Mineral oil bad for skin

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Truth About MINERAL OIL ! Good or Bad ??

30 569 views | 10 Aug. 2017

Truth About MINERAL OIL:

Truth About MINERAL OIL: A mineral oil or paraffin oil is any of various colorless, odorless, light mixtures of higher alkanes from a mineral source, particularly a distillate of petroleum.

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Tina Chamoli

bajaj almond drops also has mineral oil.. more mineral oil and less almond oil.I also mentioned in one of your videos.

jan muhammad

From centuries ppl were using them

Lakshmi Prasanna

Pathanjali oils r good for hair....pls tell me sister...

divya kumar vishwasrao

Hey Gini this was very informative, I never thought so deep about mineral oils but good to know this information now onwards I will check the ingredient list and then only I will buy things

Bunny Baby

Doesn’t it just clog the pores like silicone and petroleum?

Shraddha Gawade

thanx dear for the detail abt Mineral oil... Now onwrds big No No to mineral oils...


I have some patches on my scalp I consulted dermatologist n she gave me liquid paraffin for scalp n body also.so is it good to use or not??


Listen, listen, listen... I hope this reaches somebody mane... The NCBI did a study stating there is sufficient evidence in humans for the carcinogenicity of UNTREATED or MILDLY UNTREATED mineral oils. Untreated or mildly treated mineral oils cause cancer of the skin (observed in the scrotum). THIS MEANS CRUDE OIL FAM. It is IMPORTANT TO NOTE that the type of "highly refined, purified mineral oil" used in cosmetics and personal care products is NOT THE SAME as the “crude” or unrefined forms of mineral oil used in automotives, railroads and aviation industry applications.


Recently, tests have found baby milk products contaminated with HARMFUL mineral oil in France, the Netherlands and Germany from Nestlé, Danone, Novalac, Neolac, Hero Baby and Nutrilon products back in October of 2019. The mineral oil THAT IS TOTALLY SAFE & IS COSMETIC-GRADE IS CALLED Mineral Oil saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH). And the mineral oil THAT IS COMPLETELY TOXIC IS CALLED mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH), this MOAH is used in engine oils, transmission fluids, gear oils, hydraulic fluids, as well as metalworking fluids (also known as metal-removal fluids). MOSH mineral oil IS NOT THE SAME AS MOAH mineral oil. WHO PUTS ENGINE OIL IN THEIR HAIR OR FACE ANYWAY? DF?


* Johnson & Johnson relaunched their baby-care line after a 20% sales decline in the U.S. to reach the ever evolving needs from millennial consumers, millennial moms to be more in step with millennial moms, who are looking for baby products with more natural ingredients. Nothing wrong with "highly refined, purified mineral oil. J&J said it’s making the changes, not because of safety issues, but because that’s what customers wanted. They're trying to stay ahead of the "natural ingredient" movement that's all.

These companies are closely watching Youtube and believe me when I say this, if there ever comes a time that "urine" is ever proven to be the CURE to acne or the SECRET to overnight hair growth then there's gonna be a motherf*cker with an highly concentrated, refined & purified, essential oil extracted version of some piss somewhere online selling it to you with a slew of scientific studies to back its products safety of use just to make a dollar. Do the research for YOURSELF CORRECTLY! The feedstock used in manufacturing mineral oil contains poly-aromatic hydrocarbons, some of which are classified as hazardous. However, these compounds are either removed using solvent extraction or converted using catalytic hydrotreatment to produce the refined mineral oils. The remaining aromatics found in the refined mineral oils are mainly 1-2 ring highly alkylated structures, which are not carcinogenic. White oils and waxes are chemically very inert substances. What is thus used for instance, in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical or food contact, are highly refined products derived from petroleum. The use of these highly refined products has a very long history and enjoys an impeccable human safety record. In addition to offering interesting lubricating and moisture barrier properties, they are not allergenic... Use the right mineral oil to seal in your natural oil & essential oil applications. I'm done....

Lakshmi Prasanna

Pls tell me best almond oil,castor oil,mustard oil, coconut oil,olive oil,....for hair....plssss

Paramjit Singh

Plz call or mail me regarding oil for hair oil


Zubair Wani

Baby products also have mineral oils .


thnku ginni di n yes pray for me I am suffering from dengue so that I can recover soon??

Neha Thanekar

if mineral oil is used only as a serum and not applied on scalp then will it cause damage to body health?

Harinandan praveen

As far as I know bajaj almond hair oil rates number 1 in oils and it is the best in the market check out my vedio on it for more details @gamingroyalfamily

KNOT - Social Distancing

I am using Nivea blue tin cream. It contains mineral oil. Is that good?

JMO8A Veda

I think it's detoxing so sometimes compounds but not causing it that's how I see oil.

Vinit Kumar

mam patanjali almond oil ka review dijiye pls

cAtCHy eYeS

I use kerala pure coconut oil which is prepared nearer to my house. Actually i should thank you for the video i thought to buy bajaj almond oil which has more mineral oil now i will not buy i will continue my coconut oil itself...

Manish kumar

mineral oil causes Cancer ?....50 Percentage People of India will be effected by Cancer....

Every Light Oil contains Mineral oil or Liquid Paraffin

Rajesh Kumar K.

call / whatsapp to join best company 9424661809

~Daphne Amy's World~!

Can you do a video on your skin regimen please your skin is very lovely ?❤️

Lisa Scales

I just ordered the debur alma oil and I found it had mineral oil in it?but all reviews about this product was good

Aniket Sable

Does Bajaj almond oil good, for regular use..! See the ingredients on it and tell me plz....

Dheepti M

Which oil is best one mam other thn pathanjali

Swetha Swe

Is johnsons baby avocado hair oil good for hair growth for adults


Thank you come again.

Namasthe Mallu

can you suggest me good almond oil with good smell ..I used Patanjali oil but I can't tolerate the smell..plz suggest me a good almond oil

Lakhwinder Singh

aap hindi bht kmm bolte hain samajh nhi aati mam...

Mr legend

I know it from first cause i have also seen that Patanjali ad

3063 Sumedha Bhalothia

I use mineral oil in hair and my hair length is 3feet 4inch and it doesn't harm at all it works as a serun work

Mineral oil bad for skin

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Mineral Oil in Cosmetics - Is it Safe?

13 981 views | 21 Oct. 2015

All about Mineral Oil.

All about Mineral Oil. x

Paula choice video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VauTJe_4cKk

Video saying to avoid Mineral Oil - http://beautyeditor.ca/2014/10/16/petroleum-mineral-oil-skin-products

My "Healthy Meal Ideas" kindle book:

UK Book - http://goo.gl/9WRrGz

USA Book - http://goo.gl/MnIiHG

Want to know how to make you tube videos? I have an hour long Amazon video talking about how I do it - http://tinyurl.com/pz7hdpd

Marleen G.

I love mineral oil in my face moisturizer (as I'm extremely dry). I use the Nivea blue tin cream. I also use baby oil (mineral oil), just a few drops, in the ends of my hair. It seals in the moisture perfectly. I have tried just regular cold cream for my face, with "proper" ingredients and it wasn't as moisturizing. So I just go with what my skin demands of me. :-)

Trevor Philips

mam you look very beautiful

Anastasia Beaverhausen

Vaseline has been a real skin saver for me when I've over done the acids and retinols and my skin is dry and reactive - a layer of it over my usual serum and moisturiser seems to seal in the goodness from the products and help my skin recover it's natural balance much quicker. Really enjoys your scientific videos, you're very clear, concise and easy to understand, thank you.

Nicola Straw

Thanks Karen for sharing your knowledge of these products, must say though I'd never use oil or Vaseline on my face as I can't stand the greasy feeling not many products absorb into my skin, however I always used Vaseline on my sons bottom after a nappy change & I used cloth nappies he never had nappy rash... I go by what works for my skin, xx

Mel Parkin

I think the thing to remember is there are different grades of mineral oil. Also our skin is all different. Mineral oil is generally a cheap by product from the oil industry. Plant and nut oils are generally better as they contain better benefits. Yes as a barrier its like cling film, so if your skin is dry your best using a plant oil first then on top a mineral oil to lock that moisture in. People need to bare in mind that some natural oils can block pores. It is always worth knowing and understanding ingredients of products so that you get the best product for its use, and better value for money. All too often something is put on to sell a product - but has little effect due to the strength or quantity of that ingredient. xx


Karen, great video as always, thank you for the huge effort you must of put in to doing this. I want to say, I know exactly how you feel when you read something that is just scare mongering etc because I am a nail tech (just over 20yrs) and I am the same with all the myths etc surrounding my industry and I get so upset when I read/hear people giving out totally incorrect information to people and scaring them for no good reason.


I been having severe allergy problems the last year and a half, and a few months back was made aware of the fact that I am allergic to soy and mineral oil. I did now from many years back that I am sensitive to soy, but I had failed to realize that not only food, but so much of my make up and skincare I used every day contained soy (like eyeshadows and blushers, face cleanser, conditioner, hand soap, face and hand creams, face masks, lipsticks, mascara etc..), and it was the same thing with mineral oil. (I had also known for many years that I was sensitive to vaselin, but I had no idea vaselin and paraffin and mineral oil were the same thing).
I also noticed after going through my make up and skincare that all my products for sensitive, easily irritated and eczema prone skin contained mineral oil.
I do understand why people love it, it makes the skin sooo smooth and seems to erase pimples and dry patches no other skincare product will be able to handle (before it makes my face get red and itchy and swell up like a balloon to the point where I can't even open my eyelids, and my lips looks like a horrible kylie jenner lip challenge gone wrong, that is).
I don't think mineral oil is bad for your skin in general, unless you are allergic like me.

I have to say though, that according to the research I've done myself, and being told by the 2 dermatologists I've seen for my skin problems, is that mineral oil is in fact highly allergenic and a strong skin irritant. It was most likely me switching to a skincare routine, with different products from several different brands, that all contained mineral oil/paraffin/vaselin that made me so allergic that I now can't use any products containing soy either (same allergic reaction as with mineral oil), and have become extremely sensituive to products containing citrus oils, lavender or rosemary, which I had no problems whatsoever using a few years ago (soy too - I couldn't drink soy milk, but I could eat tofu for some reason, and putting it on my face was no problem at all).
I have now sorted out all products containing these allergens, and my skin is getting better each day, thank god.
Since I already had several other allergies I realize it is easier for me to develop new ones (also allergic to birch, grass, hay, cats and lanolin), but I would still advise people not to overuse mineral oil, especially if you already are prone to allergies like I am.


Thank you for sharing this information! Very educational. xo Donna

Sherry Murphy

Thanks for your time and research, I wasn't worried about using mineral oil but it was great information and very much appreciated.

Kat J

I've never found an eye makeup remover that takes my eye makeup off as quickly and easily as baby oil and I've tried many over the years, including high end, supposedly wonderful, products.

In Dog We Trust

I absolutely LOVE that you have educated yourself about ingredients in skincare and makeup. THANK YOU for making these videos! ~ Jaimee

Michele Flores

Can I use mineral oil to take off my Makeup

Myself X2

You're awesome :) Great video <3

Molly O'Hara

So adding mineral oil to cleansers seems a bit daft because like you said it adds a barrier so how is my serum and moisturizer going to get absorbed. Am I being dense and that's not how it works or is there logic there?

Louise Edwards

A very interesting video. I love Mineral Oil and I believe it is in my Ponds Cold Cream and I use Vaseline on my face, both of which I feel help soften wrinkles. I have never thought there was anything wrong in using mineral oil and I am glad by watching your video, that is the case. I was surprised to learn that your skin does not breathe, I just remember Jill Masterson in the James Bond film Goldfinger being painted Gold and a patch being left for her skin to breathe or she would die. Apparently I now know that to be false. Although if you blocked all your pores your skin may overheat. You learn something new everyday. Thanks for the video xx http://www.snopes.com/movies/films/goldfinger.asp

cheyenne howell

I heard mineral oil was linked to cancer? is that true

Barbara Burr-Glass

Fantastic video.

Laura Mulvaney

I have just watched a youtube video - Dr Dray, explaining how good mineral oil is...


Good video Karen! Mineral oil in any form, pure or in a product, does make my skin clogged no matter what, but my skin is quite sensitive. Even plain purified medical grade Vaseline causes breakouts on my lip line even! :(

Marla Robinson

Karen, I always love your scientific view on products. Thanks for all the info. Any ingredients that would definitely stop you from purchasing a product?


did you just say mineral oil is a hormone disrupter if ingested? If it is one when ingested how would it not be one rubbed into the largest organ of our bodies? (the skin) Very curious to learn why. Thank you! ☺

Chantal Cross

Hey Karen. Do you know of any drugstore foundations you know of that are nasty free and good for oily skin with reasonable coverage. I really like infallible loreal and revlon colorectal foundations. Would you use these? Thanks for these videos. Love them


I've used vaseline (the green one with aloe) for years on my lips. I often find that nothing else will help, especially in winter. And for skin I often find fragrance much more irritating than any mineral oil containing product. I am using the no7 day fluid at the moment which contains mineral oil but is fragrance free, and I absolutely love it. The Olay beauty fluid, which also contains MO, on the other hand felt as if it dried me out and it suspect the fragrance. I'm not sure if always citing Paula's Choice is so great. As far as I can see there are no scientist there, although they call themselves 'research team'. They are all makeup artists, makesup sales ppl and so forth. There are a lot of very old studies cited on some of their web sites too, which doesn't look that trustworthy to me.

Reema Bandyopadhyay Das

It's good for dry skin...I also love and using since my childhood Nivea classic cream the blue one and Vaseline...but I don't prefer to put it as anything like hair oil or hair serum..I prefer to put pure coconut oil to my hair...I got best results with coconut oil for my hair...I put coconut oil in my face and body but I don't find it as helpful as it for my hair...it's good as far I don't get dry patches in my skin as I have very dry skin and only get comfortable in monsoon..but in winters I get very terrible dry patches in my face...then the only saver are Nivea blue cream and Vaseline..and also as I am India I also love to use one product that is boroline...it's an antiseptic very thick and moisturizing cream and also has very strong fragrance which many people may don't like...

Maria Elena Golliday

fantastic video! thanks so much for making it :)

سحر عزام

thanks alot for this great very informative video Awarness of what we are using daily is really important.

Denise Jairam

I used baby oil on my hair and skin since a little girl, and I never had any problems, I love baby oil and Vaseline for my skin.

Mineral oil bad for skin

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8 401 views | 8 Nov. 2019


#mineraloil #burstingmyth

Hi Everyone,

Today's topic is a bit controversial topic on Mineral Oil & I am making this video just to break this myth that Mineral Oil is not only safe for your skin & hair but its also one of the best.

Hope you like this video & pls do comment your views on this.

I will be waiting for all your views

Prasad Reddy

Bajaj Brahmi Alma Hair Oil me 60% Mineral Oil he.... Is This Good or Not ??? Please Answer me Sir!!

hina makvana

Nice advice

Annie Ing

Very hard to find about this topic in chinese.. Even in english oso not mch in youtube...thanks for doing this topic
But in my view, I think if mineral oil didnt touch my scalp, I just use on my hair only, should be ok right??


Thnk u sir

sahil koul

Sir rcm ka sarson hair oil h ...usme little liquid paraffin oil h ingredients n ...kya kre use kre kya??

কবিতায় ও গল্পে শ্রেয়া

Daily vlog karo ...... daily morning to night skin care routine vlog banao

Gravity Payments and CSP Services

When i use mineral oil hair oil i suffer with lot of dandruff

Rekha Sharma

Please reply

ComicBook Universe

Nothing is pure

original channel original product

Oil company phir kya ke liye dalti h oil me mineal oil sab telo me coconut oil me sirf coconut oil rehna chahiye na amla oil me amla jyada quantity rehna chahiye bhai pr aisa nahi rehta kyu

Moumita Dhar

Plz sir suggest me Mineral oil good brand name .


johnsons baby oil or til ke tel mai se kon sa better hai

susobhan bose

Very good way to answer to a question

Supriya Das

Thank you so much for the information ???? Also i would like to mention that there are so many makeup products that contain some sort of paraben for preservation.. are they also harmful?

Rekha Sharma

Dabur amla hair oil is good or not

Anita Singh

Thank you so much sir for this helpful review ....because...maine bahut sare videos dekhe but mereko koi bhi...correct answer nhi mil rhe....the....and maine apke...video dekha and I really got a true answer thank you so much...!!?

Rekha Sharma

Dabur amla hair oil is good or not


Sir, thanks a lot for this information ???

Health is wealth

Kya USA me ban hai


Chronic constipations are caused by parasites and worms in the lungs, and all derivatives of medicinal petroleum kill them all, that is why mineral oil, in addition to being a natural laxative, travels throughout the body eliminating all the parasites and worms that it finds, and that is the way how the body is cured of supposedly "incurable diseases”.

Rai Biswas

Is Parachute Aloe Vera oil good ? It also has mineral oil?

Pallavi Dahale

Sir parachute alovera oil safe hai kya please reply???

Divya Loya

IBA halal covered hair oil is good or bad?
I read mineral oil causes builds ups and dullness of hairs?

Ayurvedic guruji

I don't agreed with you mineral oilse Baal bohot jhadta iching hota pipmle hota hay so don't tel lie ? before I used many many mineral oil my scalp dameged and more hairfall that time now I use pure oil no problem ? jab pure oil available hay to kyu mineral lagana sir pay kyu saste ke chakar may apna kimti anmol baal ko kho de??

Saloni Kumari

Jiske Baal jhar rhe ho kya wo parachute aloe Vera enriched hair oil use kr sakta h usme bhi 50% mineral oil h.is it harm or not.

Niranjan Panda

U r ryt..

M M information

How to get get best grade to use it in cosmetics

Amazing Videos

Bro pehly ap sahe research krain ye mineral oil hai ki??? Can you tell me???


bhai agar mineral oil highly purified na ho to hair or skin ko kya nuksan pohucha sakta hai.

Raghani Bhadoriya

Me roj face pe jonson baby oil lgati hu mene uspr minral oil dekha to dar gyi av thik h


Does mineral oil darken the skin and lips?

Rinky As

Thnx dude

Avani k

Dabur almond oil have mineral oil will it harmful?

M M information

Hi sir Pls tell me is this oil safe for massaging on skin ?? And what is the best grade and price pls tell me, wich brand is good mineral oil tell me sir.

Fareen Khan

Sir m bajaj almond hair oil use kr ri hu sb khte h usme minrel oil h toh m use kru ya nahi plzz reply ?

Prasad Reddy

Sir, I am your New Subscriber...
plz Tell me.. Is Bajaj Brahmi Alma Hair Oil is Good or Not ?! . Reply as Soon as Possible please!

pullepu niveditha

Sir, Bajaj anti grey hair oil naya launch huva hai, usme "light liquid Paraffin oil " is used 76 Percent and Vegetable oil 24 Percentage. Can I use this oil...pls pls reply!!???

sunil gavali

Veery nice information sir thank's, sir can we use mineral oil as a base for any oil base product like a panch tulsi Drops exetra?

shweta tasgaonkar

Tysm sir

Devla Sharma

Hloo sirr .I have just started using ON and On MahaBringraj herbal hair oil containg mineral oil (Light Liquid Parrafin Oil) ..Should I use it or not?

5911 Mafia

Sir I use Johnson baby hair oil, this is good or worse sir plz answer #thenewleaf

md naser

nihar naturals oil contain 81 percent minarel oil...will it harmful??

Tushar Jana

Can you share some links as proof based on which are saying that mineral oil is safe? because fit tuber channel say its not safe

Suvendu Kumar Meher Suvendu

Sir I have a question does dabour amla hair oil stimulate hair regrowth...?

Rajdeep Saha

How is gonson baby hair oil,, is it is good for me my age is 18

Basudeb Banik

Is parachute aloevera oil good as it contains 49 percent mineral oil....?

rahul ramotra

Thanku sir......me kb se aise he andhvishwas me jee.rha tha....lv u sir from jammu


Mineral oil is harmful to human, content in this vedio is misleading.

Nitin sharma

Bro yaha mineral water main bhi pollutant aate hain kai baar so we can't say highly purified or not