How to get rid of wavy hair

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Curly/Wavy to Straight | Hair Styling Tutorial | Men's Hair 2017

120 911 views | 7 May. 2017

A simple tutorial on my

A simple tutorial on my daily blowout routine to smooth and straighten my course, wavy hair!



Lakey Inspired - "City of Angels"

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You are Very ossm bro.........
Keep it up...

Poker Face

There's tons of wavy to straight vids... How bout a vid on products for wavy hair styles. The wavy community would appreciate it. Some ppl want to style their waves. I personally like the slick back wavy look. Thx

Cameron Adams

Great video as always matt but i need the exact opposite! I need to learn how to make straight hair wavy cause i want to try chris pratts new hair in GoG2 but my hair is to straight, grass is greener on other side i suppose xD


Excuse me bro but you're not curl brushing well.
You have to spin the brush as you go up through the top.

Useless Box

hey man love you channel really good to see another wavy hair youtuber for once! one suggestion is get a new backdrop, it looks a little dated and 90s! but othersise awesome job!


you advised applying argan oil to your hair before using any heat.. well you shouldn't because an oil and heat mixture could fry your hair


Wat color is it???

fat cat adventures

I’m here coz I wanna look like Kurt Cobain


If I do what you did and put on gel you think it'll be REALLY spikey or no

Jeremy O'Neal

So happy I have straight hair so I don't have to take this long getting ready ?

Amogh Patil

Doesn't that damage hair?? Like blow drying and straightening


Yo i love your highlight color b

Aseef Ismail

Hi, thanks for the video. what are the products you are using? The pre-styler, the model blow dryer, both combs, and finishing clay. Thanks!

tdm gameplay

But you have a big bald patch please regrow some hair in that portion

daniel wakeley

This dude has straight hair. He just thinks otherwise because of his sexuality

Roger Stephenson


Mikun Kabuto

I don't want fucking volume. How i cant get straight hair without volume?


Could blowdryer make you go bald ??


Ow shit just discovered your channel because of Cameron Cretney , And i can say i like it I'm happy to find a knew hairtuber with wavyhair just like me (you and Catlos Roberto arz the inly hairtubers with samehairstyle like me) , Do you daily dry your hair on the heatest setting ? Also do you have any tips of how to get MDV highlights I'm planning ti get them by myself in a month i have 7" ling wavy hair but Im afraif my hair will get dry ? (also how long do the highlights stay?)


I know you haven't done one in awhile, but I'd really like to see a 12th Doctor hair tutorial sometime in the future.


That is not curly lol

Big Daddy

Nice Video man ? very useful! keep up the good work!


Nice thank you good hair

Vox Official

That haircut....is that disconnected undercut?

Rajesh Pawar


Deepak Chawla

Lonk to buy this round hair brush

Jass xD

Awesome ?

Faizal Khatik

My hair used to be so smooth & silky before. But IDK why the backside of my hair got wavy?


Well but you are on the straighter side of wavy hair.

Cod only sniping Fitness at home

Y u style ur hair against grain


your "bedhead" looks more put together and styled than my thorough haircare routine

Zakir Sultan

Is that wax important to use ?
I dont like it bcause it makes my hair lose .

Choy Jk

great vid as always

Alpha pk

Amazing ??


Shall i lift my hair up from front if i have a little big forehead with less dense hair at front...?

Ummer Farooq

Lol..... big forehead

Šüřęßh ÃmbàťhĮ

Cream name sir


TDM the diamond minecart

Briann Canuto

Is that permanent

Metal Core

Can we use hair wax as heat resistant

Ashish Official

U Should Have Another Person To Do Blow Dry I Am Fade Up Of Doing Myself


May you tell me the brand of the round brush please?


What clay was that

Zohri Records

fuck that. too much work

Rajat Sharma

Same wave

Sina Rasekh


Mauricio Rodriguez

Everytime i used a round brush my hair just gets stuck and starts pulling bad to where i cant even take it out idk how to fix that


Great tutorial! Works perfectly for my curly thick hair. Thank You so much!


nice vid,
can you do a beard tutorial though?

garrett turck

Your hairs straight dipshit


мужик на славу мерлоу похож


My hair used to be so straight & nice , idk why it got so ugly & wavy ??

Mahyar Ashourzadeh Pordsari

Certainly this guy doesn't know what wave is??


What is the name of hair dryer you are using?


Do you dye your hair because the colors are so nice

F Tello

This guy really thinks that's wavy hair lol

Vivianna Velazquez

Preferred clay to finish with?


i love your video

How to get rid of wavy hair

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Straight Hair WITHOUT Heat!! (Curly Hair Tutorial)

9 388 714 views | 13 Jul. 2015

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? This is my favourite way to straighten my naturally curly hair WITHOUT using heat. This tutorial will save your hair from the damage and stress of using hot tools.

Let me know how it works for you and keep trying my routine to perfect it for yourself. Love you!

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Kazi Anika

Its totaly fake...

chana blejer

I think the brushing and putting my hair in a pony tail while it is wet is the hardest!!!!

ellie may

me at all girls, boys and enbies w curly/thick hair: omg so beautiful i love it!! ??
me at my own curly/thick hair: ?

•Baby Panda•

When i wash my curly and thick hair it feels like its not wet ._.

Anjelrorayama Sunar

Wooo your hair is like mine ?✌?✌?

Vampire Siblings xox

I had curvy hair but now I have a big bomb hair..

muskan chugh

wow this takes so long. I'd rather just straighten using a flat iron

Quackity Duck

omg we have the same hair gurl the struggles ?✋

Rossalia Cervantes

I love your makeup ?

Abigail Cayetano

We are gonna need more Bobby pins ?

Mohona Roy


Andre _

I have a very little wave to my hair and I want really staright hair but im too lazy to do this xd


I’m just here to look pretty...

Muskan Turna

I tried this on my weavy fizzy hair.
Its really work ?


I have curly baby hairs and it’s annoying because when I straighten my hair the front hairs stick up because my baby hairs are long and it won’t flatten


Imma try this...my hair isn't as curly but it does have some waves

beena Valsan

Hiii you are looking sooo beautiful ❤️❤️

Quratul ainaaa

I just tried this right now let see hope it will give me perfect results

Gabija Kiauleikyte

How long does it stay straight


A dubi? That’s it?

Eden Mulubrhan

I try'd it and the roots were straight but the rest was not that good It was really dry so I put oil on it and brushed it but it just went boofy I think It is because we might have diffrent hair type love your vids xx

Anant kumar singh

How long it work


These steps are harmful for hair as other videos

Khadijah A.

Let's be honest... Everyone with straight hair wants curly hair everyone with curly hair wants straight hair not my comment unoriginal but just facts

Shruti Mehra

Literalltly no one:

Me: i was having silky smooth straight hair but i did braids to curl my hair overnight and now my mom is scolding me so now i wanna straight it again

Cavy Cuteness

I have fully curly hair lol



Hannah D

To speed up the drying process I used a fan because it blows cold air

Vampire Siblings xox

The comb was stuck in my hair for a week.... This is a fail.. I have curvy hair..


My mom cut my long curly hair becus i couldn't take care of it properly ?

Milly T

Is this bad for your hair? Like will it damage my natural curls?


This actually worked for me! The first time wasn't so great as expected, but the more I did it, the better I got! Thanks!! <3

Addala Pavithra

Combing on wet hair


Shonali Kumar

U look awsome ?

my december

My hair is straight at the front, but wavy and frizzy at the back..

amina barga

That's a method my grandmother's and my mom used to do to their hair its baller patcca in Morocco

Rawan Turki

Her facial gestures are so annoying i couldnt continue watchin..

Amy Evelyn

I’m trying it now without the bun and put frizz cream and taming oil in my hair and sleeping in it tonight with a headscarf, I’ll keep you guys updated tomorrow morning to see how good my results are ?

Edit: it didn’t work since my hair was still wet in the morning let it air dry properly before taking it out


Excuse me, I have a doubt you are telling to use conditioner If we didn't use conditioner any problem is there plz reply then I must do it plz??

Ira V

my hair is wavy but when i brush it it becomes all fluffy

Abigail Cayetano

Literally the most accurate person I've seen

leena mtaehyun

Guys imma try this tomorrow ill ACTUALLY update yall my hairs curly/wavy so I'm praying it works yall

Midnight_ Werewolf

To untangle my hair my hands hurt because I have to get rid of those tangles when I think I’m done I would still find tangles

Suha Marji

Takes time ??‍♀️

Severin-Liam Mjoen-Swenson

Am I the only mullet guy here? ?

Ana TheIdiot

I tried this and it didn’t work

Nasrin Mithun

Is it real?

Spark the Random gamer

An hour to dry more like 10 mins for me


oh lord never brush curly hair when dryy majoooor mistake it breaks the hair

Ashweni Basumatari

I tried it. The roots of my hair were all straightened. But I had difficulty in tying my hair for the tips part. Can you please show us how did you do that?

friends of chunch

I tried this last night on my 3a-3b hair. It made my hair less curly in some parts, wavy in others, and some small sections are straight. My hair looks as if I blow dried it without using a brush and is very poofy overall.

As Alexandra said, this is likely to turn out better with practice. My hair is around the same length as hers in the video and I had a lot of trouble finding space on my head to pin the lengths properly. I’m sure this contributed to my result.

That said, I think that even if I were to perfect the technique, my hair will only end up wavy. I’m sure it would work better on naturally wavy hair, especially when using the right products.

Bts for laifu

Tying wet hair is harmful to the roots it causes hair loss

Krishna manoj

Nice smile ???

B Anchari

Totally fake

Calvin Emmanuel

I’m sadly a guy


Apparently nobody else has thick hair. Two hours later my routes aren’t dry and I just have a headache

ilike nooneuglyhoes

i love when i get out the shower and my hair gets curly and kinda wavy but when i brush it ...it frizzez or loses a bit of the curls sometimes even goes staright mymom says not to brush my hair alot but i do ..i should problaly stop but still i love my hair when i get out and it drys up and its curly/wavy but when i brush its not as curly/wav as it was

Mansi Saxena

Head ache - am i a joke to you ?

roseanna smith

I have legit left my hair to dry for 2 hours and it is still wet :(

Sivashree A

Yeah it really works?


This sounds like a cool method! I’ll try I guess!
Edit: I can’t
Edit 2: Yay it’s working!
Edit 3: nvm :l
Edit 4: my hair got super tangled while faking and taking out the Bobby pins, my hair’s just gonna break at this point tbh


Haha it's so cool you look like a hijabi! 3:29

Taima Almamri

WTH. Is this even curly hair come see the real curly hair,shit
Your hair is wavy or straight not curly...
Go blow dry it and see its straight

Kethlaine Gee

Im going to try this and tell yall if it worked or not.

Alexa Ramirez

Fact : don’t shower / wet your hair everyday the oil in your hair needs to process so your hair grows

Miss UNknown

Okay tip for everyone who has very frizzy hair! Use banana hair mask twice a month for 2 months and believe me your will be so soft shiny and very less frizzy and btw I tried this video hack and it works! ;)

Safia Zad

i always do this to my hair but the problem is when u go out outside ur hair go back frizzy, by the way my hair is wavy and frizzy ! ( sorry about my english )


I used 42 bobby pins! 42 bobby pins and my hair still managed to become curly! Ughhh I hate you curlssss!!!


When you half half of the products she has but it dosnt work for you because you hear is REALLY thick ?

Farah Tarek

It's an Arabian method ?♥️♥️

darshita kasliwal

Step 1.wash hair
Step2. Detangle
Step3. Make a tight ponytail
Step 4. Make a bun
Step 5.take sections and wrap it around like a headband (use Bobby pins )
Step.6 (optional )put a scarf around it


I can't do this cuz my hair is so long my hair fell on my butt or more than that so it's very tough for me by doing this my own

true_comments_ only

They can bath with makeup ?

Seafoam Shores

Okay I feel weird now because I wet my hair and brush it and everyone else is like you can brush your hair when it’s wet!? So am I just weird or can other people do it too? Like if my hair is dry it frizzes up and becomes an unmanageable ball of fluff I mean it’s soft and plushy but it’s my hair not a stuffed animal!

Bloomix gurl

Dont try maybe it works but it will make the hair go back


U are so cold


If I tried this overnight, I would wake up and my hair would still be soaking wet still, so it would take ages to dry!!❤

Chris Kozume

Hope it works i want to have kenma hair damn

Priya Bissoo

I dont think you should do the first step because it traps the water really tight down and it sometimes causes odor and when you leave the water in the scalp of the hair it causes really bad headache

Phantom Roads

That’s to much work! And with your method ..... say good bye to your hairline !!

Deepak Ps

Who is seeing the half screen video and reading comments.

Yuri Kuroyanagi

I was cursed with frizzy curly hair, I want straight hair to cut it up to my neck, but I can't because I have curly hair.

Anuja Salvi

I'm going to try this ❤️ thanks

Ananya Sharma_3

M definitely gonna be try this

Reilly Hodge

thank you!!


omg you’re so pretty you looked like a doll the whole time I COULD NEVERRE


i get headache when i tight the wet hair ??‍♀️?


Putting your hair in a pony tail will make your forehead go big. Jojo siwa for an examlpe

Mariam Hashimite

I like that you are gentle with brushing your hair :)


Ha I dont have this much of patience. Bye

SaySikeRightNow • 16 years ago

i was born with straight hair but as i grow, it becomes wavy


but combing wet hair will lead to hair fall?


will this help or will my hair look like pubes XD


I have straight hair why am i watching this...

Jordan’s World

That is not curly hair-

Zulaikha Yaseen

I’d do this.... but my hairs too long

Grace Reyes

I didn’t work for me. I have thick wavy/curly hair and it’s really frizzy. I think I left it too wet so I might do it again and make sure to tell you guys if it worked?

Ellexa Allen

I have wavy hair and it is so he king hard to straighten

Rupa Paul

How long will it last??