Kinds of hairstyle

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Latest Hairstyle For Parties - fashion hairstyles 2020

3 099 604 views | 14 Jun. 2018

A simple hairstyle VERY

A simple hairstyle VERY BEAUTIFUL - hairstyles 2020



Milagros Valdés

Se ve facil y a la hora de hacerla cuesta.

Rodolfo Álvarez


Susana Beatriz Olmedo

Me encanta estas trenzas

Sandip b.k

nice and i loveed this hair


Ау людииии

Maria Torres

La hizo tan rápido que no le entendí al trenzado ?

Claudia Rodriguez

Que peinado más hermoso

bishal acharya

Oh i can mke only for other not for myself
I too much loved this hairstyle❤️?

Talha Mahmood

for the epople who don’t have long :
take 2 strands (section 1 n 2)
take another strand from section 1
go under section 1 and over section 2
add another piece of hair from the additional strand and go under and over

Umida Nabixonova

Ну.....так себе коса

Bere Rangel

Me encanta sta trenza seve bonita ???.Me gustaria haserla...

Marissa Lanza

What is this braid called

intan s

you make it so easy, i make it so difficult?

Baddie Vibes

what is this hairstyle called?

Gamers Here

It's hard to do for a nine year old that's me??

Alejandra Perea

Es una muñeca ohhh

Aony 236

ทำไมเวลากูคอมเม้นท์อะไรปุ๊บ มันไปโผล่ที่เครื่องอีเอเลี่ยนทันที? หรือไปโผล่ที่เครื่องทุกๆ คน?

lita lita

I hope it works on fine hair! Loved it!

Rodolfo Álvarez


ชุติกาญจน์ รัตนชมภู


Ruhiyyə Qasımova


Mayra Briseño

Hola yo me llamo asanana

miss aiokakz

Фу фу фу найс

Astghik Alaverdyan

Formation chignon https://www.instagram.com/etoile_institut_beaute

Crafty friends

My hair are not so long, they are Bob and curly. Plz show a hairstyle of bob cut hair

Robin Pajarote


Jeny Velasques

Me encanto ??

ليلى علي


Susana Velázquez

??Que Hermosa trenza??


Beautiful. But looks like it’s being pulled so hard you’re about to rip that straight out of the scalp.

Marcela Becerra

Muy bonita, pero no explican como se hace ?

Katie Coopee

What are these braids called??

Romeo Malinao

Were did you buy the doll thing whats that called??pls reply

Marissa Lanza

I love this this is exactly what I am looking for

Maria Pasache


Drama reviews PK

This very amazing braids
Knots are so simple and step by step
Have a great day my dear

Paola Luzcando Aguirre

yo no se hablar inglés ?

Zina Bouaziz


Los Primatex

que linda pero es muy dificil ett andrea saracual

Uraina Montgomery

So good

Cecilia Roque Velazquez

Deberían enseñarla en cabello vivo no es lo mismo se dificulta mucho

Aiad Sophy

أن فرمة حول جدنا

Marcela Ibañez Olivares

Si me salio??✋

aldana Gomez

Muy hermoso la trensa

miss aiokakz

Кушти демия кой

zakaria Gani

Zwina bsha

Mariàm Maldonado


Teodula Olvera


online phone7891


Jennifer Galicia

This is a very amazing and beautiful braid but I wish it could of been a step by step one it’ll be easier for me and Ik couple more people but what is this braid called?

هنوف البلوي هنوف البلوي


Hazel Lapidario

welp now it looks bald but that was good

Mamta Gupta

Hi. Will you tell me, from where you bought this mannequin? It looks pretty good...

Hang Nguyen

khó dữ ta

Jacqueline Tenorio


Непоседа Злата / Neposeda Zlata

The best ???

Sevcan Yildiz

Türk gardaşlar gelinn

Georgina Pedal

wuauuu poldle de1dl qddqs2qqqqeww

Румиса Кагирова



How to do that

Aurélie Tiomo

I like it IS very simple?

Нурбек Турсынтай

Оте керемет классно❤❤

Bidhu Das

Nice ?

monyra albgumi

صعبه في الشعر الناعم

nely joselin nava

esta muy bonito el peinaoo

ᴅᴇᴠɪʟ ǫᴜᴇɴɴ

ഏതേലും മലയാളി ഉണ്ടോ

Diversão De primas 47

Lindo quero aprender ????????????


how to do this on a wig, without the head falling off the table?

erwin contado

I like it so easy

Oralia Bojorquez

Hermosa trenza

Lamneithem Lhungdim


Raissa Ribeiro

Muito bom

Gemely Luzon

How’s this type of braid called

Swag.princess. Tink

Every time I blink the best go along one ...

Onlysys Hair Perucas

O melhor vídeo para aprender essas tranças ?????? Amei! Obrigada

Jessi BYRD

I’m getting so irritated because I’m unable to do this braid


I like you ??

Jacqueline Reece

This is super cute! Also I’m loving the nail polish color


Does anyone know what this braid is called?

Aesthetic xo

Wow,I just want to say is any one talking about how neat those braids are ??

Lily Tapia

Gracias por compartir, bendiciones

Ancelmo Anagua

Que hermoso peinado wauuu

Sheylla Cotrado

Bonita trenza

Brenda Cervantes

I watched it like 10 times and i finally got it. You add hair to one strand only . And that one strand goes under and above the other 2 strands !❤


que bella

kim Anpangirl

Let's be honest

We all thought that there was girl in the thumbnail

Emma Martinez


Navdnsensedia sndehshesjheshhzqjehMalek


Mitchell Shantwant

can I repost this video on my channel I love this video because ❤️? please please

Melisa Yazici


Peinados Anali

Que trenza tan hermosa????

Michele Dodd

What is the name of this braid

Рг Оо


Büşra’nın Günlüğü


Zavagat Ismailova


erwin contado


Cesar Favela

Hrnf d bfjjafjharjjrjrjrjjrkrnbfbbejwgaqsdioooo(dnhdavfjfj g aj aa jdfffaahshh

Meka Dillard41


Kinds of hairstyle

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10 Basic Braids For Beginners | Easy DIY Tutorial

1 607 425 views | 12 Jan. 2020

I’ve been thinking that

I’ve been thinking that it would be cool with a basic tutorial of the 10 most common braids. In this video I have created a quick tutorial for the10 braids, that I think you should learn.

Mastering these 10 basic braids will give you a ton of opportunities to create different styles.

The 10 braids are:

3 - Strand Braid - 0:00

4 - Strand Braid - 0:33

Rope Braid - 1:52

French Braid.- 2:45

Dutch Braid - 4:21

Lace Braid - 5:45

Waterfall Braid - 6:49

Fishtail Braid - 8:29

Twist Waterfall Braid - 9:37

Infinity Braid - 11:03

Thanks for watching!

amal khairunnisa

I paused the video to give her arms a break

Alison Walker

My sister and I have had a braid going down the middle of the back of our heads sometimes in our childhood like the ones in this video.

Night owl & a Bibliophile

affter trying it my hair gets tangled lmao :( How I wish I can braid my hair like yours :(

Mariam Nahshal

she is strong arms i love her hairstay in her

1423Sneha Thakur

This is best channel ?

Carly West

You're beautiful girl! Your technique is on point.

Uzma Shaikh

U hve got some really strong arms
I wonder weather u have got eyes on back as well cuz it requires so much of mental focus
Loved it ❤️

Sharmina Begum

This got my hair foing gymnastics ??


Everything seems so easy but it's not. It's really hard. If that's for beginners then I don't know what is.

Johanna Luna

Beautiful hair ?

Ayesha Kayani

Me: Hella thick Wavy af hair, with bad layering.


This is lovely, but i don't have enough hair lol

Ravenclaw Potato

Katniss everdeen braid?

Mistah Mann

Can you show how to these for bald men? ?

Midnight Wolf

How to ace those hairstyles

Step 1. Have great hair
Step 2. Have strong arms


Wow! You're amazing

Ewerton Ferreira

I'm a single short-haired dude. Why did I search for this?

Sarah Price

I mean it doesn't really work if you have layered hair. You get bits sticking out all over the place.

Paula B

i am honestly amazed at this girls ability to do it... herself... do you know how much arm strength you need to have to be able to do this?

Mike Altomari

This was soooooo helpful

adrian R

I'm a man, i know how to braid but i cant even make a simple 3 strand braid behing my head. My hair cry " U cant with us" and my hands "Ur not skillfull"

Leona’s Life

or i could just hire you?


I'm a middle aged man with no hair. Why the hell am I fixed on watching this youtube?

Esmeralda Leu

Wow, i LOVE this video!!!

art with amethyst

when u try this except it looks like a Bush because u have curly hair who can relate

Sean Andrei Isit

This will literally help me. Im a guy and i really love braiding my cousin's hair

Samreen Rizvi

This actually helped...Thanxxx✨✨

Ranjth Samararatne

This video was so useful???.but pls do it little bit slowly??


Omg I got sour arms .aah it hurts but just subscribed loving your content.

꧁Morganite Ayaka꧂

Title: basic braids for beginners.

Me: tries hairstyles

Hand: Nah ah, we ain’t gonna do it!

Me looking in the mirror after braiding: I screamed T^T


i would have to retry 1732 times and then have a breakdown because i can’t see what was i doing and my hands will be tired


Wow, I can't believe how weak my arms were. Took 3 rest. Lol need to workout my arm just to do this ??

Sarah Gill

I love it I am going to the pub and my mum is going to do it on me right now I am sooooooooooooo exited

Silvia Palade


The Art Studio

"Easy" she said :')

Marina Gibbs

How do you get your French braid to go so smooth and perfect? No bumps or stickie-outies like mine? Lol

Strawberry Shortcake

I'm already lost.

Nina Kondratyev

But still cute braides


When the braids cant be seen because of dark hair color:


thanks now i know how to do that?

Mocktail Conversation

as a person who is incapable of doing any hairstyle, I thought I could do a fishtail and it looked like I had just tied my hair over and over again. any tips on how to a cute ponytail the only thing i can do

Christy P.

I have to admit, this is the first YouTube video I’ve ever had to shake my arms out during. Made my phone feel really heavy.

fOgel fOgel

Im glad i have a horse to practice on?

Home Cooking Journey

Great job, enjoyed this beautiful easy to follow video:)) ?

Destiny Bates

she good at this

persy yadav

The four strand is a little difficult


I am definitely going to try the 4 strains braid, the dutch and waterfall. Must have my hair straightened and tamed for this first though.
Thank you!

Ava Turner

This was so helpful! I am practicing braiding my own hair which is why I love how you show itself doing it and not someone else. Also, the editing is great! Your hair is beautiful ?

Necito Angeles

So nice

Grace and Candylicious!

I’m gonna Subscribe for this! Thanks!

Yasmine Bl


Michell Nguyen

You so talent I wish I get a little like you thank for let we share your talent

Chloe Voorheis

tip: if you take smaller sections from the sides of the fishtail braid it will look a lot more like a fishtail than a normal 3 strand braid

Aliza nasar

You makes look so super easy

Super Girl

Looks so beautiful! People can see the braid on blonde color hair better than dark brown hair, though. I have dark brown hair. Aww???

꧁Milk Tea꧂

My name also Nina :D

Grace and Candylicious!

Suddenly I can French braid now! Keep up the good work girl!

Daniela Arredonda

Hello pink jajjakak

Nina chan

9:34 found legolas!

Thu Thủy Nguyễn Thị

Its easy

Ruth Castorena

Best braid tutorial ever!!!



Arhan Ch

Your hands are so beautifull.really. and hair styles were awsome...

Asianna Aubrey Cabiling

It's very cute hairstyle ?

Ranjit Chakravarty

Girls, women , mothers are just awesome


Honestly braiding is 10% how to weave the hair together and 90% which fuckin fingers you use to hold the different strands; I always end up bundling hair together -_- lol

Patti Fahling

The fact that you can do that yourself is by far amazing!!!

Santosh Sharma

2.48 best


This video is great! I don't know how to brajd my hair, I can't even perfect 3 strand braid. But because of this video, now, I can do 3 strand and Fishtail on my hair

Manjeet Kumar

Pls view new letest hairstyles kayley Melissa channel video ? ??

Anna Yannaka

my hands can't do that neither can my hair!


How do you section it out evenly? I have long very thick curly hair and the only hair style I wear is a ponytail

gowri swaroop

Love your tutorial ❤️❤️
...And strong arms you've got their
I really learnt 3 styles today

B Anne

Clicbait alert
These are not simple

Char Freitas

@carla&kc cole

Char Freitas

@carla&kc cole


omg your hair is so beautiful

S'all good man!

OMG ?? Guuuurrl...
Thank you!
I CANNOT BELIEVE this whole time a fishtail braid was so easy! ?❤️❤️
Ty! Ty! Ty!!

Katherine Ann

You know the part during each braid where her hair starts to get tangled up a bit so she just shakes the strand or runs her fingers through it real quick to smooth it out? Yeah, mine doesn't come untangled so easily. It all sticks together and gets knotted no matter what I do. I don't know if it's my hair texture or what, but I have yet to complete a French braid due to this problem.

Nicholas Yeo

You are so good

Golgo 13

Sometimes I do these braids by accident, never on purpose... ?

Eliza Hamilton

The fact that she can do the best braids without looking at the braid is just plain talented

Leonhard Samac

Instructions unclear:
-Lost all hair and now asking people to donate some hair. PLS HALP!

Jillianne Monsanto

My hair isn't long enough??

Cat Simpson

I can’t be the only one who thought a Dutch braid and a French braid were the same thing.......

Arti Kumari


Lit_Regulus_ WeUs

My hands at step 1 after manage parting 3 strand : ༼ ༎ຶ Д ༎ຶ༽

kedra coleman

My favorite ones are the fishtail and infinity braids. This Lady is very talented and unique with her braiding skills.

Ujjawal Minj

I don't know why i am watching this.. I don't have long hair and I'm not a girl. These recommendations are getting wild.

Nazia Naveed

By the help of this video,I have learnt to make all these beutiful hairstyles thanks Nina

Celina Céspedes

it is very nice greetings from PARAGUAY❤❤?

مريم نبيل


Nina Kondratyev

Thats soo easy i pro

Eléonore de Villenfagne de Vogelsanck

It ended up in a ponytail here. But thanks, I looove watch your tutorials haha

Layal Sh


Farkas Elischer

Nem lehetne gyorsabban

gem mimpu gem mimpu

I love the twist braid ?

Mackie Beato

Can you do some side braid styles

Federico Zambrano

Quarantine won't last forever, let's try this...