Make up wipes

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Best DIY Makeup Remover | All-Natural Makeup Remover Wipes

19 602 views | 11 Dec. 2019

Removing makeup is very

Removing makeup is very important to keep skin healthy and clear. Using just a few simple, all-natural ingredients you can make the best DIY makeup remover that will leave your skin soft and clean.

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Rachel LT

What would the final PH of this product be?

Ms. Lee

@ Our oily House, I use to use rubbing alcohol to remove my makeup since the Corona virus hit I can not find rubbing alcohol so I love your makeup remover solution.

Pixie Canaday

Laura this is awesome! After I use my makeup wipes my skin is so dry. Im going to have to make these for sure. :)

wifemomlife 5

I came here from Farmhouse on Boone and I wanted to say I am totally new to learning about oils. I have a child with epilepsy. Are oils safe for kids with this? I know you may not feel comfortable sharing an answer and I understand. I have an autoimmune issue and I have been recommended to use oils but nervous bc of my child. Any tips, articles, or research you could share?

Essentially Handmade

I like this recipe! I can't wait to try it!

sam watson

how long does the make up remover last?

Rosecyl Cardona

ah this is so nice ,I must try this .I do the same way .I only put on concealer (is that count for make up)? when I do YouTube video ..

debbie douglas

Could I use anything other than frationated coconut laura

debbie douglas

Thank you

Grant and Susan

Perfect timing. I have 4 adult daughters. I’m making this in bulk and filling the little 2 oz spray bottles. That and a bag of the cotton wipe pads will be great stocking stuffers.


How long can I keep it in the jar, if also don't wear makeup too often. I always have doubts with the DIY "expiration date"

Hayley Morris

Thank you for all your videos! Can you suggest an alternative ingrdient to witch hazel? Would water work just as well? I'm not able to find any alcohol free witch hazel in New Zealand without spending $$$$ to ship some from the US.

Beverly Santillano

Can you use Argan oil instead of coconut oil?

Szilvia Nyíri

Dear Laura, could I use it around my eyes too? Thanks:)


Thank youuuu sooooo much

debbie douglas

Thank you

Kathy Hegert

Do you have a recipe for eye makeup remover, or can I use this, or should I us the coconut oil?

Leslie Molengraaf

I just made these after watching your video. So anxious to try them tonight. Thanks!

Tammy Verba

Like it. Can’t wait to try it.

Burkley Boo 2

We don’t have Witchhazel. Would it still work without it?

debbie douglas

Could I use this as a cleanser even if have no make-up on maybe make double

Suhani Sharma

Thank you so much Laura... I am just really excited to try this out.. I even wanted to make a Christmas roller blend using peppermint essential oil.. What's can I blend with it to make an amazing classic blend?

Omoniyi Olabosipo oguntola

what do i use as substitute for Witch Hazel in makeup removal and hand sanitizer spray

Lydia Joy Stuart

Could I make this with jojoba oil? I'm really nervous about using coconut oil on my face.

Angelina Carraway35

Did you know that coconut oil is comedogenic? That means it frequently causes acne.

Karra Childs

How many ounces was the mason jar?

Rosemarie Hendricks

I made this yesterday after watching your video. I bought some reusable makeup remover rounds a few months ago. So had them on hand and all the other ingredients. I didn’t have any makeup on yesterday but used the rounds anyway. My skin felt nice and moisturised not tight at all ??

Carlie Lewis

Pro tip: this could be even better if you use reusable cotton rounds?

Jill Lueken

Don’t know if you’re aware that Dr bronners Castile soap and most Vita E has Alpha Tocopherol is linked to cancer and high blood pressure, it’s also in almond milk, baby products and vitamins. Look for true vita e. Happy New Year.

Make up wipes

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Jays Geronca

Check out the Neutrogena Day & Night Wipes --> https://amzn.to/3je0obW affiliate

Diana Mirkovich

That intro though


Omgggg hiii Jess!! Remember me? You are very beautiful and I’m so happy to see how much you’ve grown! I’ve been subscribed to this channel for about 10 months now and you guys grown so much!! I’m so proud ❤️ . Oh and if you don’t mind can you do a makeup routine or haircare/skincare routine

Edit: OMGG YOURE PREGNANT!!! Congratulations??!!!!! I love you guysss!! You guys are going to be amazing parents❤️

J a y d e n L a p ie d r a

Girl you still have mascara in the other eye! So cringe

Alyssa Cazares


Mitch Chardonnay

Lol, you fun... Hope the first trimester is going well for you! Like the video watching from New Zealand with Love ❤️

Salma Ibrahim

it looked mad fake

Make up wipes

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Are Makeup Wipes Bad? - Makeup Wipes VS Micellar Water

34 556 views | 31 Mar. 2019

In this weeks video, I

In this weeks video, I talk all about makeup wipes.

How are makeup wipes affecting your skin? Do makeup wipes remove makeup properly? Do makeup wipes ruin your skin?

Ill tell you everything you need to know about makeup wipes in this video!

check out my other skincare and makeup videos!

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How to hide large pores -


How To Colour Correct Your Face -


Music by Alpharo - Too Early - https://thmatc.co/?l=FED9BC35

Jayne Carr

i hate wipes..i absolutely loathe them if i get them in a gift i use them to clean my steering wheel or wipe make up off of my hands while i am doing my make up..does anyone else get make up on their steering wheel? lol oops NO i dont do my make up while driving..

Nikita's Feels

I use wipes every now and then. But what I mostly use (and I mean everyday) is a makeup remover/cleansing sponge made out of cellulose. Here I have one that's a bit harsher than the one I have at home but it works great to give a gentle scrub/massage with cleanser or to gently apply toner. It's cheaper that using whipes or cotton pads and I believe it's also better for the environment. Btw I clean it with water and soap every time I finish with my skincare to make sure it's properly clean and out of bacteria.

Danielle Sharaak

I wonder, is it okay to use a wipe first and then afterwards wash your face with a cleanser?


So THAT'S why face wipes sting! Definitely prefer micellar water.


I use coconut oil as my oil cleanser, then I take that off with a baby wipe. It's gentler so im not tugging and pulling as much as i would with a wipe by itself, and not with the oil underneath. I wash my face w dial soap and sometimes use rubbing alcohol as a toner, and to remove excess makeup, if any. A lot of derms say don't use coconut oil & alcohol, but it works for me ??‍♀️ I stopped getting breakouts from makeup when i started this routine. I also never sleep in my makeup though, i have to take it off

Verenice Vasquez

Makeup wipes are the enemy. Love you Robert!


Ack. And i bought a lot of travel sized make up wipes for my trip because I dont know if the travel sized micellar water will be enough for my big face

Katie Keller

I used micellar water for the first time today and my skin feels so much better than it ever has with a makeup wipe. I’ll never go back now. Thanks for the explanation and advice! I enjoy all of your content! ❤️

stephanie hernandez

I tend to use it maybe once a week or 2 but then again I dont use a lot of makeup

Marla Moon

Can I just explain how much I love you? You're gorgeous, informed, educational, and your accent makes me feel like you're bougie and giving the sharpest subtlest shade always.


What about charcoal exfoliating wipes with micellar/toner and hospital bathing wipes? I use them mostly without makeup which is usually light anyway. I have chronic pain especially when using my arms/hands due to a vascular condition (waiting for surgery) and I feel that the exfoliating wipes from Sephora have helped save my skin. I think it's a terrible idea for the average and especially sensitive skin and to constantly be used to only removing makeup but because of my pain I have a hard time washing my face as deeply as I usually would.

I'm always sweating and I find that my skin needs exfoliating much much more often than normal or else I develop a gross film over my skin so in my case, using wipes in-between bathing has been really helpful. Usually I'll use one of those charcoal exfoliating wipes gently for in-between cleaning (no makeup just sweating and dry patches) with micellar water. Then I'll use a Koh Gen Doh wipe and a gentle toner after. Sometimes I'll do the same for removing makeup (usually light makeup hardly ever foundation, maybe tinted moisturizer or concealer) then wash if not a lazy day. Sometimes I'll also add in a little cleansing balm and/or use those mini round Pixi eye makeup removers which are great for mascara. I may also use toner over dried out wipes at times too. I need to pick up more of those makeup remover cloths though, I'd like to use those more often when I can.

Last night, I accidentally slept in my tinted moisturizer and eye makeup for the first time because I was so exhausted didn't even know I was going to fall asleep, felt ick but then again it hadn't been that long. Woke up immediately annnnnd, I just ended up using a wipe and toner then quickly crashed again. But a few hours later is when I woke up for real to wash. I was so surprised that I didn't break out, I thought for sure I would after that but I got lucky.

Sam Sam

I am sorry but the only thing I use wipes for is to clean dirt off my shoes or cothes on the way (for emegency uses when I can't change or take care of them properly were I was).. no offence but I was obligated to use them on the go for a period of time to wipe accumulating dust on my hand during a job and they damaged them and my nails become in horible shape. I had to treat my poor hands for months to get them looking decent.


I keep a pack of baby wipes on my vanity to clean up fallout in a pinch, but mostly just to wipe off my hands after using my fingers to apply or blend a product. I always wash my hands before and after makeup application, but during the process I don’t want to be running back and forth

YTea with Jinkxy

Welp. Just ordered some micellar water. I've literally used wipes my whole life (I'm 33). The statement about how they can dull and make the skin uneven just made me run to Amazon. I've had problems with uneven skin and dark eye circles/bags forever (I'm mixed race and it's hell), maybe this is one inexpensive option that can help. Just discovered the channel and I know I'm WAY late! But I've been addicted to yours and James' videos the last few days to relax before bed. I've started doing more "theatrical" makeup for my Twitch streams so really should take better care of myself. That and getting older of course XD Thanks for all you do Robert! You're awesome! <3

Brittany S

Facial/makeup remover wipes

Oona Tukia

I never got into makeup wipes. Always found them disgusting, and rubbing my skin with a cloth seems super harsh on the skin. Also they always smelled dodgy and full of chemicals (having sensitive skin, most of them would probably make me break out).


I never use wipes, it’s wasteful. I always use a balm.


i use wipes to fix little mistakes, an initial make up remover before i wash my face and to clean surfaces that accidentally got makeup. v-v


i always use makeup wipes and a cleanser right after.. but i think i’m gonna switch to using a cleansing balm or oil

Angelica Turk

I use wipes ? I won't anymore after watching this.

ms sweetmissy

Sometimes I'm waaay too lazy so I use make up wipes instead. My skin becomes very good-looking for like a week but then it starts breaking out BADLY. It's the same with mechanical peelings. It makes absolutely sense, that wiping my face with a wipe is causing the same reaction as the a mechanical peeling?

Rebecca Lopez

i HATE make up wipes!! they burn!!

Mallory Glover

I stopped using wipes everyday after realizing how much TRASH I was creating. Sometimes the laziness does win though.. but I’m trying to break those bad habits

rhythmandblues alibi

I use wipes when I go camping and there's no running water.

Shelley Bayer

Have you ever tried Mary Kay cleansing wipes? They are stored dry and you we them when you want to use them. I wonder if there isn’t as much preservative because they are dry. I love them. They work so well. I still use my cleanser after.

Portia Janes

Honestly I just can’t get over how you’ve won the genetic lottery. Stunning, creative, kind and SMART. I cherish you and your brother.


idk man i'm chronically ill and its just way easier to be able to lay in bed after a day and use a wipe rather than standing in a bathroom working on cleaning my face with a bunch of stuff... lol

Moona A

I think I'm in LOVE

Moona A

Why you have a line on your eyebrow mate


Are micellar wipes okay??

Angie Barth

I use wipes after I do my makeup to on my brushes so I don’t have to wet them and wash them but that’s about it.

Delissa Williams

I use the huggies "pure" baby wipes as a pre cleanse because all other makeup wipes i used have caused me irritation and sometimes breakouts. Since using the baby wipes i haven't had an issue. However looking at this video i am thinking maybe i should change up my cleansing routine.

E for Ellie

In my twenties I wore make-up every day and almost never washed it off at night
I'm in my fifties now and get mistaken for being ten years younger all the time.
One comment I get constantly is how good my skin is

Go figure ?


I use makeup wipes soaked with micellar water or baby lotion. pretty okish skin at 46 ?????

Checha Roo

So... what I use them is after I have oil cleansed.. and went in with my regular cleanser I will go under my eye with a quick swipe just to be sure I got all my mascara. Otherwise I feel like there is always a little left over ! Is that acceptable?


So I had some wipes that terrible and ruined my experience of using them ever again. Even for emergencies. I used these wipes one day and didn't rub hard at all and for some reason for the next MONTH my eyes were extremely raw and dried out. I could not rub my eyes at all. They would hurt. So taking my makeup off was a nightmare. I tried everything to rehydrate them but in the end I ended up fucking up my skin more. So I basically had to ride it out. It was horrendous and so painful. Stop using wipes lol I now use a face cloth or makeup remover cloth (trying to go low waste) with a cleansing lotion. Then I'll use a mild face wash to get rid of the rest. I use Micellar water for when I'm too tired to do the full cleanse.

Amber S.

I basically use one for my eyes because I don't like other eye make up removers and I don't really like using facial soap on my eyes. But tbh I don't really like the wipes either.


First of all, I feel you judging me. I’m allergic to detergents, and anything with fragrance, so me and these wipes will ride until the wheels fall off. #judgeme LOL

Brittany Ereaux

I use makeup wipes to take the first layer of makeup off even if I'm not wearing a lot of makeup which I've been loving the less is more looks lol but then I use my cetaphil hydrating cleanser and my Clarisonica. (I can't spell lol)

D K Vienna

...came here from the other video... ???
Only use wipes on travel - on the go / not more

Love the Balea oilremover ?

Elizabeth H

I stopped using wipes a few months ago when I learned that they leave a residue on your skin. Also that they don't biodegrade whereas cotton pads do :)

Michele Dunsworth

I always get sensitive skin. I also like burt's bees wipes you actually see the make up and no make up see dirt as well


I use makeup wipes only as a first step of taking of heavy makeup

Sasha Hika

For sure!! I used to use baby wipes on my lashes to remove excess mascara after a shower etc and it would literally leave these weird fibers behind so gross lol & seriously even if you do use a wipe, you really need to rinse it off after.

Sensual ASMR

Your skin looks amazing. Omg! ?
Also I like the scar on your eyebrow, it’s very unique. ✨

Lilly Babb

I used to use wipes religiously until I got my pink makeup eraser. Then I would use a wipe just for touch ups while I was doing my makeup until you told us the remover will spread and make the makeup bleed so now I don't use them at all and I have half a pack that just sits there. lol

Lilly Babb

Baby wipes don't get makeup off without scrubbing and discomfort. Been there, done that, got the tshirt. No thank you. lol


Hi, Robert! I currently have a Face Halo to remove my makeup and find that it doesn't work well at removing makeup and I have to use micellar water pretty heavily afterward. Do you have recommendations on reusable towels or other methods? I don't want to have to use cotton pads or anything of the sort when removing my makeup since it's not environmentally friendly.

Missy Mara

I use wipes mostly in the evening. I use a face wash as part of my shower routine in the morning. I think I'll use the face wipes for dusting from now on. Or hand wipes. Thanks.


I always use wipes. It's my first step to take off the bulk of my makeup and then I get straight into the shower and start my skincare routine, which continues with other products after I'm out of the shower and before I go to bed.
I never use wipes alone to take off my makeup/clean my skin, no matter how tired I am.

blue. Malachite

I use it all the time oppsy

Monroe Von Black

What about using an cleansing oil type of remover and then using makeup wipes to remove excess mascara that is left all over the eyes? Would that still be just as bad?

Brittany Johnson

Soooo, the only thing that wasn't exactly clear to me is if micellar water with cotton pads shouldn't be done also? Or if thats ok and then still washing/cleansing the face after using the micellar water and cotton pads?
I hope you answer by the way. Ive always used wipes but I've always noticed makeup and grime still left in my pores and that feeling it leaves on your face- so I'd love to stop using them. Just want to be clear on the things I mentioned above!


I like to use the biodegradable wipes, but I'm thinking of getting the reusable rounds/makeup eraser and a cleaner. Not sure what is best to go for yet though. I don't wear makeup very often though ?


I don’t use makeup wipes at all but my friend does and I love this because now I can tell her it’s not good for her. She doesn’t wash her face properly.

Lucy D

I'm new here. Very interested in your content. Keep it up!

Laquitta Palmer

What about the oil of olay wipes that you wet to activate? Are they bad too? I hope not bc I have a special needs child and that's the only way I can clean her face. This "makeup removal wipes are bad" movement has really broken me down. It's so convenient to use them.


does anyone know about micellar water? ive been wondering if you can use the same things that "remove makeup" to also just clean your face from oil and dead skin?

Allie G

If I’ve done a full face of make up I sometimes use a wipe to get most of the make up off then use my regular cleanser if I’m feeling lazy. Other times I’ll use the wipe to wipe off my oil cleansers before I wash my face in the shower as common pads just don’t seam to work well on the face to get the majority of the oil off.

Janise Buck-Bennett

So, I understand what you are saying about wipes not being best for cleaning the skin. What about for refreshing the skin? I am spending at least 8-hours a day in a face mask, and it's hot and sweaty, and gross. I don't wash my face at work, I feel like it would be too much cleansing and there's really not time. I have been spraying my face with Mac fix spray, and it feels nice, but I am wondering if there is a wipe that could refresh my skin and wipe away some of the built up sweat. Right now I just use a tissue, but it doesn't feel very nice. Is there a refresh wipe you would recommend?


I usually use a wipe at work (I'm a welder and I have to wear a respirator all day and dirt/iron always builds up on my face) but double cleanse at the end of the day??

Jose Olegs

I use coconut oil to remove my makeup. For second cleansing, I use a brightening foam cleanser as my primary cleanser, and I put oil control gel cleanser on my silicone scrub and I scrub away. Then of course, toner, serum, eye cream, moisturizer.

Elita P

I use makeup wipes every day, but they are free from perfume, color and other environmentally harmful substances. I also remember to wash my face afterwards.

Love your videos, Robert! You are very handsome.


Personally if I have makeup on, I melt all of my makeup with some vaseline, then use a makeup wipe to get that residue off my face (since trying to wash a ton of vaseline off in the sink would be a nightmare). After than I do my standard skincare routine, and that keeps my face clean and makeup free at the end of the day.

Honestly, if you use makeup wipes, you just have to remember to do literally the most minimal amount of cleansing afterwards but they are super helpful for getting the bulk of your makeup off. As you said, it's the same thing with micellar water and a cotton pad

Glam Cat

I'm super lazy with my skincare. If I have makeup on, I'll use wipes before I go to bed, then I'll put on some eye cream and moisturizer. Then in the morning, I use micellar water on a cotton round. ? I can actually feel you cringing after reading this. And I get it. Lol

Tink smith

Well I mean yea no longer... wtf I’m switching!

Hobocheese Train

What do you do for your eyes?

Sarah Kathleen

I have literally started watching your videos religiously ? I have learned so much! Thank youuu ?

Deepika Dutta Tejpal

glad i got rid of them...xx


I don’t wear my make up everyday so, I will act like this doesn’t apply to me.


What about pouring micellar water on baby wipes? No scrubbing, just a swipe to remove eyeliner, concealer etc. Because I find it easier to control than a cotton pad.

Bhavna Mistry

I use wipes then misceller water then my facial wash serum moisturiser hydration mist eye cream not much really lol thanks Robert ur so sweet god bless you ❤???

daniela gallo

It is okay to use makeup wipes if after that i wash the face with facial soap?? Or it will always be better before the soap to use micelar water??

rebecca hughes

I use them everyday to get my make up off like full face make up( well I thought it was taking my make up off) I shall no longer be using them, learnt so much since watching your videos these past few days hoping the tips I’ve picked up will help my skin as it’s been so bad lately like painful ? xx

Jamie Cullen

Hi, a year later! I'm new to your videos and I have a question about a quick way to wipe off my face. I work outside, I dont wear make up while I'm working, it's pointless. My question is, what would be an effective, portable, alternative to using a baby wipe to clean the sweat and dirt off of my face? Could I premoisten some cotton pads with a cleanser and store them in a container to keep in my car? The elements and dirt and sweat are so rough on my skin, I hate waiting until the end of the day to clean up. I also don't like putting sunscreen on a dirty face. Thank you!

Atiya Taylor

I bought some organic face wipes and I love on battmamstiff(.)com. I'm so happy I bought them! Perfect for when I'm out and about. ??☺


well shit... i dont wear makeup much but when I do I take it off with a wipe

Charlie Ruth Chadwick

Ok... so what should I use?


Wait, I feel like this video assumes that wipes are the only step someone is using in their “cleansing” routine. I use a makeup wipe that I add micellar water to first, then a baby wipe (to save money, instead of using two makeup wipes), also with added micellar water to remove all visible makeup. The I use an oil-based cleansing gel that you massage onto dry skin and rinse off. Then a regular facial cleanser to wash everything remaining off, and finishing off with a Norwex facial washcloth (Norwex is a brand that bases a lot of its cleansing properties on the natural antimicrobial effects of silver. Yeah, the metal! Their cloths and other products are infused with silver. I’m a nurse and am very aware of this property of silver, but don’t rely on this 100% from the brand. I like their products regardless and just hope that a fraction of what they claim is true ?). After all of that, I start my skincare routine, which is admittedly excessive (and can take an hour or more, depending on how long I wait between steps ?) but I don’t think the cleansing steps are excessive. I also find the steps involving wipes to be important.

Jasmine Samaroo

Thank you for informing me! I’ve been using wipes all the time because I saw all the makeup gurus use it but I did feel like it never really cleaned my face properly.

Natalie Z

i already knew wipes were very bad but i had no idea what to buy but WIPES :((

chii_Nyan 03

I ditch makeup wipes loooooong time ago. Now i wash my face, no matter how lazy or tired i am.

Michele Dunsworth

I put mine in the fridge. Oh it feels good. I use neutrogena

Katie Botke

Thank you for the clarification on why exactly they are bad. I’ve heard they are not good for the skin but I was not aware of the damage they can cause or the secondary irritation. I use them at night daily to take off my makeup because I’m lazy and I also don’t wear too much during the day. But I have noticed my skin is getting much worse. It is red and irritated with bumps and dry flaky patches and really big pores, lots of texture. This has explained a lot. I’m going to stop using them and see if my skin improves. Thank you for your clear explanation and expert advice. I appreciate it. ?


I use make-up wipes initially, then cleanse my skin with ceramide/hyaluronic cleanser. I know I need to truly cleanse my skin after.

Jaderia Frieze

I have wipes but I rarely use them because like you said, they irritate my skin so badly and they always make my eyes water for a very long time after using them and cleansing my face! It sucks! This was a great video! I use an organic brand of baby wipes if I need to use a wipe for quick something, like fall out or I actually use a wipe for doing my eyebrows! Lol I don’t have a tail to my brow so it takes me a while to create them and get them as even as possible but the wipe helps a whole lot in the process and these ones don’t irritate my skin at all!

Hydie 007

I don't do use wipes but I do use a washcloth...is that bad too? I have learned so much from you! Please don't about the washcloth....xoxo ❤

Michal Lowenstein

I asked in one of your other videos why you say not to use wipes. Thanks for this explanation. I'm done with them. You are such a treasure!!

Miss B

Ermahgerd ? im Way happy to know this. Do you KNOW what a shooga you are?! ?

Nina N

I've always been using wipes while doing make up to clean my hands

Deniece Basso

I have used makeup remover wipes for years. Primarily to just REMOVE my makeup. I’ve never relied on them for actual cleansing. (I use a specific cream cleanser.)
From now on, I’m no longer going to use remover wipes! (I never realized how horrid they are for your skin!) I’ve always used a separate cleaner for my eyes. Usually a cotton disc saturated in micellar water that I let sit on my eyes for a minute or two before I remove the eye makeup. (I figure by letting it sit for a little bit, it will soak in and loosen up the products for easier removal...aka waterproof mascara!). So, I guess I was doing some of it correctly. ??‍♀️
From now on, not using remover wipes anymore. I’ll either just use a cotton disc with micellar water all over or double cleanse.
(Of course I may use a remover wipe in a pinch. I am human, after all.?)

Farida Aminy

Hi Robert I use to use cleaner, then I don't know when I started using makeup wipes for a long time until I started watching your videos and James videos and now I stopped using makeup wipes and I doubt cleanse my face which I used to never did it know about.

Christina Jackson

1:35 - James senses a disturbance in the force

Destinee 131

Robert can you please tell us what you think of the magic eraser wipes made of clothes that you just use with water? Maybe as a part of a pre cleanse system?

Crystal Nichols

I use wipes to wipe off the precleanse i use the i rinse and use a foaming cleanser.


I use whipes every day to remove my eyeliner and then to clean the rest of my face. I daily dont wear anything other than eyeliner

Rhiannon Butler

How well does micella water remove waterproof mascara and liner? I went to wipes before showering as i just looked like a panda and bits in my eyes by using a cleanser.

Leah Tangeman

Does anyone have a recommendation for micellar water? I’ve tried the Garnier brand with the blue cap and I just didn’t like it. Almost felt greasy to me?

Lawna Anderson

What about the microfiber makeup erasers are they bad too?

Katie Kilgore

Honestly I used to use wipes everyday and I started watching you and James and now I'm trying to find my favorite alternative. I've tried makeup removing lotions but find that they are really difficult for me to use and I use a lot just to get a somewhat decent clean. Need to try micellar water next. You should do a full video explaining your skin care routine so we can see what you like to use!