Oil treatment for dry scalp

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Best Oils for a Dry Scalp

2 381 views | 29 Jun. 2019

Hey, what's

Hey, what's good?!

(no seriously, let me know down below!)

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Matthew Garza

Thanks I've been dealing with icthy scalp trying this now

Iesha Nicole

You look so pretty sis!

Matthew Garza

Also I used hemp oil as well


Thanks my scalp gets dry from work


Your hair is gorgeous ?

Oil treatment for dry scalp

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DIY HOT OIL TREATMENT | Dandruff & Dry Scalp Relief 2018

61 775 views | 2 May. 2018

In the video I'm showing

In the video I'm showing my Quick Fix to temporarily get rid of dandruff, dry flaky scalp at home using products you already have on hand. Hot Oil treatments are great for strengthening dry brittle hair even if you don't have dandruff. After my hot oil treatment, I follow up with my wash day and routine. I would style my hair after but I wasn't in the mood today. styling video links below the product list.


Head n Shoulders Clinical Solutions Shampoo http://go.magik.ly/ml/bjvm/

Dudu Osum 100% Natural Shampoo

TIGI Reconstructing Conditioner http://go.magik.ly/ml/bjvo/

LALA Ali Bonnet Dryer http://go.magik.ly/ml/bjvn/

Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil http://go.magik.ly/ml/bjvs/

Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer

Olive Oil

Head n Shoulders Leave on Dandruff Treatment http://go.magik.ly/ml/bjvt/

Cantu Leave In Conditioning Cream http://go.magik.ly/ml/bjvj/












I N S T A G R A M ➺ http://www.instagram.com/allofdestiny

T W I T T E R ➺ http://www.twitter.com/allofdestiny

❤F A Q❤


26 | Memphis, TN

Camera: Canon T5

Lighting Neewer Ringlight


allofdestiny ❤

DISCLAIMER: This video Is Not Sponsored. The description box may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!

Aysha Woolfork

I really love your personality your better than some of these other YouTubers but I’ve heard a lot about rice water rinse getting rid of dandruff

Haven Symone

Destiny girl do not brush wet hair girl that causes unecessary breakage. I used to do it...

Lauren Davis

you're so gorgeous!

Hudain Muhammad

Dandruff has nothing to do with relaxers ? I’m natural and I have dry scalp ????

Reneisha Brooks

I'm the same way. My dandruff level is disrespectful. Lol I'm overdue for a hot oil treatment.

Luv Nest

Neem oyl hot oil

Ebony Calhoun

Coconut oil is great for itchy scalp and other skin problems I swear by it make sure it say extra virgin and cold pressed or it won't help that Africa's best just sits on top of the hair and scalp

Yeaulonne Waters

TUH! I’m natural with dandruff but four drops of tea tree oil and four drops of peppermint oil in my wild growth cleared all that up.


I tried oiling my scalp thousands of different ways and realized it wasn’t helping at all. Now I moisturize and grease (yes grease) my scalp and it’s finally looking and feeling healthy! No itching after 12 hours of washing my hair anymore ??

ashanti cali

was it really hot

Carrie .Blanding

Do you have dandruff or eczema?

Farrah Bell

I have natural hair and I still flake up ... I recently found the new head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner... it work wonders and it doesn’t dry my hair out... I follow up with sulfur 8 that grease my scalp with once a week .. scalp has been sooo much better

Plush Furr

The transition is a revolving circle I think. For those who been relaxed for so long is now goin natural n those who been natural so long is now ein relaxed. Not all but most. Regardless uv wut any1 chose to do wit they hair..ur head is on ur shoulders n u hav 2 wear it. As long as ur happy wit it that's all that matters


Girl that mean your hair growing at least that’s what the old folks say lol ??? it’s working for you every one I know with it hair butt long lol keep it

Mel B

I was natural my whole life until age 16, then relaxed until 23, and now back natural and I'm 28. I have had dandruff though ALL of that lol. Only thing works for me is castor oil or vegetable glycerin regularly but those oils are so heavy. My dandruff is horrible like yours lol so I feel ya girl

T. F

You should get a small spray bottle. Fill it with water. Apply 10 drops of rosemary oil (try to get organic). Shake it up. Spray it on ur scalp and don't scratch. That's It!! I use to have dandruff and this has made it totally disappear. What is dandruff? ?? it's gone girl!

Plush Furr

Ur hair is beautiful. Ur always gorgeous ?

Dorcas Hampton

Omg! I have dandruff too, but it's not as nearly as bad whenever I had relaxed hair. I notice with me, just drinking more water has eliminated most of my dandruff. Also once a month I wash my hair the sulfur 8 shampoo and grease my scalp with the sulfur 8 grease. Then on my normal wash day routine I would wash my hair with the shea moisture for dandruff( black label with orange writting). It has helped me out a lot . Hopefully it will for you too?

LaKendra Rawls

Have you ever tried Sulfur 8 shampoo? Or Selsun Blue?

Katherine Miller

I know that hot oil treatment felt good! I think if you do the treatments consistently, you'll see an improvement in your dandruff. I'm not sure of the ingredients in your treatment, but as others have suggested, tea tree oil and peppermint oil are good for treating dandruff, so you might want to add a few drops of those oils to your treatment.

Heather Carter

For almost Two years my sister tried anything and everything. Nevertheless, this skin psoriasis treatment has been the best. After making use of the mentioned treatment everyday for a month, her condition has significantly enhanced. Nowadays, she is just using the method occasionally. Use this method!!! You won`t regret it. Found this guide thanks to Google, name calls Kαyden Molonduz
every good wish

Sakura Flower

I had this dandruff problem till I was watched your video. But after doing this hot oil treatement all dandruff were gone. Unbelievable. I did lots of things to control this dandruff problem. But my every efforts were invain. But your method was really worked for me. Thank you very much.❤️❤️❤️


Essential oils are good for dandruff

Irene RN future MSN

Im super relaxed watchinv this video

Boss Lady

Continue to keep it real Destiny!! ❤️❤️

Shawnta Pascal

I am a cosmetologist and sweetie u can dab some listerine on a cotton ball into ur scalp just like u would a hot oil treatment leave on for 10 min then follow with the hot oil and ul be fine dandruff is better than broke hair any day ur head is healthy

Precious Luv

Try vicks sav... U can mix with oil of ur choice

Antonette Hackett

Man for get them ppl! Can't nobody tell you about you! ?? I love ? your videos tho!

Tami Love

hi should use TOP BRASS it is the best! using it since i was a kid and it really help with my dandruff

keep looking

Use sulfur 8

The One Called RJ

Try a chelate. I definitely recommend it. Just take some lemons and limes, extract the juice from them, and apply it to your wet hair prior to shampooing. lemons and limes have tons of benefits for the hair and scalp. It’s done me great.

Jared Petersen

Dandruff is like a disease. Once on u if u bump into another that doesnt then they will have it. Over 2 billion people on earth have dandruff

leeann kirk

I know the feeling. I had it really bad but I use Stop it. It really help.

Salaan Sare

your hair is sooooooo fluffyyyyyy, all of that new growth. i just want to run my fingers through it. anyone else love watching ppl part their hair especially with white scalps lol

DeJa Love

Love your video. New subscriber ?

Valencia Brown

Destiny just being Destiny ???✨

Carter's mom

I just did this the other day. It made my new growth really soft and I could actually comb through my hair because I'm like 4 or 5 months post relaxer, but the dandruff came back like 2 days later. I was so upset. It just won't go away

Myja Janaè

Try Mielle Organics Mint Almond oil , i have seborrheic dermatitis and it helps heal the flakes and soothe the itch.

Mariann Carroll

So did it work ? I like to flat Iron my hair after three days my scalp dry and flakes sets in .How long does the oil treatment works?

miss kay

Also you could be allergic to some products you use in your hair. Gels have a lot of things in them that can cause inflammation on your scalp.

Carter's mom

When you were washing out the oil your curls were popping!


Just so you know, there are apple cider vinegar drinks that are already made. They taste good, got different flavors, and can order them on amazon!

Shamicha Ford

How often do you do a hot oil treatment in your hair??

Brittany Cameron

I agree with you...Im natural with dandruff

Blessed Bye The Lord Rushing

I'm not coming for you but you have been my push to wash my hair in cold water instead of hot you had went to the salon or to a girl that you knew that worked in the mall and she said that it's it's not okay to wash your hair in hot or warm water

Regine Garrett

My dandruff is awful but has gotten better through the years as I've learned what products work best. I've realized that I honestly have to treat my hair close to daily in order to keep the dandruff away. Once my scalp is dry it just starts flaking up! Your videos are awesome!

lexus fazio

U do not have to explain yourself to us and definitely not those hsters. Honestly ur so cute and nice and funny and relatable. Ur voice is amazing and I can fall asleep to it like literally. And gurll u right don't get into that negativity.

miss kay

Get you some nizoral shampoo, its a lil pricey but you will see a big improvement with your flakes. Also get design essentials anti-itch grease. I have dermitis on my scalp and these two things are a must.

Luv Nest

Your a clean lady not sure if they are nice and clean too

BellaBeauty XO

I love the video


Massaging your scalp once a week with coconut oil is great. Apply the way you just did your other oils. Massage your scalp a few minutes and Leave it in at least an hour and shampoo as usual. If you have the time to do the routine twice a week it would be best. ??

YouTubeis GODsblessing

Positive feedback... I had dry scalp all of my life until 2016. I now do an oil treatment before I cowash or shampoo; I use coconut oil. I do not warm it up! I use to go a month w/out washing my hair. I now cowash between shampooing my hair. Now, no more flakes.

Majayah Battle

I love your curls I've been waiting for this transition for years ?

Esther Terry

I have the same exact issue and the same exact story. I've had this going on since before I got my first relaxer and even now while i'm natural. I wash every week also. I feel you on this struggle!

Nisha Leftrict

I'd love to see an update video on where you are with your post- graduate plans. I watched your videos all through college, and now I'll be graduating with my graduate degree in a year. I aspire to do a lot of things in my career, and I just think it would be cool to relate with you that way.


I use aloe vera every two weeks and it has helped tremendously. I only get dry scalp and dandruff like day 10 or 11 since I've started.

Chassity Oubre

Destiny, you have some beautiful hair.

Flor Varela

I'm happy for you ughh must feel nice ? I will take my pampering/hygiene to the next level with this

Danielle La'Ticce

I get dandruff bad in the front of my head. Any suggestions on what kind of product to use when styling to prevent it?

Carrie .Blanding

At least im not the only one

Luv Nest

Homegirl got pretty curly locks

Luv Nest

Design essentials has a amazing milk and honey reconstructor conditioner... Cool

Sasha Thomas

GIRL U NEED SULFUR 8 grease!! I use to have a dandruff problem too (all my life) & I'm telling U it works wonders!! My mom used it on me as a kid..& I HAD!! to go back to it as an adult. I guess its a lifetime thing ?.

star leasia

I love your hair ?. Just finished watching the old video like this btw .

Rachel Clark

Destiny I have dandruff but not as bad as you but I used eden bodyworks peppermint tea tree oil shampoo and I used curls blueberry and mint scalp oil to help with dandruff and the oil works amazing

Tanesha Ross

Hey AllOfDestiny, I was just wondering, have you tried fresh Aloe Vera Plant (as a deep conditioner, with added oils if you prefer)....I've bee watching that it relieves and resolves dry and dandruff scale (psoriasis etc). Plus aloe has so many BENEFITS to healing and restoring the scalp, Check it out! I just LOVE your channel and vlogs, your accent is just too cute! Have a good one and stay Blessed and Encouraged! <3

Alluring ._

I love you destiny your videos always give me good vibes your always smiling❤

maajj jay

Your scalp is dry

Buete Intentions

I have dandruff like this too. I started using black seed oil for my scalp. Oil after I was my hair. It works!!!! Don't use too much!

Heartfelt Hands Given Talent

I love all your videos..a lot of them was very helpful in styling my hair. I had bad breakage from relaxers and now i have been without a relaxer for 1yr. I do silk blowouts and deep conditioners.

Nela Ella

I did a hot oil treatment and it clean all the dandruff out my natural hair and scalp. I used peppermint oil, coconut oil, olive oil. Then I washed and deep conditioned my hair. Thank you!

Plush Furr

I Kno that's rite. Don't spend ur money on nonsense. It's dandruff which is normal for sum ppl. Hav u tried unrefined avocado oil? Warm up half cup uv unrefined avocado oil on the stove, add sum fenugreek seeds or mustard seeds- bring to slo simmer then remove from heat- add sum emu oil, tea tree, a lil vitamin E, and sum argan oil. Pour it n applicator bottle along wit the seeds n u can can use it daily. Don't strain the seeds. Leave n oil. It will settle to bottom

Sausha Kamara

I used to have dandruff really bad too. I don't know what happened but it just stopped. For me though, I can't put oils on my scalp. Any type of oil makes my scalp it.

Vicky J

Your hair is extremely thick it looks really nice and healthy...????

Nikki M.

Top Brass. Try Top Brass. It has helped every single person I know that has dealt with dandruff. I hope this helps!

Taylor Rogers

The Jane Carter Detox shampoo works wonders I've had dandruff for years and it gets all the dandruff out as well as keeps my hair from flaking up for about a week. I found some a Tj maxx for like $5 definitely worth a try

maajj jay

You need to oil your scalp everyday even after the wash

Trans Talks

Yea Apply Cider Vinegar diluted is cool. Balances the PH on the scalp. That’s all you need babe. Oil won’t do much. Just mask it for a few days.


you could be any age from 15-30?

Dionne Blanks

Still in love w your accent lol my scalp used to be way worst than yours. I tried a dermatologist, the shampoo she gave me worked but only for a month. My scalp was back on fire afterwards. I noticed as I started transitioning and changing the products I used for wash day, it's gotten so better tho. My scalp hasn't been this good in years..since like 2007! Switching to more natural products for wash day and using a co wash instead of shampoo, has help so much.

Precious Loveberry

Aloe straight from the plant is a great resolution, I️ sometimes go through extreme dandruff and I recently tried aloe and coconut water on my hair and now it’s very moisturized and much easier to manage


I have seborrheic dermatitis and it is so irritating. The flakes are so big sometimes they look like shedded snake skin. I use a combo of tea trea, peppermint, and rosemary with Aloe Vera to massage my scalp. I shampoo with a medicated tar shampoo and a deep conditioner with neem powder. It’s so irritating but I have had it since childhood. Anyway, thanks for sharing what you do to combat your dandruff.


I used to get really bad dandruff when I was younger but it may have been like a puberty thing for me (if that's even a thing xD) Would have loved this video at the time to help but I think it will still help me now as I still get dry, itchy scalp (just not so much dandruff thankfully) and this routine looks like it will relieve some of that! Need to get me one of those massage brushes! Thanks for the video!


Hi Dest hope your well .i was using EcoGel and i never knew it was causing my scalp to explode with dry scalp fizzy sides. My hair is texturised and i only used the gel for my edges . Do you no a gel or edge control best for me ,?

colotta copeland

Beautiful Woman, Beauty Fabulous Look ♡
Gorgeous Hair ♡
Thank You For The Tips ☆
Love And Peace ♡
Be Blessed ☆

Emerald’s Honey Comb

I had dandruff when I was natural then relaxed now I’m back natural with dandruff ??? but yesss this video was soooo satisfying

Beauty WithShay

1 year post relaxer??? YESSSSS DESTINY. I know you love your relaxers. I’m surprised you got this far??????i see that curl pattern girl


I had really bad dandruff and I started doing coconut oil hot oil treatments and leaving the treatment in overnight, then I would wash with a moisturizing shampoo. Eventually my dandruff was gone.

Everythangg Court

That new growth poppin sis

mfanwe Likeit

I love nizoral shampoo, kills off the yeast that feeds on skin flakes, lifts the flakes, also helps with hair loss :)

Your Mom

It could be Seborrheic dermatitis. Loc Crush has a few videos on how she deals with hers


Another tip is that you should wash your combs and brushes after using them I know it seems extra but think about it your scratching your scalp and hair and reusing the combs and stuff it's putting old germs and build up bacteria right back to your clean scalp. I started doing this each wash day and notice such a difference

Sarina Marie

I'm not a doctor but that is not psoriasis. You can google pictures and see that is not what psoriasis looks like.

felicia watson

Great instructions!!!!!

~Daphne Amy's World~!

Your hair is getting full abd thick I stuggle with dandruff after1 week

Miss K

Are you stretching or transitioning?

Deondra Thomas

Love your accent...

Alicia Collymore

This is my 1st time seeing your channel I thought you was a little girl ?until I opened the description box ...you look great for your age??


Go to the doc and get you some ketoconazole.


You should really see a doctor if you really want it to go away ! I had the same issue even worst because I started getting the dandruff on my face. I went to a doctor and they prescribed me a dandruff shampoo and it got rid of it.

Oil treatment for dry scalp

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How To Do an Oil Steam Treatment for Dry Scalp

806 views | 14 Jul. 2020


Hey everybody,

In this video I show you how to do an oil deep treatment. I like to use this to combat dry scalp and encourage hair growth. This video was sponsored by Sway Naturale, check out their hair growth oil here: https://www.swaynaturale.com/collections/shop-now/products/hair-growth-oil

Thanks for watching and stay connected to my instagram @dez_naomi.


Pads of ur fingers??? I think its called.


I am barely hearing you for looking at your hair. Beautiful!

Steven Martin


Sea Sail

Thanks for the tips. Never thought of using my fabric steamer on my hair but it’s a great idea! I’m ordering that growth oil for sure!


love the steamer trick!!!


I will give my hair steamer a try again. I didnt use it with oil before so imma give it a go. Thx.