Is vitamin e good for hair

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Signs Your Body Is Lacking Vitamin E & Its Benefits

168 925 views | 8 Apr. 2020

From losing your hair,

From losing your hair, dry flaky skin eye problems to hormonal imbalances and many more, stay tuned to hear about them all.

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Sources: https://pastebin.com/9M937F0u


Intro - 0:00

Vitamin E Health Benefits:

Prevents Eye Diseases - 01:03

Balances Cholesterol - 01:31

Repairs Skin Damage - 02:24

Thickens Hair - 03:22

Balances Hormones - 03:49

Helps people with Alzheimer’s Disease - 04:18

Improves Physical Endurance and Muscle Strength - 04:54

Vitamin E Deficiency Signs:

Impaired Immune Response - 05:25

Loss of muscle Mass - 05:53

Nervous System Problems - 06:22

Poor Skin Health - 06:54

Fertility Problems - 07:17

Hair Loss - 07:42

Vision Problems - 08:07

Muscle Weakness - 08:30

Cognitive Difficulties - 08:59

Correcting Vitamin E Deficiency:

Diet - 09:36

Supplements - 10:04




Health Benefits Of Vitamin E And Why It Is So Important For You:

1. Prevents Eye Disease: Vitamin E is integral to eye health, aiding in the self-repair of the retina, cornea, and uvea which is the pigmented portion of your eye. A study concluded that vitamin E supplementation was associated with a reduced risk of age-related cataracts.

2. Balances Cholesterol: Cholesterol is a naturally occurring substance made by the liver and required by the body for the proper function of your cells, nerves and hormones. When cholesterol levels are in their natural state, they’re balanced, normal and healthy. When cholesterol oxidizes, it becomes dangerous. Studies have shown that certain isomers of vitamin E serve as a protective antioxidant that fights cholesterol oxidation. This is because they can fight free radical damage in the body, which leads to cholesterol oxidation.

3. Repairs Damaged Skin: Vitamin E benefits skin by strengthening the capillary walls and improving moisture and elasticity, acting as a natural anti-aging nutrient within your body. Studies have shown that vitamin E reduces inflammation both within your body and on your skin, helping maintain healthy, youthful skin. These antioxidant properties are also helpful when you’re exposed to cigarette smoke or ultraviolet rays from sunlight, protecting against skin cancer.

For more information, please watch the video until the very end.


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Sheila De Ruig

How do you tell if it’s a synthetic vitamin e? I have been taking it since a doctor recommended I do so a few years ago but I have almost every symptom that you mentioned.


Did you already know about Vitamin E Deficiency? Have you ever had a Vitamin Deficiency? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! ?

Stephanie Williams

Thanks need to here that

Celestial Day Dream

Great study/presentation on vitamin E! I just love when information on a subject is thorough..

Thank you..

Maija Criner-Harrison

This is a good and informative video, but there is a mistake shown at 11:16 with
the (vitamin E) over the oranges, lemons and etc. Also the (vitamin C) over the broccoli, oils,
and potatoes.

Jesselle Recustodio

Hi! AnyOne can tell me which brand of vitamin E is good?

Eva Williams

I subscribed, turned on notofications and liked!

Hieric Etellimar

Very informative thank so much ?

Moon ali Khan

Very informative thanks

sweetrose honey

it's me my foots very dry and crack.and others symptom, but also can cause no enough calcium

Belinda Roy

Great video

Alma Tampus Bushby

Hi is omega3 fish oil is good for people who has PCOS? ????

Eat Simple

I am suffring from vitlamin e or A deficiency after long m my skin quality become poor n muscles is becoming vry weak .Tell me which brand of vitamin E is good

Charmander 5050


Mariam Nanzala

my skin is Really very dry can this be mainly because of lack of vitamin E if so what should i do

john Empire

Vitamin E Deficeny mussiles and vision weak?.

ayesha shaikh

I have oily scalp but greasy dandruff

Charmander 5050

I’m first

harjinder singh

Inderjeet 8872643733Aapke video dekhte hai apka channel subscrib kiya bhut achi lagi apke channel se company product Review krwaun chahte company name HealthCam

Charmander 5050

Reply to this

Eneva Nail Art

I live in North of Norway we have 3 months every year only darkness never light and I take 26572 vitamins lol

Gwen Au

What about avocado? Is that a good source of Vitamin E?

Thavho Makatu

I am diagnosed with hypherthyroid,, is lack of vitamin E also contributing to this sickness. Please help

Mitch Cord

Is this safe for pregnant women???


Remove negative things you said about supplements. That is not helpful . Supplements are very safe and needed. Gluten/GMO/antibiotic/Lyme etc may hurt the gut lining so less nutrients absorb. Food may be low in nutrients. Supplements saved my life. Mixed T of Vit E helps. FDA allows chemicals in food and GMO/Roundup etc. and are not trained to know the best amount of nutrients needed by most. They promote drugs.

Jit Pal

I have vit E definitely, according to you,I am 60 yrs,can I take Evion 400 mg?


subscribed and like your all videos Thanks for the information.

Jonah kia


Richel Daisy's vlog

I have vitamin e deficiency


WATCH ?: 7 Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency - https://youtu.be/pKvrDqwEHNM?list=PL_fl96m7OLQUZuUwYCH7NnU9b_bP6sRlp

A&m Nation

2 cups of almond milk and your good for the day

Ann Ludorf

Excellent thank you??

Mohamed Salah eldin


Bush Ahmed

Hi, I feel pain in my heel alot
Is this also a sign of deficiency of vitamin E?
Kindly, help me

One Health

The isolation of Alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) was the biggest mistake in nutritional history. The following video describes this mistake in detail as well as why it failed as an antioxidant and causes higher mortality rates.https://youtu.be/V9zHfSIPdSo

timothy holmes

Great info on this channel. I'm a subscriber!

john Empire

Oh... OMG very important message

soni imrose


Jevhenij Horvat

Yea, but plant oils are highly processed, inflammatory, rancid omega-6 with exclusion of extra virgin olive oil.

Neeta L

Excellent info. Thank you !

Sharon L

Thanks for bringing this to the table !!

parveen memon

Yes having alot of pblm n the symptoms r same what shows in the video

Melting moments

It's a complete video telling about vitamin E. Thanks a lot. I am suffering with some problems mentioned in ur video and not getting the remedy after lots of medication. Now I have got an answer how to get rid of them.

Eva Williams


Rakesh Shukla

Thanks for the valuable information.??

Danielle Losonczy

Go trump


First ?


I think I have vitamin C and E deficiency.

Eng Dawlad


WolfieAngel _112


Pankaj Prajapati


Ifraax c.raxmaan Jaamac

thank you

Is vitamin e good for hair

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Is Vitamin E good for Skin and Hair? Benefits of Vitamin E | How to take? What are the side effects?

143 views | 6 Sep. 2020

This video brings an

This video brings an outlook on the benefits of Vitamin E.

It's a powerful antioxidant and hence increases the immunity power of our body.

Vitamin E regenerates skin, means it prevents the damaging processes of cells, thus it helps to maintain healthy skin and helps to keep a healthy scalp and hair.

Its action on skin tissues helps to reduce stretch marks and wrinkles of the skin.

Its cardiovascular properties help in degenerative conditions like atherosclerosis.

Sources: Natural sources include nuts like almonds, peanuts, soya beans, and sunflower seeds. It is rich in leafy green vegetables.

Also found in milk, egg, and fish.

Dosage: Don't take vitamin E capsules, without a doctor's advice.

It's available in 200mg, 400mg and 600mg strengths as soft gelatin capsules.

For external use, Vitamin E oils and serums are available.

Tips: If you have to take orally, take with a fat medium like milk, as vitamin E is an oil-soluble vitamin.

When using externally, mix two drops of vitamin E oil with 10 drops of coconut oil or jojoba oil mix then only massage to your skin.

If you have oily skin, take good care that, don't keep it overnight on your skin. After one hour of application, you must wash it out.

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Abdul Salam

Good information..thanks

Is vitamin e good for hair

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1 406 832 views | 27 Oct. 2017

In this video i will share

In this video i will share with you Top Uses of Vitamin-E for long hair, thick hair and others hair care.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps repair and build tissue. If you apply vitamin E to your scalp, it helps reduce inflammation and repair damage to the follicles, and encourage hair growth.

So friends, see the full video and know the top uses of vitamin-e for hair care at home.


The information provided on this channel and its videos is for general purposes only and should Not be considered as professional advice.

We are not a licensed professionals or a medical practitioner so always consult with your professional consultants or doctor in case you need.

This video is only for General Information Purpose and based on our own Experience. Any information provided in this video should not be considered as a substitute for prescription suggested by a local beauty, diet and health care professionals.

Viewers are subjected to use these information on their own risk.This channel does not take any responsibility for any harm, side-effects, illness or any health or skin care problems caused due to the use of our content or anything related to this video.

Yasmeen Begum

Kon sa shampoo LA ga na

Saifurehmaan Raeen

Kya bolu comment mein

k Queen's


Gourang Raut

??? I really got profit.

Reshma Afroz Khan

Day or night laga Ra dye to

Preeti Shroff

Any suggestions for white hair..???

Cute army's

Mim apne Bal dikha dijiye please aap ke bal ko dekhkar yakin ho jaega kiye yah remedy sach mein kam karegi

Vidhi Bosamia

can i apply n keep till 24 hrs n then wash it?

Haripriya M


Sunita Verma

I've been using vitamin e capsul for a month but it dosnt stop my hair falling ? please give me some tips to stop my hair falling

anshu priya

Can we apply castor oil in case of hairfall also or we should only apply coconut oil?

Akash Rajpurohit

Shampoo konsa use karna hai

Sunita Beni

Humari bal nhi bdte aur jhadtevi hy plz bol dijiye kya kre plz.

Srinu Katari

This can work on Alla hair types please tell me

Mohammed zain Khan


prahalad viswakarma

My age 15 year mamm mera baal bhout patla h mail kya kru

Nasrin Ara

Kya vitamin e capsules direct hair per use kar sakte he,?? Pls rply

Deepmala Roy

what is double boiler process?

Shivam Gupta

Maim kya ye kam karega

Raman chauhan

Anyone get a better result ????......After applying this......Pls answer

Garima Kumari

Di mere hair bhut damage h

Sonali Singh

Ma'am kya hair growth oil ko overnight rakh sakte h please tell me

komal Tanwar

Mere baal bht chote hai...or badte bhi nai hai..me kya karu

D Deepthi

Nice ?

Sukhdeep Ludhar

week vich kine var lga sakde a

All video song status


Vishal _Ninja mp3

mam aapka result kya aaya

ruchi pandey

mam abhi mera ilaj khtm hua hairfall ka dr. ne minoxdle diya tha .ab mere bal nhi jadhte to kya ab mai ye capsule use kr skti hu ,,..plz plz plz btaye man plz

Sunita Devi

Hum 2 3 din tk hair me lagaye huye Rakh sakte h

Renu Kumari

Muje vi lgana h

Chanchal Vaibhaw

Mam isse Hair regrowth ho jyga??

Sainath Goankar

Mam vitamin E oil se hair regrowth hoti hai na kyu kiya meri ma ka aage se hair ja rahe hai

sidra hayat

Iss say koi problem tu nai hogi

Manoj Vardhan

Hii mam I have thin hair what should I do become thick please give reply

Mir ShEraz

I used the same product but i didn't get any positive result so far, how many days after it shows the result.

Jennifer Chatterjee

SB jhut ise kuch bhi nhi hot

Pankajini Padhi

Hair ko wash karna jaruri hai kya

Hemanat Singh

I am hemant Kumar singh

Manosmita Behera

Dandrf ho rahe Jada kia kare

Sawan Kumar Dubey

Whit hair kaise dur kare ek video bna dijiye ya fir comments mein bta dijiye plz

Muhammad Rohail

yes hum daka chaha ha

Abdul Razzak

Daily lgana h or wash karna h shampoo se kya plz tell me di or oiling v daily krna hor shampoo

Kuni Majhi

Nice sister

Gurmanjot Kaur

Shampoo krna jaruri h ya ese hi chord skte h kuch dino k liye

Varsha Tiwari

Shampoo kon sa use kare

Àw Àits

What is the alternate for castor oil and coconut oil??

Priyanka Sarkar

Didi mera bht hair fall ho raha hai pls koi remedy boliye

free fire gun challenges

Ise shave head per use kr skte h for fast growth



Tarannum Sabnam

Dictate hair may Kasa use karu??


Kya Ise Sarso ke tel me Mila ke use kar sakte he
Plz mam reply me

Noor Alam

Mam neem k tel m nhi mila skte kya vitamin E capsule... Plzz answer me

Ammu Reddy

Can i use vitamin e evilab 400 plz tell me

Twinkle__ 829

i have gold hair highlights i ?need that be remove wt i shud do?

Santhosh Kumar

Vitamin E tablet name plz

King Khan

Ji very usefull

Rinki Prasad

hlw mam mere baal bahot ruff h...iskaa koi solution btaiye plz...i am naina..from...benglore...but now i am at lakhnow. .in teaching purpose

Usha Prasad

Coconut oil ke sthan par mustard oil use kar sakte hain. Coconut oil ki tasir thandi hone ki wajah se mujhe cold and cough ki problem ho jati hai. Main balon par mustard oil hi lagati hun

Mandeep Kaur

Vitamin e Ka use Ka sa v hair foll hota ha why



Khushi Sen

Mustard oil bhi use kr sakte h kya

zabi khan


Riya Ludhe

Or dekhna chate he

Tarulata Samal

Donor believe this

Sunita Sharma

Any side effects of vitamin E ??

Ashrafull Hossain

Kya 1st wala oil humm overnight rkh skte hea??

Renu Kumari

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komalpreet sandhu

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Pratima samal

yes,i apply it

Priya Sarkar

How days I use this remedy???

Priyanka Pipalde

Cab tak hiar betiya ha

lalita raj

White hair problum ke liye kya krein .

Purusoth Mech

It's not working ?

Zoenah zai Skin & beauty Tv

Hi, am Zoena Zai from Uganda. How do u deliver them to me coz I want them for business.. what's app me on +256701563650. Thanks

Krupa Gor

Can i use sesa oil instead of coconut oil for hair fall ?

Nazia Malik

Kia vitamin e mahndi me mila k b lga skty h? Kia anda+dahi+sarso oil me b vitamin e mila skty h? Please rply me

Laxmi chandra

Mam kya isko scalp par bhi lagana hai ya only hairs aur kitne time tak rakhna hai sir par

Ajanta Hore

Nice. Tips.

Ajju Kohali

vitamins e se our kya hota h


Hai ma'am
I suffered from hair fall just like bald. How can I use vitamin e capsule.

Manjushree Roy

Ma'am vit- e capsule ko apne balo pe shirf almond oil k sath use kar sakte hai ......kiuki mere bal bohot jhar rahe hai ....or Mai hair growth barana chati hu .....plss ans ma'am

Pintu Verma

Main poonam mere aage baal nhi h

Maheer Fatima

Hair fall k liye plz bta de

miraj uddin

it was very useful

Nikita Gupta

E capsul ko musturd oil k sath use kr sakte hai kya

Kajuuu Panigrahi

Kitna oil me kitna capsule dalna chahi he

Thanuja Bantupalli

Really. I tried it. my. hairfall is control

syed umar

Yes I need and I wanna to know the other benefits of vitamin E capsule

laxmiben maheriya912


Nayan Kishor

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Neheart Chirag

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Mangala Gowri

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I can't understand a dam word she is saying! Smh!

p w

White hair ke liye vedio bnao

Muhammad Yousaf

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Plz reply zaroor kary

Rounak Kumar Paswan

Hello mam can I use capsule regular??

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