Ideal hair length

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66 - What is your ideal hair length?

491 views | 22 Apr. 2011

Just showing you my box

Just showing you my box braids, talking about my daughter's hair lengths and asking you a question!


When I first started my journey, I plan was to grow my hair for 2 years. Now that I am 20 months natural and about an inch or less from APL, I'm ready to chop it off again. LOL!! Longer natural hair = long wash days. I miss my shorter hair. I'm thinking about taking about 2-3 inches off after I reach my two year mark (Aug 2011). I'll leave it like that for about a month and see how I feel. I think I want a TWA again.

Monique downinmn

@klw0198 See, your goal is shoulder length when flat ironed. Mine is shoulder length, taking into account my major shrinkage. Oh, heart shaped faces are so cute!

Monique downinmn

@anita4168 & I love talking about my girls hair too :-)

Monique downinmn

@lynnieluve I know what you mean. I remember when I reached BSL, I was ready to cut it all off. I settled at right above my shoulder. Yes, longer hair - longer wash/detangle, etc.

Heartfelt Honey

my ideal length would probably be to my armpit in its natural state without being blow dried or flat ironed


OT - your son is gorgeous :) Earlier in my journey, I focused on learning what my hair responds well to. Now I just want to see how long it gets. Now I am BSL (longest length in my life) - will see what happens - it won't be the end of the world if I don't get past this length (i.e. with trims or cuts).

Monique downinmn

@MsCourtney1 Manage. . . yes! My hair strands are fine, but with my length, after apl or bsl, it becomes a lot to handle. I think if you have the extra time to do that much hair, it's great because you will love having long hair. With my 4 kiddos, I have to keep maintenance down to weekly or 2 week styles for myself. Thank u for responding!


I want to growth mine to full apl when flat ironed which should put me at shoulder length in its natural state. I have a heart shaped face and thats what works for me.

Monique downinmn

@NappyNFree I think you can definitely make shoulder length & longer. It will be a surprise when you do. I remember making shoulder blade length/apl and I was like wow! My crown area is my shortest. I know why though. The texture is different and I have to remember to take my time in that area. Oddly, more recently I usually just cut it so it seems like that's the style. That is until it grows back. I wouldn't recommend that. LOL! Just pamper and give it some TLC, like you said.

Monique downinmn

@TheHeartfeltHoney Taking our shrinkage rate into account, I guess that would probably be about true mid-back length when stretched. Wow - that would be a lot of hair!

Monique downinmn

@curliefro Thank you for the compliment on my son. You know, I get your response. I wanted to see how long my hair got, but after bsl, I was like Calgon take me away. Don't get me wrong, I did like having long hair, but at the end of the day, It was too much hair (for me). Sometimes, seeing other naturals like you (as you described bsl) makes me want to go on a another growth journey. Sometimes.

Monique downinmn

@napzfaya To your feet. Wow! One of my highschool bosses had calf length hair and she was not black. I thought I would never see a black person (in person) with that length hair. But I have. Then I wanted to see a black person (in person) with natural hair that long. I did. It was a lady with locs to her calf. It was nice to see how consistent her locs were all the way down. Amazing, actually.


My favorite natural hair length is very long almost waist length!

Heartfelt Honey

@downinmn yup but i never flat iron my hair and only blow dry about every ten months for trimming so it would never actually be worn to my back but comfortable at armpit in its natural state:)


I want my locs to my feet!!!!! for real....and that's right DONT PERM THE BABIES!!!!!


Good question, I was just asking myself that a few days ago. This is my 4th year being natural and I'm bsl, and it's a nightmare to me. To wash, detangle and style takes forever, so I am finished with growth and will probably cut my hair back to apl and stay there.


My hair is currently 10.5 inches to 11 inches all around. The left side of my head has a tendancy to be longer than my right. The back of my head likes to grow it faster than the top. At the longest point, my hair is about 2-3 inches from the bra strap. I want the top of my hair to reach that length which I belive I will need 10-12 more inches.

Monique downinmn

@lolipop2004 See when my hair hits bsl, it becomes just too much work for me, especially since I have 2 daughters to maintain as well. I think I like apl (if my hair was flat ironed or blown out). I agree that that's enough for me too.

Monique downinmn

Well, I cut it, but I still like that length!

Monique downinmn

@Niafloda I get it. Isn't it funny how different spots in our head grow at different rates. The crown and middle back portion of my hair grows super slow, but the top and lower back grows like a weed. Weird.

Monique downinmn

@sunshine1buttercup1 I have about 80+% shrinkage as well. I have a not afraid of shrinkage video that shows how much my hair shrinks. It's crazy. I enjoy the length and I enjoy letting it shrink, like you said into basically a twa.


I would like to grow my hair to APL or BSL just because I don't ever remember having hair that long (unless it was a weave). I'm pretty sure I would end up cutting it though because I think shorter styles look better on me and seem easier to manage


I think I would like for my hair, all around, to be maybe just past shoulder length. It's almost there in the back, when stretched, but the front is just at the tip of my nose. I think as long as my hair is healthy and I can style it the way that I want (and be able to continue to bun when I don't feel like dealing with it), I don't need for it to be super long. Thanks for this video.

Ideal hair length

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Best hair LENGTH for waves

27 669 views | 17 May. 2019

Best hair cut length for

Best hair cut length for waves

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DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!

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Martin waver

Good information bro! This is a good video especially to someone new to the wave game. This is a must video for them to watch.??

Wittenberg Project

yes... this is exactly what I was looking for. after wolfing... what guard should be used. I alwasy thought the 1.5 was to low, but thats the only length ppl talk about


Skipped pass the other videos and clicked on yours and I'm happy I did! Got all the information I needed. I been had waves but they never looked full since I always cut down to a 1. I just recently thought about go up to a 2 but I just needed confirmation. So thank you!


Welcome back very informative info wow you made great progress!!!

david balogun

i'm @_trapdave on ig man

Tre Day

Two years? Lol More like three months with proper technique


1.5 guard or 1.5mm?

Tahj Price

Sound like Chris rock

Davion Cohen

Your video bee on point keep that brush moving

jacob joe

can you get waves withe a 3 or 4 guard on top


I just want to restart


My hair is 20 inch long


I know I’m a year late but if I take my waves out do I go back to a 1.5 or cut down to a 2.5

E Money


Lightskin safi

1,5 centimeters right?

Noah Moses

Could u just tell ur barber to shape ur hair up


He look like Cole from Martin

EB 360

Spoken like a true waver????

Striving Bro


Tsunami Timo

dope video


does this go for straight hair people too ?

E Money

A coarse hair wave can actually trian that hair lower than that ..00 guard is actually when it starts curling

Blazin Jaye

My curl lenght is 2 but i do be spinning on a 1.5 but with 2 guard everything show better cause when i came back to the wave game i cut my fro with a 2 guard

XXX 24

Is he talking about inches or cm

727 steppin

Nice vid, I dipped out the wave game a minute ago but I still find your vids entertaining and interesting?


Mic is low mic guy

Jalen Tilley

Preciate the tips‼️

Antonio Francis

This vid will change lives

Daniel_23 23

Is 1.5 in mm

Julius Bryan Jr

Shawn Wavy, GREAT video, GREAT info... Keep up the great work


This is gamechanging once again thanks for the assist ???


Jesus loves you so much that he died for your sins so that you can have eternal life

yvng savage87

What if I tell my barber a 1.5 wtg and keep my waves and if i dont wave waves on the sides the crown and the back but have waves on the top do i tell my barber atg or do i get a 2 wtg or just 1.5 atg and lose progress?

J Beats and Waves

Good video and information

Ideal hair length

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Best Hair Styles For Your Face Shape - And How To Find Your Face Shape

5 894 382 views | 23 Nov. 2014

How To Find What Hair

How To Find What Hair style works for your face shape. I go over the 5 basic shapes, oval, round, square, diamond and heart face shape. I go over the basic formulas to flatter all your features and what shapes and haircuts to avoid and exaggerating your own face shape. All face shapes are beautiful and this isn't a means to conceal anything but more so to enhance your beautiful shape!! Thanks for watching please subscribe!!

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#hair #tips #blonde #hairdresser #diy #style

Tracy Hernandez

After viewing a few of your videos I started to wonder why you don't introduce yourself by name. The info you share is not only up to date with current trends and safe but its easy to understand. Please start introducing yourself by name or include it in the title. you deserve to have your name in the mouth of every household and known with americas popular celebrities. great Job! keep it up!

Patrycja Leskiewicz

I've watched a few of your videos and I can't help but to feel like I watch Shakira ? You look like her so much in my opinion....not sure if I'm the only one who sees it. I love your blonde by the way ?


I have an oval shape and long neck so I struggle with not putting attention to how long my face or neck are. What would be a good hairstyle for me? ?

Vanessa Big Bear

No oblong shape face info?

Bella asdfghjkllkjkjhhfdut

I have a heart shaped face that is a bit longer with an angular jaw, I have no idea what to do with my hair


What about a long face???

Nohemi Trevino

What about pear face shape?? No one ever talks about pear face

amber tappa

I have an oval face shape .. what flatters my shape...u missed that

Heather Chando

My face shape is a heart with an ugly protruding chin.

Mary Tith

No matter what haircut i get my nose ruin it

Clara Mampinda

I feel like you have a Hart sape face.

Gobble DGuk

Baby fine hair, square face. No cut makes my hair look right. My hair has falls flat and I look like a live LEGO head with thread on top.

Kayla Fishman

My face is pear shaped like kelly Osbourne...help??? Lol...

Yukta singh

I am really confused if I have diamond or oval

Brithanny Cabreja

mine kinda looks like u


What style would you recommend for diamond shape with short forehead, and Japanese straightened? Also for in its natural ‘scary spice’ state?


I would LOVE a round face! I have a diamond and I find it hard to find a style for my shape.

Susan Jonsson

Curly hair style for square jaw?

Emi Ly

can someone help me.whats my face shape? is it round or oval or combi? what would be the best haircut/s for this?

my face is a little longer than its wide and my forehead is flat and my cheek are flat too, you can barely see the cheeckbones. thanks in advance

L Collins

3:27 round face


Can I send you a picture of my face and you tell me ??? What fits me

Angelique Fink

Can you please do a make-up tutorial, your make up is so flawless... beautiful!

a bathtub

what if you just have a reeeeeaaly small chin, like jaw is physically too small for the rest of you skull small.... asking for a friend

A Starry Eyed Life

Can you talk about permed hair? I can’t find any videos.

4 Idiots 4 life

Im a mix of oval coz i have fat cheeks and triangle

justin seagull

I feel like my face shape is oval shaped(by drawing lines by dots). But my jaw is not pointy and i have a little wider cheekbones. Agh

Camila Vela-Ruiz G.

How should I cut my hair if I have a round face shape, straight dark long hair? I also part my hair on the side.


would a pixie cut look good on someone who has a diamond face shape?

Peter Theron

Can a square face suit a middle parting?

Indre Zdanciute

U look so good in yellow! Not many people do


3:30 Round Face
4:34 Square Face
5:34 Heart Face
6:25 Diamond Face
7:29 Bangs

Kaytie Broadhurst

I'm going to come across so rude but you are gorgeous. Literally gorgeous. I clicked on a recent video and I was shocked how much you have changed physically. I just wanted to say that you make a living helping people look pretty on the outside but keep in mind that your character speaks for itself. You are Intelligent and seem passionate about your work. Less is more. This natural style suited you extremely well

Abigail Torres

Am I the only one who clicked off after she mentioned oval head shapes go with any hairstyle ? Got my answer within two mins ?

Ima Ontour

Does a widows peak play a role in it? Someone told me it makes you heart shaped but that sounds too easy

ken. mina

You are completely unaware of oblong face shape


My cheeks are a bit chubby, my cheek bones are pretty big but my fat cheeks hide them and I have a large forehead what do I get for that

Anna Desai

I think you have a heart shaped face. Am I right?

Juvylene Herreria

combination of heart and round face ?

Julia L

I have a long, round face and it sucks :((

Clara Mampinda

People said I have a oval face lol but I think I have a round face.

amber tappa

Did u miss the oval shape lol.... or did I miss it lol

Shirley Royal

What about the long face ?

Stinky Gorl

Drawing it out is so smart

tyler da creator

my face is a literal square

Michelle Ju

What brand of your lipstick


Ah, my face is widest at the cheekbones like the diamond, but also very square in terms of my hairline and jawline. Since those two face shapes have such opposite advice, I'm still rather confused on what to do.

jennifer Cummings

I think you will find that the heart shaped face is the most desired shape and any hairstyle will go long or short with a heart. I also see the square is more masculine and in many hollywood stars are how transgender eg jennifer annison, Anjelina jockie have masculine jawlines so call it what it is.

anon girl

So no bangs for diamond face shape?..

Eliza Rodriguez

Did you skip a long face?

Julia Parsons

Hi thx 4 ur amazingly helpful broadcasts, please can you do something on ladies with round faces? It’s so hard to correct a round face and balance it - thank you! Jx


i think the oval shape being the “perfect for all hairstyles” is a myth... i have it and once i cut it really short, it looked awful

Jo Rich

So I always thought I had a round face but I've been told I have an alien shaped face like bigger at the top and smaller at the bottom ? so turns out I'm actually a heart shaped face so I'm ok with that lol

Alexis Ybarra

What about a pear shape?

Kiera K

Hey. ok, I just want to let you know that someone made the subtitles in French so as to mark bad words in it. You should check this out.

Joyful_ Jordynn

Where we suppose to draw are face while smiling or are resting face? Cuz for me my smiling one looks round and my resting face looks oval

Kristen Jones

I really wanted to know my face shape so I could figure out what kind of bangs to get, but I couldn't sit through this video, it was SO BORING. Are all her videos like this, or just this 1? Some comedy/sarcasm is always nice, plus the monotone is putting me to sleep ?

Manisha Devi

I m confuse about my face shape plzzzz help me

Felicity Littler

Im like 90% sure i have an oval but not 100% sure i did an online test and it said oval and heart

katie gaffikin

My face shape is weird. It's like it wants to be very round, but then my chin is like nonono.

Kookies n Tae

I just have layers and long hair to cover up my face! Works every time

Manana Gagua

Actually this was very helpful, thank you

Abi Lea

Man it would've sucked to have a round face in the 20s

Jessica Fowler

What about elongated face shape???

Sushree Behera

Hello mam
I've mixture or oval & circle face bt more oval. So can you please suggest some haircut options for me?

Laura Softheart

What about a narrow face?

Gia The Sweet Potato

I have a really long square face, so I guess that makes me a rectangle ?

Tanjina Nigar

You didn’t tell about the pear shape!

Irene Crook

What about a long face????

Judy Patrick

Great video thank you. I’m wondering what is your face shape is Oval?


I disagree, I have an oval shape but I also have a long neck. If I wear short hairstyles I look like CRAP because it emphasizes my neck and I hate it so much. I also have a cow lick so I can’t even have a fringe ?

Sophia Cabards

I really hate the shape of my face it kinda look like oval when near and my face's shape looks round when it you're far

Madison Hayes

U didn’t go over oblong :(

Myda Faryal

U forgot oval :/

Juliet Vickio

Oval doesn't look good with everything and this needs to stop being spoken about. Because if you have an oval face shape and you cut your hair to give you a different face shape outside of oval then you look "weird".

Lisa Jones

No one ever talks about an oblong face. Is that because no hairstyle looks good in that face shape??

Gerta Dakaj


Julia Struts

I want short male hair, but i don't know if I will look good


Wow, you're so pretty!!

Victoria O'Tool

Thank you!

Melisa Ejubović

I cant figure what my face shape is... ☹️

Amalia Coria

well it would of been better if she would of shown some real photos of the haircuts to the different shaped faces

Simona S.

So. I have very thick and long natural blonde hair that when blow dried,is a bit voluminous. I hate blow drying my hair,it takes me more that 20 minutes,I hate washing it because it takes long,I always tie it in a pony tail or straighten it with the iron (I never style more that this,I'm lazy) and I really really hate having it all day long heavy on my head and have difficulty with it when I'm wearing jackets or working. but I like how long hair looks on me. I had shoulder length hair 2 years ago and it didn't look good on me,I didn't know how to style it or whatever I would do,I couldn't see myself with that hairstyle.
I want a pixie cut/bob haircut. I have an oval face. Will that be the salvation for me? Or seeing that it's very thick,it will cause me more problems? What should I do?

Lara Star

9:00 that's bitterly my problem where I don't have that 'point' because I have 2 finger forhead :(

Daneille Saunders

Well I don't think I have square face
I know I have it

Yasmit Santos

Which colouring technique do you have in your hair ? Do you have a base colour and .. wich colours do you have please ?

Thank you xx


Is there any
Good hairstylist in Chicago I’ll

April Shamel

This was so clear and concise. You're a great teacher!

Tiny Dancer

Do you have one of these videos for male hair styles? My son is going into high school next year, so he is growing his hair out, but I would love for him to understand styles and face shape for future styles. @ellebangs

Pranita chettri

I have heart shape face so which cut will suit me


can you come over and decide for me


I dont know what I have

បិជ អីសហៀ

I’m still stuck between diamond, oval and round.

Mel Chen

What about a heart face that looks rounding because I have a lot of chins lol



Czarina Camus

I am confused whether my face shape is round or square cause I am a bit chubby

Heather Fitzgerald

How about an updated version of this?

Desirée R

Thank you! Very helpful and informative.

rosa lina

Hello , why dont you make a translation in french ,because your tittle attract french people but then we have to translate its not easy .thank you

Alexis Ybarra

What about a pear shape?

kyndell ashby

i have defined cheek bones that are wider than my jaw but my jaw is more square than slim, what would that be considered? (forehead and jaw are almost exactly the same).