Ingrown hair bruise

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Tweezing the Underarms

103 views | 20 Dec. 2020

Tweezing the Underarms.

Tweezing the Underarms. Part of the series: Waxing & Tweezing. Tweezing the underarms is something that you need to do in a very specific way to avoid ingrown hairs. Tweeze the underarms with help from a certified wellness expert in this free video clip.

Ingrown hair bruise

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114 623 views | 19 Oct. 2020

My patient from the

My patient from the “JUICIEST CHEST CYST” developed a massive hematoma a couple of days post-op. This is a fairly common complication that can occur, especially after removing a large mass. Overexertion during the immediate post-op period and taking blood thinners increase one’s risk. Fortunately, he’s doing just fine and healing very well!




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Vntg Vxn

Oh wow! I hope that he got some relief and he heals well and soon

Evelyn Toeppel

Ich hoffe der ist gut betäubt


How cool! The coloring looks like grape jelly!

Bobbie Chappell



This poor guy has a large cyst removed and within 24 hours this developed. He was smart to come back in and let you take care of it. It's unfortunate that he had this happen but he was in good hands. Great job.

Marshmallow Hope

Man had a whole venom Symbiyote in his chest


Whoops, maybe a compression bandage after the cyst remove was the way to go..

Paige Yelton

Omg shouldn't it be shaved or waxed! I have a hair phobia when its past a little bit on the body... But i thought it was shaved for surgery or to be bacteria safe... But anyways it scares me when this happens! Its usually benign if its drained right? Just old clotted blood from trauma? Like if a bruise doesn't absorb the blood back into the skin? Blood really makes me queesy and week and i squirt when i get blood done and its like water with my anemia ... I can handle some with pops and mixed with other stuff and its kinda neat to watch the jelly like stuff come out as im amazed how much can be packed in there and just be taken out and it be safe.


So the thing I like about Dr “M” is that he constantly asks his patient’s if they are ok. I am not one of his patients but it puts me at ease when watching some of these videos.

Jean Eaton

Welches grape jelly!

Maxine Miller

Lots lots of nastiness

Kelsey Umble

It looks like grape jelly!

Elizabeth Velez

Woww ! That is very intense to watch . I feel for that man . Hope that he gets better !

Mary Thatcher

Thank you for sharing
But what's with the XXX music?
It made me giggle a bit

Magda Sanchez Campoy

Waooooo Dios santo lo que salió de hay, parecía que estaba podrido por dentro que horror llegar a una situación así ??

Lucy Heaven

The assistant or nurse that was helping ruined the video. You can’t see anything because she kept wiping it off while he was draining it. That was a letdown

Evelyn Mejia

One of the best videos I’ve seen

Bjoernsen Bjoernsen

Hello and thanks for all the videos! What would happen if the "wound" was not opened and left untreated ?! I would be very happy about your / an answer!

Carolyn Andrews

Just huge. How long does it take for a hematoma of that size to develop? You did a wonderful job doc, and it is great that you show us a possible outcome of operations so that we are knowledgeable!

Claudia Theroux

I’m having surgery to drain a hematoma after mastectomy, mine looks 3 times bigger than that, extends from my sternum to my armpit. I wander how is that goin to be removed. I’m glad I’ll be knocked out and I hope there’s no complications ☹️

Pat Griego

Poor guy..betcha he was relieved...could he of gotten breast cancer if he hadn't gone you?


Was that a bullet hole? What caused this?

Harriet P

Poor guy. That had to her like hell.


Blackberry Jam

Irma Guareschi


L Camp

And no more grape jelly for me?

Janet Othen

Plz tell ur assistant that if they cover up what ur doing with tissue, its pointless to film!

Rosalie Kramer

Great case but the assistant was just in the way, and very distracting.

Paula Workman

WOW ❣️ Hope he is feeling better now ?

Dawn Buska

Wow, that was a huge hematoma! I watched as you squeezed the hematoma through the small opening. Would it of been less painful for the patient if the opening was a bit larger? Great job.


Please give us an update on this gentleman. I feel so bad for him, the pain must be unbearable

Jennifer Cooke

I wish that nurse would bog off.


What causes this?


I'm off grape jelly forever!! What happened to this guy? Those clots were insane ?

Ramona Middleton

Dr. Needed to wrap it tight around the whole chest and back Area!,

Roger Hacker

I've had 9 stents and a double bypass done over time, this year had to have my thyroid removed, had to be off thinners for 5 days, and start right after it was over


I'll never be able to eat blackcurrant jam again!!

Patricia C. DeHart

I do hope he heals up okay, that poor man!!

Denise Blount

This is one of the videos that I've watched over and over, so awesome.

Harriet P

I kept thinking he would probe it with a swab

Ms Creek

Wow! That looked very painful! Poor guy!

Angela A

Great videos except for that music!

Mechella Bella

@1:03 the noise ????


Hey Doc, who've you got assisting you.. Quick Draw McGraw?
Every time you squeeze, she's right in there blocking our view of the discharge.
No offense, but that's the reason we're here.

Lisa Biziarek

The patient needed to have a compression bandage to wear after the first procedure.

Gloria Gallant

Will it fill up again


Pimple popper who?? Lol

Gina Higginbotham

OK so the know it all patient cause it to his self?


Would a bulb drain be prudent after both procedures?

Eileen Holmes

It would be nice if you can watch it instead of that person blocking the view

Tatyanna Brown

Gape jelly

Susanne Bemis

I had this happen post partial masectomy . I wore a washcloth in my bra for a week!


I would of just Grabed a shop vac and put it right up to the hole and suck all that jelly out

Denise Blount

Dang, that was massive!

Marlene Olson

Looks like blueberry jam!

Lynn Zubich

I really hope that the Dr. packed the wound with sterile gauze to keep this from happening again.

Maureen Howard

Wow it looked like black current jelly with that first squeeze! Interesting video to watch thank you.??????????????????

Suzanne Robert

The assistant’s hands are in the way too fast.


Smucker's it has to be good. ?

Christina Weinman

Poor guy. 2 surgeries so soon. I know that had to hurt so bad. Your such a great doc and have an awesome bed side manner.

Vicki Larson

Poor dude. I just watched the cyst extraction . You really should have packed it, maybe even a drain.

Deborah Cantwell

It looks so painful ?

Karen Blevins

I’ve been in the medical field, business side, since 1989 and the human body never ceases to amaze me! Thank you ??


Forbidden jelly


He is the same client as in other video, having a big cyst removed on the same place, with a huge sack, isn't he? He has a double blackhead on the chest.

Paul Bailey

That's like a cross between blackcurrant jam and Branston Pickle

Paige Marshall

That was massive.


Parang sabaw ng left over na adobo- pinoy


Did you flush it out afterwards? I’ve never seen a hematoma with pus throughout. Excellent video!??????

Ann M Brooks


Susan Pearson

I did not see any overly dramatic behavior. Just keeping things clean as they go along.

Roger Hacker

did you stop him from taking his blood thinners before the first procedure?

Driveway STAR

Is it blood jelly?

Vicki Rathburn

Oh my God!!! That one actually made me kinda sick! Must have been extremely painful.....so inflamed! I am so glad you could get rid of all that. Not only was the coagulant material released, thd gray green pus came pouring out too. Great job Doc!!

Ann Watts

I have never seen anything like this before,however it was obviously clear there was something wrong. Is this common?

Lee Squirrel

Grape jelly...

Billie Asher

WOW... What in the world would cause this to happen to this poor guy?

Kristin Dibenedetto

I hope that guy was finally out of pain. I’d need a horse tranquilizer to calm down if that was me

Melanie Sloan

Whoever has the white gloves on ruined this

Marc Truebenbach

SMUCKERS must be hard up on Grape Jelly.......LOL???


I pray he is alright


If I saw that black hell gush out of me, I'd be demanding an old priest and a young priest stat.

Michelle Gray

That has to b sore..nice chest

Sandra Rodrigues dos Santos

Te adoro, vc é o cara ...bjs

TX Livin'

He should have been give a pain pill to take before and an antibiotic afterworlds. Those things hurt like hell.

Sandie Lundstrum

BlackBerry preserves anyone??

Leila Jackowski

Maybe should have picked that area. I’m sure that’s painful.

Shamara Danielson


Candice Hawkins

Blackberry jam. Sore sore.

Bryan Reynolds

Pass the grape jelly please

Maureen Jossick

Is this the same patient from “the juiciest cyst”??? Looks like the exact same patient! Glad he’s ok, and doing better regardless!!! ?


Does this have a smell? Fantastic video!?

Zoelife913 H

I don’t know if I should cry or puke. Lol! I had a hematoma after I delivered my daughter via c-section. They pumped me full of pain medication and opened me up in the emergency room. I feel so bad for this guy. By the way, awesome job!


You hear the POP at 1:04 ..

Ann Nally

I do not know how u can do this.

Rebecca McInroy

I wish

Ashley Marshall

The patient was a bit rude to the nurse don't you all think? I do.

twinki twinki

Quit wiping it off

Lynn Cameron

Why did this gentleman wait so long to go to the doctor..

ted 88

Older people, alcoholics, drug addicted and diabetic’s have compromised vascular repair mechanisms. That’s why they are 50% more likely to develop post operative infection that leads to chronic infections.To many of these people are operated on. First do no harm ?

Ingrown hair bruise

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How to Fix Ingrown Hairs and Other Beauty Emergencies

7 780 views | 10 Jul. 2014

Beauty dilemmas, like

Beauty dilemmas, like ingrown hairs, dry skin and bruises after injections, always seem to surprise us at the worst moments possible. Here are some quick solutions to your biggest beauty emergencies.

First, ingrown hairs. They happen when hair with a sharp tip curls back into the hair follicle rather than out of the opening and always seems to appear right before a big beach trip. Ingrown hairs are more likely to happen in areas that we wax or shave the most, such as the underarms and the bikini line. They usually clear up on their own, but DON'T try to extract them on yourself because you might push the hair in further which could cause scarring and infection. To prevent ingrown hairs, keep the skin soft with lotions and body washes that contain glycolic acid like the one in this video from BIOELIXIA.

Watch the rest of the video for more quick fixes to your biggest beauty emergencies.

S Khan

Thank you ??