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50 732 views | 1 Mar. 2020

#Dermatologist #DrDray on

#Dermatologist #DrDray on some of the new Trader Joe's 2020 #skincare There is a a new Trader Joe's eye cream (of course), cleansing oil, and face scrub (yikes). Trader Joe's also has a new hair mask and hair serum. Later we go shopping at Lowe's for houseplants.

?Products & items I use in my skin & hair care routine:

Curel cleansing oil: http://bit.ly/31NR0U3

La roche posay foaming cleanser http://bit.ly/31qogR5

Necessaire body serum http://bit.ly/2ut6dNS

The Ordinary NMF + HA http://bit.ly/2UrVEFI

Cerave healing ointment https://amzn.to/2BRkOD5

Function of Beauty https://cen.yt/functiondrdray

iREstore hair laser http://bit.ly/2NY9Pxf

Hair clips https://amzn.to/2MWSlCb

Sleep bonnet https://amzn.to/36hcnz1

Hair pick https://amzn.to/36jRIu7

Head band http://bit.ly/2pffd6N

Walgreens sensitive SPF50 http://bit.ly/32cNHGj

DRMTLGY SPF 45 https://amzn.to/2MqVmKi

Cleure tinted mineral SPF https://bit.ly/39m9Ox3

Colorescience 3 in 1 eye http://bit.ly/30EKaxZ

Canmake mascara http://bit.ly/2SZHDga

Vanicream lip spf https://amzn.to/2MVE4py

Skin Aqua UV http://bit.ly/2t1g0de

Cerave itch relief https://amzn.to/37Usljm

Theraplex https://amzn.to/2Y7i674

?Save money on stuff you buy/use

DRDRAYZDAY for 20% off Headbands of Hope http://bit.ly/2Z20wSm

Andrea10 for 10% off AnaLuisa Jewelry https://www.analuisa.com/Andrea

DRDRAY for 10% off orders over $49 on Yesstyle

Get $25 off your Daily Harvest order https://bit.ly/3799hfU

Postmates https://postmat.es/JrlUxSMu3Y

Foursigmatic https://foursigmatic.com/dr.dray

Rakuten: https://goo.gl/RSA4Zm

Ibotta https://goo.gl/JuJLvX

Drop https://b.ewd.io/code?c=mlge7

Glossier https://re.glossier.com/3959def6

Airbnb: https://goo.gl/p121Td

iHerb: https://iherb.co/26zs8JPS

Fabfitfun box! https://prf.hn/l/KM3xN9r

Erin Condren https://bit.ly/2Nq5R2p

Hello Tushy http://bit.ly/2EMhkmQ DRDRAY for 10% off site wide

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Disclaimer: This video is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Content provided on this Youtube channel is for informational purposes only. Please consult with a physician or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or health related diagnosis or treatment options. Information on this Youtube channel should not be considered as a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional. The statements made about specific products throughout this video are not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Annika M

Love your mom. You are blessed to have such a wonderful relationship.

zoe szotak


Mariah Wolfe

Is your mom saying that the oatmeal bake is from a blog called ‘The Fruity Family”? I can’t tell but that bake looks amazing and I wanted to check out the blog.. <3


Dr. Dray, i wake up excited to see what you're going to post today. Thank you so much for all the great info and I just love your no nonsense personality...and your sense of humor! Have a great week ahead and happy March!


I love that risoni! I live far away from trader joes so I'm gonna bulk up next time I go.

Kara Portnoy

Dr Dray, is the cerave moisturizing cream that comes in the tub okay to use on babies?

Lisa Ray

Agree on your natural fragrance comments! I feel like BeautyCounter also has tons of fragrant plant oils. Have you seen that also? Their cleansing balm irritated the heck out of my skin.

Jessika Sherman

Omg review the too faced lip injection extreme


Too many toys to choose from! He's having as much trouble deciding as we would.

ankita sharma

I used the cleansing oil and it’s good , that honey mango shave is amazing and a very old product

w l

hi Dr Dray, why is there no benzoyl peroxide wipes on the market? imagine that would be a great and convenient deodorant.

Tiffany Marin

Could you review Alba skin care ?

Mya Mee

Good afternoon Dr. Dray , I have a question about moles. I have moles everywhere flat and pulvinate and I get more and more with years. I am 34 years old and I stared to have them since elementary school. I think it will interest many people to know about moles and being able to differentiate them from sun spots!
Have a nice week!

Kimberly Allen

Love Mama’s hair color!

Peg B

I recently purchased the Hado Labo cleansing oil and oh my goodness I love love love it!

Rianne Malone

I work for Trader Joes and I write the order for the health and beauty section! the eye cream made my skin tingle!!!
I love my job, but most of our skincare formulating is not the greatest! Every time I read a new product ingredient list I'm like Uh oh, Dr. Dray would NOTTT approve lol. Dr. Dray is my skincare queen! <3

Nada Kaba

Dr Dray could you recommend other shampoos that are less expensive than the function of beauty please?

CaramelDiva7 ASMR

Beautiful Plant

Mila Gonzales

hehe... "trader jose" 3:11

Witch's Brew Views

Their vitamin e oil is great for a makeup remover. I don't use micellar water because of the fragrance and their vitamin e oil doesn't have any fragrance.

Alexis Leona

I used to use the TJ unscented shave cream religiously. Never liked the mango. Unscented has been discontinued for quite some time - months, years. Let's start a riot to bring it back!

Cj Anderson

Hi ! The shave cream has been around forever, and it horrible! I’ve been using the microdermabrasion scrub once a week for a month or so. I like it. My face doesn’t seem over exfoliated and dry. The Bath and Shower oil is meant for the body. I’m sure people will try to put it on their face though ?

Marlene Perez

You sound to cute saying Spanish words .Xoxo from NYC Marlene

F Por

Tried the rison and did not like it! Great video!!

Cyn Vila

Hi. Dr Dray. I’m a big fan of your channel. Just wondering do you recommend microdermabrasion for the face done by a professional ? Or micro needling for dark spots on the face? I’ve been told that these procedures would be beneficial. I was wondering what you thought of them. Have a wonderful evening. Thanks for this video.


I know your stance on fragrance in skincare- but could you do a dedicated video on spray perfume? Just curious on your thoughts regarding the claims I see that they are “toxic” or “endocrine disrupting” - is this just pseudoscience? Should we still avoid them because they are sensitizing or bad for our skin?

Helga Rodrigues

Hi dr Dray! I'm really confused. Should we look for antioxidants in skincare or not? There beneficts are obviously good or not that much?


Will you review bliss skin care!!??

Judy Greene

Is your dog a Bichon Frise? So cute!

Mika Haziza

theres a new first aid beauty liquid mineral spf 30 at ulta, would love if you could review!

Krishka Lorn

Hello Dr. Dray! Just want you to know how much I’ve learned from watching your videos. Still binge watching your posts. I’m so happy and thankful with my skin condition since I’ve opted for fragrance free skincare products which you’ve inspired me in making the changes since I started watching you last year. I’ve already shared and suggested to family members to watch your videos so they can learn as well from you in how to pick and choose products that are safe for the skin. I always look forward to your video post Dr. Dray.

Also Dr. Dray if possible, will you please review the Mineral Fusion Cosmetic line. They suppose to offer fragrance free, vegan, cruelty free and non toxic makeup line. I want to try their powder since I usually wear a powder foundation and lip tint which this cosmetic line has some promising products to offer. But I really want to hear your thoughts on them before making a purchase. I really want to commit to using fragrance free products including the makeup that I use, not just on skincare. I’d really appreciate your review in this line Dr. Dray.

Again thank you so much Dr. Dray for all the work that you do in sharing informative information to your viewers. I appreciate you so much! Have a great day Dr. Dray!??

Kirby P

when you said the scrub terrifies you hahahaha

Cecilia Shanks

I have 2 mass canes plants that I bought 2 years ago from Lowe's. They don't require too much maintenance, which is nice. Have a great week! ?

OnlyTha Lonely

Miss dray didn't u say that the neccessaire serum was safe to use on face as well?

Paula Hatch

Happy Sunday Dr Dray and family....love love love tybee he’s a sweetie! ...see you tomorrow x??

Nichole Ledesma

The cleansing oil is for the body. Not face. They had 1 for the face and it's in a clear bottle with a white pump. It has coconut oil in it.

Stef Valentina

Unfortunately the Verdio sunscreen is no longer available on YesStyle, like they've discontinued it :(

Carolyn Stockton

Your mom didn’t sound well, I hope otherwise ❤️

Debbie CS

Can you talk about deodorant and antiperspirant? I switched to Schmidt’s deodorant to go more natural and avoid aluminum. It worked for a couple of months but then I started to get eczema on my pits. I thought it would be better for me but guess not. I went back to my Dove deodorant.

Deborah Fitch

Hi Dr. Dray. I love watching your videos. Just curious, did the TJ's you visited have the store brand hyaluronic moisture boost serum and the ultra hydrating gel moisturizer? I have tried both and am just wondering what you think of them and if they are comparable to other brands. The hyaluronic stuff seems much thicker than the Equate version I also bought for $5-6 at Walmart.

Natasha Dube

Can you please do a skin care at Whole Foods vlog??

Dee Firnis

Hi Dr Dray, I'm suffering with dry skin inside the nose, and having 'brittle' mucous membrane is probably not helping with not catching coughs and colds (or worse things starting with C...). Is there a point applying a normal, good moisturiser to the skin there? I'm thinking the Cetaphil Pro Itch Control for example? Or do I need a specifically designed product? Vaseline?

tracy bownes

could you review dr sams new lip balm please !


Video update on your laser hair removal please. Hair regrowth if any, anything you didn't expect, etc.

Vanessa Garlant

Pumice on my face, no thank you.. eeeekkk... I stick to Neutrogena or Cerave for my cleansers and moisturizers


PUMICE ON MY FACE??? Hard pass!! I think my skin inflamed at the mere thought!

Sue Harrison

An you talk about Methylene blue in skincare?

Ilove Potatoes Forever

The cream shave has been around for more than a decade

Katie jj

I went to TJ's today and ended up buying that cleansing oil. I didnt even think about using it for my face! I just heard that it's a dupe for Loccitane's shower oil (which I enjoy for shaving). I prefer TJ's jojoba oil for my first cleanse; it removes makeup and sunscreen so well.

Sherry G

I love Trader Joe’s, but stay away from their skincare, lol. Except for the sunscreen, I like that.

Athena Missinghome

I don’t get this. If you just got yourself ready to go out, and put on sunscreen, then why in the WORLD would you need to reapply in the car in the parking lot? That just doesn’t make any sense to me. reapplying throughout the day, if gardening, working out, swimming, sweating, yes, I get that. But this is so excessive in my opinion. No one needs that much sunscreen. We do, however, need a bit of sunshine.

Rob Kalani

I'm just here for the groovy intro music.

Stu-dying Student

Just thought I would say that I tried the cereVe renewing SA moisturizer after watching one of your videos. I have closed comedones and after using this product my skin texture has gotten a lot better! It also helps to clear up some of my acne as well!!❤️

Blinks Bill

I’m interested in why you believe fragrance is bad, what about good ol perfume? Or deodorant? I have been using cetaphil and vaniply ointment as the base of my skin care which is fragrance free and dermatologist tested, I actually was told to use them by a dermatologist at my hospital, I have severe dermatitis, and I love learning about skincare from a dr, I know what a difference medicine and proper skin care can make

Irais Barrios

Binge watching your vlogs and videos! Your awesome! Keep the quality content coming!!

Irais Barrios

Also, I would love if you did a video speaking Spanish?! Just a thought! :)

Ky Hi

I tried the Kristin Ess unscented shampoo and conditioner. The conditioner is not so good. It doesn’t soften your hair. After you rinse it out and then comb thru your hair its almost hard and I don’t know crunchy? The comb does not slide thru like all other conditioners I’ve ever tried. Disappointing.


Can you please talk about laundry detergents you suggest? I’m having a reaction to my laundry detergent recently that I’ve used for years!

F Por

Tried the rison and did not like it! Great video!

Dena paraison

I use hair mask and my husband loves the shave cream. Obviously it’s rinsed off quickly.

Super Moo

I use pumice to scrub my toilet bowl! Not my face!! ?

Sarah Vittitoe

Hi :) so I just found your videos & have been watching all of them lol random ? that has nothing to do with Trader Joe's ? but I have Rosacea ? currently having treated with VBeam laser & the reddness is better but not 100% yet... I've only had one. Anyway... I keep seeing CBD oils and people putting them on their skin. Wondering what your thoughts on CBD are? And the VBeam laser! Thanks for these videos... I'm learning so much!

Ma Rn

Hi Dr Dray, watching during my lunch break, love all your videos?

Lu G

Tybee getting stuck in his toy box is just about the cutest thing, ever! ? The flowers at Lowes were so pretty (love the tulips!)? and the house plants that you and your mom picked up are great! ?

Carrie Lee

I like the Rosewater spray in my hair. I think it helps with making it less frizzy and it smells good. I also like the rose hand cream. They had one open as a tester. Made my hands feel really soft.

Letizia Gonzales

Trader Jose's....lol

Florence Young

Enjoyed this vlog! I love shopping at Trader Joe's but mine doesn't carry mush skin care beyond soap and moisturizers for the hand and body.

joannej_1974 Youtube

Regarding eye creams.... I do get what you're saying, and I've always felt eye creams were simply watered down face creams, a marketing ploy and frankly, a rip off. I still believe that to some extent, but after trying endless high end and luxury eye creams, as well as several DIY attempts, I found a winning combination for my skin type and concerns, which is very dry, eczema prone skin, lines, loss of firmness.

I start with an essence by Rovectin that hydrates and keeps my skin barrier strong, then layer the following:

Yeouth RETINOL 2.5% EYE CREAM $18.95 for 30 mls

Scinic Snail Matrix Eye Cream $6.75 for 30 mls

Thank You Farmer Miracle Age Repair Eye Cream $25.00 for 20 mls

*I do this twice a day, but use a different retinol eye cream at night I received via beauty box, which I paid $6.00 for. I only need to repurchase every 3 1/2 months, so it ends up costing around $16.00/month.

Jennine McDonald

dr dray, can you do a video about aha/bha and lytic gel cleansers? i have the skin medica aha/bha and the epionce lytic gel cleansers and i switch between both, but i’m looking to find cheaper dupes for them. they both really helped my acne and skin texture.

Vicky Nickerson

How much does laser hair removal cost in general? I've always been curious about it, but I don't know if I could afford it, or even where to go to ask questions. I have fair skin and dark hair and I live in the barren tundra known as Maine. How do you know if the person you're paying to do it knows what they're talking about?

C. B.M.

The dog picking out a toy from the storage ottoman was so adorable ?.

Daina's World 88 Numbers88

Cutest thing ever in the toy box!


Hi Dr D! I know you are not a make up wearer (and neither am I) but you do use mascara. Could you talk about ingredients to avoid (apart from fragrance) that are of concern in mascara? I respect your advice.

Jk Goulet

Suggestions on the best sunscreen for someone with very sweaty skin?

Ivy Daniels

Hey Andrea!! LOVE your channel. Awesome important info, so entertaining and fun.


Can you please review SVR’s Clairial sunscreen? :)

andy bunn


Genie Tillery

Sad to hear about Joe. I wish Trader Joe's was closer to my home.

Wendy Berger

I just bought Trader Joe’s coconut body butter. I didn’t see added fragrance so i bought it . I moisturize my feet with it as i thought the shea butter and coconut oil and and vitamin e would be moisturizing. yes?


Thanks for reviewing the products at Trader Joe's, very informative! I have white hair (since I was 30 years old) and I'm trying to find a conditioning mask to use that won't turn my hair yellow, what a struggle! BTW I like your mom's bracelets !

Diana Arriola

I look forward to your daily uploads Dr.Dray. THANK YOU, THANK YOU , THANK YOU for your informative uploads. You have saved my skin and a TON OF MONEY!!!!

snjdjff djdjff

what do you think about silicone in hair products? a lot of hair dressers say that it’s really bad for your hair and leaves a wax around your hair.


Oh my gosh. I love your mom! She seems so nice!! Woman can peel her own garlic...like that was some ridiculous luxury. ??☺?

JP Nelson

Your moms hair is gorgeous!

Haylee Baird-Lira

The packaging on the lip duo looks like it's going for aquaphor vibes

Brianna Hernandez

hi, dr dray! could you review the Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint with SPF? it just became available at Sephora and i'm loving it so far.

Elaine Roach

I tried the Risoni, i was not a fan of it on its own. I put it in some tomato soup and I enjoyed it that way.

therese bizabishaka

Hi Dr Dray. I watched your review of QV products and example of how to double cleanse. Do you recommend people with rosacea to double cleanse using oil as a first step? TIA.


The risoni is so good! A super filling rice alternative! Cook it in veggie or chicken broth! Made a stir fry to go on top! Would recommend!!


Hi Dr. Dray,
Is there any sunscreen you'd recommend for a person with sensory issues who's really averse to that distinctive "sunscreen smell" that most sunscreens have and the greasiness? Are there any effective sunscreens or light moisturizers with SPF that barely smell like that and are also non-greasy feeling and don't feel heavy on the skin?

Tiffany Schiller

I thought mineral oil was terrible!!!?!???!

Samantha Lim

Hi Dr Dray quick question, does taking oral collagen safe??

Prachranga Pundit



What i would imagine in a Dr Dray skincare product lineup when she has her own skincare line:
- oil cleanser
- gentle cleanser
- hyaluronic acid gel moisture booster
- basic moisturizer
- sunscreen
- lipbalm with SPF

NO fragrance, NO essential oil, NO dyes and....

Shari Schmidt

Coming from Southern Ontario, when l have an opportunity to visit Trader Joe's in New England when visiting our friends each September. I have to confess my guilty pleasure, l love Trader Joe's Coconut Butter Body Cream!! I know it highly perfumed, but l just can't help myself and pickup a few tubs. Life is short, sometimes you have to live on the wild side!!?
Happy Weekend ??

We Are Legion

? I thought my dog has a lot of toys ?


What a luxury it is to have your mom do the driving — I love to be driven. Whenever I see her driving you two around, I think "What a luxury it is to have someone like her at the wheel!"


Love your moms hair! New haircut?

Real Property


Sarah N

What is your opinion on Dermalogica daily microfoliant. It’s a powder that contains salicylic acid so it’s not abrasive but would love to know your thoughts on the ingredients. I’m in my 50s and this product doesn’t cause sensitivity but leaves your skin glowing. Thanks ?

Joe hair product

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Joe Keery Talks About His Famous Hair

4 149 129 views | 15 Nov. 2017

Stranger Things' Joe

Stranger Things' Joe Keery discusses his famous hair, the perils of tight jeans in the '80s and the odd jobs he had in high school.

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Joe Keery Talks About His Famous Hair- Late Night with Seth Meyers


Late Night with Seth Meyers


vanny cos

Yasssss the bootiful hair!

Jannis ÖÄ

Steve Hair ington

Anandhu p.s


Jenin Potnuru

I really love this guy

Stranger_things_fan ;-;

I love joe ?


Joyce : WHERE'S MY BOY ?
S1 Hopper : Did you ask his dad ?
S4 Hopper : Did you ask Steve ?

Kaushik Patowari

I don't get why people keep making mom jokes on him, I mean I know bcz of his caring character arc and all, but
Look at the guy, he's a handsome dude, like seriously ?

Hopeless Dreamer

Steve was more like a big brother or the gang leader rather than a dad or mom.
Hopper and Joyce are better examples of mom and dad.

Allen Bowen


ds eesa

The black-and-white undershirt orly concern because fortnight regrettably balance pro a tiny calculator. flat, depressed mimosa


I liked season 1 Steve idk what you guys talking about

Wolverine 555

Okay you cant talk about steve without Dustin...

Lucius Brunswick

Basically discussing the bulge situation in his extremely tight jeans

Logan Parker

I cant look at seth without thinking of stefon?

Yogesh Rupani

Stranger things is all about how strangely steves hair defies gravity..

Chandler Bing {king of sarcasm}

Omg Joe's hair is osm?



rian reyes

I hated him in S1 but in 2 and 3??? im loving him.

Lilly F

His hair is a picture of loveliness, is it not?




When he doesn't have the hair anymore

Rebel 242

So they killed Billy.
But if they kill mumma Steve on season 4 then the fans are going on riot


this guy went from “call me daddy” to just “call me dad”


Steves children: Mike
His hair


Wait, everyone hated Steve in season 1? Y’all didn’t look deep enough. I fell in love with his character straight away, it was just hiding behind his douchebag friends and his image.

Mushahid Hassan

Steve oh ! We all love Steve ?


From a douchebag to a proud mom

Jonas Barg

We came for the boys

We staryed for Steve


Stranger Things never scared me but this guy's hair does.

Susmit Basnet

he looks like badger from breaking bad


oh..steve oh steve !!!!!

The Nat

5:04 "wherever you are old man!"
ME: if he's alive...

Blastoise X

Steve went from zero to hero


He just really seems like a sweetheart

Nicole Martinez

Joe mama

Rishav Thakur

steve is the second hand daddy of those kids

Brandon Taylor

I think what Steve and dustin have is bromance.

Ben Cox

The cluttered crab notablely drain because basement only ignore than a utopian cold. miscreant, ashamed armchair


When he cut his hair, he kinda broke the internet

Tae Tae is my Bae Bae

How could an abusive boyfriend end up being a wonderful person lmao

joey weston

females like that long hair id buzz it off must be a pain in the asss to wash


Ok but Joe Keery in a suit is what I call perfection

jaquavaantavion Mohsin mohammed

the host looks fake

Husain Patel

I like how they connected Steve with dusty bun?


Chunky Steve hahahaha omg I used to love his character but now I love Joe as well ????


I cant tell whose more famous joe keery or his hair.

Angeline De Ocampo

Look at Steve Harington man, such an inspirational mom

Hailey Rose

K but if Steve dies my netflix subscription is going along with him. And my heart ❤️?


Steve season 1 : DICK
Steve season 2 : DAD


It’s the guy from dbd


See Steve had a HUGE personality change
S1. total jock who wants to get in Nancys pants
S2. mom
S3. Comedic duo on drugs with Robin

Ellie Dodds

season 1 - i hate him
season 2 - kinda falling in love lol
season 3 - if anything were to happen to him i would kill everyone in this room and then myself

Alan Escareno

This guy looks like Radical Soda.


Steve has the best character development in the show

Dave Pacia

steve has the biggest character development in the show.


He’s hot! I would date him obviously ?


If he die in the next season cancel the show.


i hate how everyone says they hated szn 1 steve, i loved steve SINCE and IN szn 1.


Why do the laughs sound so added in

matt waldman

The spectacular plant arthroscopically push because bangladesh really heap save a enthusiastic spade. merciful, adjoining niece

Mechelle Mcclellan

Thought this was Sam hurley for a second lmao???.

Jake shanks

its over anakin i have the high ground

Saravanan Lsk

King steve?

nadine ahmed

My favorite and he is so handsome ??????❤️

Darren O

Before his breakout performance as Steve he was part of an amazing band called Post Animal, a psychadelic/experimental/hard rock band. The band is incredible and really explores a lot of styles and genres, go check em out. Dude is talented, awesome guitar player to boot

Mr. Absorbency

Believe in Steve

Sam Haine



he's called steve the hair harrington for a reason


The male version of Kelly Clarkson.

Nizlana Uwaisdeen

Season 1- I hate Steve
Season 2- he’s ok
Season 3- if he dies I swear imma die too

Asian Avocado

Update: HE CUT IT OFF ???

Paul Potter

Joe is a seriously cool dude. His character is even better in Season 3.

gabriel forst

He's my favorite character

Moop Mop

Before: Where is your daughter
After: Where are my kids

Parker Productions

Jeans weren’t even that tight back then...


I actually hate his charecter and then I ended up LOVING his charecter.


Imagine your that old guy and you just relised you yelled at Steve from Stranger Things over pizza

Michael Balchaitis

Season 1: King Steve
Season 2: Momma Steve
Season 3: Dork Steve

Bhawaansh Varma

this guy went from "daddy" to "dad"


he looks like harry styles tho

ravi kant

Luv steeve in every season.....but in first he was quite rude but his tht role was evn damn intimating???.....he is best..i lv him so much...he is dmn hottttt?❤️❤️...lots of luv to joe keery..keep going cz of uh i watched stranger things...my fav...ur big fan...luv frm anjali yadav❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????....i wish i could meet uh.....

jerin saba

I wonder who took Pizzas from him.

Roselyn Rodriguez

He looked damn good in them tight ass jeans tho, cantttt lie.

Enzo Komada

no wonder in the show he is named Steve Harr ington

Matt Elenteny

I swear he’d be a perfect nightwing in Matt reeves’ Batman movie


it would be awesome if joe plays the character of Peter Parker....

Andrew Tang


Corinne S.

Hello Seth and team! I absolutely adore you all, I just have a small correction to make.
In the regency era, (Jane Austen,) women wore STAYS, not corsets. As the fashion was empire waists at the time, a corset would be virtually useless. Not only that, both corsets and stays were not painful, they were literally just bras.
Hollywood portrays corsets as constant tightlacing and oppression for the eyes of men. Tightlacing was really rare, and as I said, they were simply support garments. They were made better back then, designed to fit and didn't "shift organs", (thanks a lot for that, Emma Stone,) and as long as they wore a chemise underneath, there was no chafing or ripping open of skin, (thanks, Bridgerton).
IF you had a corset in which you couldn't breathe, you were in pain, or you absolutely could not move, you would simply get another corset that fits you. Like shoes. If your feet are too big, don't just lace up tighter. Get another pair that fits!
Like I said, I absolutely adore you, and I hope your writers will a little more research when it comes to topics they don't know about :)

Rafeh Khan

Everyone showin off their abs
Joe showin off his hair


جو کیری?

Natsu DragneeL

The biggest character turnover...

Plug 8D

Handsome man ❤️

꧁G0th1c _D0ll꧂

Steve is all of our mothers

ganesh hiyati

Plot twist



. I think the creators kills Steve sorry for do tiz

Bratty Maggie

Joe keery: the only human in 2020 that is allowed to have a mullet

So many freaking boys at my school have mullets and it gets on my nerves cuz they look so dumb

Madavi Rahul

I hated nancy for chosing jonathan over steve man . Idk if i am the only one to feel that way .

matt waldman

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How is this guy almost 30 and looks barely 20.

Sapphire Gibson

I was so happy to find out that he’s from Massachusetts ?


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Joe hair product

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