Trim it 2

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Tri Way Trimmer Attached to Grinder

8 871 views | 1 Jan. 2018

.223 Tri Way Trimmer is

.223 Tri Way Trimmer is from:


5" Bench grinder from: https://www.harborfreight.com/5-inch-bench-grinder-94186.html

Shaft coupler 1/2" to 3/8" Alum from: https://www.ebay.com/itm/ESG-Shaft-COUPLER-1-2-TO-3-8-6061-ALUMINUM-3-4-DIAMETER-1-LONG/252441024919?hash=item3ac6a85997:g:5kIAAOSw3YNXcYzF

John Farnsworth

Thanks for including a link to my coupler on ebay!
[email protected]couplers.co

Rick Holden

I was in harbor freight yesterday looking for stuff I could Jerry rig into a trimmer station. I didn't even consider this, because I wanted it was a knife/tool sharpener.
Now I can multitask. Genius.

Dave M

Really good. Havn't had any issues. I would recommend maybe a larger grinder like Lowes sells a variable power but 3xs the price. But would overall it is a great setup.

5280 Reloader

How is the grinder still performing? I think I like this better than a drill press.

JLP Payette

How’s it holding up after a couple months of usage?

Eric Higgins

What do you think about using the 3" Bench Grinder with variable speed? It says it still has ball-bearing construction... https://www.harborfreight.com/bench-grinder-with-flex-shaft-43533.html

scott perry

What coupler is it? The link is dead going to eBay and can’t find it


Actually, One Damned Fine/Good Idea!

When I get back into reloading, in the next few months, this will happen.

I've Trimmed 10s of Thousands of 556/308/30-06 in the past. None as Simple or as Painless as this.

Using the Vinyl Glove makes all the difference in the world!

Who would have ever Thunk It!

My Hat is Off to You Sir!

Absolutley a Great Process!

And inexpensive........

daniel clapper

Can't find that collar for the life of me

David Overton

TIP; I set mine up like yours but the motor bogged down easily. I could stop it with my hand easily. So I put the heavy grinding wheel back on the grinder opposite side of the trimmer and the difference is enormous. The weight gives it momentum and the motor feels 10x stronger. I can't stop it with my hand for sure. Burnt the crap outta my fingers with the friction when I tried ?


Link is no good. Can you help out with getting a new link. I searched with no luck. Thanx!

Trim it 2

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How to change calibers and adjust Trim-it II case trimmer from 6.5mm Creedmoor to .223 Remington

1 447 views | 8 Oct. 2018

This short video shows how

This short video shows how to change calibers and caliber of cases. For a general review, please check my review video https://youtu.be/J3xbQbejsIo


I spent an hour last night trying to adjust the thing to 3 way trim 223 and it wont do all 3 doesn't matter how I adjust it I can get debur or chamfer not both.


Thanks for the video. Just set up mine for 300blkout. Wish i saw this first. It would have made the job much easier.

Trim it 2

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Trim It II Brass Trimming On A Lathe, Part 2

2 282 views | 15 Jun. 2015

Any screwdriver that uses

Any screwdriver that uses 1/4" hex bits will work, but a magnet in the screwdriver will help to retain the Lee case lock stud so it won't pull out of the screwdriver handle. You could epoxy a Lee case lock stud into a screwdriver to make a dedicated tool.

Other than the screw driver, you need the Lee case lock stud and shell holder. The shell holder is purchased with the Lee case length gauge. They're caliber specific. Here's the version used for .308.


The Lee lock stud is sold with the brass trim length cutter.


Re-upload after accidentally deleting this video.


Could you please send me the links to all of the Lee products that you are using in this video, plus the magnetic screwdriver. I have a trim it 2 and have been wearing my fingers out. I just came across your video and love your solution. Thanks for the help.

Gary Stevens

Safety tip. Shouldn't wear gloves around rotating equipment.