Mens parting hairstyles

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Classic Side Part | Men's Hair | My Hairstyles | Ruben Ramos

3 703 835 views | 31 Mar. 2016

This time, my way to do

This time, my way to do this hairstyle is a bit more complex and detailed.

The hairstyle of this video is a classic side part hairstyle, no sliked but more natural and lose, with a bit of volumen on top.

To do that I used my styling material such as hairdryer, comb, brush, etc and this time I also used a dry shampoo volume effect and hairspray to fix the teasing.

Hope you like it! Please comment any doubt or any question you have and please share to someone could be helpful.


Ésta vez, mi manera de hacer éste peinado es un poco mas compleja y detallada.

El estilo de pelo de éste video es un peinado clásico de ralla al lado, sin gomina sino un poco más natural y suelto, con un poco de volumen en la parte alta.

Para hacerlo he usado mi material habitual como secador, peine, un cepillo redondo, etc y ésta vez también he usado champú en seco de efecto volumen y laca para fijar el cardado.

Espero que os guste! Por favor comentad cualquier duda que tengáis y compartid a quien creáis que pueda ayudar.


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I'm sorry but it's just horrible.
If you feel the need to blowdry your hair do it but I have the same hair length with more and thicker hair and tbh I don't think it's necessary. Just put some oil in the damp hair, some sea salt spray right after that, brush it back and let it air dry. Put some type of clay or styling cream in it and leave it as it is.
Looks waaaay more natural and still tidy.
Longer hair on men is supposed to look relaxed and
sexy. Just look at brad pitt, keanu reeves, chris hemsworth, Jake Gyllenhaal, tom cruise, sam heughan, taylor kitsch, zayn and basically every male celeb who rocks longer hair.
Or just ask a professional stylist, he will tell you the same thing.

Moh Zou

all this work i'll be late to my date

Gunjan Patel

@YouTube Algo.. do your f**king job on vid recommendation. I keep my hair short and don't have time for this shit!!

Hope l freya Mikaelson

Just get beard and bald head .
That’s more sexy

Jonas Vergara

Does the end result really justify the time and products it took just for that

Nero DMC

The reason why u loosing ur hairline

Aksh Sharma

Mummy 1 minute mein maang nikal deti, wtf bro? XD

Abraham Torres

Lo haré
Aunque me tardaré más tiempo...????

Rabi Giri

Bokachoda..baler moton

iwul tube

Nyari orang indo ada gak ya?

hussnain khurshid

How about having hairs like jungle....


I prefer to be bald than giving this much time on my hair

SamMy Haokip

Bro how do you keep your hair smooth and silky


You could have achieved the same look by not taking a shower for 5 to 6 days.

Ahsan Baig

I never try this style , because i just woke up right before 5 mint to go

Cherry Blossom

OMG he's so handsome!! ??

Shrikant vlogs

I was so happy thought ye achcha lagega but chopa lgra tha

Bhargav Gopa

To do this first we have to grow out hair?

Masnoon Islam

What was the spray you do in the hair.Pls sir reply it.

Ramzi Rmz

Hairstyle like this can be achieved within 2 minutes with the help of comb

Sufian Rasheed

Applying such chemical i.e spray etc daily, is it safe or it would damage hairs??


With all the products he applied to his hair I think it'll all fall off when he takes a step

sima shaw

You will son have deciding hair line

The BlazE

This is a "how to destroy your hair"

Tymoteusz Flont

1:10 the best hairstyle

Eduardo Valencia

Ajajjajajaj camarada que daste igual

pasha cartoon

3m view ya chutt la waa??

Mike Lawrence

You have some awesome hair! Looks great ?

Krishna Sharma

Any Indian thinking... Meri mummy toh 1min. Main karti thi bass?????

Incresta Barista

I've short hair as a girl so came here...TYSM.
P.S. don't comment abt how I won't get a date... I'M AROMANTIC.

Emrah Guney

dağınık kalsa daha iyiydi

Miguel Elsisura

Hey John Wick

Bragadeesh Kumaran

The video was cool. But if I continue doing this for a week, my head will be more shinier than Rock. And it takes a lot of effort.

Porque mi opinión IMPORTA

Largo procedimiento , pero mi curiosidad es: ''Tanto químico con los años puede dejarte calvo''

Viji Raju

Advantages of thin hair

raharjo raharjoy

ribet banget tong


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


This is not hairstyling, this is engineering


Bhai tu bhut jaldi takla hoga

Alley Sherpa

Don't u have hairfall

Agus Arancibia

I like ya cut g

Nallavanaya Unni

Myranu vayya?

Manav Sarkar

All the men just keep your hair short if u wanna look smart and save time

ankur raut

What waste of time and efforts.. ??‍♂️ there are so many other easy ways of doing classic side part..


2:38... That's the best hairstyle!! I wish i could have them

Bagus Saka

Mana sempat

Aman Bishnoi

Any body can do this hair hairstyle without dryer

Sarthok bose

Cool bro

El sabio

Bro espero que me contestes esta duda que tengo
Porque le e dado like me e suscrito y compartí tu video con un amigo y mi duda es que si te hiciste un laciado permanente, si es así me are uno yo igual, gracias espero y me contestes que no te cuesta nada decir si o no.

Shashank Gautam

Same my hair.. good teach..


I think all the styling process needed to be was some hair mousse, followed by blow drying back and to one side. This seemed way too meticulous for what’s basically a side part with a little volume.

Zeina Abdelhadi

Just wow

Samim Dc

I doubt women take that long to do their hair

Bhairav panchal

Etana time nahi ha ?

RishiIsGreat !

Too much effort and it’s not even looking good. Just wasted away my time

Yash Dalsaniya

I think you need a haircut !

Enrique B

Mucho texto.



Sameer Javed

Which oil you use before styling

amir syaifudin

Ribet amat sih

RR Loveヅ

Itna time kon dega Bhai hair set karne k liye..

Sajid Manzoor

My girlfriend takes less to get ready than this guy?

Jake Naughty

These are the steps I take when doing my hair:

1. Wake up

If that list helped give a thumbs up

Suriya Lee

I think you are bald?


Can you style your hair like t.o.p of bigbang or g-dragon undercut sir??

Jude Jane

Need to grow your hair. Too short.


He takes longer than my wife

Adolf Hitler

Bir saç bu kadar uğraşılıp ancak bu kadar kötü olabilir


Boht hard be Gandu ??

Nietzsches Sohn

In this time i could have run for president, getting impeached 2 times and then getting reelected after 8 years

Abhijeet Jadhav

He behave like a gay

tristan tully

was all that necessary to get the end result? I dare to say he could of done that with a comb and some hair gel.

Fabian Ajhayu Ballón

Dislike por la canción

Rima Fahad


Arbaaz Gowher

weird how I could smell the hair burning through the screen


Ribet bner lah

Harish Gupta

Awesome. E

Akhil C S

Stop heating bro Ur getting balds


Why u Destroy ur haor with chemicals

Romeo Bacsa

I like your style nice and tidy hair.

Mohamed El zoheary

أللهم صل وسلم وبارك على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين


Oh come on, I wouldn't even take the time to brush my hair, why can't there be an easy way of sporting a good long hair style.

kushal sahu

During hair style......
My hair to me: ab bas bhi kar late ho jayega, itna time bhi na laga

Shazi World

Hahahaaha its so boring

Mario Tofiloski

IMHO it doesn't look good at all...

Farzand Ali Khan

I have good hair but I just shaved my head with razor and I am never going back its so easy being bald

Sanskari gangsta

It's good

But still I'll use hairband instead of this much hard shit


What can we ask in barber

Ayush Singh

baalon ki aisi maar ke rakhi hai fir bhi saath de rahe hain... lucky

Said Al Mamari

بختش الداه


Top esse penteado.


I get this hairstyle without even doing all of that shit ....this nigga buggin'??

Garage of Horror

Gosh what a mission?, is all that hairspray gonna make u go bald if ur doing that job everyday ?

Jason Reyes

Tengo exactamente el mismo tipo y color de cabello, ahora solo a dejarlo crecer

Rithik Calisthenics

Masssssterrrr ????

Abigail del Carmen Cano

Sopla la brisa y Adios tiempo perdido ?



Vikrant Dhamania

I was thinking to grow my hair long. Now I won't. Thank you!

Kaichun Newmai

Title should be....how to take more time to make a classic style coz believe it or not real men's ain't going through all that

Hope l freya Mikaelson

Imagine doings this for 3 hours and going outside and it’s rains

Mens parting hairstyles

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Easy Side Part Hairstyle for Men (No Comb Needed)

186 032 views | 27 Mar. 2016

This is how I do most

This is how I do most hair 95% of the time. It's a super easy side part that doesn't require a blow dryer, multiple products or even a comb. If you want a hairstyle that's low maintenance and takes less than two minutes to style every morning, this is for you.

#menshair #peteandpedro #sidepart

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Contains affiliate links // Stay stylish!

Rishubh Chakraborty

Really helpful video !

Edwin Arceo

Your hair goes we’re you want it to

leo lor

Dude looks like your typical main character in a ww2 movie.

Corey McCain

Can you use gel?

Zachery Jordan

how high are ur sides?

Gaming Nest

My hair is not on the favorite position that I want.what to do bro.

chris seaton

Try out a ceasers cut.

Holy Jezz

YOUR using Pete and Pedro I give u props for that

Jairo Garcia

wait what if i have waivy hair? is a side part still possible?


Would love to see a skincare grooming video


This dude just came straight outta 1945

Sukham Singh

Can we use wax daily? Instead of clay

Luka Luka

that product its protected to hair loss?

Adam R.

Aaron says thanks

Jairo Garcia

:52 that creates frizzy hair doesnt it?

MC Morrissey

Hi, just trying to understand the difference btwn the terms clay and putty. As a frame of reference, do you think Crew Fiber would be called a "clay" or a "putty?" Really enjoy your channel. Thx!

Aldrin Benny

Cool and humble dude. Keep it up


Wow that really worked good I have the exaxt same hair thickness as you good job

Pavel Chatterjee

My hair doesn't stay strong and falls to the front. Any better solutions?

Jay steven

Still can’t grow facial hair lmao ?


This helped me a lot with parting my hair. I never thought of using my hands instead of a comb to part my hair, but it worked WAY better and I got my part perfect on the first try. Thank you!

ishaah Pagayao

what's the name of the haircut?

Lewandowaki 93

Thank you man! i have been searching for this for years, but have not find a solution. You definitely showed be the best and the easiest way to do a side part.

Danny Avendano

You mentioned you don't use shampoo everyday, what do you use when you don't use shampoo? Also, I workout 5 days a week, so I'm assuming I need shampoo most of the time or am I wrong?

Cyrus Demby

i have long hair. if i were to get what you have, how would i explain it to my stylist?


Do you remember if your hair was layered in this video?


bro awesome video

Tuburan Viners

Your hair isn't the same as mine ?.

umesh bansal

Nice video best

James Jameson

You’re a good looking dude sir, you should grow a bit of scruff and start modeling

Fredrick Edwin

Damn u r blessed with good hair
I'm born with shitty hair

Sulemanilyas Muhammad ilyas

i like it your hair cute and your hair style

Amlan Dutta

I always use hair cream after shower, no hair gel, no hair wax. It has definitely helped me keep my hair healthy. But my routine is to cream my hair properly first, strand by strand, and then do the partition. What do u think about it? I mean does creaming hair takes a different process? or i cud also follow what u showed in this video and achieve results that u do? pls help


I really like your hair, man.


Great video straight to the point although it's never that easy for me. I know it looks easy but I have 2 cowlicks 1 above my right eye and the other on my crown but I do like your advice don't fight it and use that swirl trick on your crown.

Henry Javier Pineda Valdes

Yes. That's an everyday hair job. Great job man ??

Edwin Arceo

How do you get your hair so slick

Ian McKenzie

My mans using Pete and pedro

OS. Temli

I have two circle in back

Mooney Beats

what's your cut?


I'll just show this video to my barber. ty!

Kevin Ceniceros

You don't own a hairdryer, The Modest Man? You are starting to scare me. How do you avoid having your hair flop around, then?

Anthony Capacho

Thanks to you my hair looks much neater than before!

Matthew Quigley

Thank you


how tf does de just run his fingers through his hair like three times and he has the perfect part no matter what I do there just isn't a natural part in my hair

Sam Machir

I used gel and it worked just fine


my hair parts so high, i dont like it :(

Nick Vetter

I shower and shampoo twice everyday im going to start only shampooing at night

Samuel Mracka

I love this because you pretty much have the same hairtype as me, even the same shade, just a bit darker. I also do a sidepart, but with a fade on the sides, so this was really helpfull.

charafbruh thenx

Hes using pete and pedro, aaron would be happy...


Helpful! Thanks

Angel lopez

My hair doesnt like meeeeeeeee!

Eslam Saad

مين عربي هنا

Bad Andy

I've been scrubbing my head and hair with a bar of ivory soap for 10 years and my hair is goochy

Mutant Theater

Great videos and advice. I don’t have time for a hair dryer either. I’ve been using Burt’s bees and other natural shampoos and they work great. However, I was making mistake of washing every day. Ever since I cut back, my hair is more manageable. My question is do you use just water when you don’t shampoo? I’ve been using only water and it works great.

Abu Talha Ansari

Can you give us a tutorial of this hair cut of yours..like side part length ,cowlick front length etc etc?


My head is shaped like yours i find this very useful, i just wanna ask can i use wax instead?

Tú Lê

His hair before styling look 100 times better than mine after styling

Karl Vincent

What do you ask for before getting your hair cut?

salman apon

Which products you used?

Ultima Fag

I can't believe people wear a shirts in the shower these days

Ruth Specter

whats your hairstyle

Rogue Route

This helps thanks

Carlos 1296

Is it okay to use a molding paste? I use Schwarzkopf Göt 2b molding paste.

Donovan DeBruhl

How long is the top of your hair


How short on sides/top in this video? You and I have very similar hair and it's always a constant struggle to decide how short to go on sides/top for this style.


My pomade ahas a matte finish


2018 ???


My hair is thick,dry and wavy.when I try to side part it's not being good.i have no products,no blow dryer.what to do?

The Nickster

What would I tell the barber if I want a simple side part like yours?

Adrian Cheng

Great vid, bro.

Battle Angel

Hey what do you tell your barber when you go for a haircut, like what do you do for the sides and back and how much do you take off the top?

Adrean Shahputra

Omg!! That's like my hair

Lee Hawn

Great looking hair man. You should make a vid demonstrating the use of the shiny pomade for those more formal occasions.


Like... I try my hardest but cant get my hair like that.

Edit: Didnt watch this full video before saying this... I use shampoo everytime I shower which is around 1-2 times a day, thats my problem.

Tariq Khan

word of advice never scrub your hair dry, pat it dry

Amir Fakheraldeen

How do you remove product from your hair without shampoo? I've recently stopped cutting back on shampoo, but now I'm not sure how I can remove product without it because I use a hair product almost daily. Currently I'm using conditioner to remove as much product as possible. Any other suggestions?

Mens parting hairstyles

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How to get the E-Boy Hairstyle (Middle Part Hairstyle)

126 486 views | 4 Aug. 2020

Head to

Head to https://keeps.com/brett to get this limited time offer of Keeps hair loss treatment. Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video!

In this video I show you How to get the E-Boy Hairstyle (Lil Huddy Hair)

Equipment I Use:

Main Camera: https://amzn.to/2RLBcP1

Lens: https://amzn.to/2DYapXz

Vlog Camera (On the go): https://amzn.to/2E3ryyS

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Microphone (On the go): https://amzn.to/343U6mB

Editing Software: https://amzn.to/2rm1X1E


My name is Brett Maverick Lange and I make video’s about reactions, challenges, fitness, nutrition, fashion, lifestyle and anything fun through a combination of informative videos and vlogs. I preach a lifestyle whereas you can combine fitness with every aspect of your life, such as social activities, drinking alcohol, partying and still eating your favorite foods on a daily basis. Don’t forget to subscribe if you want to stay up to date :)

My Instagram: BRETTMVRK


My Twitter: BrettLangeTV



Howto & Style Mens fashion Mens Style

Not Tasteful • 69 years ago

I’m just tired of my come over. My hair naturally wants to split down the mid and it’s really annoying so it would probably work out.

bubble butt

Curtain hair is so sexy very 90’s Johnny Depp.. / kdrama / 2020-2021 ♥️✌?


you mean the gaydemic?

Hugo Petrov

In my opinion Brett looks too masculine for such hairstyles. He’s got the strong square jaw, good body and just looks very much like a very macho man overall. I really like him with the short haircut he got last, but this one looks super cool too, everything suits him really :).

CP Vendryes

This guy looks like a chad

Sai Kiran

Your are being so hard on your hair
Be gentle

Navraj Singh

Bro ur hairstyle is awesome keep growing it, I love this, I have also same hairstyle due to lockdown ?I have not cut my hairs for 9 months ??long hair rocks

Elijah Prescott



What if your hair texture is curly ?

Duy Anh Nguyen

1 chút chia sẻ từ 1 fan của anh từ Việt Nam : mong rằng anh có thể làm phụ đề tiếng Việt được ko ạ ! Vì có lúc em không hiểu được anh nói gì " trình độ tiếng anh của em hơi kém 1 chút ?? " vì nếu anh làm phụ đề các ngôn ngữ khác , em tin rằng nó sẽ rất có ích để kênh của anh có thể tiếp cật nhiều đối tượng người xem hơn . Em rất thích các video về đời sống , công việc , thời trang của anh . Mong rằng anh sẽ mãi luôn yêu đời , hạnh phúc và tràn đầy năng lượng như vậy - Sống như ta 20✔ ????????

Will D

keep growing it man, at least till you can tie it back in a pony tail

Arunim Kharkwal.

Can you please make a vedio on how to shift ear cartilage a little bit inside without surgery and without Cosmetic's tell me if it is possible..please
Love from India.


Don't know why but people say I look like Lil Huddy and idek who dat is lmao


grow it out!


didnt know mans rolled with the LA squad


You should def go for long hair.


I remember him from Tarzan!


LOVE how your hair looks! PLEASE keep growing it out longer!! I'm growing mine too, any advice on getting rid of the "flip" in back? As it grows out, the hair curls up in the back at the bottom.


you look like,,, a handsome shaggy,,,,,


If you put a little bit of wax in your top front hair it will fall to the side in an even nicer way!


I laughed so hard at the intro gosh

sal aha

Keep the hair broo

Brian D

Man you look like a good boy
*not na bad boy?

Kartikey Singh Vines

Keep growin’ it

Mack Belcourt

This man looks like jaime and Tyrion’s has a kid lmao

DatRandomPerson OnYouTube

Grew my hair out for 6 months then cut it

Paul Dupont

Keep top long but for crying out loud man, get rid of mullet and get the sideburns squared off - you look like Heather Locklier in the 80s lol

Thomas Ledbetter

He starts talking about the middle part hairstyle 3 minutes in just so yanno (:

Greg Berzinsky

You're in this far....keep going son.

Nathan Boal

Do u put product in your hair cuz I’m rocking the same hairstyle as u. I’ve been growing out my hair for 7 months to and I’m loving it. The only problem is it gets in my face a lot and was wondering how u make your hair stay away from your eyes

Cursed Fire

4:09 i can relate to that like so much lol

Jawad Sobhani

Your head is very big.probably because of your bmi.

F3lix Freerun

It looks so good !!!!

Sai Kiran

I completely shaved my head on march 2nd
Now it's 3/4th of your hair

they tryna be crate

facts sometimes it looks horrible but sometimes it looks really good i feel you


we're literally at the same hair right now hahaha

Robbie Currie

I’ve never had long hair and I’m close to this thanks to quarantine from 2020

Ronnie Mata

That ad was 70% of the vid

Alex Scho’s Vlogs

Your hair grows slow lowkey

Christopher Bobsien

Please don't cut your hair Brett let your hair grow out.

Truptesh Patil

It's ok to get this hair cut for me cuzz its doneee on my hair but the only problem is iam from india and indian called this hair cut by the name of terenaam ?? soo i cant lol

Tristan Ledgerwood

Bruuuuuh we literally got our last haircut on the same date but my hair goes right to my chin

yes you zazu

“ e boy “ bruh this was the style in the 90s


The question starts from 3:26

Jimlee Diaz Abia

Awkward stage?thisssss

pterodactyl fly

brett man,I see you arent so happy. Im guessing you enjoy being woth the women but the second you ejaculate you get depressed.

Robert Luzius

Keep growing it so I can compare mine to yours. I have had no cut since February


I'm tryna figure out why nobody is calling you brad pitt in comments

Brett Maverick


Jacob FryeXX

you look like a prince

Tommy Mount

Why would someone want to look like this lmfhahsjahapaosooaoa

Gary Greely

I think your hair looks great the way it is. Keep up the great work.

Young kid Kai

U should just cut the sides but keep the 8 inches on top

Truer words have never been spoken, My Princess!

Don't you dare ever calling this great man's hairstyle by that name ever again!
The 90s curtains hairstyle is a great haircut for guys, but this e-boy trend doesn't deserve to rebrand the hairstyle, it's cringe

Atric Channel

Is it only me or does he look like Jared who plays Sam Winchester?

ET Esterhuysen

Firstly skip whatever he said cause he did nothing of that shit he said he just didnt cut his hair

Ranesh Vanan

He does look like Brad pitt with lesser jawline


Keep it for a bit longer Brett.

Bamberditto PingPong

How do you get your hair in the neck to stick outwards like that? Mine just goes inward towards my jaw and it looks weird


awesome video baaased

Ika Achaval

Can you name you kid Cody? So hes name Cody Maverick like the one from surfs up?

B flo

✊✊✊ stay strong....I had a super short hair style back in December....a 2 on the sides short "messy" style on top... I actually had a major shoulder injury at work just before Christmas & had surgery early March right before the covid shut down.... I still haven't cut my hair...your hair is a little longer than mine, but I'm 44yrs old???....going thru this dorky, awkward stage sucks, but in 6 more months I think it'll look pretty cool???


Look man I think it’s time to talk about fragrances ?

Eric Roth

Grow the flow!

Chad Baker

I grew my hair out for 11 months. I really wanted a man bun but I was tired of looking like crap with my hair long but not long enough (awkward stage) that on top of working outside in the Florida heat made me cut my hair lol

Snake Eyes

people...hair loss is GENETIC, nothing can stop the hair loss


I am happy that your hairs are receding?


im a girl and i cut my hair too short at 3 am and i ended up looking like this


Fun fact. High testosterone actually increase the chance of getting bald.




Gotta say it suits u bro! But just cut or trim the sides and the back maybe a lil bit or shave em up?

Cosmin Ciobanu

You were looking more handsome with shorter hair. Or maybe the middle part don't suit you.

Drew Marks

Brett on god try putting a little product in your hair. I have more of a defined jaw line just like you and grew my hair out 4 years ago. I use some matte wax and a bit of hairspray in my hair. It looks godly I’m telling you. If you decide to cut it though u would be good. U really pull off the short hair where I think it would look weird as shit on me


dude dont use this shit. get on finastride asap

halkoum abdou

i think you should cut it, but not a lot

Ahmad Tamim Yosufi

love the hair videos!!! :)

Moto Shark

Dude, don't dry your hair like that with a towel. You're damaging your hair roots when you go back and forth like that with a thick towel. Get aquis.com hair towel. It has that microfiber material that absorbs water. Make a turban and it'll absorb water.

Red isSus

Damn ive been sleeping o your posts and boom youre blonde prince

Theo Pomierski

Gorgeous with your longer hair ??

awesome tatertot

Yes! Keep growing that and look like a STUD. Literally what I have been planning on doing also. Just your about 3-4 mounths ahead. I wanna follow you and see where i can go in comparison.

נחמיה עמי ביבאס

Do not cut ittt

Ben Chant

Hey I loved you in the movie “mummy”

Jake shanks

3:54 lol looks like brad pitt


u r jace wayland

Amir Ghalandari

I'm sure you need to cut


Even my last cut was December..? and same as u sometimes hair looks good and sometimes it really looks bad..

Devesh Bhagchandani

Bro is it good to apply hair mask 2 times a week?

Ajinkya Harilal

Brad pitt

isaiah castillo

December 19th hair all the way


You will look like Edge trust me

Daniel Karinen

The video starts at 3:25

sunny toor

I love your videos ... I get something new to learn from your videos...


3:25 your welcome


Omg this was exactly my hair!!!! It’s kinda creepy how much it looks the same.. I ended up shaving the sides a week and a bit ago tho, as I’m now gonna try a top knot

Atomphantom 1

You look like an average teenager in Scandinavia

Mohammad Kardan

GROW it much much longer man. Long hair is Super Attractive

alif alam

Grow it

Jerry Wilk, Jr.

I like the longer hair.

Liam Galinato

You look like kurt cobain XD