Instant hair growth

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Caboki Hair Loss Concealer

235 892 views | 23 Jul. 2016

Faizan mughl

ye wake sach hai

sukrit maharaj

Apka nambra do muje ye products manhvana he..

N. Raju Samvel

how many days it's look likes hairs

Shumon Kumar Karmaker

HairBoss is like a miracle hair product for people with thin hair

Max Zheleznyak

what the fuck lmao

Selena Lee

What if it started raining though would it run like mascara ?

Harry Dingleberry

a big gust of wind : I'm about to end this man's whole career

Mast Hg

How we can buy


Awesome until it rains or you get sweaty on a hat day.

Pinku Psycho

Be confidencd


jesus people are fucking idiots

Kayla Davenport

What if a girl runs her fingers through “your hair” ????

Kamran Mughal

Koi na kharide bhai ye bewaaquf bana rahe hen me kharid kar pachta raha hun. Is me se kala powder nikle ga or kuch nahi. Mera kam tha ap ka pesa bachana baki ap ki marzi, thanks

Robert Flores

Is just black patter

dog shop barhalganj gorakhpur up

mujhe ek sample dijiye ( language in hindi )

Miranda Collins

Is it placing hair on your head or just coloring the scalp!??

evernorev -

the demonstration video is actually an electric shaver playing in reverse lol

najam noor

Why not on the hair line on the front. Please post it if effective there too

Niranjana Sanjeev

He has peach color hair, and this powder is making it black. That's what i could observe in this video.

khan彡ツMaaz YTツ彡

Ye kitne ka ha? Aur kha milega

Husral 62

Dimana bisa pesan

Peter Bird

The best way to hide a bald spot is with a Lamborghini.

Danniel Gutierrez Sr.

Damn demonic witchcraft. LoL. Well, you can put a Lamborghini emblem on a Ford Pinto... and it's still a Pinto.

sahil khan

how to purchase this product kindly send me your email or contact number


Didn’t they have spray on shit of this stuff in the 90’s?


Why do all other videos show people shaking it on like salt and pepper, and not rubbing it on like this?? Maybe this is why so many are disappointed with the product!!

Jose Mireles

I just order this & rogaine

Iftekhar Turky

Plz coll mee 00966502612572

Naushaad Khan

Yeh products kahan milega


Why not shave it all off??

Brenda Reymundo

Is this avialable here in the Philippines? If yes where to buy it.

Lena Gringeri

your stuff is so cool ppl you have the coolest thing

Tawseef Ahmad

Mujhe be malina chaha 9070120490


ateek ahead nomber 8791563810 please call me

Juice 'The Apprentice'

the person filming on their phone shows dude still lookin thin... just sayin though

Ievgen Novikov

Garbage and fake, never buy this!

Md Wadud

Wooow thats crazzu I need buy one

Sailu Tutika

Is it true? I don't believe

Tarh Nami

Nakli Baal ???

top top

لطلب المنتج والاستفسار داخل مصر وشحن لجميع الدول 01550561402

Alamin Hussain

pls how I get coboki in Bangladesh


Clone stamp tool

Oscar Hernandez

What about for white hair?

Darth Vader 1980 The dark side

I am going to buy that

Grace McKeown

0:03 you can see his blond-colored hair. He was definitely placed in the crowd. He's got peach/blond hair to make him look bald and then they're coating it in brown eyeshadow-like stuff.

Chanel Hanson

Prince william needs to try this


Kurwa ale kozak

Naushaad Khan

Just Amazing

Husral 62

Saya tertarik dn berminat di Mna bsa pesan

Ryan ?

The shit self conscious people do with their money lol.

Arunn b Kumaar

Super product good working

Muhamadh Hakeem

HairBoss is like a miracle hair product for people with thin hair

Bennadji djazairi. BBSA22

Jai acheter caboki de 25g de EBAY j'ai mis dans mes cheveux pendant 7 heures pas de résultats que des mensonges

Robert Flores

I did got that Did not work at all don't waste your time in money

TheRealPritchard 19

It’s a wonder no one has invented a semi permanent thing like this that stays in for a few month in swimming pools n stuff

Andres Nava




Where do I buy this?

Stevie Sihamto

Sing ndelok sampek ngowoh kabeh ???

عبدالله الخالدي


Irwin Wins

Then he walks outside in the rain and it’s all over.


Aqilimga sigdirolmayappan

pavan kumar

Please give ur contact


this is such a dumb product just go bald because if to hair gets wet your screwed

AC Beck

how does this make the hair grow so fast

Colin Richer


hira yousuf

Waste of money


I love these, I find them hilarious ?

Suhag Jasani

Lucsica hair building fiber wholesale price- RS -100+ spiping whstspp-8238385566

Dave cole

This is a stolen video from SMH super million hair https://www.supermillionhair.co.uk/ look at the product logo it is not Caboki. shame on Caboki

Shah Kavish

Kya ye Baal life time rehte hai?

Safan Shaikh

bhai log amezon se le lo waha mile ga


What happens when it rains? ?

Billie Dahling

Better than the zoo

TJ Hill

I can vouch for this stuff. Not a camera trick! I’m receding and it works perfect!! Love it. Also sold over the counter as “Topik”

Usb Phone

لطلب المنتج والاستفسار داخل مصر

All is here

Who satisfied plz tell me?

Usb Phone

لطلب المنتج والاستفسار داخل مصر وشحن لجميع الدول 01550561402


LOL I love how they're all petting his head at the end of the video ??? #GoodBoy

Jayanta Nayak



Why did you leave him with a widows peak tho? Ran out of Caboki in that can?

Instant hair growth

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1 दिन में बालों का जड से टूटना बंद??‍♂️14 Instant Hair Growth Hacks|100% effective|Be Natural

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Onion juice to stop hairfall https://youtu.be/zS2QnrjkoK0

Livon uses demo n Review https://youtu.be/FIEfq4iDS34

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Sonali Sinha

Nice video

A khan

Mam ye shampoo bht zada costly hai...her koi afford ni kr skta itne mehnge items....kam bajat m koi acha shampoo btaen plzzz

Sumi Chatterjee

Bahut costly hai

be positive

Please mere channel ko bhi subscribe kre God bless you


Di ma kabhi conditioner use nahi ki hu too kon sa use krna thik hoga

Dinesh Dance

Shampoo or conditioner different 2 lga sakte h kyaa

Tanvi Joshi

hello ma'am. my hair is too dry. plz suggest some remedies to remove dryness

Tanya Mishra

Mam conditioner kon sa use kru ...plz ans...

Rajan Sidhu

Mam khadi ke hiar colour ka bato

ThE ArT & CrAft ClUb

Di kya 12 years ke bachhe bhi conditioner use kr skte h kya?
Plz reaply

Monika Kumari

Very helpful video di ??

laksh kuhe

sb try kr liya yr kuch frk ni pdta hair fall ho hi rha h

Amanat roy Roy

Sub salon ka kamal h

Annu Kumari

Hii ma'am u r superb....♥️??
Ma'am mera jo baal he 1 year me koi koi mahina hi km jharta he nhi to bhut jharta he....
Or abhi winter me to kya bolun bhut jyada....iske sathdomuhe bhi ho gye he or andar me ab white baal bhi ho gye he?????....
Mere baat 8 class tk kafi ghane the
Bt today i am 30 years old .....
So ma'am aap meri help karo na
What can i do for my hairs....

Prabhjot Virdi

Thq didu for hair information

Poonam Rajput

Apne konsa color kraya h Hair pr please be ao

Ayesha Khan

Dii balo ko aghee karke dhonaa chahiye yaa picheee s hi please batao dii

Tuhin Dash

Mam khadi shampoo is not at all good


Ma'am mene suna h ki smoothing wagerah se bahut hairfall hota h..
Pr mujhe straight hairs pasand h aur smoothing krwana chahti hu..
Plz tell me ma'am mujhe krwana chaiye ya ni..??

Prncey Purbi

Bht baal jhar rehe hai

Disha Shukla

Di aapke hair bahut aache hai

khushi jha

Conditioner Kon sa use kdu??

Karan Arora XI B 06

Koi hair oil bhi bta do

Reena Pawar

Aapne haircut Kiya Kya because aapke Bal short lag rahe hai

Archana Rai

Khadi ka shampoo main afford nai kr paungi..q ki bahut mehenga h..

Shivani Rajput

Raat kese sooye apne hairs band kar yaah khool kar plzzz ish par video bana do diii?

Hdjeg Hdhdh


aisha sadaf

Aap Sab products itni zada high rate price Ka q bata ti ho ..Sab chiz Ka rate itna high hota h..every vedio Mai every product mehndii rose water shompoo har chiz...

Subash Ram

Thanks di

MxA vlogs

Jhaaru banana chahty ho to nh lagana????

Ankita Devrani

My favourite youtuber since 2017.

Miceal Bagh

Thnkyou for the info??✌✌

Rachna Kumari

Fake video

charitha k

Please do a review on ecoberry products

Shara Mishra

How to get straight hairs naturally ?

mizna shaikh

Diii I really loves ur hair ???????????


Follow all these hacks to stop hairfall instantly.

Khadi Global Anti Hair Loss & Hair Growth Shampoo
Amazon India: https://amzn.to/37PRACA
Flipkart: http://bit.ly/37TAJyH

Khadi Global Store: http://bit.ly/2NbpDxn
Khadi Coupon Code: ANTIHAIRLOSS10

Urmila patil

Mam bal madkar rakhana cahiye ya khule


Apne permanent straightening kiya he na

aisha sadaf

Aap Kuch budget amount price tak ki chizo Ka use q nhi Karti ...Sab ki family k parents .. Mukesh ambani jitne raees nhi h ..Kuch aise chiz bataw Jo Sab lardkiya lower family middle family sai larker Sab use Kar re ...

Anjali Verma

Di conditionar lgane ke baad hair wash krna hota h kya

My feeling

Mere bal bhut Jada thut rhe hai mam

Maria Sheikh

After rebounding buht hair fall ho rahy hain.. Sister plz rebounding k baad koi best shampo btaen.. Aur care b btaen. Es py koi video b bnaen

Cooking For Real

Yaar plzz apne rebonding krva rkhi h plzz befkuff mt bnao natural remedies kam krti h bt bot slow isliye apne chemical treatment lia soo plzz dusro ko befkuff mt bnaye

Kamal Pandit

Scalp or Jaden alag alag nhi hoti h Di

Chandni Chittoriya

Mem agr hm school jate hai to fir hm Apne baal kese dry kre...??

aryaa raghav

Ma'am do multivitamin stop working after a period of time or lessen their effect or else we should double the dose to get the results as we were getting previously??

Navdha Goel

Tell typ of hair brush ,hair comp or hair brush good for hair ?

Harshali Patil

Karetin smoothing karne ke baad bhi baal toot rahe hai di...
Abhi 3 months ho gaye hai..To kya ye shampoo use kar sakte hai

Sadiya Zaidi

Mam finger krni h aese ya nails

Aashi Mehra

Conditioner kon sa use kaer please.reply me

kishowara sultana

khadi deep wrinkle serum keysa hey???is it effective???

Com C - 405 Prajakta Jadhav

Which conditioner best to used?

C Kumar

Jinke Baal rebondig Kiya hua h no shampoo use kr sakte h

G Revolution FF

Mam hair fall bhut ho rha hh

Kiran Narzary

My hair grow very slow and also too much hair fall

Guriya Pal

Thnk u vry much dear

crazy singh

Dii mai ye sare hack kerti hu..?

Karan Arora XI B 06

Mam kya khadi global ka ritha abla wala shampoo bhi shi h ya jo aap bta rehe h vo wala plz reply me

Amiable Meenaz

Is biotique shampoo is good??

Ayesha Khan

Ek baar shampoo use karee ki do bar balo m oil lagahotaa h to ek bar m clean nhi hote h to plz batayiye dii

Rupam Deb

Weight gain K liye v video banaye

Deepika Yadav

Fake idea....???????

Kamal Pandit

Sahi bola kro

Sanjana Chaudhary

Plzz baloo ko brown kaise karee color reveiw dijiye plzz

Sangita kumari

Dd mai vatika shampoo use karti hu to conditioner kaun sa use karna h...

Raj Kumar

Baal hai to smart ban rahi ho

Anju Sonu

Mam Mera hair fall jada hone lga onion juice s

Umang Nishad

I want dandruff solution

Zainab Malik

Dii plzz bust increasing exercise and deit par bhi ek video laein.

Tannu Khanam

Bimary se hair fall ho to kya kare sab use Kara to bhi Baal bahut patle ho gaye kya kare

Rajveercharan3 Rajveervcharan3

Mere bal boht hi patle he to kuch btao Didi


Hello maam, very helpful tips
Maam your hair is very nice

Ayushi Gupta

Bhdiya commission mila hoga es product ko promote krne ke liye bhdiya hai ?????

Priyanka Singh

Kitne dino m frk pdta h m use kr rhii hu oil and shampoo

self creations

Cool Yaar it's amazing....

Suman Dwivedi

Hello ma'am. .
Mujhe bhut jada hairfall ho r h 4 month m 1/4 hi bche h please kuch aisa btaye jis ye ruk jaye

Abhi king

Ye apne balo me tritment krwa krwa logo ko bewakuf bnati h,,,

Hdjeg Hdhdh

Shivpuri Kutty naturally

Anji Soni

Check your vit D and B if u experience hair fall.
Also drink copper stored water for 3 months.



Priya Singh

thanks di

Annu Kumari

Hii ma'am....
Ur hair is so long and awesome...
Bt u don't reply my question...
Ma'am kya aap vedix ke product ka review de sakte ho....???


Mam biotique ke product k bare me bataye

tarandeep kaur

Didi Koi remedy batao Mera hair fall ho raha hai I think due to to water change

Ekta gautam

Mem bal kab kab vosh kre

Deepti Singh

Sorry but m life m kabhi khadi k product use nhi karungi agar koi guarantee bhi de tab bhi nahi.. bcz last two month mne khadi ka shampoo use kiya jiski wjh se severe hairfall hone lgaa mujhe.. itna jyada ki ab mujhe doctor se treatment lena pad raha h. I just hate khadi products now....

Rupa Mandal

Patanjali ka shampoo kaisa rhega

Mashsh Allah Shani

Pakistan sy Yeh shmpu ni milty plzzz koi or btay shmpu

Tashu Rawat

Hello Didi and jiju how are you guys...?Didi aapki pehle ki videos me aapke hair no doubt ache lgte the but thode waves the unme... But abhi recently kuch time se aapke hair bohot ache, shine or straight dikhne lag gaye.... Aapne bhi rebounding jesa kuch krwaya h kya..... Aur agr nahi krwaya h toh plz aapne hair care routine btaiye... Thanks... And love you both❤️

wildcat sarika

Sponcered video

Anshika Rathore

Very effective I tried......

Rajdeep Aulakh

Apka pass har solution haya. .......

Vaishali Ujjainwal

Konsa shampoo use kre di

Sheikh Nila

Hair long in one month hacks for me iam teenager.

Shivaly Choubey

Wow l will definitely try it .I think it works

It's me Samridhi

Di how your hairs are so silky and how you care your hairs plz make video???‍⚖️

Ekta gautam

Mem bal mote nhi h kya kre

Dj Rx production

Trichup shampoo B achha h hair fall bant ho jata h maine use kiya mere baal jhadna band ho gye?

Nirmal Debnath

muhje apki video bhot pasand he......
thank you ?
aap ase hi video banate rahe