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Aliexpress haul | Nail supply haul for beginners | Part 7

121 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Hello guys I hope you

Hello guys I hope you enjoyed my Aliexpress nail haul ( part 7 ). I recently created my own small business and I'm planning on taking you along on this journey. I'll share with you everything I did to create my press on nail business, from unboxing nail supply to tips and tricks on how to start a small businnes and of course I'll teach you how to make press on nails

Where to find my press on nails


Where to find me

Tiktok https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSGd89rH/



0:25 stamping plates


2:55 false nails


4:40 cuticle pushers / false nails


5:50 stickers / crystals



8:25 nail display


9:25 3d nail molds



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Nail parts

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Weirdest NAIL ART that should NOT EXIST part 5

5 846 346 views | 7 Feb. 2020

Weirdest NAIL ART that

Weirdest NAIL ART that should NOT EXIST part 4! Today we're looking at more weird but cool nail art designs, leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one https://youtu.be/uri5P5L00AM Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! http://bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf

Instagram: http://instagram.com/sssniperwolf

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sssniperwolf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sssniperwolf

Official Merch: https://ogwolfpack.com/

LB Morris Jr

My sister dont like your vids but I do I love your vids I I hope you comment this back lea


5:40 Lia:Im Too Poor Me:POOR!? Ohh It Was Sarcasam Wait WHAT NOT!? AND THE HOUSE TOUR OF U THEN U SO RICH Lia:This Person Going Crazy ;-;

•Midnight Wolf•

for the last i wanna see what would happen if you smack someone with the back of your hand......

Sandra Trower

I love. You SSSniper wolf. And. My. Name. Bella and I had. To. And love you ?♥️❤️ ?

Jose Zermeño


Mama Sally

8:14 Alarune be like

Dance with Nehal

5:23 its a spring

Sabaa Al Jezani

I love you snipper wolf

Heather Bockheim

You have a mansion so you aren't poor poop now shut up

Sophia’sWorldOf Gaming

Lia: it’s like glittery algie growing from your nail beds

I don’t know how to spell algie in only in second grade

Cindy Wincloud

“I’m too poor”
Me: ahem ma’am I believe you have a big mansion and you are also a ytber 0:11

Aastha's art

I love when sssniper does not like something so she says that's illegal ?? love u sssniper

Steve Blum

My grandpa does something weird with his right big toe nail he paints it bright bright green

Mikey Gromer miller

Restaurants and get back with me on the couch watching the game tonight and y as a function to date u to date on all day and I can do the job for you and I will have the money I just want you to be y as a talk to you later then but I just wanted I e u I just got home and get some rest I will be in touch and let the kids in touch with you on my calendar

Kristel M.


julind uznova

Those are CRAZYYY nails


Sssniperwolf:Ok blow out the candle make a wish

Me thinking she'd say this:and burn your finger

Sorry lol QwQ

Sandra Trower

Do a challenge in tent. From Bella love love love it's my first time have talking to you

Macayla Gallon

Lias favorite saying "that's illegal! " ?‍♀️?‍⚖

Lovell Satcher

Oh no it the grinch

Maryam Maryamqtr9

Leah I love when you react to the nail videos can you react to a hair transformation please????

Tonya Ward


Franklyn Pineda

Me: asking my mom how do they wipe their but? My mom:we use a lot a toilet paper me: no wonder there's no more my mom: ?


(Harry potter warning)

Draco malfoy: These nails are ridiculous

Fun Fidget toys

Lia im a big fan im also gonna do sum

olivia griffith


Cannon B

am i the only one who calls cotton swabs q tips anymore????


I have a cold and I never laugh at anything and my cold keeps making me go “h e h” and it finally sound like I’m laughing.

Sarah Harding



3:27 she got molecules on her nails

Katelynn Hunt

2:54 what was that

Jaicee Jerdee

O-o to poor you own mansion and a lot of Gucci channel and forever 21


Go ahead

Ella Embry

You should get a pic of a wolf on the thumb and then the rest are black

Anzo Hayz

If sniperwolf’s poor than what am I??

Cannon B

only people who have been smacked by a lego can like

Zoey Goicoechea


Casandra Stewart

Hi plz say hi back I'm ur biggest fan

Peanut Saindon

I love you sniper Wolf

Fairyn Mikulas

I think they triked with the mini food maybe so I like the Ice nails but I hate how people ate the food toppings of the nail and they put the food on their nail on porpoise I like everything else but still I like it just not much

bun bun tsang

Do use of video that you do some crazy things do your nails

Evmorfia Gkatsi


lumi tumi

Wees that is weird niles
See me like this

Jasmine Jones

“I’m too poor”

Bro u live in a mansion, have 25 million subs, and have tons of vids. ?

Unboxing with Ella


gabby Universe

Hi ?

Jennifer Adkins

At 5:20 my nails could never look like that


I'm not poor playing roblox my friend is going to be in in spring July with


Lia “Their black and spiky”

Also Lia “ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴍʏ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛ?”



Why do you have to spray the hand green and put random stuff on it-


its called a spring

Random Person 2

0:10 ...

Umm excuse me ma’am but ur very very verryyyyyyyyy rich for your age


The squiggles are called slinky’s i think

Sandra Trower

Do. A. Challenge. in. A.

Evmorfia Gkatsi

Sniperwolf bc i am sick can you make me smile to make smile can you make a funny video for a game? The game name is (PK XD)

Kaliysta Ford

Ewww the way the woman are the food on her nails

Toca Sunset

It's a spring

Gaming Girl 2000



I got my nails done before I watched this and can’t stop clicking them on everything

mikayla Davis

I want the neon overly nail



Ben Kemmerzell


Judith Weightman

I love you .

gabby stubbs

The caviar destroyed my eyes

Alayah pugh

If you have all of these long nails and long toenails how could you put on socks and put on shoes and put on gloves


The birthday today

Kaliysta Ford

Bruh she said * yea that’s a hotdog I saw the Wiener go in *
Me: oml- I can’t XD

Galaxy Wolf

If you love carrots you love my cousin Caris XD I like to call here carrot XD XD XD XD XD XD


1:17 hahaha THATS what she said

Emily Reinhard

I play piano so I could NEVER do this

Also one time my sister did that and she did not read how long they stayed on until after she put them on and let them dry and then she read it and it said it would stay on for a week and she had to write a essay the next day so she riped them of ?

Dawsyn Reed

I love you gize

olivia griffith

Today my brother said it is to hard to Make a Pizza then my dad said it’s to hard to make u


It Jan 13


Hi guys it me llxSkyxll

The gaming Squad

Boa 0:00

Sabaa Al Jezani

Those nails are so much ove a littel love you

Jasmine S

this got my brain doing kartwheels ??????????

Mikey Gromer miller

How much is a real thing I just wanted to date and get back with the

Kristel M.


hey shan

I loved ??????

Misty Finch

Ssssniper wolf is so hilarious

•ᖇᗩᑎiᗩ ᑭᒪᗩyᘔ yt•

Imma call these yarnals...no unrinnals! Nah I’ll stick with yarnals

Martinez’s Martinez

God bless turn to Jesus and be saved God and Jesus is always with u!!!


hi my name is addison my b-day is in 2 days can i pls get a happy birthday plsss

Jaqueline Diaz


Abril Rodriguez

You are on youtube
I a fen of you

Galaxy gamer lite

you are cute

Ember Lee

A wr5czkigzno?⚱?????????

Girls Mallia

I’m about to cry because I always listen to many sad songs but I hide my sadness


Sniperwolf: I don’t know I’m too poor

Me: Stop Da Cap

Divine Giewelaar

I'm. 9

amna naeem

Actually I don't like any of them

Cheesenuget Loves dynamite song

I’ll be so happy if I got a bid fat like from you because you’re a famous YouTuber❤️


So werd

Ghost Rider 29 72

Disgusting I don’t like your video

Tenisha Jennings

do a mickdonalds happy melll on your nails an other nail do a drink from micdonalds on the other finger then fris on the other on then slices of apples or a yougart pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas sssniperwolf pleas an thank you because you litterley have 125k likes so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Jhana Fernandez

The firs is werd becuase the grinsh is dicoriting the tree not istiling the tree ????


Do you have a hairbrush?

Daniel Avendano

I dunno SniperWolf, Does that LOOK LIKE FISH EGGS!?


My friend said she were poor umm girl Your wearing Gucci bags $5 million Gucci outfit and Gucci glasses umm...Ya sure you’re poor...ok

Nail parts

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Nail Technician Manicuring & Pedicuring Exam Question With Answer (Part 1) (1-30) (2020/2021)

1 977 views | 18 Jun. 2020

Thank you for watching

Thank you for watching my video. This video is for peoples that want to become a nail technician. Study this and you will pass the test. Please check your state below. Good luck guys.

State Board Exam: ♦ Alabama ♦ Alaska ♦ Arizona ♦ Arkansas ♦ California ♦ Colorado ♦ Connecticut ♦ Delaware ♦ District of Columbia ♦ Florida ♦ Georgia ♦ Hawaii ♦ Idaho ♦ Illinois ♦ Indiana ♦ Iowa ♦ Kansas ♦ Kentucky ♦ Louisiana ♦ Maine ♦ Maryland ♦ Massachusetts ♦ Michigan ♦ Minnesota ♦ Mississippi ♦ Missouri ♦ Montana ♦ Nebraska ♦ Nevada ♦ New Hampshire ♦ New Jersey ♦ New Mexico ♦ New York ♦ North Carolina ♦ North Dakota ♦ Ohio ♦ Oklahoma ♦ Oregon ♦ Pennsylvania ♦ Puerto Rico ♦ Rhode Island ♦ South Carolina ♦ South Dakota ♦ Tennessee ♦ Texas ♦ Utah ♦ Vermont ♦ Virginia ♦ Washington ♦ West Virginia ♦ Wisconsin ♦ Wyoming ♦

christine stoeber

What the actual f*ck?? I'm only 4 min in and already spotted two completely wrong answers.