Pantene clarifying shampoo reviews

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Pantene Aqua Light Shampoo Review|What are these transparent shampoos(Urdu/Hindi)

14 577 views | 25 Nov. 2018

In this video, you'll get

In this video, you'll get to know what are these transparent shampoos, for which hair type they are suitable & review of this unique Pantene Shampoo...

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shruti jain

Nice..... Or conditioner konsa use Kare ? ....

Hina I Khan

Price kia hai??

Shanti Rajak

Nice review di?????

Nafeesa R


Anunita Das

Please put a link to buy

Rabia Afaque

Ye kahan se milta hy?

nitin chankapure

पेंटिंग क्लियर शाम्पू कैसे बनाते है

Dancing Dazzle

Thanks d

Shanthi Nandakumar

Have a querry..what is to be added to get volumising hair

Harsh Divekar

Parabene hai Kya isme

taha taha

what is compostion in english plz or send me u email to talk bussiness plz or wathsupp

Sukla Biswas

Link share plz

safaun khan


Rakshita Bangera

Thanks di ?


I think transparent shampoo are better because today I bought pantene pro v sheer volume and transparent lookalike. But I have yet to try this shampoo.

Pantene clarifying shampoo reviews

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117 116 views | 5 Mar. 2020

I hope I made myself clear

I hope I made myself clear here, my hair is just picky and very dry. We still love Brad and his products. No slander shall prosper.







FTC: Not sponsored. But a bitch is hopefull.


when she said "..he has a hair...line" i thought she meant a literal hairline lmao


My hair gets yucky after 3 days (it’s oily) I hate taking showers

linsy alvarado

Maybe try again with the new Hydrating one he has???

Helen Williams-HTD4LIFE

Once a week here too. Hair soooooooooooo dry!!???

Arabella Pearl

Wow a flipping 6 minute intro.

Jeff Diggs

I feel like your title was very straight and to the point, and I'm glad u did a review on his hair products cuz he's always critiquing other ppl but I have yet to see anybody review his products... Also u mean I watch James more than Robert due to Robert does more Make up than skin care, and your saying Hyram name wrong but who cares cuz Ik who u mean girl.


She talks so much more than needed.

Fasherti X

Our hair type is exactly the same I can go like 2 weeks before my hair even starts to get oily

Louis Fleming


Lanie Guinn

My hair is weird because my scalp is dry and I get dandruff, but yet after a couple of days it looks so oily

Jessica Gates

I’m also a wash my hair maybe once a week girl ✋ it’s not gross

Hallie Ingram

So what do you do for a super oily scalp/roots and really dry hair? ?

Betty Smith

I wash my natural gray/silver hair once a week too. Hair gets stripped if you continually wash it and scrub it.

Romana Hoch

Brad Mondo is the best! ? His products are amazing too. One has to know to choose the right product for their hair type though?

Deepansha kumari

Brad's new shampoo and conditioner will be soon launched hydraglow and I think that will be perfect for you ?

Diana Johnston

Can u post an update since he has more specific shampoos and conditioners? Pretty please?

Catalina Aristizábal Patiño

Where did you get that shirt!!! i luuvvv it!


Your hair is AMAZING

Celina Fimbres

You should try L’ange products. They are the best. I have been stuck on their hair products for a year now and my hair has never been so healthy.


The conditioner’s second ingredient is Cetyl Alcohol which is NOT alcohol, IT IS actually an EMOLLIENT and is very helpful to dry hair cuz it adds slip and softens the hair. I know chemistry is weird....??‍♀️ What could of been drying your hair out more so is the perfume in the product. When hair is fragile it is very sensitive to perfume in hair products. ❤️ hope this helps ❤️

Audrey Holloway

Just came here to say Brad just dropped a hydration shampoo & conditioner line ??

Roxanne Doran

Ok so why didnt you get the moisturizing formula?so its good for what its supposed to do but not at what its not named to do???


You should give this another test and try the hydration shampoo he has!!!

Unicorn Sparkles

Sames girl I wash my hair only once a week too unless I have an emergency and need to wash It again. Oh also your hair is beautiful

Samantha Moore

Brad Mondo! You must watch this gem. I adore Maria. Maria, you're like my spirit animal. You have taught me how to do my makeup and how to be confident. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me. Keep doing what you're doing and I hope all the good things come your way. ?

Victoria beck

Try his new hydrating shampoo & conditioner that is being released 10/22.

Sheree Pratt

I think this is his 'everyday' shampoo. Not literally everyday but I think it was targeted at people with normal hair types. He has a hydrating one now.

Every Haircolor

just have to say love that red eyeshadow !

Madison Chose

I’ve been using it for a month now every 3 days and every time I wash it, my hair gets stringy and feels kind of oily on the crown of my head. The second and third day hair is a little better(with his dry shampoo) but wash day makes me so sad. I want it to work and have less oily hair but I don’t know if I’ll keep using it. ?

Katie Peterson

You probably know this but project X is for normal/oily hair, Brad has a video on it for what shampoo/conditioner works for your hair type:)

Lizzie Lemaigre

Did anyone else notice how she said Hyram name “heram” ???

Zaid Al Rasheed

i've been watching brad mondo since 2106

Cristina Ionescu

What is the shampoo that you are using and you are happy with the result? I have similar hair with yours.

Arabella Pearl

Omg she pronounced Hyram wrong ???

Leticia delapaz

Which is your favorite shampoos and conditioner

luv dogs

if you want the science behind hair go watch @sara ingle that’s her channel name!

Anya n

I love Brad mondo...I dont think the product u used is for your dry hair type. For normal to oily hair.

Arshad Anwar

12:28 Brad mondo is an extremely talented creature!!!hahaha loved it!!

Deborah M

It’s awesome to clarify what your own hair type is before reviewing the product. I don’t produce a ton of oils either, but my hair itself is pretty good at absorbing moisture so I might still try this. I really want to find a good product for defining curls and taming frizzzzz

JohnFrom Finance

If your hair doesn’t retain moisture, it would dry really slowly! I know this is an old video but I just want you to know your hair is doing the opposite of what you think. Hair is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs water like a sponge.

If your hair’s dry and very damaged you’ll realise your hair takes ages to dry, because it doesn’t absorb anything. It loses its ability to take in water. When your hair’s in very good condition, it’s able to absorb and keep the water inside the hair. So on top of blow drying your hair will dry super quickly.

You might just have a lot of cuticle layers which can provide difficulty for conditioning agents to get into the deeper layer of the hair (where all the protein, amino and disulphide bonds are). Try shampooing twice to really open up the outside of your hair, you might find the conditioner will be more effective ☺️ hope this helps!

Antonio Biorato


Macy B

He came out with more products if u look on his website including a hydrating shampoo and conditioner I haven’t tried it.

Searis Martinez

Monat is a good brand to try out its a good investment

Ashley Neiman

now you need the viper hair oil !!!!

Hope Browatzke

I might be wrong but maybe your hair got even MORE dry and fragile from hair processing, I would try olaplex and continue using good oils ,

Kayla Orrell

I felt when she started ranting about her dry hair. I FEEL THAT SO DEEP IN MY SOUL. my hair is literally the Sahara, and I have to use a lot of artificial oils (olive, coconut, tea tree, etc) to maintain my hair. Literally my hair never grows as a result of the dryness it sucks.

Cindi Ritacco

What kind of shampoo and conditioner is your favorite? I have dry/coarse hair and I’ve tried EVERYTHING!

M Ins

I also have super dry hair and dry skin. I put on oils every time I shower.

Jordan Collie

Try Lanza or Joico the ultimate moisture. You’ll love it.

Sherry Henry

I love Brad Mondo too & really appreciate your honesty about how those products worked (or didn't) for your dry hair. I'm excited to share Brad's haircare products website - hope you have a minute to check it out. He has a hydrating shampoo & conditioner now, and also offers a hydrating bundle that includes smoothing oil, moisture cream, conditioning mist & hydrating mask. I love that his products are full of good things for hair & omits the products that either do nothing or damage the hair. Check this out: https://xmondohair.com/collections/shop-all

Effy Page

This is a perfect review. You explain the positives so well and are so objective. Even though it's not the right shampoo and condition FOR you, you can still see and explain the benefits it will have for others. And honestly, with as much oil and other products you have to use in your own hair, you can probably keep the shampoo and use a different conditioner and have the perfect balance

Sa k

She prob doesn't even know emo

Marissa Tweedt

Has anybody noticed she pronounced hyram’s name wrong.

Loretta Lewis

So for super dry hair, I use Aussie moist shampoo and conditioner. Gentle, clarifying and super moisturizing. They also have a leave in conditioner that is great and 3 minute miracle deep conditioner as well. I tried so many other things and Aussie moist is so amazing, hydrating and always leaves my hair clean, soft and moisturized. Just a suggestion ?

Nancy Arevalo

Omg I watch all of them too. Love them all

Dawn Pelej

His hydrating and color treated shampoos just dropped today. Also, if you haven't, try WaveTech. That shit is MAGICAL.


Brad actually recommends washing your hair once a week. It’s not gross unless you have extremely oily scalp/hair

Lina M.

Not trying to hate here, but the website and Mondo himself say "for normal to oily hair", so it should've been expected for it not to be moisturising enough for dry hair.

Gacha Isadora

Ummmm why did you use the shampoo for normal/oily hair?? You're using the wrong one for your hair

Malaney Young

Can we get a tutorial for this makeup tho?

Anastasia Ishakova

i’m so tired of this “silicones cover your hair and it’s bad” narrative because it’s not true

Diana Johnston

Brad Mondo has now 4 different types of shampoo and conditioner that are specifically for various types of hair.

Danielle Kruse

Btw, cetyl alcohol in xmondo is an emollient and is ok to use in hair and skin products. Isopropyl alcohol in biolage is rubbing alcohol and is not ok to use on your hair and skin.

Kayla Deliz

Hey just saw your video and than one of Brad's about his shampoo line and I realized that based on your hair description you should try using the hydraglow the blue one is specifically for dry hair

Bob Ross

You’re very annoying

Arabella Pearl

Who the heck puts tons of alcohol in shampooooooooo

DesireKay Dozois

Try Amika if you haven’t! They are simply amazing and have so many options!

Tori Jameson

Omg!! Haha I want your shirt!!!

Danielle Kruse

Wow cool we watch the same people. Thank you for not doing a first impression. I don't understand where that started but you have to use a product at least 3 or 4 times before you can give a good review. Also, I've been noticing that isopropyl alcohol is like the 5 ingredient in a lot of salon brand shampoo and conditioners and now am having to revaluate what I use in my hair. Please everyone! Read the ingredients list and save your hair!

Xristina Rose

Your hair color is so unbelievably pretty! ? one of the most beautiful i have seen. Looks also healty and polished

Saima Akter

Gurll “heerum”? Hi-rum

Carmen rey

OMAGOSHHH I just seen his add yesterday and wondered what you used for your hair, hoping to find something for my hair through you!

Sarah Licious

Girl, silicone is bad for hair... It will get your hair get super dry and brittle due to the lack of moisture or it will make it look extra greasy, so for this reason, your scalp will be trying to produce more oil to make up for the deficit.

Goni Branham

I love Brad Mondo hair products and he’s new hair colors I got the blue and purple it smells amazing


I want to try his super blue but I have to shower Evey day or every other day because my hair gets so oily from wearing a hat (mandatory) working in a hot inviorment around bloody meat and fryers. So I feel it would be a waste due to washout. I watched his video on super blue where he was using removers on a dolls head and said his was so light after 7/8 washes (pretty light) compared to the dolls hair which was a dark royal blue.

Zaid Al Rasheed

i have dry, and coarse hair but its not that fucked up

Anamaria Paric

Dear god, girl you're rumbling so much, too much meaningless and useless. You should be more on point. Good luck, I feel sorry for wasting my time ?

Charlene Turgeon

Brad has a clarifying shampoo and this isn't it. Everyday means - an average/everyday version of a better shampoo.

Marissa Tweedt

Video actually starts at 13:52 she rambled unnecessarily until that point to make things simple she approves of the shampoo for anyone without dry hair and said that if you buy this one to buy his bdsm moisturizer balm as well and that for some people it would work if they have normal,oily,or combination hair but not for dry hair. Just to help people not waste 14 minutes and 52 seconds of their lives hearing her rambling pointlessly about stuff that was an unnecessary amount of rambling about something you could got to Brad mondo’s website and learn for yourself without haven’t to watch her just not shut up I talk a lot and even I was thinking she talked a lot and got anxiety from it which says a lot. No offense to her but if she makes every one of her videos like this where she talks so much people will not watch her videos and unsubscribe and put a thumbs down instead of up on her videos which is what I am doing as just watching this video gave me a migraine.

Loretta Lewis

Glitterati and BDSM are amazing!!!!! I have super fine hair and the BDSM actually puts and keeps my hair in place. Totally blew me away. I have tried so many, but I don't even feel that it is in my hair. The Glitterati is so smooth and just added another element of controlled hair and the OMG hair shine! I don't feel that in my hair either, it doesn't add any weight at all. It looks natural, a small amount goes a long way and it smells so good. The bestest part, lol, is that neither of these products leave any greasy, oily or sticky anything on your hands. I am in love with these two. I will be trying his other products as well when I can. So awesome to have a brand that doesn't make you feel weighted down, or even looks like you put anything in your hair, and for me, to tame my fly away, sticking out of place hair, I am stoked that I found XMONDO. #bradmomdonyc

Maddie McClure

Tell me why the shampoo and conditioner has settled to the bottom of the bottles ?completely?

Susana Parra

Do you shampoo often?

Maddy Burch-Lovell

I have oily roots and still have really dry frizzy ends ?

Faizan Bashir

Video starts at 6:50

Malaney Young

I love your makeup

Melissa Healy-MF

I love Brad Mondo he’s such a sweetie ❤️

Jennie Watts

I have oily hair and skin. I need help with getting knowledge on how 2. Take care of my oily face and hair.

M Brigid P

Certain alcohols are moisturizing! (Dont know the ingredients for this exact product)

Sama Saeed

You’re using the light pink shampoo and conditioner which supposed to used by normal and oily hair, he just dropped his new collection from a couple of months now, so your supposed to use the blue one which is made for super super dry hair. Green one is made for damaged hair and the light purple one is for color treated
That’s the link of the video:

Jenna Elise

Whoa, tl;dr

Skip to at least 5 mins in

Julia Myers

you should try a co-wash :) it helps with my super dry hair

Stef with an F

you should try the kristen ess hair mask and try an olive oil treatment

Brittany Flores

I love the prismatic glow mask so very much. It feels so amazing!

Esmeralda Martinez

You should try the hydraglow shampoo and conditioner that one say its for dry hair and review it. I see you are using the project x and that one says for oily hair. It would help me i want to see if his products do work on the style of hair it says it does work on

Courtney Lantz

Girl, thank you so much, I don't know you, this is my first time watching you, and I already trust that you're giving me the truth...like you're not just giving me what Brad Mondo would want to hear!! Thanks girl!! Subscribed!!

The Lady Log

Cetyl, cetearyl and stearyl alcohol are emulsifiers/thickeners/binders/moisturizers. I have them siting in their pellet form in my cabinet. They all give conditioners different types of creaminess, whether silky, thick and heavy, fluffy or a combination (that's why you'll usually see a combination listed on the back of conditioners and lotions). You can use beeswax as well depending on what you're making. I learned on my own. I have a love for chemistry. ~Moni

Desiree Dworak

When does she actually give the review - so I can just fast forward to that point. Sheesh ok finally at 6:10 but wait still waiting...

Hayley Schwanke

My scalp is super oily but the rest of my hair is so dry so I’m at a lose lose situation ?

spirit and spells

I have the same problem I never get greasy hair at all I’ve tried. I can only wash my hair once weak it bad

The Great Awk -ward

5 minutes in and I'm not hearing an ACTUAL REVIEW!!

Pantene clarifying shampoo reviews

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PANTENE Truly Natural Clarifying Shampoo REVIEW

2 016 views | 30 Aug. 2015

I purchased this shampoos

I purchased this shampoos because I wanted the free item that came on special with it and for the most part it doesn't strike me as a shampoo for natural hair.

Check out my video to find out why.

PANTENE Truly Natural Clarifying Shampoo http://amzn.to/2bhmFUl


Water, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Glycol Distearate, Laureth 4, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Xylenesulfonate, Fragrance, Dimethicone, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Polyquaternium 6, Panthenol, Panthenyl Ethyl Ether, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone

My Blog http://thevloggingtruth.blogspot.com/

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Recorded with Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Phone http://amzn.to/2baWh2r

Edited with Windows Movie Maker

PLEASE NOTE::: I am not paid for topics discussed in my videos. All views expressed are of my own.

GrowWithNiki Gaga

I Neva try this.

Harris Wisa

I love this Argan Life sulfate free shampoo! From the scent to the way it makes my hair feel, it is great. I was a little concerned about the bottle breaking, but it's very sturdy. It looks so nice I may refill it once it's gone. Great product!