Most expensive eye creams

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Keto Parmesan Crackers - EBTBS cheese crisps!

979 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Don't pay a fortune for

Don't pay a fortune for parmesan cheese crackers - make your own at home. Grab the full recipe here - http://bit.ly/2z6xmWb

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Cheese crisps - http://bit.ly/2SDModK

Salami crisps - http://bit.ly/2BRyrSp

Almond crackers - https://bit.ly/38q6we8

Pesto - http://bit.ly/2MAxkvj

Capsicum dip - http://bit.ly/3cLSk1i

Creamy pesto dip - http://bit.ly/2FJp5Kt

Reuben dip - http://bit.ly/3rjlrgC

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Jo Rankin

Yum. I love the look of these ? & Erika, I’m loving your HBWT tshirt ?

Jennifer JES

They look wonderful

Meg Teal

I don't think I can use silicon moulds in a gas oven ? I'm making these in ten minutes, thanks girls

M Dz

I will try these thus w/end. Thx.

Carolyn Chorley

Can you leave out the garlic or replace it with another spice? Garlic and i don't get along, lol...

Aussie lady

Yummo ,i will make those ?

Deb H

Hey girls is that fresh parmesan cheese or that unrefrigerated parmesan ?

Ange Cann

?for sure!!

bronwyn linz

Yes that is one thing I noticed with a lot of the commercial brands, they have a burnt flavour

Peter Eather

Hi girls, nice recipe Erika like your tee shirt. Are you making any up for your subscribers? Cheers. Kay

Lisa Sawyer

Just made these, Omygollygosh they are delicious, thank you soooo much for this recipe xx

amanda Z

In love with you girls.. .love your work..


Hi guys! I went to check the recipe for these crackers with the link you have posted but it's a link for Keto cheese sauce. I was hoping to find the carb count there. They look amazing and I can't wait to try them! Thanks!

Milly Mc

Thank you so much for reminding us that we can make our own dip........i went looking for a clean one at the supermarket and came home empty handed!!!

Most expensive eye creams

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DAILY WINTER WORK MAKEUP【2021冬の毎日メイク】| japanese office winter makeup GRWM | itsourielle

211 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Today I try emulating some

Today I try emulating some makeup looks I've seen circulating around JP beautube! Let me know if I did a good job ;)

SUBSCRIBE: I upload at least 4 times a week! Turn on post notifications so you don't miss an upload.

MAKEUP INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/its_ourielle/

NAIL INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/salon_ourielle/

ONLINE STORE: https://www.etsy.com/shop/salonourielle

Hi there, thanks for coming by to my little corner of the internet! I am happy you found me!

I am a teacher by day and artist by heart, and my mission is to finally embrace my creative side on a daily basis.

Feel free to head to my Instagram or website if you are curious about the makeup I wear on a daily basis or to see the nail art that I make.

Chelsea J Murray

Fab video Ourielle lovely everyday glowy makeup ???

Eden Baynes

I think buying highend rather than just CT is a great idea!

P Shima

Love the look! I dug out a Cezane trio that a friend from Japan gave to me after watching this. It’s actually a very affordable brand in Japan. It gave a good amount of brightness. High end is good if you can fit it in with your budget and lifestyle. I’ve been enjoying the Japanese makeup styles too. I find it looks more fresh on my 40-something skin and I like the less-is-more result.

Jacky C

You look so pretty!!? I love the look, especially how the eyes came out! It makes me want to buy the golden mink quad.
I think you should stick with high end instead of buying only from charlotte tilbury. I think going high end instead of only charlotte tilbury gives you more flexibility and variety.

Ebony Nikita Okeke

I highly recommend Dior Forever Glow foundation. It’s not actually dewy, it’s more of a natural finish & it’s VERY skin like ? I powder with PML under eye powder & my face looks flawless ?

Elle R. Chu

I love how used your makeup looks ? for some reason it makes me lust over it more!! Don’t know how or why. Does Tom Ford ever have sales?

Also, I think expanding your range for products it fine. I would keep in mind a packaging/product color theme to prevent the visual clutter! And shop from brands with similar vibes (lux, rose gold, etc) ☺️

Cat Rice

Most of my teachers dont wear makeup i think i highschool ive only had 3 that do + a TA. But ya this looks is so glowy and pretty. Bc i take abt 10-15 min in total to wash my face do skincare makeup and get dressed make tea and eat “breakfast” so my makeup is usually super simple but i then have makeup playtime after school to wind down before doing hw. I feel like if you dont wanna buy something from Charlotte tilbury theres no point on buying something you are not interested in so i feel like relaxing the rules is fine but you do you and whatever u decide itll be interesting either way. Have a nice day!!!

Aubry Nixon

I personally think only buying from charlotte tilbury is a terrible idea??(sorry) I feel like you could get unmotivated by only using similar items. maybe you could have a few brands you buy from, or put a full face of products you’d be repurchases on your sephora or ulta wishlist then when you need to replace it you already have one picked out that you’ve decided on, so you don’t make impulse decisions?

Shawna Ripari

LOVE this eye look!

Nicole Rezza