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REAL TALK | Light Skin vs. Dark Skin: Complexion Wars

202 931 views | 15 Nov. 2016


Twitter/IG: @CindyrellaOG


Complexion- DJ Jalen


Christian S

Beyoncé is lightskin

Peter September

As a Coloured person from South Africa what's light skinned for Black Americans and Black South Africans are dark or slightly Brown skin to us,. example me im a light caramel Brown skinned person not light skinned or dark skinned but just in between.

The Golden People T.G.P.

I like all shades but there is a division.

B Jones

For there is a problem with light skin versus dark skin,but in my opinion a different age group would be more appropriate.

Whoo Youu

Lmao she said "I'm full blooded Ethiopian" then said her grandfather is Italian. Girl you're mixed! Lmao.

Emmanuell Lufuluabo

I just kinda cringed every time he called himself a chocolate brown guy but if that was he thinks of himself then hey what can we do ?‍♀️

Sam B

Why the lightskin folks make more sense? We are in trouble. That "red skin" girl is delusional. She ain't red. She is dark brown. She needs a clue

Lee Lee

The lighter you are the more genetically manipulated you are ....the sun is attracted to the color black for a reason....it’s sad y’all having the conversation

tyler moore

opposites attract. im considered a "redbone" black guy. i had trouble dating lightskin women because they wanted darker guys and darkskin women wanted lightskin guys. so I dated mixed black women because I'm a mixed black guy

JOSH 121

I ain't know jimmy butler was in this interview.

Peter September

33:39 exactly why I don't cut my hair no more i just wash it

Lielt Solomon

Ethiopian ?


Blacks are nothing but victim of their own culture

Trinity ogboe

I agree with what people are saying with the light skin guys are open to date dark skin girls more than a dark skin guy is, but in the first minute of the video, some guy said light skin guys will not break your heart....where do y’all find those type of light skins?

Versace Nell

I ain't got no type...naaaa........bad woman is the only thing that l like

T 1000

Who's Drake?

bossymeg brown

I’m light skinned and had to work hard for everything I have. I the powers that be didn’t give me a pass. I received traffic tickets ton the form they wrote black.


People for some reason prefer light skin I truly find chocolate skin the most beautiful skin combination I wish I was. Anyway black skin is beautiful.

Kyle Lowry

Don’t worry ya got me dark girls are thick and cute and brownskin girls are considered darkskin too

mercedes corral

So I’m mixed with Mexican, Native American, black and white. My whole family is dark complexion and I’m white as Polly pocket. I’m so jealous they all have beautiful skin and I feel pale af lol. Idky people feel darker skin is inferior they are gorgeous just as much as lighter shades.

T 1000

White people love to tan as tans are associated with money; vacations, expensive beaches etc.

Black/Asian Pele want to be lighter because they associate lighter skin with money, success, more privilege.

Rick or Shae

The “red” girl is AT MOST brown skinned. The “brown” man was dark skinned. GUYS ... COME ON


32:00 sniff sniff. Lmao lol

Triton Caramel Jah

Lol because they not dark they mix and probably your color but just lil darker


Oh sweet light skin girl and dark skin boy (calling yourself brown / Nigerian) you cannot explain and understand the experiences of an American dark skin girl and your privileges are oozing out of you.
Oh sweet dark skin girl - there's a competition between light skin and dark skins in everything and the sooner you realize that; the better. Prepare now and be your best self. Be confident because you are a force to be reckoned with.
Oh sweet red skin girl and light skin boy - you both spoke honestly.

Pink Cancer


Lielt Solomon

Wow ??

Jude Svidler

The last girl light skin girl is gorgeous.


33:25 dreadlocks are dreadful. Lmao

Dre Ortiz

Choctaw Indian isn’t an ethnicity. Choctaw is a tribe and a lot of black families lie about being mixed with Native bloodlines. We as black people need to get away from colorism. We need to give better knowledge to our children. Black is black whether yellow, red, caramel, brown, or dark chocolate. We as people are entitled to preference; but as adults we should know the difference between associating Skin tones with personality traits.

Richard Myles

Light skinned are mixed...during slavery they were BIRACIAL....thats not black....its black and white mix...thats what it is

Og Special

Listening to these young people makes me realize how far gone the generations have gotten. A generation pretty much lost. The truth really escapes them even though there looking for it. America has our children majority brainwashed. They believe in diversification and inclusion. Like thats the answer to everything. Not really that that doesn't work for those that are at the bottom. Those are tactics used to keep those in power in power. Liteskin is not apart of the continent of Africa. There is no such a thing. U had to have a genome type infused into u in order to be a lighter shade. Its really rape culture, grafting.

Awal Yussif

What a great conversation and cast, thank you for sharing..! ??

T 1000

The girl who says she's red skinned is dark to me


8:59 she fits the the light-skin stereotype.

HECATE TrippleMoonGoddess

The media is no excuse for calling your sister a gorilla I'm fair skinned and I'm pissed


I feel like the one in the tan jacket was pandering. “sister” was out of his mouth every other word. Like why couldn’t it have been ladies or women? Why did it have to be sisters? There is something underlying with that word choice.

Tombi Mashri

Aboriganys are not all dark, they are alsi copper coloured and light skin aboriganys. Mixed biracial come in different shades, and they accept eachother that way. From days of slavery light skin intermarried with dark skin so many mixed were born. Light skin dark skin must get along and accept they will always come in different shades but are one. We spend so much time in this light skin dark skin issue instead of uniting and fighting for our justice, and building iur wealth promoting eachother. Its shame in the old days they all got along.

Alexa P. Keaton

Black is Black!!!

Peter September

I knew it ,i knew you had Ethiopian in you somewhere i mean the facial and hairstyle says it all, i love Ethiopia its my favorite country in Africa.

Nile Bluesea

17:32 i'm only half ethiopian, mixed with possibly egyptian/arab or both according to my tests

Jean Griffin

You are attractive to who you are attractive to, not the skin. Talk about who is dark and who is brown.


The 'Light skin' woman DOES look Ethiopian.

Amber Xoxoxxo

I'm more attracted to lightskin/biracial men but there is no difference between complexions of black men. It's all based on their character. All black men with good character are amazing.

Tiff Monique

The girl with the believer top was a little annoying it's like she didn't give the other people time to talk and ponder their responses before talking. I wish the darker girl and lighter guy would have responded more.

Robert Mugabe

Darkskin and Lightskin Black Men are Wonderful!

Iam WhoIam

So do dark skinned women who dislike light skinned women and swirl eventually hate their light skinned daughters?

samrawit berihu

The Ethiopian girl who said she didn't look Ethiopian and they would be surprised. It's not a complexion thing. There are girls lighter than you and the majority is a bit lighter and it depends on the region. You don't look Ethiopian look wise not completion wise.

Jennifet Stewart

Red is not a skin color it's a undertone and That India show ain't red bone not even in undertone either she would be considered brown on the dark side at that. So for her to talk bad about her sister sounds deranged & stupid

JG Jerze123

The self proclaimed “red” skinned girl is obviously brown. Her undertones may be “red” but her skin is brown and she should embrace it.

Dating Fighter

What if it's always been that way. How did blacks feel about whites and lighter skin 500 years ago? It seems that this is not something whites created.


Caucasian people used to desire fair skin in the past as well. Fair skin meant that you didn’t do physical labor. Ideals often change depending on what a privileged group looks like and/or results in. Another good indicator of this is ideal body types over time. In places were food is difficult to get, having fat on your body shows privilege. In North America famines aren’t a prevalent issue, being skinny and fit is the ideal.

Dre Ortiz

Ethiopia, Eritrea, & various parts of Africa had a lot of European people mixing with the indigenousAfricans which explains the skin tones & hair textures(looser curls, etc) for some Africans

Danny Dam

I have dark skin but I'm white

owamie khumalo

I live in fric a n there r lyt skinned ppl who be African

Furaha isJoy

that was a lie. Just because your a certain skin color doesnt mean youll be attracted to that color.

Bze Bee

I love opera and ballet and classical music! I think there were a lot of “stereotyping” comments in this video! I couldn’t live in the U.S. A lot of diversity mixed with a lot of hate.

Nyasha Franklin

Lets just remember the glorious moment in which cindyrella og made a documentary!!!

TuLocalPendejo •

As a light skinned person, how come I cannot uplift or embrace my shade without being colorist?
I hear all the time “I want my baby to be brown” “Dark skinned girls are winning” on pro-Black pages I follow.
When someone says “I prefer dark skinned girls” there’s no problem. But let someone say they prefer lighter girls and all hell breaks loose!
I want genuine answers though, I don’t feel like arguing.

Sugar brown 2 u

For the dude with the hoodie, Chris Brown is not attractive to me. Everyone light is not attractive to me.

Amy Winehouse


Ja'Neice M

This was great. It's sad to see that many people who watched this whole video didn't grab the knowledge and wisdom from the discussion in this panel, but only attack the people for their definition of skin tone and complexion. Thank you for this content. People are so small-minded and need to travel to experience different people and cultures--even in the U.S. to see where these terms come from. ?


Lol but a LOT of Ethiopian tribes are mixed. She even admitted it for herself so...

Jericho Lacey

Well sounds like white people love light skin people. The brighter they are the beutiful they are. Evan white people don't like dark skin people the darker they are the ugly they are. Happens in australia too with the Aboriginal people Evan myself I can't tell which is aboriginal and white people. They all look the same to me.


That man is not brown skin ?

Sky King

I knew he was Nigerian and she was Ethiopian (might have been Somalian though) just from their look.


People dont realize that white people are always being told they are too white. Always spray tanning, tanning outside.
I'm super white and always got picked on as a kid.
While dark skin people bleach their skin.
What it comes down to is money: the beauty industry is huge, the only way they can make money is to convince you that you are not enough, but buy their products and you will be beautiful.


"a bright pink bikini might not look good on her"? Shut up lightskin. So typical, doing all the damn talking. Recognize your privilege. They Dark skin girls ook BETTER in a bright pink bikini! GTFOH!


Did homie say ppl with preference down to color are immature??? We’re not allowed to have preference anymore?

Miguel Diaz

I have that mindset that dark people are more scary than lighter skinned I admit it I’m trying to fix my mindset

Issa SD

Dark skin or light skin or mixed we all share the same blood we identify as a black nation so let’s be proud of who we are to me both are beautiful
One love one blood black forever if you damn proud of your people hit like ???????

Malika .K

This was sooo good omg we need more convo like this !!!

o B

Im a pale irish-American man. I walk outside and my skin literally reflects sunlight. When I see a really dark tan white dude with obviously a different ethnic background yet still white, I dont think anything of it. Same goes when I see a light skin black guy and a dark skin black guy. I see them both as black. I think racism in general is ignorance, but when you're seeing race within your race based off skin pigmentation, that's an entire new level of ignorance that I don't understand.

Always A Beautiful Day

The “redskin” chick is just hella confused, arrogant and rude. Fact: she’s brown skin but she rather think she’s “redskin” but still black so she’s not proud.

The wannabe “redskin” chick is all over the place with her answers, stick to the question asked. Where’s her mindset. Immature behavior.

JoAnn Kennedy

Naomi Sims, Beverly Johnson, and Iman made the covers of magazines. Outside of Tyra Banks what lightside model made the cover of magazines. Duckie Thot( what a name) recently made the cover of Mademoiselle. What lightskin model made that cover.

Tzit Tzit

criterion is the singular and criteria is plural

Adina Charles

Black is black light or dark..I'm lightskinned n I can do anything a dark girl can except grow ass..lool...

Paula Abdul

First of all this was a very interesting discussion amongst young people that are of many different colors and skin tones. We finally get to see truthfully... how the bad influences come into play by listening to young teen age and young adults talk about the situation of what is happening with the situation of why dark skin women are treated with disrespect in the world, and industry of entertainment and modeling, cinema, and so forth, As well as dark skinned people in general. You have African American females in that particular discussion. Along with a Ethiopian Woman in the discussion. As well as African American young man and Nigerian young man in this discussion. Nigeria and Ethiopia are Countries in Africa on a totally different continent other than The USA. This is a foreign country to North America or Turtle Island also known as The United States of America. With foreigners or immigrants, aliens, etc. from another country or another world, that were not born here in this country. But are from another continent or another world. The seed of hate and disception is being planted in the minds of America's youth about color and ethnicity or preference in beauty amongst the people of color in this country. The Ethiopian young woman knows this secretly; that in Africa her light complected skin legally will qualify and classify her as white or Caucasoid even though she does not reveal that to the others in the discussion. She may say she is not mixed, but it does not matter if she is or not. In Africa she is legally excepted and classified as a white woman not black. So she wants to bash women of color that have brown skin and say other colors don't look good on them except colors that match their skin tone or that dark skinned women are lazy etc.and the majority rules and all these hateful and misleading things. This is false and untrue. She is saying that even though she does really realize what she is truly saying. What she has revealed in that discussion disqualifies her from having a decent discussion amongst the other people of color. Because she is hating on darker skinned women, their bodies and their color, as though her, body, mannerisms and looks makes her superior to women of color. She is decieved. Satan is the father of lies. If those young people are not saved and Holy Ghost filled. That are having that discussion about women or men of color, and skin tone and complexion etc. That prejudice and hateful stuff she is saying will trick them.Therefore bewitching and poisoning the others youth minds and poison there minds against the darker skinned women of color that she secretly hates and thinks that she is better than them or more superior to them because of her light skin, beauty or white privileges. she is sick mentally and decieved. Because she knows she looks more like the white people or caucasian people than most of the other girls in that room at that discussion. Also the Nigerian young man admitted he dates light skinned women and hispanic and mixed race women any way. Saying that it is his preference, but also says, he is not prejudice and all colors of women are beautiful and all skin tones as well. But he never truly admitted to dating dark skinned women or more tan complected or melenated women of color like his own self or, skin tone is anyway. He showed himself up to be secretly insane of hating his own race of women ( blacks) without directly admitting that he feels that the other ethnicities of women that are lighter complected are more valued and are more Beautiful and worthy to be loved dated and excepted sexually than dark skinned women. An insane man of color hates his own race and skin tone. They date brighter complected women to erase their own skin tones and make brighter complected children that he feels is more beautiful and excepted by society because of their fairer skin. In many countries in Africa the white woman was worshipped as a goddess in their religions and as a diety. These are alien beings and foreigners in the USA from other countries. Not born on these shores. Not from these lands. A United States of American true citizen was born in the United States of America. (Not any other foreign country)! The Nigerian young Man and Ethiopian girl are not true citizens of the United States are they? (They were not even born here in The USA.) No they were born in Africa. They are not Full Americans are they? Even if they did take a citizenship here in the USA, if they did that. So they plant these seeds of hate and deception about the darker skin woman on this continent the Aborigonal women in the USA the Native American Women that are of color or Choctaw decent etc. With these negative lies about their size, weight, body builds and beauty because we are not Africans from their continent or country Africa. The Native Americans are the host people of this country and these lands and that is the real true reason that all of the young people came out and called us lazy, and big boned and plus sized models etc. Not even knowing that they admitted it, that they feel they are more superior than the Native Americans because they are from Africa and their ancestors and their original families are African or African American. This is why I disliked this video. Because I see the deception and hate and disrespect that the people who think like these people, have towards women of color that are dark skinned or melenated and tan. They are all really talking about the Choctaw women that are Native American women. The Cherokee, Choctaw and Blackfoot women are Native American, they are mostly Creole women. Having ancestry and DNA from The Native Americans, Spaniards, French and Caucasoid races. Others are from the Jewish races and are not all Africans not African American. This is why they have been talking down and discriminatiing against the Native Americans tribes in this video. So therefore the Aliens and Foreigner's coming especially from the Continent of Africa. Which truly is an alien ? country from The USA secretly hates the Native Americans that are also very tanned complected here in the USA. The White women whether they are from Europe, Asia, Or Africa or anywhere on Earth have been visible over 525 years in this country. The Quadroon,,Octoroon?and Mulatto as well. They are darker tanner skinned women than regular white pale skinned white women but they have the rights and privileges to be accepted as white as well, no matter what country or continent that they are on. This Ethiopian girl is not ignorant to this fact. She knows this and chooses to decieve The other young people in this discussion. She is clever but not as clever as she thinks. Because there are some people that she can fool. But there are other people that she can't fool. When a person is a child of God ? and they are filled with the Holy Ghost. They can't be fooled by these myths , lies, prejudices, Deception and malicious lies. The majority does not rule all the time if the law forbids it. Racism is a sin and an abomination before God it is iniquity.. The Holy Bible clearly says that ?. It is unequal balance, hello? So it does not matter what there opinions are in this discussion, if it incriminates them for saying that or plotting that against the Naive Americans etc. If the Ethiopian woman is not saved and does not know the Lord Jesus Christ as her Lord and Personal saviour!! She is decieving these people and the viewers as well. She has clearly been decieved as well as the other young people she is decieving and leading astray. Jesus Christ is Lord. He is also a man of color and dark complected as well. Dark tan melenated skin is a blessing , a super power and the superior complexion to light skin. Light skin is not the Dominant. The Dominant is the darker skin. Which ages slower, does not burn as fast, holds on to its youth even longer, holds on to its beauty, does not wrinkle, crack, or sunburn as fast. Everyone that has wisdom knows this. Two light complected, pale skinned people can not produce a dark skinned child. But two dark skinned people can produce a brighter skinned child from their genes. Because they have the Dominant skin tone and gene. The light skinned people and the dark skinned people came from the same wombs in Africa and all over the world. The darker skinned Jew girl carries the eggs from her mother's and grandmother's wombs it is inherited. They are the Dominant. Because the blacks have all the bloods in them. They are the Dominant period. This is why they are hated and disrespected by the brighter complected white women. Because deep inside they know this. The Philosian Jew (the black man) and the Levite Jew (the white man) really came from the same womb. That is the black, dark complected women's wombs She has the Jew Blood in her, hello? Because they are the original woman of the Earth ? and the mother of all living. So the darker skinned people are the Dominant. Making them the original man and woman of Earth and their true parents of this planet. Planet Earth. The Insane white woman or high yellow girl in that discussion. Did not win me with her views and conversation. She needs to go back and do the research on the matter before she runs her mouth. The lesson learned from this discussion is discern the spirit and heart of a person. No matter what their skin tone or sex is. Always think before you speak everyone. Because what is in your heart is what you really will say. Deception will be saw through by very wise people. Especially if they are saved and Holy Ghost filled and sanctified and have the gift of discernment with Jesus Christ Spirit of Truth that lives within them (Which is the Holy Ghost.). Don't be a follower. Be a leader. I am a tan complected, melenated, dark skinned, Cherokee ,Choctaw, Blackfoot Indian Woman from birth and a Jew.

Tejuan Jones

I like Both but I prefer brown skin women because they are more approachable and they are easy to talk to but I love my darkskin women too if she has a good spirit then I can be with really have no preference if a darkskin women have a good spirit then I will be with here but this whole darkskin lighskin debate is getting out of hand but people like what they like. I’m a brown skin man and do get hate from other darkskin man but at the end of the day we are all brothers.

Prestigious Wisdom

As a dark skin woman, I was very disappointed that the beautiful dark skin girl was not as outspoken. Without confidence, no one will respect you, and even then you still be frowned upon. Great topic by the way.

olaitan olajide

The Long and Short is this......We are all BLACK! Whether you are Light-Skinned or Dark-Skinned...
and we all BLEED and PEE the same Colour!!!

Peter September

When people say dark skinned females are rough or violent that is wrong and bull crap because a dark skinned female all her life have been pushed to shove and bad worded and shit so badly it's what makes her a strong and bold woman in her late 20's and onwards and still she has to suffer the pains of society

Matt C

I'm light brown skinned and I like pale white skin.

Hero The Plott mix

All light skinned people are mixed. That's a fact.

Stephanie SaintCome

India (dark skin girl in the hat) is very confident but dam pass the mic. She’s soaking up all the attention. I want to hear from the first dark skin girl in the corner. She’s silent and I want to know her experience.

Elizabeth Washington

She said "red"...wtf...She has brown skin and depending on who she is around, she might be considered light or dark...but within this group she is middle brown...not "red"...is she referring to "Redbone"?

my snapchat abdullah-tu2

What ??

Juliet DeLeon

Makes me sad how deep the trauma of slavery and subsequent self-hatred runs in our communities around the world. I heard my niece and nephew talking that team dark skin and team light skin BS. I shut that down real quick.

aa man

17:28 btw, Ethiopians are mostly genetically mixed.


Red yellow black brown and white we are made precious in Jesus sight ??


Real talk now, black is beautiful, spectacular and always has been.
There are examples of colourism and white privilege influence on how black people relate to one another.
As a black man who is in touch with his blackness, I'd like to say black women are amazing, dark skinned women are amazing.
All shades of black are amazing, but we need to really stop the complexion drama.
By continuing this competition, we're continuing the brain washed vibe taught to us by Europeans back in the day.
Self love and uplifting one another is the way forward ????

Huh Huh

I’m black and I have East African friends. Skin wise they are just like the rest of Africa they come in all shades but the have loose curls and some have wavy and straight hair. Are they still black bc I would say so but so many of my african American friends have disagreed with me but as an African American I’m kinda confused. Especially since they don’t have typical “black” feautures when it come to their facial feautures and their hair. Especially with my Habesha and Somali friends

Lloyd Parks

To the new generation of black females, a person named Willie Lynch hundreds of years ago started this schism with dark and light skinned black people. Do your research!


The first guy is for sure team dark skin but I get was he’s saying like he could be WAYYYYY darker By comparison.

Jaharee A1 Adams


Paula Abdul

So just remember This The Devil is a liar. Think before you speak. Discrimination is illegal in this country everyone. Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy and decieve. Not a victim!!! Queen Paula Abdul. Thank you.

Mika Lorre

You can tell that the dark skin girl is uncomfortable

Cookie Cookie

The world we live in is Terrible and things are becoming too shallow

Triton Caramel Jah

Lol not everybody is just one color what about mocha and caramel or brown skin lol what's dark skin what's light skin

Washed Anew

the fact that the lightest woman speaks the most and the darkest woman hardly spoke at all tells us everything. in fact, you could mute this video and still observe all that you need to see and understand about colorism.

Pale brown skin

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How to Wear Any Nude Lipstick - Nude Lipstick for Brown Skin: Makeup Basics

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Hey! I hope you like this

Hey! I hope you like this video! Let me know what your favorite nude lipstick is.

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Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/C8EM6IrN8tA

Tina Bahena

First, you are so pretty!! ❤️❤️ and second, thank you so much for the tips ❤️❤️❤️


What’s the name of the lipstick you were wearing before you started applying the nude lipsticks?

Kinda SeXy

You look so beautiful ?

Rebecca Richardson

Lobe you hoops!x


Great video!! Very informative! I love your vids!! ❤️

Susan Segovia

Thanks, this was very helpful ❤️

Vanessa Sirias

Hey! What is your favorite nude lipstick? ✨?

Sabbir Monjur

Tnank u so much.....it was really very helpful

SamRayburn Student

a million dreams

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Hii Ate Vanessa?
Iam your fan?
From Philippines

Claudia Here

u are stunning

Patricia Rc

you are soo prettyyyy

Pale brown skin

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How to Edit Dark Skin in Natural Light | Lightroom Tutorial

1 166 views | 24 May. 2020

This is basically a step

This is basically a step by step video on how to level out colors when dealing with dark skin. Hope you enjoy it!

Check out my website & booking:


Follow me on Instagram:


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If there is any questions y'all have, ask me in the comments below or DM me on instagram!

Keith Williams

I love this video. I do wish that you can show the before edit and after edit side by side! That would be extremely helpful. Thank you for this! My professor actually recommended me to watch this video.

Shandi Pandi

I do intend on using this in lightroom. However I used the tut in photoshop just because I had it open. I used the camera raw settings and edited according to the first parts of the tut. It already looks great!

Shilvio D. Linton

Thanks for the rundown.
I was curious to know if there are things that you think may be in a photo that you definitely want to reduce. I haven't shot any people so I am curious to know the kinds of things I should avoid when getting the picture in the first place. And then if I can't avoid them, remove in post.

Jason G. Smith

That subscribe pop up is fire lol. Dope video ??

Anthony Finley

Thanks brotha. Very informative! ✌??

Ron M Urban_av3nue

Early Gang !! ??? great lesson brudda this how you do a real break down lessons respect! ✊?

Larry Perkins

Tay, thanks for doing the video...just one note, the background music was too loud...sorry.

Mr Oblige

Not enough videos on how to edit or shoot ppl of color. I wonder why? We all kno why... ? ? ?