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How to Get Thick Ends Without Trims | Heat Trained Hair

1 838 views | 11 Feb. 2019

Hey Homies! Hope you

Hey Homies! Hope you enjoyed this video about how I get thick ends without constant trims. The major key is moisturizing your hair to stop hair breakage and prevent heat damage! Be sure to check out my heat trained hair playlist to see all my tips on growing heat trained hair!

Main Products I use to moisturize my hair:

ORS Hair Fertilizer (MUST TRY):


Coconut Oil: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06VZ3SRGD/ref=as_li_qf_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=sierralafaye-20&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B06VZ3SRGD&linkId=e91ae5cadbd97f7d3bbb5b6631bec54b

Peppermint Oil:


Paddle Brush:


Mizani Rose H20 cream (similar):


Hydrolyzed Protein Treatment: 




Kyla Pratt

can yyou do a video on this hairstyle?


Yay, the vid is here, thanks ?? !! Edit: I think I’ll be trying that protein treatment you suggested next week. Can’t wait. Trying to meet my goals this year ??

Jasmine Pipkins

Ooookay you serving looks ?


Sierra bought the Eiffel Tower and put it in her room! Impressive! Paris is having a fit.

C Foster

I used to use the Split Ender to trim my ends when I wore my hair straight a lot. It was very helpful because I had lots of layers. My hair would be soft and smooth after because I got rid of the jagged ends. I think it clips a quarter inch off.

Sierra LaFaye

Can you tell I'm obsessed with neon green???? Hit the thumbs up button on this video because it helps me LOADS! Also let me know if you want to see a video about how I do my phony pony tail!

Tammy Lee

I am heat training and I love it. My natural hair has too many textures and I’m so over it. Anyways your videos are super helpful! Keep making hair videos!


May have to trim my hair when I take down these braids, I would definitely like to see that dusting tutorial ? Moisture yesss as long as it takes, it's so worth it! ???

Nyella Allure-Bey

Just did a light dusting last week, and might not do it again til fall. I tried to keep in braids or a ponytail while I'm home. Depending on where I'm going determines if I let it hand or not. Trying to learn to let it be. Moisture is very important, I want a soda so bad girl...but imma stay focused lol Aqua ONLY! For the past two yrs. I forgot what everything else taste like? lol. #20194"Journey!!!??‍♀️?

Thin ends

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self microtrimming long hair

313 453 views | 17 Nov. 2009

2012: This is my hair

2012: This is my hair after a period of hair loss due to a pituitary tumor at the brain. My hair loss actually got much worse after this and decreased my ponytail circumference by about one inch / 2.5cm from 10cm (4 inches) to 7.5cm. However, thanks to frequent trims, I was able to thicken up my hair again fast without losing length. It looked thin for a few months, but I just decided not to care and instead carry on with an experiment that will help others in the future. So if you lost hair, for whatever reason, don't chop just yet. Give this a try first! More on my blog. The posts covering that topic are linked from the video at the beginning.

2009- Not everyone can just start growing their hair. Most have dealt with at least one hair problem, used to dye, wear layers or at least take care of their hair the wrong way.

So you also have to invest time into fixing certain mistakes.

For me it was dye as well as wearing a trendy strongly layered hair cut. Not exactly the best thing if you want to grow very long. That is why I have always kept up with my trims...I had to compromise on some length in order to get rid of dye and layers.

So I did not gain that much length in those years, but I have gotten rid of a lot of old dyed hair and layers.

My layers are at Tailbone length now (from former chin length) and my dye has grown out to waist length (just above the elbows that is).

One "problem" that comes naturally is Taper btw., everyone has it to some degree sooner or later, it is your hair thinning as it grows. That said, taper can be bettered with trims..maintaining at a certain length will allow more hair to catch up to that length.

Being perfectly longhaired is possible for many, just not overnight, so bring some patience :)

Morphea de la luna

hey...die Musik ist auf deutsch ?

Emi longhairedatheart

Yes, I write about it a lot on my blog - longhairedatheart.blogspot.com, you could try the herbs + Vitamin D (3000-5000 IU, make sure you have iron too, it helps me a bit in times of hair loss. Also be sure to have your hormone levels checked at a doctor.

Emi longhairedatheart

May I ask what diet you did? Maybe I can pinpoint the exact reason.


such beautiful hair. my hair started thinning really bad too. i thought it was due to stress but i will definitely check with the doctor about thyroid possibilities. now that i have less hair its so easy to manage but i dont want to continue losing hair either :(

Emi longhairedatheart

That is because I had hair loss like the description said, which is why I explained here how you can trim to even up. They are not choppy anymore.

Juju Jangled

My hair is almost to my belly botton and am going to my hair trim on my because it would be a year I haven't gotten a trim , hopefully by next April my hair is up to or close to my hips :D

Emi longhairedatheart

Yes, I made a mistake, I meant B12 Check out RawRadiantHealth's channel for her experience with vitamin B12 deficiency on a raw vegan diet. While raw vegan is much healthier than a conventional diet, that is certainly something to look out for! youtube.com/watch?v=VFnlxh5Rf1w

Emi longhairedatheart

Glad it worked. Mine evened up a lot with this method. I have recent pictures and videos. :)


your welcome. do you continue growing it your hair ?


Sowwww lucky whit That hair :P

Emi longhairedatheart

My hair loss got worse after this video and all together I lost an inch also. Then 2011/12 I lost hair again after having a baby, which was expected but ruined my progress. And only 7 months after that I lost hair due to a dietary mistake aggravating whacky hormones...(coincidence!). I was able to slow down the last hair loss though and it looks fine still :) And my health is 95% better thanks to diet. As good as any normal person and my hair has certainly improved with the health improvements.

Iqra Asad Khan

Are you fine now? I've watched 2 videos in which you mentioned that you were ill..

Emi longhairedatheart

No. Because of repeated hair loss (3 times) I actually had to cut back to just tailbone length (see new videos or blog). If I can I might grow it to classic or upper thigh length again. But I really don't have a goal right now, other than not losing even more hair.

Emi longhairedatheart

Haha, that is a big compliment, but she was much prettier than me and her hair was so beautiful!

Juju Jangled

You have beautiful hair


80/10/10 vegan

Emi longhairedatheart

Thanks! :)

Emi longhairedatheart

Hahaha, now you're just being ridiculous. So eager to insult me. Buh bye!

Emi longhairedatheart

Sie sind nicht fein, ein einzelnes Haar misst 0.06mm, also mittel. Das Video war nach Haarausfall aufgenommen und meine Spitzen waren dadurch nicht mehr voll. Deswegen wird hier gezeigt wie man selbst trimmen kann um nachzudicken. Zu der Zeit mass mein Pferdeschwanz um die 8 1/2 cm, also noch gut ueber mitteldick, statt wie vorher knapp 10, was schon recht viel ist.

Emi longhairedatheart

XD layers don't take away from your ponytail lol

Emi longhairedatheart

OMG u need to take you hair cutting fetish elsewhere!!

Emi longhairedatheart

lol, but they are not all the same length and I would probably end up pulling all of my 20 long hairs out that reach the bottom ;)

Emi longhairedatheart

Only if you are trying to thicken up the ends or grow out layers. Otherwise you can trim as needed :)

Emi longhairedatheart

I used to think I had fine hair too, but I don't even have fine hair ^^...

Emi longhairedatheart

It was sudden, I noticed increased shedding after summer and then fall my hair fell out even worse. What you see above was not the worst :(. I believe the tumor was caused by hormonal imbalances and auto-immune responses. It seems I am prone to both. I am sure my former use of the birth control pill really threw my body's endocrine system off. I also seem to be sensitive to certain foods and have been eating a Paleo Diet which eliminates problematic foods. 70% of my improvements was from diet.

Emi longhairedatheart

No, I have never straightened it. I don't have frizz because I avoid everything that damages it. Like when you use heat it can cause frizz on the long run, so can chemical dye. :)


Your hair is like 2 inches more longer then my friends

Emi longhairedatheart

Do you use oil? I like Camellia, olive or coconut!

Emi longhairedatheart

You cut only a small amounts of hair. Like 1cm.


HI, you have beautiful hair, my hair is just like yours except its 3 times thinner but its the same length. am loosing my hair because am hypothyroid and my medicine is not really working well for me. i will try micro trimming. i will change my diet and see if that helps me. i thank you so much for sharing this, you have give me hope again. :)

Emi longhairedatheart

That depends on how you will like layers. They can remove some damage all around, since especially the sides layers are prone to damage for most , but it will take time to grow them out again. You could combine layers with a small trim, or trim monthly. Have a look at this: longhairedatheart.blogspot.de/­­­2013/01/more-on-regaining-th­i­c­kness-after-hair.html and this longhairedatheart.blogspot.de/­­2010/03/even-hemline-without-­l­oosing-length.html.


Music is beautiful!

Emi longhairedatheart

You might want to check out this: longhairedatheart.blogspot.de/­­2013/01/more-on-regaining-thi­c­kness-after-hair.html and this longhairedatheart.blogspot.de/­2010/03/even-hemline-without-l­oosing-length.html, mine always thickens up quite well with this method.

Emi longhairedatheart

Thank you :} With the measuring method shown here you can find out how much it grows a month and then do the math :) Average amount is 0.04 inches/ 1cm and 2cm would already be a LOT :) Without a trim it takes my hair about 3.6 yrs to reach waist, 4.4 yrs. for tailbone, 5.3 yrs to reach buttocks.

Emi longhairedatheart

I am planning to but still collecting some material. I have written much about hair loss and solutions on my blog so you might want to check that out in the meantime. Hair loss from a pituitary tumor is easily stopped with the medication for it.


From the meds did your hair fully regain all of its thickness?

Rose Aziz

İts thin from the buttom . i think u need to cut abit ...what makes people say WOW .... is long healthy hair ... If it were only long and full of breakage.. Then what !!

Emi longhairedatheart

Back then it was upper thigh length, but now it is shorter again due to repeated hair loss (2009 and then 2012 after giving birth), but after children I may try for thigh length again...in many, many years lol.


Would you please do a video on your pituitary tumor and hair loss and how you got your hair to stop thinning?? Thanks!

Lakin Laurent

how do u get your hair so long

Emi longhairedatheart

Not yet, but my blog has some info and do want to put more Videos like that in the future.

Sarandeep Singh

I do tight braid with proper oil but my hairs dont grow what to do


I have been doing the self microtrimming for a few months now. I really like what it has done for my hair, The ends have thickened up and is amazingly soft. I can hardly find any split ends anymore. Although I have been trimming every two weeks and haven't gained any length right now but I will soon do it once a month. I don't think my hair has ever looked better. My hair is at hip length. Thanks Emi:-)

Emi longhairedatheart

I'm sorry but Youtube never showed many of the comments I received. Since the page changed I was able to see old comments that were never displayed before. Congrats on your baby though!


hello, you have beautiful long hair and nice song and you have good explication.


And your hair also! I hope for you it has thickened more!

Emi longhairedatheart

Selig by Helium Vola!


I hope you'll keep us posted ;) Greetings from Guatemala ^-^

Juicy B

@Thenotorious studtimmie 

Emi longhairedatheart

Thank you! I am glad you understand. It really does not take too much time to thicken up thinned hair a bit :)

Emi longhairedatheart

Yes, with alternative ways I was able to get completely healthy (I had cancerous cells on my cervix, Hashimotos, a pituitary tumor(prolactinoma) and many little aches and twinges. I changed my diet and used herbs for detoxing, did a parasite cleanse, I took care of candida, regulated my hormones, the list goes on. There is so much we can do be healthier and no doctor would ever be able to tell us! I documented it all on my blog with before and after even longhairedatheart.blogspot.com

Sabrina MacDonald

Did micro trimming your hair cause it to look shiny and healthy like that? If I were to do micro trimming (and commit to trimming it every month) will it grow out healthy, or do you have any suggestions that could make it shiny? An answer would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)

Emi longhairedatheart

My past. Had to close it though because of stolen pictures. Am more careful now.

Emi longhairedatheart


Emi longhairedatheart

had to correct this, I meant B12 not 5, and zinc could have not been plenty, either due to a lack of it or a malabsorption issue that the body has.

Emi longhairedatheart

I have layers and heavy bangs atm. I find that the difference is only a few mm if anything. But anyhow... I did not understand why you said this to someone that just explained they went through hair loss from health problems. My hair thickened back up to it's normal 10 cm after that, but I don't go around and tell people with thinner hair "my hair volume is 10cm, and I have layers and bangs XD". That is like going up to a heavy person saying "I'm skinny and I binge all day XD", not very tactful.

Emi longhairedatheart

You missed the point. This is about thickening up with monthly(!) trims after hair loss. But my ends were still healthy, soft and shiny as you can see, just thinned.That said, cutting a lot at once is not very efficient. My method works which my recent pictures prove: longhairedatheart.blogspot.de/­2013/01/more-on-regaining-thic­kness-after-hair.html or longhairedatheart.blogspot.de/­2010/03/even-hemline-without-l­oosing-length.html

kelly jerome

beautiful hair


yes growing hair from the inside out is key. It is only when hair starts falling out due to a diet that we realize how important what we eat is to our hair! I wish I didn't have to find out the hard way :-(

Rose Heart

Your hair and the song is AMAZING! w <3

Emi longhairedatheart

no need to be sorry!


Beautiful hair!!! It looks so silky and shiny!!! I hope you no longer struggle with the hair loss, I understand how upsetting it can be-- I recently lost a whole inch of ponytail circumference from this stupid diet I went on.

Emi longhairedatheart

It is not the layers, as you hair grows longer it also gets older and is not in virgin condition anymore. The surface gets a bit rougher and possibly dryer or even damaged. That is why gentle hair care is so important to keep the hair in that virgin soft state for longer. It is like anti aging for hair ;) I only use organic shampoo with mild detergents and oil frequently.

Emi longhairedatheart

Thanks! :)

Emi longhairedatheart

About 109cm/ 43 inches, a little below classic length.

Emi longhairedatheart

With trims about 7 years from shoulder length, but if I would have not trimmed almost monthly 5.4 years to buttocks. I do need trims though, or it will taper too much.

Tu Ma

Omg, the music made me dont wanna watch the whole video!! :(

Emi longhairedatheart

Thank you! I guess I deal with them the way they are supposed to be dealt with lol ;)


I just had to tell you that I love how you deal with negative comments. <3 Oh, and you have amazing hair, too, of course. Always have. =3

Emi longhairedatheart

Yes, you are right! And they are best ignored too.

Emi longhairedatheart

Thank you! I am better, no health issues anymore really, but my hormones still need time to sort out after pregnancy :)

Emi longhairedatheart

Mine are Chinese from Le Bao Long, der froehliche Drache. They have a big selection and their combs are so smooth! :)

Emi longhairedatheart

In 2006 my hair was waist length and layered, and by 2009 my layers were down to butt length and almost gone. It would have went faster if I would not have grown and just trimmed I guess.

Emi longhairedatheart

Is someone forcing you to watch this? Obviously you cared enough to comment haha.


But she never lets it out never cuts it and never trims it and keeps it in a braid

mad d

how often are you trimming nowadays?

Emi longhairedatheart

Omg, then why don't you just mute the sound instead of leaving a pointless, somewhat xenophobic comment about classic medieval European music?

Hayley-Wynona Hancy

your hair is so beautiful !! im so amazed :)

Emi longhairedatheart

Ja, das mit dem Frisoer ist mir auch mehr als einmal passiert, deswegen trimme ich seit 2006 konsequent selbst. Kein einziger Besuch beim Frisoer ;). Meine jetzige Schere ist von TOOM, Parsa Beauty glaube und damit bin ich ganz zufrieden. Ich kann mir so ein teures Stueck gar nicht leisten. Aber meine jetzige Schere schneidet sauber, ohne dass man das Gefuehl hat haengenzubleiben und mein Spliss bleibt fern.

Emi longhairedatheart

I thought this comment was too...Lolz

Trevor Fenelon

I'm a guy growing my hair this long and I'll definitely start trying this. You've got mighty elven queen hair lol! and the music is great.

Emi longhairedatheart

lol :D


Well since I have very short layers that arent long enough to be put in a ponytail (and very long ones) & I have heavy bangs, it does take some of my thickness and volume of my ponytail.

Emi longhairedatheart

My hair grew back completely but it shed a bit more and I had a hard time thickening up the lengths. Only since changing my diet and fixing my hormones my hair has been shedding at the smallest possible rate and it is thickening up fast and has less taper overall. My blog has some more info about that.


Really pretty hair <3 Love it! My hair is like waist line, but i want it longer. I am planning a trim, 2 cm. This video was verry helpfull I also love your blog!


My hair is about tailbone lenght and I suffered from hairloss too, but due to extreme anxiety and stress. Doing microtrims helped me a lot to improve my ends :)

the Way To Allah

please don't ever think to cut your hair <3


layers are such a curse if you want to grow your hair long. Stupid me around two years ago I decided to get layers in my hair starting at my shoulders while my longest layers were just under breast length. the following summer, I had to cut so much off because of the shorter pieces being dry and I wanted that cut out of my hair so badly. thankfully now my hair is almost waist length without any layering, just a slight U shape


you are a beautiful woman

Emi longhairedatheart

Congrats! Mine is "only" tailbone length atm, due to repeated hair loss. But maybe I will have classic length again.

Emi longhairedatheart

I swam in the sea with it, was an awesome feeling ^^


oh ok. i will watch your new video :)


Your hair is so long 0 and I love the music in your video ??

Emi longhairedatheart

No, you have a channel on which you promote the fetish of long hair being cut forcefully. You secretly film women's hair and fantasize about it being cut. I have studied hair and it's biology and I sure know more about hair than some random creep, that can not even tell thick from thin or fine hair. Ponytail circumference doesn't lie! :P You are just making a fool of yourself.

crystal fa

wow i like this long hair ma a i growing my hair like tht

Emi longhairedatheart

You will get there ;) Once I grew without trims and it was very rewarding too bc it went by so fast.

mahsa mn

lovely  hair ..... <3 <3 <3
by the way can u tell me the name of  song >>!!!!

Jessica Horn

haha guessing youve been a busy bee replying to everyone. started measuring my hair like this now., more accurate really. in the time it took you to reply ive had a baby! lol

Emi longhairedatheart

I know, most watched but also most hated ._.

Emi longhairedatheart

Back then (2006) I used to dye with chemical dye and my hair was a little damaged. The grown out layers also made it look a bit uneven. That year I also switched to all natural products. They do work, just it takes time because hair that is already damaged will only recover a tiny bit. But it will keep new hair in better condition on the long run.

Thin ends

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Super Thin Long Hair//2019 Natural Hair Routine

24 523 views | 17 Apr. 2019

Super Thin Long

Super Thin Long Hair//2019 Natural Hair Routine

This is my hair care routine for my super long thin hair. I know having long hair can become so unmanageable so I have to follow a certain hair care routine to keep the tangles at bay.





My Blog: http://www.Thewildcrystalmoon.com


Favorite Bronzer - https://amzn.to/2QPjcRu

Vlog Camera- https://amzn.to/2FCQa2x

Camera Card - https://amzn.to/35zUN85

Brow Pencil - https://amzn.to/2T2hFKz

Shampoo - https://amzn.to/2N2tOeL

Conditioner - https://amzn.to/35qxdKR

Workout Bands - https://amzn.to/2QQZCo7

Blonde Shampoo - https://amzn.to/35wAtEe

Purple conditioner: https://amzn.to/2IGxe5I

Deep conditioner: https://amzn.to/2Xnd8Bc

Yellow conditioner: https://amzn.to/2Go1hfk

WET BRUSH: https://amzn.to/2UMM55T

#Longhairroutine #thinhairroutine #longhair

Nabranes TwistyPuzzler

That’s fast hair growth. Your bangs literally grew a whole entire FOOT in a year. Average is 6 inches per year.

إيمان كنعان

Washing your hair everyday it damages it I have thin hair I wash it once to twice a week and it looks amazing

Bree Finn

Finally! My hair twin! My hair is EXACTLY like yours in length and texture and I am a hairstylist. I don't believe that fine, thin hair can't be beautiful just because it's fine and thin. Although I have had short most of my life (bobs and pixie cuts) my hair is now for the first time down to my waist because I just stopped doing what everyone told me to do to it and decided to make myself happy. No more crazy colors and short cuts that take 4 years to grow out. Women are so judgmental to each other when it comes to hair and it's sad. As a hairstylist, I do my best to give the client what they want and not what I think they should have. Mullets? Sure, why not? It's THEIR hair and THEY have to live with it, not me. "You do you" is a popular saying for a reason you know?

Bailey Luebbers


cats are my life forever! !!

Omg finally a person that has hair just like me. My hair is currently at my waist and is super thin

Henley Harrison

You should not be washing your hair everyday, grease or not. You need to work that grease down with a boar brush... And it's not even grease but natural oils you are stripping from your hair due to overwashing. That's why it's so dry you wash everyday! You should only be washing your hair once or twice a week and most certainly not with just conditioner, as conditioner can leave residue and attract dirt a grime. You don't wash clothes with just fabric softener so why are your hair with only conditioner?!

Your hair is a mess.

Emily Palmer

Have you tried a shower filter? I got one and it makes such a difference, and their not that expensive.

isabella hdez

same my hair is very thin to where my scalp looks like its bald and that one of my biggest insecurities ?

Lola Poente

Cowashing is a big no no if you have thin fine hair i used to have thick voluminous hair and after starting cowashing my hair became thinner and i recieved bald spot.Cowashing if for very dry hair 3A+ types


Great video! You have such long, pretty hair! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to more content from you; keep in touch :)


if you conditionate your scalp, your hair can fall much more

Julia Anderson

Aw your hair color matches your makeup so well, I thought you dyed it like a purply/reddish brown. It looks beautiful!

None Existent

OMGGG!! I HAVE THE EXACT SAME HAIR AS YOURS! I cannot believe I finally found a YouTuber that has ACTUAL thin and fine hair with the exact same length!!

Sanae Quick

I have a Moroccan old receipt from my old grand mum it really good for hair and skalp
1 table spoon of cloves powder with 1 cup of henna powder

Bowl the following herbals in 50ml of water:
Basil dry leaves
strain the water and mix the henna till you get a past put in low fire for 3 mn let it cold (warm) is good put it in hair from the root leave it for 4 hours and wash your hair
This doesn't work on colored hair must be natural or you have already stopped colouring hair for 6 months ago..

If your hair is too much grassy you can add 2 table spoon of lim.

I hope it will help you to get thick hair


Honestly, you hair is not that thin! There are people who have much thinner strands than yours! BDw, It looks beautiful!

Adventure_and_ Beyond

It’s so nice to know I’m not alone when I put my hair in a ponytail people are like “omg you have so many bald spots!” It makes me so insecure. I also wash my hair everyday and I can no longer color it due to the fact it washes out too quickly! Thank you so much for making this video it’s my dream to have long hair like yours!!

Fatima Patel

You give me hope to grow my hair thankyou for this video❤️

WhosHorse IsThat

Do not put conditioner on your roots. It makes your hair fall out. It’s a softening agent it will soften the hair follicles and you don’t want that, only apply it to the ends. And your hair is so oily because you wash it everyday:

Rebecca Shepherd

What an informative video, I love your long hair. My hair is not in the kind of condition. I wonder if I can get these products in Australia? Will need to take a look. I only wash my hair once a week cos I hate drying it.


As a hair dresser I need to say a conditioner doesn’t clean your hair. Shampoos only do that. You are to shampoo the scalp only. Then when you rinse it that gets the rest of the hair. And this will open your cuticles. The conditioner is used to close your cuticles. You put this on your hair strands, not your scalp. So when you aren’t shampooing on those days, you’re rinsing of the dirt and pollutions out. Then conditioning your hair. Your cuticles should be closed so if you use a lot, it’s just putting a coating over the hair. If you have oily scalp don’t put the conditioner on your scalp.

Emily Palmer

Your natural color is sooo pretty ?

Cheese Puff

Your eyes are amazing ❤️

Kylie !

Do hair oil treatments

Positivity 7860

In age of 15 I have thick hair everyone ask about it that how I care for my hair which shampoo I use etc but when we moved from that country I have too much hair fall I applied onion juice different oils aloevera natural gel nd many serums but nothing is effective ?

Bailey Turner

My hair is SUPER thin and it doesn't grow much at all. My hair has grown 3 inches in 4 years. I do get trims, but not often

Lalmuanpuii Chhangte

I have very thin hair just like you,but if i try to grow it long,it became frizzy and it began to fall..i just have to cut it again.
I cannot grow it longer than shoulder length?
Your hair looks healthy and beautiful


Reverse shampooing will make your hair less thin. I'll tell you more if you want to know details.

noran sameh

How do you dry it.?

Nicole Kennedy

My hair is so much like yours! Super long, super fine and super dry. Good tips, thank you!

Emily Dawn Wilson

Is it normal for thin hair to fall out more. My hair is 26 inches long so it probably looks like more than it actually is but I feel like my hair just started falling out more around the winter of 2019. I haven’t noticed any actual thinning overall but I just worry that maybe it’s not normal. And I know it doesn’t have anything to do with my age bc I’m a teenager


i have thin hair but medium density so im thinking of growing mine and getting layers

Preston P

I’m a guy with very thin very long hair and it sucks. Always had thin hair though


Hey friend great video! TFS! Stopping by to show love and support. I hope you can sub back ????

i am ti red

Thank you for this video<3 I also have thin hair and its a struggle

ALYB AlwasLoveYourBirds

Use herb :amla (Indian goose berry) Shikakai reetha(soapnut) Fenugreek.... This will help to make your hair thick, make u look more beautiful ❤️

sumaiya shahanaz

my hair 3'4" long. but very thin

Ana SaH

I saw a ghost behind you
PS: your hair is gorgeous

ND 13

Me too i have along hair and thin like you


Thank you so much for talking about natural thin hair. My hair is naturally thin and the worst part of it is dealing with stupid comments and criticism from people. I don't want thicker hair. I love myself the way I am. And your hair us gorgeous btw ?

Danielle Rangel

I hope you enjoyed this video!


Y'all have to stop washing your hair every day

lalmang dimngel

are u washing your hair every day ....?

Dre Bae

I love you!:) thank you. I have thin hair but it is growing:)

Mi Ly

thin hair is also beautiful we need just care right?

Maria Nierva

Omg you do not know how much you made me feel happy and relieved ? I’ve been growing my hair for 3 years and my hair is thin like yours. My ponytail is also really thin so I feel insecure. My hair has been falling out recently and I’m really worried . Maybe it’s because my hair is getting longer? Maybe that’s why it’s shedding more than normal. But anyways thank you so much ?

bri bri

No such thing as a 100% real silk pillow for $15