Products that contain azelaic acid

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51 989 views | 29 Oct. 2020

The colder weather makes

The colder weather makes our skin more prone to dryness and dehydration. In this video we review tips on how to tell if your skin is dry or dehydrated. We also go over How to change your skincare routine for fall.

The recommendations mentioned:

Tula Super Calm Gentle Milk Cleanser


Naturium Hyaluronic Acid Essence 2%


Naturium Plant Ceramide Rich Moisture Cream


Naturium Niacinamide Cleansing Gelée 3%


Naturium Marine Hyaluronic Water Cream


Naturium Tranexamic Topical Acid 5%


Naturium Alpha Arbutin Serum 2%


Naturium Niacinamide Serum 12% Plus Zinc 2%


Naturium Azelaic Topical Acid 10%


Naturium Retinol Complex Cream



Switch foaming cleanser to a gentle hydrating, creamy or milky cleanser such as Tula super calm gentle milk cleanser.

Switch our drying toners to hydrating essence such as Naturium HA Essence.

Switch out light moisturizers for more nourishing rich moisturizers like Naturium Plant Ceramide Rich Moisturizer.

Switch out BHA if skin is getting dry to Niacinamide or Azelaic Acid

Also a few of you asked about the honey mask I show on IG reels its a kbeauty find from wishtrend.

#fallskincare #skincaretips

Tarfa Gladys

I couldn't like this video twice..that's my only pain?❤❤❤❤

Chikama Amatobi

Hi Dr. Stephens!! I love your videos, they are so helpful! Can you please do a video on chemical peels for hyperpigmentation on darker skinned people? It would be greatly appreciated!


Truck Loads of gratitude for this video.
Dr Stephens can you do a video for menopausal dark skin women,
my flashes have moved in for good, winter feels like mid-July. HELP!!!!!!

Stefany Cifuentes

Hi Dr. do you have an Instagram account to follow you there? To get more people interested in following you I suggest you add your social media acct information on the description box. Also, can you talk about different cosmetic procedures on darker skin? I also suggest a series on cosmetic procedures instead of skincare. I feel like I’ve gotten past the skincare ingredients and I’m also getting older and want to try chemical peels but there is no information for chemical peels on Hispanic (brown) or darker skin tones that are prone to hyperpigmentation and wanted your opinion and explanation on those procedures and maybe what to look for or take into account when you are POC with hyperpigmentation potential. Thank you for all the info you share with us!

Jacky Cruz

Hey! You’re videos are very helpful however I don’t think I see any videos on becoming a dermatologist. I am thinking of becoming a dermatologist but I don’t know exact what to do as in study, I failed Chemistry so If you could please help me understand what exactly Dermatology involves concerning studies and the reality of it I’d really appreciate it :)

Marie Glover

Thank you for the information! My skin is extremely sensitive and I suffer from eczema which makes my skin blotchy and dry. I also suffer from allergies. Can you do a video on light therapy as well as dark eye treatments?


No off fence but a variety of products from different companies would have been nice to see. Plus you put different products in the thumbnail which was super misleading ?

Gale-Ann Davis

Dr. Stephen's, I got dark circles from using a cream around my eyes. Is that treatable?


My facial skin is combination skin. The skin on my body is both dry AND dehydrated. I am trying to drink more water, but I also need something for the body skin too. Please help with this issue too. Thank you

Makeda Mutema-Newton

Yes to the chemical peel please!

Atef Khalid

The skin above my skin is lighter than the rest of my face, it looks like I have a white mustache. What can I use to treat it? Help please!!

Raychel McBride

This is great. I have dry skin. I need to find something for my cracked lips and irritation under my nose.

Valentina OwusuTV

Hello! Can you please tell me why it’s better the Cerave Foaming cleanser instead of the hydrating?

Angie Nct

Hello Dr. Stephens, could you make a video for people who has severe eczema problem.

Good products we should use & skin care routine.

Thank you. ?

Bess Barnes

I would to hear your recommendations for black owned products!! Since its you're focus, It would be great to see products made BY black and brown people FOR black and brown people

Kay Bee

Pls can I use the Naturium alpha arbutin & Tranexamic acid with Retin A 0.05?

Kim Smith

What do I use after niacinamide on my face


I have oily skin, will it be okay to use hydrating cleansers during the cold season?

Barry Moton

Help! I'm trying to work on my skin, but I'm totally lost. I've never established a skincare routine at all. Generally, are there 5 steps? Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Moisturize, Sunscreen. Is that correct?

K Slone

This skincare line looks so amazing! I am so happy that the price point is well within my budget. Subscribed!

Jenell Pratt

Thank you Dr. Stephens! Right on time!

ybish y

Dr. Stephens, could you do a review on BOLDEN Skin Care for Black & Brown Girls?

Nece B

I have eczema especially around my eye area and mouth. Its the worst in the summer time.


I am a new subscriber and I’ve only watched 3 videos thus far and have learned so much! Thank you Doc for taking the time to share your tips and knowledge with us!

Kenya Woods

Love to hear someone I can relate to. Am so happy I found her Chanel ?

Self-Love Club

I need a great cleanser

Rosy Life

You r the best♥️♥️??..your video is very informative & helpful..I hope u were my dermatologist ❤️❤️❤️.can u do a video on under eye dark circle ..


Naturium needs to be made available in the UK??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️


I just ordered everything you mentioned in the video. I live in Canada and my skin gets so dehydrated. I also suffer from acne and hyperpigmentation. I’m hoping to get great results. I also grabbed the niacinimide cleanser. I hope it won’t strip my skin too much?
Here’s to better skin!! ???❤️??

lynette johnson

Can you make a video on dark knuckles

Shanelle Rock

So grateful for your emphasis on ingredients and skin types rather than individual products! I never thought of BHA being too harsh for fall/winter, but as I look to be more gentle with my treatments for my acenic/oily skin, I'm so excited to try your recommendations.

Alanna B

I love Naturium products!! I’m so happy to see that I am doing right by my skin!

Aimee Nsenga

Where do I get these product in the uk ?

Michelle Robert

This was absolutely wonderful to hear the difference between Dry and Dehydrated akin ! Thank you for the info .
Please do a video on best products for sensitive skin with redness and rosacea also anti-aging doe this skin type . Thank you !

Vanessa Valdez

Going to take advantage of the thanksgiving discount on Naturium products <33 thanks doctor ❤️


Can you do a POD video please? Love your videos Dr. Stephens!!?

ms Nic

Thank you
Is there a discount code???

Christine Nzau

pls do a day and night routine ( layering)with product recommendations for all skin types

Bess Barnes

Can you please review the Rosen Skincare line?!

Kim Smith

I have all these Ordinary Products and don't know which order to use them please help??

Hare Krishna Stories

Is spf 30 pa ++ enough sun protection in sunscreen?

Regla Gutierrez

TKSM love you. Following your suggestions. Happy holidays!

Dy'Zonn DyJour

Can you talk about Paula Choice 4% BHA vs 2% BHA solution and the difference kind of BHA Paula Choice has. She has it in liquid and gel which is best to use for skin of color acne prone skin? Paula also have the niacinmide and retinol booster do you think these products are better than The Ordinary niacinmide and there retinol? huge price difference

sasko styles

Hello dr. Can you do a video on hydrating skin for sensitive people

Tectasheen Design Hat

Wonderful creator and IG is very good. I know another one natural sunscreen lotion which is extra shade natural sunscreen lotion for man, woman and baby. It is also very good for hydrating and protect skin from Iva rays. Details here: www.extrashade.com

Halo Walton

Thanks for the great vids!!! Please talk about laser


Can you do a video on laser and light therapy for hyperpigmentation? Thank you!

Faith K

I’m allergic to benzoyl peroxide, before I used to put the gel on and then it made my eyes puff up like allergic reaction. After an year or more, I thought maybe my skin has regenerate from it so I used the cerave benzoyl perioxde face wash yesterday because dr dray suggested even the most sensitive skin could used it but then today I woke up with my skin puffed up around my eyes like it looks like I’m having huge eye bags but it’s just allergic reaction. I’m having like pustules and I think it’s like from bacteria, I have like small bumps on my forehead and some of them are pus forms while some are close comedones on my cheeks like near my jaws I have big acnes and also close comedones combined. I don’t know what to do, it’s there any alternative for benzoly perioxde? I have tried the paulas choice saysclic acid toner for 3 weeks I haven’t seen any little changes... please help me

Pauline Enow Bisong

Hey Doc I have oily acne prone skin how can I set up an appointment with you and get a regimen for my skin type

ms. marion

please tell me do u wash your face before or after shower. I see youtubers doing it after shower. But I do it before so that not to come out of shower with an unclean face. but what us the proper way may i ask. please do tell.

Fineghang Nelly Nshum

Am suffering from dark circles under eyes ??what can be I use please ??

My My

I’m taking notes, I want to be a dermatologist one day. ❤️


What do you think about La Roche Posay Toleriane purifying foaming face cleanser? Is it a good one to use?

lynette3232 longmire

Thank you so much for the review this really does help, Because we have to be careful of the products we use, Can you please review good molecules that is what I use and it works amazing for me, I love there pineapple exfoliator, do you suggest this one use.? Thankyou xoxolynette3232

Céu Lopes

You are zo beautiful and stylish....thank you for the video!?

Curated Daisies

I've changed my shower routine, no more day dreaming in the shower for 20 minutes or more under hot steaming water.
I do 10 minutes, first and last minutes warm water to transition me from the cold room into the shower then lukewarm for 9 minutes, then maybe another hot one minute then I'm out! My face is washed during this 10 minutes as well.

Toya Craig

Hello Dr. Stephens. I just found your channel and binged watched all the videos!!??. Thank you for all the in-depth information about our brown skin. It has helped me tremendously. Now I just have to look at all the recommendations you gave to see what I need in my regime. Can you do a video on eye creams for dark skin, puffiness, lines, etc. Love your work! I am subscribed!!?

Sherry Hillman

Can you make a video for black men skin and one for seniors skin. Thank you.


As someone who suffers with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and acne. I have learned so much from your videos. I also learned about things I was doing that were irritating my skin. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge !!!

Would you consider doing videos on the following topics?
-preventing & managing traction alopecia
- post pregnancy hair loss
- supplements to grow hair thicker and faster
-removing coarse facial hair on dark skin
-treating hyperpigmentation on the body from trauma such as mosquito bites
-ingredients in make-up that cause hyperpigmentation
-good primers for various skin types
- the good ingredients for curly and kinky hair types
- managing patches of hypopigmentation on the face and body

For other physicians specifically
-how to identify sun burn, frost bite, contact dermatitis, rosecea in very dark skin tones
- managing chemical burn from relaxers ect in dark skin tones until patients can be referred to a Dermatologist
-common acne meds to avoid in dark skin tones ( you taught me that some topical acne meds can cause more hyperpigmentation, while the tetracyclines I was prescribed caused photosensitivity).

I look forward to seeing your chanel grow!!!

Kennie O

Are we going to ignore the fact that Dr Alexis skin is GLOWING!!??

Jenna 29

You never mentioned where to get those products

Apoorva Singh

Could you please do a video on treating a hyperpigmentation on chin area (dark chin area) please and suggest nice products for it.. I have checked almost every video of yours and I just love it! You give out really informative information and we do need doctors like you!

Sam :7

Hello Dr. Stephens I have a question I sometimes make cold process soap and wanted to start a business selling soap however am concern if its a good idea or not since cold process soap is usually high in the ph scale I honestly would not want to damage any one skin so that is why im asking a professional like yourself for some advice as I have try to search this up online with mix results would you recommend I continue my idea and sell it or would it be best not to. Any advice you can give me I will highly appreciate it this concern is the only reason why im hesitant to start my buisness. Also is cold process safe for babies? here on youtube people do an olive oil and oatmeal soap and say its good for sensitive skin and baby skin.Thank you once again?

Gema Mendez


Kenya Daniels

Do you do virtual visits or consulting?


New subbie here. Great video!

Niloufer Sohal

Hello Dr. Stephens! I simply adore all of your videos! I wanted to know if there are any treatments for neck crepiness and laugh lines, saggy skin, etc. I'm 55 and now my age is starting to show on my face. It never did and people used to say I look 30 - 35....sadly I've had lots of stressors in my life...Mom is in the hospital with COVID, and a whole bunch of other things, so maybe the stress is starting to show. But I sure would love if you could help me out here darlin!

Bess Barnes

What about the coconut in the cleanser? Isn't that acne causing ?

Sugar Sukari

Would coconut glycerin be okay to wear on your skin at night while you sleep? New subscriber?

Joanne Morrison

This Naturium products cannot be purchased in Canada or internationally and they are probably more expensive for cash strapped people's!
Plus you "have to subscribe and provide your personal email" on their website...scary"

Art Jervis Arieta

I thank you so much Dr. Stephens for this video. I learned a lot. Btw, I have a question. Can I use Rosehip oil and a Vitamin C Serum in one routine? Will it be safe and effective for my skin?
I have dark spots, hyperpigmentation, bumpy skin, and big pores.
(I hope that you can help me)


Question: if my cleanser and/or moisturizer already have niacinimide in it, do I need a separate niacinimide serum?

Arnold Krause

Where can you get products?

Kayla Clark

Hello Dr. Stephens,

Would you recommend some of their other products like their BHA Liquid Exfoliant 2% or Mixed Greens cleanser ?
I have dehydrated skin and hormonal acne when I start my cycle, so I'm looking for good products to use.

Lois Whitley

What do you recommend for under eye area? Are there any eye mask/patches/cream you would recommend?


Such a great video! Thank you! I wanted to ask if you could please make a video about any hand lotions/creams we should use, now that most of us are washing our hands more often. I'd LOVE to hear your recommendations!

fonyuy njoka

Ive used Vaseline since birth especially in the cold seasons and it’s never caused me to break out. How do you feel about Vaseline?

Renee Millett

Thank you so much for detailed videos! Could you talk about modifying skin care routines during hair removal such as electrolysis or laser hair removal?

Antawuan Schofield

What about skin care for MOC? Can we get some love?????

Alexis McCarroll

Can you do like a day time and night time skin care routine for hyperpigmentation? I want to use some of the products I’ve seen in your other videos but want to be sure I am using them in the right order


Hi Dr Stephens, Please can you help I’m almost at my wits end. I had erbrium yag laser for acne scars a year ago and after catching some sun I got grey hyperpigmentation all over my face. I’ve been using hydroquinone and retin a as my derm advised, but the grey marks seem to disappear but keep coming back. I’m so upset about this, I’ve never had hyperpigmentation in the past. Are there any other products you can recommend please?

Niloufer Sohal

By the way.....your skin is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!

Bess Barnes

Can you please review plain jane beauty primer &mineral foundation?

Cherrelle Alexander

Thanks love ? .. I’m sorry ... I meant to say Thank you Dr. Stephens ?

Phylicia Wagner

Should you wear sunscreen even if your not leaving the house ?

Sonny 456

Hi Dr Alexis
What is your opinion on Marine Collagen cream. I got a free product, but did not use yet.
This is the ingredients list:

Bioactive Marine Collagen peptides

Backhousia citriodora (Lemon Myrtle) Extract* (antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory)

Olea europaea (Olive leaf) Extract* (and)

Ethanol (skin rejuvenation)

Glycerin* (moisturiser)

Vitellaria paradoxa (Shea Nut) Butter* (anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties)

Cetearyl Olivate (wax) Sorbitan Olivate (moisturiser)

Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Oil* (skin anti-ageing, promotes skin healing)

Carthamus tinctorius (Safflower) Oil*,

Glyceryl Stearate (skin conditioner)

Sodium Stearate (skin moisturiser)

Citric acid (Natural flavor and aroma)

Marta Alexandra

Hi, Doctor! I have some questions for you! ?

I just checked the ingredients of Naturium Azelaic Topical Acid 10% on skincarisma and here’s the results:

✅ Sulfate-Free
✅ Alchol-Free
✅ Silicone-Free
✅ EU Allergen-Free
✅ Fungal Acne (Malassezia) Safe
✅ Minimal Ingredients

However, we have ingredients that are bad for oily/Acne-Prone Skin such as POTASSIUM CHLORIDE (A comedogenic that can cause clogged pores) , Citric Acid and TOCOPHEROL (comedogenic Rating 3).

For that reason I’m really scared of trying it.
I have oily/acne-prone and texture skin. (With a lot of blackheads) Although I don’t have really bad acne, I would love to have a glowing and smoothing skin.

I’m thinking of starting a skincare routine using this products:

- Cerave Floaming Cleanser ? (perfect according to Skin Carisma! ✅)
- Cerave moisturizer Lotion ?
- Paula’s Choice Defense Moisturizer SPF 30 (the pinky one)

- Bioderma Micellar Water (the pinky one too)
- Cerave Floaming Cleanser ?
(For double cleansing)
- Paula’s Choice 2% BHA liquid Exfoliant salicylic acid ( 1x per week)
- Cerave moisturizer lotion ?

If you check Cerave moisturizer lotion on skincarisma you will find a lot of ingredients that are comedogenic and fungal acne triggers.
I don’t know what to do! I already have spent a lot of money in skin care and since I live in Europe I need to buy all of the products online. It will be really frustrating if they made my skin worse... ?

Do you think that my future skincare products would be good for my skin type? Should I introduce Naturium Azelaic Acid? How many times should I use it per week? Where should I use it? Before moisturizer?

Do you think that Cerave lotion will make me have a lot of little bumps like many people?
Do you think that the SPF that I choose will have some kind of reaction with the other products?

I hope you read me ❤️

TeKay Brown

Hi, thanks so much for your videos! Would you mind sharing a "Back to Basics" video of a simple facial skincare routine to show us "non-makeup, simple, un-informed" ladies how to use skin care products? I switch facial products often usually purchased from a natural products store, dept store, or grocery chain; so long as it doesn't have any parabens, methyl, or any other harsh chemicals I use it! I have used and purchased toner, serum, moisturizer, night cream, sunscreens though all usually end up in the waste bin because Im not exactly sure how or when to use. My routine is simple cleanse and lotion. I need to do more. Im starting to get wrinkles on my eyelids. Can you please do a video on step by step (order) of product use ie Day Routine 1) cleanse, 2) apply serum, 3) apply sunscreen, 4) apply moisturizer and Night Routine 1) cleanse 2) apply moisturize OR night cream? PLEASE HELP. What daily steps do you recommend?

Kimberly Payne-Brown

Yes, I would like to see a video on laser on skin of color. Thank you so much for all the tips.

Christelle Pierre-Louis

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight. I would love to see a video on treating acne and hyperpigmentation while pregnant, and safe products to use.


God bless you. I just got a whole new skin regime from this video (combined with a few of your other videos, of course, lol) ❤️❤️❤️


I knew my skin was struggling due to the frigid temps when my forehead started to wrinkle. I changed to a hydrating cleanser with Ceramides and a moisturizer with peptides

Darleen E2

Dr Stephens, I just subscribed to your channel but have you made a video about Ashy Dermatosis or can tell me about it

PYT 77

Can you please do a video on product that oily acne prone sensitive skin can use????

Ghazala Ahmed

are led therapy gadgets appropriate for mature skin of colour

Elle Auco

Can you make a video about dark skin on the sides of your neck and how to get rid of that darkeness? I’ve had this since I was about 15 (22 now) and am ready to ✨delete✨ it

Farhiya A

can you talk about laser hair removal and black skin

Shane Pruitt

Excellent information! Thank you!

Cypriss Wood

Ok Dr. Stephens so I’ve watched all your videos twice now, can you please please please make a new video ?. Preferably about stubborn post acne hyperpigmentation on the chest and back; the acne is long gone of course but those marks are still on my back and chest they’re small and are all over ☹️. Can I use the same products you suggest for the face? Can you suggest a routine?

Rachel F

These products look amazing! Can you please vouch for shipping to Canada ??. Only Australia ?? and USA ?? are the only countries it ships to currently ?

Products that contain azelaic acid

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Vegard B

The Ordinary sucks. They really do.

John Noel Hall

Can I use differin in evening an Azelaic acid in the morning? Great video stay safe from us in the United Kingdom.


Whats your opinion on products containing potassium azeloyl diglycinate as a form of azelaic acid?

paulette franco

06:08 was so cool to listen to at 1.5x speed

Linda Joy

Thank you as always for your in depth review and advice. As an Aussie, Ego (pronounced eego) is an amazing pharmaceutical brand I have grown up with, a bit like Vegemite really? Regarding the full ingredients list it should be on the package as it's legally required in Australia. The list will be in order of ingredient percentage so it's easy to navigate.

Bianca Napoles

"...get a sip in here."
LOL! I hear you doc!

Andreea Maria


Ben-Kin Pang

6:33 love you hahahahah


Can Azelaic acid used alongside with differin?


So true about the magazines and then go out with friends ?. You and me are around the same age and I embrace that. I wouldn’t take away my 80s and 90s childhood for anything. It’s a blessing.

Erin Hubich

Do you have any thoughts about Ecological Formula's Melazapam as an option for Azelaic acid? I've tried it before but but I'm not sure how comparative it is, but liked that I could purchase it online fairly affordably, rather then get a prescription.


This cost us only $12 to $13 in Australia

Lucy de Boxer

Once again, I applaud your straight forward approach to skin care. You are by far my favorite dermatologist on YouTube. I always feel like you have our best interests in mind and do not oversell any product (other than sunscreen!).


I love your enthusiasm! You're such an amazing teacher!

Tanapat Gumpusirigul

I felt very itchy when I used this. I’ve already diluted with moisturizer but I still felt itchy. Is it normal for azelaic acid? Or should I reduce the frequency? now I used it on the morning and evening.

Lyse Bright

Hello Dr Dray, in Europe there is an azelaic treatment called skinoren and they claim that it's the only treatment which can be used when exposed in the sun, as opposed to salicylic acid I guess. Where I live we get a lot of sun almost 9 months of the year so I wondered which concentrations are safe to use for azelaic acid, salicylic acid etc

Dasha M

Could you please review Dr Sams nightly serum including azelaic acid, niacinemide, and Bakuchiol, granactive retinoid ? is there anything similar in the market that compares in terms of combining ingredients

Alexis Wolfer

Your skin is incredible!

Ivonne wj

Hai Dr Dray may i know what the different azeliac acid and soolantra for rosacea ? Which one good for reduce redness?


I use this Azclear and it’s amazing. It is drying though, in terms of product texture and my serums don’t spread well so I use it after my serums. I need to use moisturiser over it with some oil.

Sonnenschein Rosa



Just letting you know (and my fellow Australians as well):
That Azclear has mentioned that they include Witch Hazel as well as Menthol in their SPF30 lotion.
Such a shame, but for some reason they don't disclose their full ingredient list on the product or even on their website.
Hope this helps!

Samantha Patterson

Thank you Andrea. I actually grabbed the Azclear yesterday at our local chemist warehouse (Melbourne) and then I noticed this video! I’m pleased to know I’m on the right path with this one xx PS you are looking terrific! Your skin is beautiful


Nowadays it’s scary to leave kids outside alone to play. I grew up myself playing outside as well but I didn’t let my daughter out by herself

Ayshia Armani

So informative. Love your videos!


6:34 ???

Marcus Sullivan

the profile of your face just cured my acne and depression

Amanda Edmonds

I use Azclear and it's great. It has made such a big difference to my rosacea!
If anyone's curious, Azclear costs between $10.00 - $13.00 AUD and it's available over the counter in any chemist in Australia.
If you live outside of Australia, you can order it (and many other products) from https://www.chemistdirect.com.au.
Shipping costs, at a quick glance, are very low. You can also buy Finacea on the same site for $28AUD.

sindhuja varma

Hi doctor!!
Pls help me with this...m desperate to cure my sebaceous hyperplasia without any side effects...
1. Does it help in clearing mild sebaceous hyperplasia???
2. Does it have any side effects or can be used like a moisturizer without any future skin problems?
Kindly help

quinzey z

This product is amazing and it works really well.

Nicole Mitchell

Wow, first time ever, Australia has something the US doesn’t lol. I’m always sad we are missing out on great products here!

Preetie Dhaliwal

Hi Dr
Can I use this cream in pregnancy for pigmentations.

Ahmed Nayf

From where i can get the same brad that dr dray use for azeliac acid


silicone in ordinary azelaic acid, bad for acne skin!

Ginger Espinoza

I really enjoy your videos Dr. D. Keep up the good work.

Midlife Mom

Hi Dr Dray! I am a 50y.o asian woman with melasma on my cheeks. Would u recommend PCA gel (hydroquinone free) since prescription Azaleic acid is not available in US.
Thank you for providing such a valuable channel and keeping us well informed !?

Midlife Mom

Hi Dr Dray! I have melasma on my cheeks that I would like to lighten. Can i use azaleic in the morning and my tretinoin 0.05% in the evening?

Faux McCoy

I use the Paula's Choice 10% and have seen a definite reduction in redness with my rosacea prone skin. I had used prescription strength Finacea previously but found it too irritating. So, there ya go *shrug*


So that's why she has the weird green caste to her skin. huh.

becka j

so nice to see Australian products reviewed. oh well at least we get something in Australia- most products are expensive and hard to get- aka-retin a


Can we both use adapalene and azelaic acid?

Brittany b

Can I layer azelaic acid with a retinol like differin every night?

Miss Lux

Dr. dray can you combine/layer azelaic acid with hydroquinone?


If I use differin and products with glycolic and salicylic acid - would there be any benefit to adding azelaic acid to my routine?

Karlene Balestrieri

Thanks to this video I just bought this yesterday in Australia 20% cream I got my daughter to use it also she had cystic acne, now gone but left with hyper pigmentation. So far one application I honestly noticed a difference, it goes on so nice, very impressed will continue to use. Thank you Dr Dray, I would never have bought it,❤️

Amy Russell

My holy grail sunscreen!! I love this stuff. Thank you for reviewing this and thank you to whoever sent this to Dr Dray ☺️

Denia Trujillo

Can you purge on this product? Because I’m experiencing a lot of new breakout with it

carollyn cheeyen

New users to azelaic acid complain of redness burning and stinging, how to solve it: (

Skinoren Vs Azclear, which one do you enjoy more? :))

Joselyn Gonzalez

Is it safe to use Benzoyl peroxide 10% wash with azelaic acid 10%?

Amanda F

Late response here but yes we get 20% Azelaic Acid in NZ too called Skinoren and from memory it is around NZD35 a tube (USD21 approx). We can get the Azclear from Chemist Warehouse, the cream and the wash. I haven't seen the other items you can get in the line that they have in Australia.

And noooooooooooooooooooo marmite is better :P

Sasha xo

Does azlaic acid cause purging for anyone? Because I think I’m experiencing that

Caitie W

I've been using generic 15% azelaic acid finacea gel for 8 months and love it. Noticable improvements to acne, PIH, skin texture, and redness. (Tried The Ordinary's azelaic acid product first, not impressed at all) It's been so nice to be able to use during pregnancy as well. I use it every night on top of Cerave cream in the tub. :)


Unfortunately every time I use azelaic acid (from the ordinary) I get really nauseated. I'm not sure why this happens, have you ever heard of this before? I am really interested to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks so much for all the great information!

Mrs. Jackson

Your Mom has the sweetest voice!


In Mexico, you can buy azelaic acid over-the-counter (i.e. at the farmacia):
Acido azelaico
- 15%
- 30 g
(Made by Bayer, costs approximately $24)


Hi Dr. Dray, thank you for your detailed videos i love every one of them. Here's a question to you ..do you suggest if you can apply near the mouth area ?...

maha kamran

Does azelic acid cause purging and flares up ?

The Dented Daisy

Learning so much about my angry skin... I have some fam in NZ. Going to see if I can have them send some :)

Jayna Zala

I love your vlogs! You are so kind to do them! You must be so busy. Face Theory do a 15% Azelaic Acid Serum online, would love to know what you think of it.

F. 13

Is it possible to rinse the azelaic acid of after 15 min to reduce the irritation but have the benefits, like you can do with salicylic acid????


Dear Dr Dray, could you share link of your favorite community coffee? Blessed weekend!

Julie Mann

You mentioned the azelaic acid in a foam vehicle. Can you please link that? I can't find the foam. Thank you.


can we start adding up azelaic acid to the routine after 3months of using adapalene?

Alexia Spies

Could you please review the Face Theory Skincare products. They have a serum/emulsion with 15% azelaic acid :)

Ella M

Ah this makes me feel so much better about azaleic acid! I used the Paula's choice one for 10 weeks and my flushing got worse and i got these big white comedones - which i NEVER get in this area!! Also had a dome rosacea bump at all times...not usual for me either. I feel like it was all the inflammation from the salicylic acid in there and lack of az acid potency.
I've since moved to finacea and oh my god it's amazing! No clogs as of yet, but just the overall ability of my skin to not be affected by things and waaay less flushing.
Thanks so much dr dray!! ❤

Geannine Smith

Azelaic acid isn't just for acne what about us Rosacea sufferers, I hate when people get the facts wrong ? https://youtu.be/XGxAShnIgIU

Edixon Rodriguez

Have you tried Melazepam? It is 20% percent.

Bella Gerbic

I find azclear pills a little, I can't wear it during the day. I prefer Skinoren. Just purchased Finacea gel so let's see how that goes

Lori Talbot

You look extra pretty today ?

El J

Lots of love from Australia ? ?

A’mauri Garner


Michelle Ness-Munro

Hi, what is the tinted product you apply to your face in this video? Is it the Colorscience product ? Please and thank you

Kim Treadway

Very interesting video on the azelaic acid, ty! Good to see your mom and Tybee. Wishing you a wonderful week!!

Samantha Patterson

I might need to get this sunscreen product too! Vegemite and cheese is yum!

Aveary Walsh

Could this be used for the treatment eczema? I’ve watched the eczema video but all suggestions have been unsuccessful ?

Kesiah Ruiz

Can you make oatmilk in a soybella?

Nicole Mackenzie

Any one here from South Africa ?? where do we get azeliac acid

Gretchen J

i found it on ebay! finacea gel azelaic acid !


Love your mom, she's a sweetheart ?


How would you say this Azclear compares to Ecological Formulas melazepam cream? I am interested in both as a cheaper alternative to Finacea because I think my skin likes the azelaic acid in Finacea, but I don’t think I can get azclear in the us!

Anita Chauhan

Can I use this cream rosese

derp derp

My rosacea is bad!! My face swelling , thick,and red and lots of small pimples , my cheeks look like “saggy cheeks “ . My dermatology just switch Metronidazole to Finacea . I’m also taken Doxycycline 100 mg.twice a day. I look so ugly and don’t want to leave the house. Every time thinking about it.. crying ?. Hopefully, Finacea will helps me getting better. Thank you Dr.Dray. My dermatologist isn’t nice person like you!!

Vee Leo

Thank you for clarifying that azalaic acid can be used alongside prescriptions such as Tret! Sometimes it can get a little confusing. I have been opting for less over more when it comes to my skin, so I’m always hesitant to use something such as AA that can be beneficial if added. ??

Jayna Zala

Hi Dr Dray what do you think of the 15% Azelaic Acid by FaceTheory?

Susan Samuel Horowitz-Beech

SKINCARE > MCCosmetics > MCCosmetics Azelaic Acid 25% 30ml plus Neutraliser Spray 50ml New York.

Ashley Wyatt

Love the fitness intros! You should check out Boho beautiful here on the tube. She has amazing yoga and Pilates follow along workouts and they're filmed beautifully!

User P

Dr Dray, is azelaic acid safe for prolonged use? I've been using it three times a week for a year now, and I wonder if I should stop. It the directions for use that came with my Skinoren (Bayer, 20% azelaic acid) it says it shouldn't be used longer than a year when used 1-2 times a day.

Kun Yang-Tolkachev

I think your skin is great, but the filming light can be improved. With the current light it looks a bit dull.

Reem R. O

I just bought a 20% azelaic acid cream which you can buy over the counter in my country.. Can i mix it with same amount of my moisturizer to lower it's concentration? I have rosacea with itchy bumps but I'm scared to use the 20% directly on my skin ??‍♀️ i would appreciate your help

Princess Cabalona

Does anybody know what can I mix with paula's choice azelaic acid booster?

Amy Rodgers

What is your P.O. Box address? I have some REALLY cute stickers I think you will LOVE for your daily calendar! ❤️

Mary Thomas

Damn. This video was out on my birthday last year! ?


hi doc, I want to ask you. can it be used after I use adapalene?

Nicola Delaney

Dr Dray you’ve gotta put your vegemite on toasted seed or sourdough toast and top with sliced avocado. Delish!

Yamina Lea

6:30 ???

Ronald John

when you put crap stuff on your skin from Sephora ?????

Limagomo limagomo

Hi Dr Dray, how do you use AZ clear Azelaic acid? AM or pm? Before or after your moisturizer? Do you apply it all over the face or just on the spots? Thanks so much

Kawanna Hardy

My mom and are very close, as you are with your mother, but if I started a YouTube channel, I would Never be able to get her on camera. Your mom is cool, just saying Hi to everyone lol. Tfs

S Aquarius

Using it on and off, pretty happy with it got at chemist warehouse for $13 AUD it's helping to fade pigmentation


Dr Dray, can I use azelaic acid with tretinoin?

Products that contain azelaic acid

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The Ordinary Azelaic Acid for BETTER SKIN TEXTURE - review and routines

86 views | 7 Feb. 2021

The ordinary azelaic acid

The ordinary azelaic acid for better skin texture - review and routines

In today's video, I'll be sharing my review of the ordinary azelaic acid after using it for ove a mouth. I'll also share my routines for how I use the ordinary azelaic acid and some other azelaic acid products just in care you might not want the ordinary azelaic acid, but want to give the ingredient a try for dealing with uneven skin texture, acne or hyperpigmentation.

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Morning routine:

Cerave SA smoothening cleanser

Dear klairs freshly juiced vitamin drop

the ordinary azelaic acid

Sukin rosehip hydrating day cream

Biore uv aqua rich watery essence spf 50

Night routine

Hidirose Ivy cleansing balm

Simple refreshing gel wash

Pixi clarity tonic

Cosrx oil-free moisturizing lotion

The ordinary azelaic acid


0:00 - Intro

0:33 - why people use azelaic acid

1:30 - Review of the ordinary azelaic acid

3:50 - Morning skincare routine

4:24 - Night time skincare routine

4:59 - pairing azelaic acid with other acids

6:17 - other azelaic acid products to check out

8:15 - you should like and subscribe by now ;)

8:27 - Must watch!


Blog: https://www.worldofiza.com






Contact [email protected] for business enquiries


What's your skin type?

Oily with a bunch of whiteheads

Where are you from?

Nigeria ??

Camera used:

Canon eos m50 with kit lens: https://geni.us/uTAh

Editing app: Kinemaster Pro

Music: Monroe (Lakey inspired) and Skydancer (Scandinavianz)

DISCLAIMER: This description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I'll receive a small commission at no added cost to you. These purchases help support what I do.


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I suggest you see his channel out and give the Dr a subscribe! ➡️ #DrEthanTips

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