Natural hair night routine

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Nighttime Hair Routine for HAIR GROWTH | Stimulate Slow Inactive Hair Follicles

790 471 views | 4 Jun. 2017

So this is my simple kick

So this is my simple kick ass nighttime hair routine for hair growth!! I do not do this every single night!!

This CURLY BUN TUTORIAL: https://youtu.be/XfgQzVVvkRg

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NEW Wash Day Routine https://goo.gl/g57317

How to repair damaged hair https://youtu.be/Jyq9q1u-iNs

Stop Hair Breakage Retain Length https://youtu.be/JDEABdVaWOw

My Deva Cut https://youtu.be/StDzM4vmqWo

Best Products for Natural Hair https://youtu.be/VDghuCFGxN8

How to get thicker hair https://youtu.be/4utqj-E603c

P R O D U C T S U S E D :

Conair Paddle Brush


Shea Moisture JBCO Styling Lotion


The Mane Choice Growth Oil

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Instagram: @TkeyahBennett

Twitter: @TkeyahBennett

Snapchat: @tkeyah.b

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[email protected]

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M U S I C : Gahdamn x Kari Faux, Abril x el.


Estelle Walker

Please help. My hair has always been my pride and joy. I figured since it is pretty damn healthy, it could deal with some bleach damage. And I figured the master stylist who did all the color-corrections would know how much would be too much. I was wrong, and now I want to burst into tears every time I look at my hair or touch it. I just don't know what to do. My hair has also NEVER been shorter than this and it breaks and falls out. What should I do to regrow hair?



Precious Moyo

Loved the video! it was so helpful, and the next thing on my list now is to actually learn how to french braid! :D xx

Koriander Yander

I dont know how to braid to the scalp

Amberly D’Anna

This was simple and to the point! You have a new subscriber!

lady shay

thanks you have nice thick hair I long for that.. good info

Itsred Life

Loved the video so helpful

Emma m

My hair is FARRRRRR to short to put it in braids(French or loose) my hair goes off about 4 inches off my hair when it’s stretched (it goes up like alfalfa)

Rose Kendeg

je suis intéressée


What is the benefit of wrapping your hair at night?

Jess Dee

Great info! I’m going to try your tips on my natural hair.

Welcome to christivie’s world !


Reaper RM

I can't use JBC oil, does anyone have any other ideas on what else I could use?

Sidd O.

How often should this be done?

Angie U

Just a little FYI : The braid that you did is called a cornrow, a French braid is the inside out cornrow, or what it would look like on the other side of the cornrow.

Fall H.

My hair is only weak when wet when it’s relaxed /texturized. That’s normally what naturals experience so interesting to hear you say the opposite.

Hind Amir

I have soooooo much hair but it’s so short :(


I can only achieve this with my hair blown out. I have too much shrinkage after I apply water. I wish I could apply water and braid my hair in two braids. It’s way too much and way too thick. And way too curly hence the shrinkage.

Loading Name

Isn’t that “French braid” actually a corn row (corn rows)


I loveeeee Love loveeee your channel!

Miya J

I wish I knew how to braid ???

Tiffany Leanne

Love this!

Sincerely Didi

Your so goofy like me!!! I wanted to share such s video how I do mine! It’s lovely xx

Step Chicken

Wait I’m confused so you can’t brush your hair when it’s damp?

Mariyah Bey

Ur hair is so beautiful!

Viviane Tavares

Can I do this daily?

regina hardin

I got a new dell white like you got. Thanks for great information

Tammy Lee

Girl! You just gained a new subscriber. You were definitely God sent. I love your simple yet effective routine. I'm a lazy natural who works full time and care for a toddler. I need simplicity. I too have LP hair so your routine is perfect for me!

On the edge

Is this better than wrapping it

Naa Ashardey Ashley

When I heard her say that them thin ends were disgusting ??


I will try this thank you!!!


My hair is too short in the back to braid and idk what to do

Koriander Yander

I dont know how to braid


Why would you use a brush at all?

Kimberley Williams

U braid your hair every night ??


Really when dry/ i didn't think it was ever good to detangle curly hair dry

Bismark Tenkorang

teach me girl!!!!!

shakeeshia williams

Yasss!! Mane choice!! I use that with braids.. I seen hella growth this year along


Hey girl so it’s not bad to do this every night? I see lots of videos saying touching your hair every night is a lot of manipulation? Just confused


What's the beginning song

Alexus Feely

:20 xD omg ♡ get it

Porshia Johnson

u look like nia sioux???

Aaliyah Taylor

I love you sis! new fav youtuber

Miah Stalings

Stop putting it in those two cornrolls. Leave it out under a silk or satin long bonnet and watch what it do ova night.#morehair ?✊?

Missy Mafiaa

I'm doing this from now on

Mikayla Thompkins

Ooooooo ok I see u??

Sheniece Motilal

My hair is dropping like everyday I don't like how it is looking at all.... I can get some help please

I Am Perfect Passion

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Ann Richardson

Is the "Health & Beauty Organic Up Grade of Castor Oil used the same....

The Unchained CEO

Great video!

Aurore Geneus

Where do you buy the growth oil?

Shanequa Sanders

what are the names of the songs on this video?

Miya J

Your braids are so clean and perfect


Your hair is so cute

Allana Charlotte

Omg! Im so happy to see u leave your head scarf under your pillow. My grandmother taught me to leave my pajamas and head scarf under my pillow ?


Correction: cornrow on one side; Plait on other side. A French braid is an underbraid.

Utajiri Y


Charla Russe

You mentioned that you heat up your oil. This is totally incorrect and inappropriate for effective hair growth. I’m not a licensed cosmetologist or a beautician, however I do know that heating up oils decreases the benefits of the natural ingredients in the oil.

regina hardin

Yes heating up oils and conditions


if yu don’t do this every da y then how often do u do it ?


Omg I snapped my hair off so bad brushing through it wet. Smh? snap crackle n poppin

Dee Jay

How do you moisturize nightly and not ruin your style? I want to moisturize, but i dont want to have to rewtist wet every night to maintain my twistout. is there any way around that? Ive been in alaska for a few years and my hair hasnt grown at all and my ends are trash :( i just let it be dry and slap a wig on because im frustrated by crown breakage and everything else. so dry and itchy just 2 days after a wash.


You’re not supposed to detangle with brushes if it’s wet. Detangle with wide tooth comb if it’s wet.

Ziri E

Oh my god when I heard her say “I detangle my hair dry” I started laughing ?? that is legit the worst thing you can do for your hair

Nell Babie

You need a wide tooth comb and go from ends up the brush is taking away your curl pattern


My hair is really thin at the ends I think I need to cut it because it doesn’t seem to grow I trimmed it a couple months ago I don’t see any split ends but it keeps breaking off I know it

Analise Williams


stanice daley

How do you detangle when dry ?. My hair is too hard in that state and water softens it


1:38 is when the the to tutorial begins


You in the navy? I know that blue shirt anywhere lol

Jazz S

Subscribed just because you used kari faux in your intro yassss


Thanks so much ?

John Davis

Hey beautiful ? loving da natural 100. Keep da faith baby ?

Crowned Jewel

Informative video and thanks. Off topic but you look like you ball...do you? Seem like you would be fun to ball with.

Tianna Wataah

I love the intro

Harper Sparrow

wow, i just found ur channel, and i love how thorough u are! my hair is already pretty thick and has length, but I wanted to learn how to take care of it more, specifcally properly moisturizing it, and this video helped alot, thank you so much! ??

eunice njoga

You are talking too much


god, the echo ??

Nakaeli Garnett

good video loved it!


How often do you do this ?

LaRutha Bella

Nice video. I will sub anyone who will sub me, like and comment. Thx guys

Sandra Jefferson

Thank you this video was so helpful! ??

Smiley Rivera

How often do you do this ? Every couple of days?

Kyleigh Morris

Tgabk u sm tgis was vert informative

Davida Godbold

when you put warm water on your hair before apply the product after you apply the product do you close it up with Cold water.

kristi collins

Wi too prefer to detangle on dry hair..i see a big difference


Uhm see some people does not have blowed out hair and if they detangle it DRY it will break

Benita Silva

I been brushing my hair everyday I enjoy it it seems like I have less tangles and I really enjoy brushing my hair I feel more connect to myself I hope it is something that wont destroy because no one mentions daily hair brushing

Kamisha Mccoy

Sweetie I wanted to know for the Carly hair growth oil can you use any kind of msm powder because I accidentally got one that said joint support and it said nothing about skin and hair. I've seen some that said joint support skin and head and the one that she uses is from a different country and it doesn't have much writing on the bag I asked her but she never replied to me


I am SO RELIEVED to have found your channel girl ! It’s been hard trying to find someone on YouTube with the same hair texture as mine. You are a true life saver lol. Thanks T’Keyah ☺️? #SUBSCRIBED

Amanda Kadima

Should I do the LOC method every day ?


Do u do this every nite?

Dimez Gotti

She look good asf


Hey, ik I shouldn’t rely on the hair type chart but I’m trying to figure out wat my hair type is and it’s the exact same texture as your’s so wats your hair type..?

stan loona uglies

Doesn’t braiding hair damage your edges?

L. Davis

I use the exact same methods in the same order heated oil and all but I use cool water on my hair as opposed to hot or warmer water.

Kiarra Hill

I cannot detangle while my hair is dry ?

Tay May

How do u know what kind of porosity ur hair is? I wanna know what mine is

Khali F

I really love how simple and straight forward your videos are. This was definitely quick, simple, and easy!

Tammy Lee

Do you ever do twist outs? If not why? Thanks!

Natural hair night routine

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10 456 views | 18 Mar. 2020

This video is about my

This video is about my Nighttime natural hair routine on 4c hair!

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INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/kandidkinks/

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SNAPCHAT - alexiaaaa.f


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Use code- kandidkinks20

NATURALLCLUB - http://naturallclub.refr.cc/alexiaf

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FTC Disclosure- This video may contain affiliate links.. it is not sponsored ?

#kandidkinks #nighttimeroutine #type4hair

Doretha McElliott

Thank you for this video, I have always been wondering why I have puffy roots after wash day, now I know to braid it up instead of re-twisting. Also been doing LOC which has been causing product build up, now I know all have to to use is my twisting cream and oil unless it's really dry and thirsty. Been doing to much.


If I have a twistout then I retwist at night with jumbo twists with the styler I used. If it's a washngo then I just add a bonnet at night.

bread genie


Iconic Curlz

I wear wash and gos mostly so I massage my scalp with oil and band my hair in satin scrunchies. When I wake up I remove the scrunches mist my hair and shake my hair out. So easy for me!?

L B 1993brownsuga

Hey Lexi ?? If necessary I’ll oil my scalp and hair then put a silk scarf on and hit the bed ??

Monica M

I’ve been keeping my hair twisted in either mini-twists or a style. So at best I’m moisturizing my ends in the middle of the week at night

aka aly houston

That's why I keep watching your videos Lexi, because you keep hair care simple and easy. Then I get motivated to do a twist out and keep it GOOD for a week just doing the 6-8braids at night(even w/o scarf or bonnet!) ????????????

aka aly houston

I keep AHEM "losing" scarves and bonnets so I just sleep standing up. ????‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Jk, I just go to sleep with no protection at all! ?????....?don't look at me like that guys!!!

Ray D

Hi what’s the name of the leave in conditioner mist

Jennifer A Mensah

I like your makeup ?


Quarantine content??

Mary-Liza Mensah

I only have enough energy to twist my hair at night. I spritz every morning and every night and then put it in like 10 chunky twists tie it into a ponytail for stretch and sleep on my satin pillowcase, no bonnet.

Jeané Ritemon

I put my scarf and bonnet on then hop in bed lol

Letitia Menefee

See tonight I was going to be lazy,but then I watched your video and jumped out of bed to moisturize my hair! Thank you?

karen horton

Always educating us??
Because of your generous knowledge I’m a ?

Mary-Liza Mensah

Girl, just what I needed


Thanks for this video! Where did you get your bonnet from?

Shenelle Taylor

I used to do my hair like that but then I got lazy and just started to put on a bonnet ?


I use my African Royale spray and jbco w/ peppermint to refresh my hair at nights


Hey guys! What's your nighttime hair routine?

Randi Price Fain

I twist my hair every night, moisturize if I feel the need, and sleep with a bonnet. ??


I would love to see morning routine and how you take it out and style since it has less definition. Great video!

Shay Game

Just what I needed after my fresh braid out

Jasmine Money

I do 4 or 5 ponytails and bonnet. Or if i cowash an retwist just a satin pillow so my hair can dry.

savanna coleman

where did you get the bonnet

Korah Meneus

Wow thank you for this video, I got so much tips ❤️

Deaisha P


Tinisha Souris

Your make up looks super beautiful

bread genie

How often would you normally put product in your hair in the week? I find myself tempted to put it every other night because I am yet to find some REALLY good products but I know that most people don’t do that so idk if it’s doing to much

Nesha Jones

Ok I needed this video! I will definitely being trying your technique! Thank you sis ??

Mulanga Sarah Mbayabu

The bonnet???do you have a link for it?

Natasha Morrison

girl I'm still trying to figure out my night time routine, I'm a new natural and girl its lots of work. lovely video your definition was lovely the next day ❤️

Judi–Ann Gordon

Soooo I never knew I needed you and your videos so much. Beyond happy I found your channel!! Thank you ❤️❤️

Mercy A

Thank you for this, I started incorporating this 2 days ago and woah!! I should have started doing this sooner with my 4c hair.

Jayla Vincent

This was a good routine video! I band my hair in 2-4 sections at night and put a scarf on. Sometimes I oil my scalp. Where did you get your bonnet it’s so cute!

aka aly houston

Lexi, I like your music choices ??????

Katrina Brown

Great video girl. I do the banding method.. ?

Alexia Infinity

Hey girl hey ❤️

Stan Stan

Thanks for the vid ??

Natural Chic

Hi Lexi.! And subbies!! I have a hair question ! Every single time I style on wet hair my first day hair has a hold / crunch to it ( so far no matter what product I use !) Ive been using the LCO method ...any tips on what I’m doing wrong ? ... does this happen to anyone else ? I want my hair to feel as soft as using Shea moistures coconut smoothie on dry hair ???( I’ve tried using it on wet hair and no softness ) I need help y’all ???

Kmissblaccjongotti Murrell

you should add bonnets to ur shop because lord knows the "hair stores" in Florida that do sell bonnets cant fit my big head and are little asf . LMAOOOOO

Hava the Sun

That bonnet is everything

Natural hair night routine

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Natural Hair ➟ NIGHT TIME ROUTINE for GROWING, HEALTHY Hair! (easy + affordable)

949 764 views | 20 Aug. 2017

Hey guys! Today I’m

Hey guys! Today I’m showing the simple and affordable night time routine I use to maintain the health of my natural hair. Hope this helps!



castor oil capsules - http://amzn.to/2weByTP

cantu leave-in cream - http://shopstyle.it/l/fnzi

aunt jackie’s all purpose oil - http://amzn.to/2igF7ms

satin lined cap/bonnet - http://amzn.to/2iiinmc



INSTAGRAM: @thechicnatural

SNAPCHAT: chicisnatural

Gracie Wandyte

How often do you wash your hair when u wear wigs?
With and without the wig you look so beautiful love

ENY Polyglot

I admire her "heat-free" styles. Love love love the tips!

Tai’na Jackson

Can someone please tell me how often she does this routine a week they never say

LaSanta Jones

I better not do this shit every night sis

Recettes Peu Caloriques


Amal Ali

why is a wig called a unit


Good job!

Royal Nise

Addicted to your channel. I'll be using this routine tonight

Godwin Monica Odinaka

With the make up she looks like Niki minaj

Tay May

I'm a new subscriber and ur videos help me so much thank you!!!??

Jem my

Literally said today,I want a simple,effective and affordable routine.You nailed it! Love your videos :D

Guy Guy

Don't you braid your hair sometimes ?

Salome Kivuva

did you know?
bantu is a type of language group in africa(mostly eastern)

like if you hadnt had a clue



ZaChante Martin

Could you do a full night time routine skin and hair

Alanna Hill

She looks just like Nicki Minaj

tyler burkes

What gel do you use on your edges?

Taking off the mask With Jaz

I thought I was the only one who clean my edges.... I use a towel

hosanna. m

Where did you buy the caps

Baby Rayla

Your so elegant!! Even in the shower???

Rosezannj Maxwell

Hi TheChicNatural, would you recommend investing in a wig as a method for protective styling?

Glory Dan

jeez! ur so beautiful love ur channel really

Ayesha S

i love you boo

yala marceline

Quelles est ton numero

Study Hard, Sleep Easy

How do you do that puff style towards the end? Do you have a video on how to do that style?

Nanouitude By Fifi

OMG your nails ???

Jessica B

What kind of unit was that

Bob the Builder

She looks like Nicki Minaj

Lic. Esme

Banti knots are too painful...

Tiesha Green

Where did you buy your wig from?

J' adore Karine

I would be fun taking care of natural hair. I want to have curly hair tho but i have straight hair?


Please do a tutorial on your cornrows under your wig <3

Esther Oladega

It's gonna take forever to do that on my hair ?

Shadow TheHedgeHog

I admire anyone who can do this every single night...so much work...no wonder my hair isn't in good condition.

Jessica Enis-Kincy

where can we find the sleep cap I had a slap cap but it never stayed on where can we find it? please

Kimberly Harris

That was so cute

Vanessa Thomas

I would like to know what do you use for puffs? I use a old tie back but to get it perfectly it hurts after awhile

Winter Plays

You are lovely and this was so helpful!

Sky Fearless

Awesome info Sis you so rockkkkkk

Rachelle Fernand

What is the name of the cap and where can i go buy it ?


Where did you get your nighttime hair cover?

Dr. Jennifer Berry

What does everyone do to the ends of their twists to avoid tangling when they are taken down?

Mildred Pettiway

Nails ara pretty what is the polish?

Avagayle Maximous

I would love to see a video of your nightly face routine, please upload one!

francine campbell

What about if I have in braids r a sew in

kellsy h

Knots DO help grow your hair.

The moisture and then the fact that the ends are very well protected because they are tucked away from open air (tucked at base of the knot which is on the scalp of your head) and its kept in constant moisture (which is locked in being tucked away at the base of the scalp)

I just gotta try sleeping on them. Lol


You do this every night??

Linked To Auri

If I Wasn’t So Lazy! I Would Do The Same Thing Every Night.

Sabina Gaston

She didn't show how she put the band up

Tahamene Park

I think I might try this, btw what is ur hair type pls?

Erika Hudson

Where can i get that cap??

Kathy Smith

where did you get your hair cap

Queen Enderson

it's too bieautiful

Miya gang Jefferson

I am going to try this! Also where did you get your unit from??

Lady Renae Thomas-James

Beautiful ????

Jennifer Nduka


Yvette K

Your hair is beautiful..I wish I had more moisture..thanks for the tips❤

Juwairah Quality

how do u part ur hair so perfectly. im jealous

alissa Russell

Gurrrrllll !!!!! Thank you so much because I love my natural hair but I'm like I can not get my styles to last for days and I was thinking of switching to keratin treatment. I'm starting a new healthy lifestyle and workout everyday makes it tough to do styles and rocking a dry puff is not hott. Thanks so much for this, I tried doing knots with get night but then hair gets sticky so I will try with cream mix.

Neema Agayo

She so cute

Angie Phillips


NAE Portis

You hair routines are really helping my hair grow thanks.........

Lee Turner

I want my hair to be natural but my mom keep putting Perm on my hair

Ingrid Harrell

I've always done the bantu knots. No one ever believes that it really works! I have to get better at moisturizing though! Love Cantu products.

DeNay Walker

OMG! Looking at all of your videos I would have never thought that your hair texture is what it is. Your hair is so sleek and looks like it has so much body and so healthy! I let my hair get to bra strap length (after protective styles, less heat) then had this crazy idea that I wanted a fly ass bob cut..which meant..HEAT! Now I want my curls and my length back. I am on a new mission! New subscriber!!


yes that was super helpful thank you

Hanha Hoze

Did you make that wig ? Where did you get the hair from if not where did you get the wig ?

Skyy Blu

thanks for sharing... really was curious to see how you created the updo look...

Phumzile Pretty

Do you ever plait your hair?

Bridgette J Lucious

She so cute

Alexcia Lindsay

How often do you do this? Every night?

Keyonna Allen

I just realized today the she's a professional fuckin hair stylist I'ma listen to everything she says about hair takin notes now✏️?

Fridah Kiilu


Pretty Pretty Nappy Hair

I am tired my hair keeps shedding and breaking .i spend alot? and Alot of time .am done.

yala marceline

Tu est une pro


I REALLY needed this since my hair is getting worse lately. THANK YOU!!”

Joy Campbell

I would love to know where you bought your nightcap. Thank you for your great hair care tips. Your hair is gorgeous.


What do she slick her hair down with. Mine do not stay down it waves back up


Love this

Kayla Depeiza

What do you mean by cream? What type of cream and what type of oil?

glam star

So I should be moisturizing everyday even though my hair is in a protective style? ? You learn something everyday. Thanks for the video

Sia Amore

The pills ? ... I gotta try that

slim 788

hi.how do you store your leaving after you mix them ?

Temitope Olatunj

Do you spray the moisturizer if you have single box braids on?


Good content

Kathryn Carter

Where do you get your units from?

Esther Gerne

I like your hair is really beautiful

Guy Guy

I mean you never wear braids ?

FrizzyTizzy ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

Bantu knots take me forever

Layla Barns

That's nice

Robyn Reece

I’m waaaayy too lazy for thisss

Sharon Rideaux

If you make your own aloe gel or flax seed gel at home your hair will not flake.

Juliette Walker

Thank you for these great tops I will sure try them out awesome

Dana Cornish

Y'all she put the whole LOC method in a spray bottle?? I don't think that works like that......does it?

Gracie Wandyte

I was starting to wonder if ppl sleep with the gel on. Thanks for the video, very helpful ?


This was seriously helpful Thank you!

Latonya Burgess

I love watching your videos,thanks for sharing

positive vibes

Awesome video and great tips about edges.

Kira Ruffin

I like her cornrows so much! If I had that much hair, I would just go out with my hair in those cornrows!

Ada Mbata

Love your hair. I have taken my bantu knots out and I'm curious about what to do to maintain my curls. Please give me suggestions. The one thing that I don't want to do is redo the knots themselves.