Mineral fusion where to buy

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FURNITURE MAKEOVER no sand painting + Fusion Mineral Paint review!

80 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Hey guys! Today I am

Hey guys! Today I am re-vamping a piece of furniture that has been an eye-sore to me for the past year :/ I am painting this laminate furniture with Fusion Mineral Paint & primer... and the best part is... no sanding! I also did a little DIY (with Brandon's help) to jazz up this furniture and make it unique ;)

Comment below what you think of the end result - and thank you so much for watching this furniture makeover! xo

Paint (apparently it's from their nursery color palette LOL): https://fusionmineralpaint.com/products/paint/tones-for-tots/

Instagram: @alexislynn_mac

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Andraya Samborski

A console table perhaps? The beadboard look in the cubbies definitely gives it more personality. Love it!

Goldie MacDonald

So beautiful! Those boards change it completely Color is perfect, nice and fresh!

Tracey Wilmot

I LOVE the addition of the boards! What a great idea! Looks terrific!

Shaelene Thomas

Love it!!

Mineral fusion where to buy

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Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Removal Trick

120 views | 24 Oct. 2020

Mineral fusion where to buy

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Fusion Mineral Paint Review

16 124 views | 10 Jan. 2019

In this video I do a

In this video I do a review of one of my favorite paints!

Karen Baldry

Your review is so helpful. I’ve just received my very first Clinton paint brush. I hadn’t even h heard of these brushes until you video. I Will let you know how I get on with it. Xxx

kimberly barr

How does this paint work on laminate? Primer first? Do you have any experience with Annie Sloan paint? Great video.


so.. fusion and General Finishes.. how do you decide which to use on which project?? They both look like great paints

Shelley Finet

I would very much appreciate your help with advising me on what paint to use for kitchen cabinets. My husband is a huge fan of big box stores and I’m open to other options. I don’t want to use chalk style paint so I am hopeful that you can help me?. Thank- you in advance!!!

Janis Rice

Why is it called “mineral” paint?

linda gatchell

Is there a store I can buy both the paint & brush at?

Andrea Walker

Beautiful paint sample!

Sherry Johnston

Beautiful video. I do not want to use wax at all. Would you say that two coats of the mineral paint would work well with a vanity in the bathroom.

Kristina Sara

What would you recommend putting over top of the coal black fusion paint that I'm refinishing some chairs with? I wasn't going to seal them but they will be in our main dining space.

Erica Carrillo

How well does it work on a spayer?

Robin Burch

I have not used the fusion paint yet but I think I will be for my newest an old wooden rolling tea cart its really ugly!If I want too do 2 colors a white base with azure in a cross hatched design and maybe a lace stencil design around the edge..my questions are is this possible with fusion paint and can I use painters tape too make the lines then pull off after the second coat and it wont pull off the white?
I don't do much wood working ...YET,but i want to


I really love your video!!! Not meaning to be rude, but so many other videos go into a bunch of talk that has nothing to do with the subject, talking to the dog, talking to people who are signing on, etc. When they respond to people just joining, it’s every few seconds and I just find it very annoying! I just want the straight talk!

Jill DeCator

Have you used the matte poly topcoat product on black? I want to paint a coffee table and I feel like the top will need a topcoat, but wondering if putting it on dark colors is a concern.

Patricia Evans

I Recently tried Coal Black and Bayberry. LOVED IT.

Rebecca Ackroyd

I’ve used General Finishes Milk paint for about 7 different furniture projects, but haven’t tried Fusion yet.. I would love to know how you feel Fusion is similar/different to GF MP.

Lucie Giraud

Can I use the paint on a lampshade.

Maily Leavitt

Just bought the F50 brush and will be picking up some Fusion Mineral paint this weekend because of your videos. I’m excited to try, thanks so much for your informative videos!


Thank you for the review! I have a few questions if you don't mind:
1) If this is not a chalk paint, does that mean the finish is not as porous therefore harder to distress it or create vintage looks with it using wax/glazing/washing/blending techniques?
2) Why would I buy fusion if I can just use a good water-based acrylic paint from say, Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams? I am wondering what makes Fusion better for furniture painting.
3) Does Fusion require little to no prep similar to what Chalk paints claim?

Thanks so much!

Lucie Giraud

I came across this paint information 2 weeks ago.


Love the video and your calm voice!

Terence Davis

I have watched a couple of other videos about this paint and, to be frank, they don't cut the mustard. So-so techniques, no second coat, etc. This video, however, is excellent and the lady has great technique. I am impressed and as a result will try this paint on my kitchen project. Thank you.

Lifebee LifeBee

Accidently I just used Fusion black ( don't recall the name)... It happened to me needing black paint for a dresser, and saw it for sale in an antique store near me... so I bought the $20 jar. I painted a large half table, two coats, a night stand - two coats, and a dresser two coats, and I still have some left for stenceling. I probably need a better brush, because I did have brush strokes, unfortunately.
It does not thickens up unlike the chalk paint. Most of, again by accident, I was interrupted, and forgot to sand the sides of my dresser. I realized it when I was brushing paint on, it went on kind of slippery... Oh shoot, I thought, I would let it dry, and sand off. I was surprised to see that paint actually stuck to the un sanded surface very well, I did not have to sand it!. I tried few brands, but I decided to go with Fusion line. I love dixie belle line too, but I have a Fusion distributor near me, so I am switching.

Josie Noyola

I have a vinyl upholstered chair that I want to paint. The vinyl is in excellent condition but the color does not work for my home. Do you think Fusion is the best product for my chair project?

Beth Beckner

Hello! Thank you for this video. I just found this paint & noticed you did a review. You helped me in my research about 1.5 years ago. I painted my kitchen cabinets using Heirloom Traditions Paint. While I am super happy with the overall outcome, I found that there was a learning curve for me on HTP. How would you compare this Fusion paint to HTP?

Jude Brown

What is the name of the brushes you use -- and where might I find them online?

Marilyn gilroy

Have you ever put a primer like Kilts on a piece that you’re going to paint white to prevent yellowing? In other videos I noticed they recommend sanding the piece lightly before adding the paint do you do this process

Shawna Meadows

Please adjust your volume. I have it all the way up and can barely hear you.' Thank you