Resting face types

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How To Fix Resting Bitch Face [Do These 2 Things]

9 145 views | 18 Feb. 2018

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"Are you okay?"


Are you tired of people confusing your "lost in thought" face with resting b*tch face?

Here are two tiny and effective things you can do to solve RBF (AKA Resting sad face, or the urban scowl, resting bitch face) and have better interactions starting today.

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Hey, I’m Jeff, founder of Become More Compelling,  I help ambitious overthinkers create amazing careers, businesses, & social lives by supercharging their people skills and charisma.

Over the last 10+ years, with a LOT of trial and error, I’ve learned how to be charismatic and socially skilled. (Having 90,000 conversations will do that to you…yes I tracked it.)

I want to take the lessons I’ve learned over the last 10+ years and share them with you so you can powerfully connect with your fellow humans!

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Eh...i just honestly do not care to where my face slowly rested to a resting pissed face is what i call it.

Gabriel Guzman

I have been looking for videos I tend to have urban scowl more so because my eyes squint and my eyebrows look a little narrow. Even though I am happy it looks like I am angry in which I am not

Aisha Mohamed

thx it helped


It’s sickening people think u don’t wanna talk or ur stuck up or have an attitude cus ur deep in thought


Me to

Chloe B

Out of all the videos I have watched this have been the only one helpful. Thank you so much . You deserve more recognition!!!!!

Jen Ballat

Whenever I am quiet, and just thinking about something, some of my classmates often ask me, if I am mad. And what makes me mad is when they ask me questions like that.

Jeff Callahan

Enjoyed this video? Here are some tips on how to improve your conversation skills. Enjoy: https://youtu.be/Ez2L5AQU4bc

Cindy Luppa

man thos rbf is ruining my life actively ... i need to fix it

Lisa Zalovick, LMT

Really enjoying your content:) Thanks!

Junglist Baker

Haha no way, it actually works, thankyou

Resting face types

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How To Get Rid of Resting B*tch Face

4 490 views | 15 Mar. 2020

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Sam Shines

Thank you Queen ??????????? God's blessings to you and fam ?

Danielle Poole

Is your hair a flat twist w/rollers?
I love it ! Please share the dets

Ciku Ciku

I have a resting face and proud of it for that's how I was created. So why should I fake it to get men's attention,, why is it that always women have to sometime act fake to get attention? If a man ain't strong enough to study me or get to know me then I have zero time for such a man...I respect myself very much so acting and forcing myself to smile nonsense is a no no..My smile is always genuine and forever genuine and I will forever keep acting real.

Bryanna Buckingham

My fricken face is the worst resting bitch face omg.

Loui Jacob

I get the “ are you okay” “ you look upset, what’s wrong”? All my life!! And I’m completely normal and I’ve noticed people look at me wrong because I’m thinking my face looks mad. I scared myself looking at my camera phone and my face looked mad even though I was thinking only

Pamela Whitten

WOW this is so deep.... I really feel this thank you so much.

Ronaldo Ross 9A

Men can have RBF too. Im a teenage guy suffering from this. Alot of males have RBF, especially Kanye West, his RBF is super bad.


What if I'm feeling so numb and down with no energie to the point that I can't move my face without feeling like I'm holding a plank

Stacey J

It’s been kinda scary where I live with men approaching women so for safety I look like I’m ready to hurt someone at any moment because women have been shot for rejecting men. I turn down nicely as possible but don’t wanna miss out on a good guy in the midst of crazy ones.

Chanelle Wilson

This is great thank you ??☺️✨

Angela Lee

Peace and Love Queen❤️??

su su

You are so beautiful omg! And thank you so much for this video


It's not just women that have this, guys can have it too. I'm not the smiley type, which leads people to think I'm in a bad mood when I'm not. But I have no intentions on changing---that's who I am, and people can like it or not


Thank you so much #Monique Head.. You are really a blessing, you teach some stuff that most people ignore and neglect... your video has inspired me too much. I'am so gratful... You have inspired me and i have started my Youtube channel to spread what i have learned to also help the people all around the world. Whenever someone helps you is for you to help also someone else. so i don't wanna keep what i have learned here for myself.i will appreciate your support familly. I will upload my first video in a hour. You can check it to follow my progress Queenedwithdivinity. https://youtu.be/RvRI0DXk974

anita kamau

This has been a problem to me for long, people keep telling me to smile, but deep down i'm ok. It really hurts me


I naturally have b*tchy resting face. I can't help it. It hurts when I try artficial facial expressions.

lima maclean

Thank you ?
God Bless You ?

Goddess of Everything

Blessings to you and thank you for addressing this because it is a huge issue for me!

Resting face types

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5 tips in handling your Resting Bitch Face

26 265 views | 22 Apr. 2016

Most of us have RBF: you

Most of us have RBF: you look mean and annoyed even when you're not. Here are 5 amateur tips on how to handle your face if you don't wanna end up looking like you're always mad!

Manisha T

This is such an underrated video...I'm rofling! ?

Luisa Cruz

You're so funny?? thanks for the message tho?

Kathy C

hahahahha dead with your expressions

Ronaldo Ross 9A

And I thought I was neutral... No wonder I don't have friends.

Ryan Regmi

Great job with the video man! Keep it up. You're really funny and making the world a better place.

Michael Pham

I am sometimes misunderstood because of my face. Fuck all you fcking haters.


The bad thing is that my family passed it on to me. My grandma has it.

Osirus Homunculi XIII

RBF = Tsudere


"Even if your very very tired, just put on a fake smile."
" Even if its fa--"
"Even if its fake."
Best advice you will ever get in life.

kay mitch

I can’t help it :((( I’ll be straight chillin in a good mood and everything and I just feel like I don’t wanna control my facial muscles, I’m so sick of people asking me if I’m okay or mad ect like I’m starting to get offended I legit cannot help what my face looks like.

Ibtihel Abidelli

Disappear. Best tip

Ak Go

This is probably the worst advice/tips I've ever watched on You Tube

Ademola Owoeye

“There’s no point for everyone in this world looking like a clown” ???

James Pineapple

Thank you now I look like I’m smiling all the time but it hurts my face a lot


And that's why there is the quote "Don't judge a book by its cover"

Trump Virk

Actually u r awkwardly helpful

Jeneé G.

This video is sooo funny ?? thanks


U r so cute ?? That was funny


I officially assume that this is the most accurate video and just the best advices in the world

DymondQueen 1

When I smile at people they look at me weird, and if don’t they do the same so what’s the problem ???‍♀️

Mason Pritchard

Im at the point where i dont like going out anywhere because of this. And im at that point of "Disappearing."

Osirus Homunculi XIII

I got rbf, but I persecute others with rbf too, u got 2 mean looking dude, "waht u lookin at?" "What u lookin at bruh?!" Lets all fake smile at our RBF brothrs and sisters from now on

Makoto Akiyama

You, sir, are GORGIOUS!!!

baiku ლ

Somebody send this to Billie Eyelash

Meme Potato

Then you can justtt


Joan Pabón

Thanks for this video, Dan! I just found it and laughed out loud. Today was a hard day at work and this made me feel a lot better about myself. Long live the resting bitchface!

shibui_tea affs

I didnt have a lot of friends until a i realized i had a resting bitch face

makahla griffin

I was dead laughing watching this whole video??

Ak Go

This is so funny ???bruuhhh

Ex-muslim Atheist Rebel

You should be comedian buddy


here bc I don't know what my resting face is because my mom made fun of whatever it was when I was a kid and now I have to smile all the time -_-


Just be yourself and own it. You don't need approval from anyone

Tristan Carter

It's a serious problem like yesterday I made someone almost cry cause they thought I was lookin down on them

Just Monika

You look like Raymond from Animal Crossing omg

Romantico Poeta

"Help!!!!...people come talking to me but after i give them my bitchi face they run away.

Jakub _

I have suffered for RBS for 9 years and it ruined me, not long ago i discovered it was because of my glasses, i wore them off and now my resting face is so nice and cute that people love me and they help me in any situation because i have such a warm lpving resting face


People have said i look like I’d shoot up the school and that killed my self esteem :( boys are even scared to come talk to me

La Verdad Buscador

As a boss I let my employees know pretty early on that I look either angry or clueless, but I assure you I'm neither of those two things, I just have a bad face". That usually gets a laugh and helps them understand a little better. The problem for me was I would try to pretend or fake a smile and I'd come off as creepy or clueless. People are perceptive and can pickup on the genuineness. Being up front in a joking way (for me at least) helps me come off as likeable (funny/human) while I resume my nightmarishly awkward expressions.


I love your voice !!

Maria Radulovic

Faking smiles, acting and pretending, that's all giving me pain in my face and devoping a strong migraine. Fuck smiling. I need a job where I will not meet ppl.

15 juhi sen

1:46 how to prevent resting bitch face in videos--- put an emoji on your face??... it works in offscreen life too

Andie Avalos

???? I love this video.

Dine with J9

Gotta try the glasses and cartoon shirts ?

The Big DAWG

My face is to cringey to look better thats why I'm wearing sunglasses to hide my face and the bandanna thing was to make me look cool lol


I wish I didn't have this man. It is such a curse. No one wants to be around me or even talk to me and they think i'm angry all the tme.


dont care enough bout what people think about me to do this

Grace Deng

This is hilarious