder?

Guitar Guy

I’ve only just found your videos and was thinking that you may be worth following to fully understand your message, until I saw your video on Sv3rige’s page today from late last year regarding why you are no longer vegan. Anyone who associates themselves with that nut job, someone who is clearly mentally ill, is not worth my follow.

Black Lighting

black pepper me no like

Red Pill Vegan


Daniel Mercado

When you say pay attention to your food combining on carnivore what do you mean? Isnt it just meat and fat? Lol


Perfect Video! Right on, Rob! ??

ricky goullet

What are the best herbs for healing the skin ??

sooching wong

I want to ask, does our blood type connected to what food we eat?
Example, my blood type is O+ should i eat meat in my meal but in my eczema situation i need to cut meat in my diet.

Tyler Jones

How about a healthy balanced high quality foods diet where you avoid what makes you feel sick? This all sounds complicated , although I have played with all these diets , I personally have settled on organic with small portions of meat, no dairy or gluten (lots of Asian food) What’s your views on this? ? Tomatoes seem to be poison to me, I’m positive I’m allergic, I get acid burn and upset stomach as well as new eczema spots after eating them, is this common? Raw broccoli I seem to be fine with.

Cheryll jack

Great Info!!

Jarren Lumpkin

You're awesome and Gives the best advice Rob?


Did you say to avoid eating raw spinach? I’ve been using 1 cup of it in my smoothies for a month now and I’m noticing a slow healing of my psoriasis. Do you think that’s okay?

Akash Mahajan

hello Rob Stuart... I am akash from India and i am suffered from dermatitis for that i am completely following your instructions on day to day basis. In addition to that I am having "evening primrose oil capsules with omega 3 fatty acids" 1000 mg each day. Is it ok to have these capsules daily as it is helping to cure myself or it is good. Can you suggest me on this brother I will be highly thankful for you for replying.

Iris L

Amazing. I had eczema for years, but I kept eating vegetables (sometimes meat, eggs dairy), because I thought that’s what a healthy diet includes. The only thing that healed my eczema is cutting sugar and taking collagen supplement. Then I recently learned that smoothies are actually not good for us, and discovered the carnivore diet, and it all makes sense why I still have low energy and have rosacea, dryness, despite eating so many “healthy” fruits and veggies. I stopped the collagen supplement and now just focusing on Whole animal products.

Brandon L

Hey Rob one thing that needs to be stressed to people with skin disease is the importance of Vitamin D and making it a priority to get outside and get some sun. I did all 3 phases (vegan diet jacked my hormones) and even while bein strict carnivore I really didn't notice a difference in my skin till I got a good amount of sun to bring my Vitamin D levels up.

Greg 7797

Everyone else says high lignan flax seed oil is very good for eczema.

Black Lighting

thanks Rob...

Dalton Boswell

Please help!!! I’ve done a lot of research to cure this dermatitis and a lot of things are online are saying go gluten and dairy free?? Will this work or do I need to go vegan?

Ivan Tran

I'm on high fat, low carb. Transitioned from phase 1, phase 2, carnivore then slowly moving to keto.

Recently my skin healed after two week of switching to carnivore. I ended up being 80% healed but the last 20% gives me a little trouble. I felt like I wasn't getting enough collagen so I got a collagen powder and it has really helped. How would you recommend me to replace this collagen powder with whole foods? I'm taking 20g a day of a grass finished cattle collagen hydrolyzed powder.

For me the biggest change was when I went carnivore as a elimination protocol and stress management. When I was vegan my liver enzymes were 10x the normal and my libido was super low for a man in his 20s and didn't know why but they stabilised after two weeks of carnivore. Just having troubles getting more fat in my diet to transition into keto so I can have a little fruit like berries here and there. Love your new diet, will try it to see how my bio markers feel on it.

Thanks for all your videos Rob! It definitely has helped me through my jounrey, my ups and downs, you kept me believing I could heal it when no body else did. I appreciate all the work you do for the community. Keep up the awesome job. Cheers Rob, wish you the best brother!

Sandra Lopez

I have bad eczema. Guys, any home remedy that you can suggest?

YaBoy Ronan

U should advocate to eating exclusively fruit only till your symptoms dissapear and lots of water . As humans we are designed to be frugivores .

Patrick Lee

I have psoriasis on my hands and feet. I also have hemochromatosis... a blood disorder that prevents me from absorbing iron. The disorder could start affecting my soft tissue organs if I don't keep my iron in check which I do by donating blood every 60ish days. I only share that info cause I'm curious if others have additional disorders that could/are effecting their skin health.
As for food I avoid, at the present moment is Dairy (I do enjoy the odd piece of cheese) and eggs. With the psoriasis that has consumed a few of my fingers... if I eat eggs for breakfast the joints, and maybe the skin swells to the point I honestly cannot close my fingers/hand. Was thinking about starting Phase 1 but cutting meat would be very difficult....


Bro alcohol is the absolute worst for eczema that should be number one.

Also bone broth protein heals the gut and gives you the convenience of a protein powder.

(Long time eczema sufferer)


Actually... avoiding oils makes sense biologically if you are on a high carb diet. The combination does trigger an inflammatory fat-storing response in the body known as the Randall Cycle.