Two person showers

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11 013 017 views | 18 Nov. 2019

You know how the story

You know how the story goes. There are only two kinds of girls in this world. 

They’re either put together and poised, or they’re a little more, uh, down to earth….

Watch these hilarious yet relatable situations and tell us which girl are you?

#123GO #funny #relatable #girly


0:32 Wearing heels

1:30 Makeup

2:40 Snapchat

3:28 Clothes

4:25 Choosing outfit

5:20 Homework

6:29 Hair styling

7:20 Food

8:28 Sleeping

9:11 Bloopers!

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Fatima Almarzooqi

I'm type A which others see me stylish and gorgeous. I always want to be beautiful ?❤️

Peyton Brink

I am type B a tomboy in the making


I'm so B. I love being comfy ?

Keifer Wheeler


DreamerJassi Roblox

I’m type B because I want to be normal

Keifer Wheeler


bt21 ,bts

I'm a girl and tomboy I'm both

Keifer Wheeler


Veronica Picciafuoco

omg yeah tipe a

Mahreen Ahmed

I would choose a

Manuru Ananya

Iam defenetly iam type B

lyn catacutan

and i have SO MUCH MAKE -UP

Rain Cennamo


Cassie Barradale

I am not either ,weird or

Michelle Williams

I'm half of each

Rachana Dhanashekhar


Joy Johnson

123 go I love your videos I am a huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge fan I love your videos I watch them every day please take me as a big fan


really I don't know about these girls but I am both

zay phyo wai

Types a

shadow and moon

Mostly im type B but sometime im type A too weird right????


To be honest, Who Swiss with earrings

jahnavi gowda

Iam A type of girl

Ava And Angela Bozios


James Young

Well i don’t know if i am A or B

Anushka Thatte

Amd I only wear lip colour ?

James Young

Well i am both

Audrey Reinhardt

I don't like heels or tennis shoes. I prefer sandals. <3

Anushka Thatte

I love sneakers but I am like Emily and love comfert so WHO AM I ?!!

Keifer Wheeler


Moumita Maji

Heels girl best Woohoo ?

Sadia Islam



Hmmmm Did sombody notice when type B wearing heels is a wrong spelling i mean just a mistake. Excuse me. Im sorry...

Rashmi Stha

I am type b

simply gacha

Yeah mk I’m totally b ?

Amit redington1

Type a

avula umadevi

I am like Olivia .
l love black

SquishyWishy Harlow & GiGi

Emily has her face washed
Me I still see makeup

Christy Boudreau

On the one with the bun I'm type B

Marina Hosein

Type c because I mean myself

Kacie Kaiser

Hi gest

Essence Jones

Type B


A and B maby A

Foster fam 2021

I'm crying because I'm leaving my family I'm only 5 years old but I'm never going to see my family anymore

Jayla Jernigan

i mean b

Aylin Anderson

i'm type C wich means i just be myself

Depressed Child


Keifer Wheeler


Cain ‘n Hav Fam

im type c too

Teddy Ghir

I’m defiantly type B for homework

Neha K

Thanks for publicing it on 18 November because my birthday is on 18 November ???

Ramjan Ali

Iam type b??

Emily's world

My name is Emily and i am nothing like that Emily lol

Sierra Thomas

b it is me

Jecissa Dianand

I am type c i mean i am myself

Vedanti art and More!

I’m type C which means to be my self?

Jayla Jernigan

type c im a tomboy ugly girlys haha

Vanlal Duata

I am both type a and type b

Maisha Ali

Type B which one are u

Vikhunth Vaibhav

M always type A. Iam a popular girl in my school

Jia Bradshaw

and lm A type

James Young

Well I am actually B

BananaB_HFM Playz

I’m like type B but I don’t where makeup in the water and I don’t wear makeup

Garcia Mclean

Tab a

C.S Devanathan

can I ask one thing who is talking behind them????

Garcia Mclean

Tabe a

Jacklyn Malley

I am type d

Candace Lee

Im a-little bit of both-, o no I’m not, I’m MYSELF

lyn catacutan

I soooo type a

Leslie Ann

Im type A

Lilia Millington

Omg I'm probably type b doing my homework hahahaha

franklin abas

me: type A


Type A

Antra Thakur 5D

I like type a

T Boss

I’m type C I’m myself

Kayla Parasynchuk

I’m the wrong one

Michelle Williams

I'm a type b but I want to be an type a

jahnavi gowda

Iam a type of girls

Chrys Kolastsis

I'm type A and some not me at all

Yessey Castanares

Wooooooow ilike amy????‍?‍?

Jacklyn Malley

I am a to

April Chen

I’m type C, I just b me

Rachana Dhanashekhar

I am the type 1

James Young

I think i am type A

Joyce Ngara

I love it but it's not that much of the time I have to go to school so talk to me later please l would want to talk to ammy she's now my best friend

10 Shruti Budhbawre

I don't care about someone
Mine type is mine

Jia Bradshaw

lm the good type

Marina Hosein

Type a sometime and Type b sometime

Jaya DIY home craft

I am a


type a

Thanduxolo Lancelot nkomonye

B girl

eric bett

On Snapchat I like both

lyn catacutan

cause i am so rich



Florence Ralph

So funny, I am mostly b but I can be an a sometimes

Betty Virella

I love your vieos

Melissa Sutphin

9:04 it was my birthday on agest 1


Me: not type a or type b haha

sonal singh

Type b

Shanti Brunke

Im type abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz that means I just be my self ?

Charlie Noonan

I am A

Two person showers

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Embraer Lineage 1000E Private Jet with Double Shower

1 755 340 views | 22 Dec. 2018

During MEBAA show (Middle

During MEBAA show (Middle East Business Aviation Association) I have a tour of the top of the line Embraer Executive Jet, the Lineage 1000E which cost over $54 million!

Check out the double shower, private bedroom, 5 zones on-board, crew rest, 3 bathroom and private galley.

Christmas Giveaway - Enter here:


DivineSis DreamWalker

This is freaking Amazing ? ?? ONE DAY I WILL RIDE IT ????

Jonathan Bonapos

Wow its huge and absolutely amazing it sick really sick! I like it???

Triggerd E

Ima build this is in bloxburg

arni sls

the coulur of furniture perhaps can be made more warm , yacht luxury type ...and the crew can be furnished with some top model like types...

Aislin Bailey

That is not a jet that ya a whole plane?

vattanak sovan

Imagine buying a $54 million private jet but u only got 700-1000$ lcd tv

Elghazi Jihen


Triggerd E

If I ever get rich I’m buying this plane

Johny Hansen

this is too pricey for me ill have to settle with the Embraer 600 ..its on sell now for 21 million with no add ons

Janick Goudeau

Around the time stamp 3:45, I noticed a chessboard on that the jet's cocktail table etc. I wasn't sure but it's this one of the CGM- Magnus Carlsen's private planes?

Vishnu M K

Interiors are so stylish..

Aurum Sirius

Whose here thinking about the jet they’ll buy. This was amazing.

Harsh Kamlesh

How can he afford so much

NhyCho 55

That's one of my jet....

Ron A

Awesomen plane.... double shower and queen size bed is incredible.... great job...

Aloe Vera

I’m disappointed there’s no sauna

Vilmondes Rosa

Mto bom tenho um

Isaac Ferreira

I'm brazilian and I say "your welcome"


Orgulho nacional ????????

Judah Christ


Pisa Thongsonlone

Favorite jet so far on ur channel, rated by luxury, price and space, interiors are a plus


F idiot!

The Karbi Guy SNH

Can any one tell me the background music in the video ?

juan jo tm

How many persons are allowed to enter ?

Murat Ucan

This company really did what can I say. It seems like Sam is really enjoying been on that plane.?

Talha Khan

I love your chanal sir

rahul kumar

कारपेट सही है

Bill Carp

'I'm really wet'. Gotta love these Sam Chui videos......

Lance Martin

That couch looked very uncomfortable for a long trip watching movies. Great Video!

The Man


Javier Aguirre

do you accept visa?


Oh my God

Sam Chui

3 DAYS to go for Christmas Giveaway draw - Enter it here to win a Sam Chui Merchandise


Don't forget to leave your comment! I will always pick the best comment every week to show it in the next video!


54 million? No thanks. I’d take it for only 20 million

Ines Joao

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mavzer 17

Range is poor. Its need 7000nm max. range to fight to the another jets in this class. 7000 nm and 50 million dollars is a perfect deal for embraer.

md rifat

Can you pls make a new video of Gulfesteam pls.......

dileep polumaati

Sky, earth, sarva jnaanam nee srushtinchina sarva srushti karthaa nuv yekkadaa lekundaa chachi po. Gouravam gaa.

Tianen Chen

A lovely awkward Asian host.

John Cooper

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Admin Support: @cryptoaidoptions.com

New Travel Secrets

7:08 Thank you Sam for remembering us your Youtube commentors.

Ron West

Not tryna be racist, I'm Asian too; but this dude lookin like the Yin to Andrew Yang ???


Sam Chui, the Aquaholic of aviation!

henrique modenese

Embraer ??????

iosk pad101•igbo traveler•

Susan Haroutounian

Mr Sam you could have taken me with you to have a peak at this jet ?

Arsad Ali

Sam chui
Ware are you from.

Judah Christ

NEVER SLEEEPY BIDEN 2020...????????????
Biden have too much fear of TRUMP...TRUMP=STROOONG...[MAGA]...❤????

Imran Kutianawala

21$ million less than a g700 and 2 times better....

William Estrada



Your videos worth a billion views


I showed my balls bro


anyone else notice they never showed the passenger bathroom, just the crew and bedroom one

Z. McClendon

Wow. That's only $14 million over the price of the airline version.

Terry Shrives

This really is a hell of a deal!

yugen cafe

That same air hoistress was in producer Michael's jet when he bought his plane. Does she go in all the private jets or what ?



arni sls

the cool thing is that if you crash, you dont even feel it?

Giovani Roman


Wealthy Prosperous

Sam, I’m a new fan. I’m a private jet fan too. I would love to be in one of the private jet shows with you (guest pass) one day.

Ankur Das



Falla a casa la doccia!

Vanessa B

“I wanna be you. No I wanna be you!” ?

Dave Baker

It's not very wide. Aren't there any jumbo jets privately owned?

Peter Sampson


Melati Putih


Furry Boi da emperor

9:10 her teeth are perfect

Andreas Schmidl

I love this so much ❤️

The husband of Stardom Family

Let me marry Sam Chui! Get this over with...?

Roy Piper

Why spend $75M on a Gulfstream 700, when you can get 50% more interior space for $54M?


Its like bobby lee in a suit

memento mori

...and I'm sitting here in my Cessna Citation X like a dirty peasant!,...as long as I don't have to share a tube with a bunch of demons, everything is going to be fine...

Md Rasel


World Anthems

why would they let a random Asian guy that looks like the president of China inside an aircraft that possesses potential secret military technology.

Alfredo Penez

Which one is the best airline to go in Spain Barcelona sam...?

Monami Ghosh

so if you check I changed my USA passport name from Sharon Taylor king to Rashida Jones but my USA passport cards in the diary are still at our embassy in Kolkata still not handed over to us
to keep in contact my Instagram account is rich_kid_of_social_media

suck mydick

Good interior and somewhat good value but it needs more range. Minimum 5500 NM!!!

Maryland Mapping

It's ok to cuddle with the homies though


This makes everyone’s wallet cry



Paulo C. Peixoto

Wow! I’m proud of Embraer!! ?????

campagnar desque

Airplane Embraer Lineage 1000E good??

kublai khan


Yutian CHEN


juan jo tm

To be honest the purpose of an airplane is to transport not to have a shower. Geeeeeee! it´s up to you !


Bobby Lee's Twin Brother.....???

james hendricks

https://youtu.be/j6jNjhV5ZWA NICE JOB SAM HEAR MY STORY

Luke Nunn

Can a person that is a millionaire own this as a private jet



Khalid Saleh

Best value for the money. I checked all the competition and this is the best value for the money you pay.


Gulfstream G650 has a range 1821 NM further, and the Gulfstream 650ER has a 2321 NM further range, and is cheaper per flight hour to operate. This is a nice plane, but I’d take the Gulfstream 650 or 650ER over this any day!

Airline info

"Call 1-855-913-3506 Get 50% Off on International Flights"- shorturl.at/bjmEW


If someone needs to go to wc hell have to go through bedroom

Dave Work

This is better than Global 7000 in terms of price.

smash lai

just another rich 2nd generation....

Aviator Nic

Why is it a 2 person shower -_-

Ratenawati Karim

I wish i have my own private jumbo jets.

sumitra sarma

Seeing this jet makes me want to come back to earth another time!?????

Two person showers

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Nebia Spa Shower 2:0: Kickstarter Video

113 858 views | 12 Feb. 2019

Three years ago, we

Three years ago, we introduced a shower that looks better, feels better and saves a whole lot of water. But we weren’t done innovating there. We took each piece of feedback from our community to heart and built the Nebia Spa Shower 2.0, a warmer and more powerful shower that sets a totally new standard-- and still saves 65% of the water used by conventional showers. We're also excited to announce the Nebia Shelf, because sometimes it's the small things that make a shower great.

Nebia is currently LIVE on Kickstarter until March 13, 2019: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nebia/1688735364?ref=1y7maq

Anthony Teemer

Sounds good but the nozzle is wrong, needs to be longer, wider.


basicly a few spray nozzles inside whyt low flow of water

Mason Schmidt

Great looking product could of done something with the open space within the ring like a speaker or spmething


This definitely should be trending now. You guys are awesome! Thank you for sharing this amazing product!!


let me be a trial send me one

R.J. M, Velazquez , Gonzalez

How Would This Work With Marley Water Heaters ?

Nouman hassan

Well done. Looks good

Alex Morelli

Will you do water saving faucets in the future possibly?

Stanislav Setevoy

Will it save enough water for California golf fields?

Jay Debnath

This shower is avelable in ?? India

Зеновій Хархаліс

Here's another mat-black thing for you ;)


Only a team of “passionate engineers & designers” would create a $500 shower head (likely much more expensive in other countries) that will find its way into ~0% of the world’s households.

Nebia 2.0:

• Putting a McLaren in the driveway -- check.
• Solving the world’s water problems — my ass.

Saleh Al Oreef

nice shower ?

Aykhan Abbasov

Hi Everybody. Congrutulations. I think this his is amazing. I appreciate all of you.
How i support your product ?

Сила маркетинга

Сделайте субтитры с переводом на русский язык!!!

Rafael BS

Great product! I've tried Nebia's first version and it was incredible! looking forward for this new 2.0 Nebia Shower!!!

Congratulation to the entire team!


just installed mine. so easy. had a good 30 min shower. amazing!

Igor Gabrielan


Doug Inouye

I am an early Nebia kick starter and have two of the 1.0's in the house. The only issue I have is that the unit doesn't have a diverter. If you use the hand spray you can't shut off the shower head. You get simultaneous water spray from the shower ring and the hand unit. My wife hates wearing a shower cap so makes it difficult to shower when she doesn't want to get her hair wet. Does the 2.0 have a diverter valve?


29% more heat means bigger water drops, probably because many people with open showers had returned the item. I prefer a totally enclosed shower for these water vapor mist shower types. Otherwise you're freezing or you wet the entire bathroom because it generates ALOT of vapor, takes hours to dry with a fan on.
Mist showers are the best, you can shower 3 times longer for the same amount of water, plus it's utterly relaxing. I get that Spa feeling in my own crappy bathroom :)

Casey Muni

I am a sceptic. How is this version avoid the law of physics and not a backyard mist for kids in the summer.

Umesh Patil

If you really want to help world save water then reduce price...$500 very few can afford...

Argiros Epan

It's good but quite expensive...

Kiayana Beaumont

Is there a way to set up a shower loop with the nebia?


Gibt es die dann auch für Deutschland ???

Falls ja wann und zu welchem Preis?

Octavio Maronna

Which is the minimum water pressure to get a full jet shower?

Justin Crediblename

1 billion gallons in 2 years is 1,500 1lleg4l ali3nz.
Just build the w4ll. They won't breed nearly as much over there, and not only water, but every other world resource will be consumed at a lesser rate.
...thanks for being progressive.

Alain D.

Too expensive for emerging markets.