Is it possible to get thicker hair

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70 349 views | 12 Mar. 2017

I was asked this question

I was asked this question on how to make fine & thin hair thick & coarse so here is my short A to your Q.

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Anuja Sawant

It is possible to make fine hair voluminous using voluminizing products. My personal opinion on this is we should be happy with the natural type of hair we got. :)


as a guy who's into hair styling, its very very hard to pull off many modern mens hair styles if you have fine hair, it takes a lot of practice and experience to achieve good results. so coarse hair is typically a godsend for guys

Lola Poente

Just use hair volume mousse

E Mc

My my hair has always been fine strand wise and also used to be thin. After years of taking care of it I only changed the volume of hair strands not the texture. My hair is very silky like children's hair, but much thicker then years ago. I do a lot of oiling like daily and I also had a dry problem scalp before. As for preventing hair fall henna worked very well, but I got sick of being a redhead. I wish there was an alternative to henna that was colorless and permanent and I know cassie it's not the same and if your blonde it turns yellow.

María José Lagazzi

I'd be your perfect model!! My hair is the finest, tangliest and most breakable in this fckin world :((


When i was young my hair were really thin and fine. After i started taking care of them more in middle school(oils, herbs, supplements etc) i had two times more hair than before. But thickness didnt really change, just i growed many baby hair at that time and after few years i could feel the difference. Yeah and my family have genetically fine hair

Varshini Sivakumar

I naturally have straight and fine hair texture so please suggest some routine to make my hair thick and coarse


I have fine hair but it's very dense/thick because I have a lot of it. Fine hair isn't bad, it's baby soft and silky. The only thing is you have to be gentle with it because it WILL break easily. That being said, my hair is 46 inches long so fine has CAN be grown long. Don't worry. But gelatin hair mask do coat the hair. Also cassia. Those can fortify fine hair and temporarily make it coarser.

mahal ko bts

I have the thinnest hair ever

Vaishnavi Dangat

How many days did you took to grow this long hair?

Crazy Girl

I have a lot of hair but my strands are thin, is it possible for me to have thick course hair?


Do it on your sister's hair

Halima Usman

last year my hair fall was so drastic. Then I ate GNC salmon oil tablets for 6 months, and it made a huge difference. My hair fall stopped and hair growth enhanced.


You cannot change the diameter of the strand, but you can improve the density of your hair.


I have fine hair:(


Yes I have naturally genetically fine hair. My mom, dad, grandmothers etc. all have fine hair.

Ilovemydogs -

Can u answer this I have thick STRANDS of hair but I don't have a lot of hair. So how is that?

Kindy Holl

Poor diet is definitely cause of hair loss. Stress and anxiety is another big reason. The actual main reason is a build up of DHT (dihydrotestosterone). There are natural products to prevent hair loss like Argan rain. If you want to reverse hair loss, you need lower DHT level and you have to use natural product such as Argan rain with argan oil. I think, Argan rain is a popular one, I am really satisfied with this product. There are a lot of informations on their website , you can find the website by searching on Google as an Argan rain…

ilektra pa

I did my hair thick from very fine with home remedies, oils and masks

Annamaruska van Schaik

All my family have thick hair and I have fine hair :( so unfair

Kirsten G

Using dry shampoo helps for me...it makes my hair LOOK thicker anyway. :)

Co And Co

I have genetically fine hair. The thing is that I hate it when it's called thin. There is a difference between hair thickness and hair density. I have fine strands, but my hair is very dense (there's a lot of strands). I do want thicker strands though. To all the people with hair that is both thick and dense: I envy your hair.


Everyone in my familie have streight hair,but i have curly-wavy hair

b r e n n a _

I have naturally fine hair I use Bead Head shampoo and conditioner by Tigi mixed with a bit of baking soda

Brooke Henderson

i have medium thick curly hair ???

Rahma Mubasher

I used to have 3b textured hair as a kid and as i got older it got straighter and straighter and not im 14 and have pin strait 1a-1b hair and its been like this scince i was 9 and gradually got thinner my hair is really thin now and i want to double it in thickeness but i also have genetically thin hair most of my dad and moms side all have thin hair so can it really get thicker and coarser plz if anyone knows tell me

Katzen sind weich

vegan & fruits and vegetables legumes nuts seeds spinach!!! my hair is next level after 3 years on this healthy diet...

Halee OHearn

I hate my fine hair and i really wish i had thick beautiful hair like my friend's do. Not saying that fine hair is not beautiful, it's just that i do not like fine hair on me and i think that people judge me on my hair and how fine it is so i would just really love to have thick hair


Thanks for your honesty.

jamie diaz

It’s true for me, my hair was fine and straight and when I hit puberty my hair got so curly

Pamela Clark

can you please make a video on how to protect your hair while wearing your hair down I am in a little stress ,my scalp is sensitive so I am wondering if it's ok to wear my hair down


I have fine hair but lately the underside has been growing in a lot thicker and coarser than the other parts as well as darker. It's just something genes decide.

An_Indian _girl

I had very coarse hair naturally but now it changed fine. I don't know why?

B oo

i applied mineral oil to my hair and left it on for like a month and my fine hair got thick. (i washed the scalp tho)

Mihaela Bair

Yay! Would definitely like a fine hair series ,, hopefully you can find a model girl. ? I have fine straight long hair and could use some tips ??


My hair was as long and thick as yours, but my mom cut it! But my hair grows quickly so


Michelle Correa

I have thick wavy/curly hair (which i like) but it grows out fine but super frizzy at the edges and looks ugly.. why? :(


I have fine hair and henna (I use mainly cassia but sometimes I add a little of lawsonia) help me a lot!

Cosmic Balancer

That thumbnail tho. Don't care if it's click bait!

Madhoo Leo

i think it happens to most of the people due to many reasons......like thyroid.... menopause......age....high and low BP....... diabetes...... medication.... vitamin deficiency.....etc etc....the list goes on.....i think we should better get ourselves checked with a doc first before coming to any decision......? and depression ?


Is it possible the texture of my hair will change too thick my dads side of the family has fine hair but my moms has thick

H T786

have you ever tried black seed or black seed oils ??

Ri bal

I would love to help you with the fine hair series. Maybe by sending pictures. greetz from Holland

Sindhuja Prabahar

Please please do a video on your top favorite lipsticks! Love all your lipstick shades in all your videos! xoxo

gisselle huitzil

what is her name?

Anum iqbal

hello dear I went to my dermatologist she recommended me some blood test TSH, prolactin, T4, T3 All the were normal but still my hair is falling


I know I’m late but I’m the only one in my family that has thin hair? my dad and Mom has extremely thick hair so I don’t get the problem. I was born with thin hair and my twin was born with thick hair so wtf. If anyone knows anything about making a 2a hair thick plz tell me

Mhate holland

I have fine curly hair

Cheese on Toast

You sound like Miranda Sings

Jenna Cullman

I had normal thickness hair until I hit puberty and it has gotten really thin since then. I also used to flat iron my hair 2-3 times every week which really damaged my hair. I’m my mom has really thin hair but a lot of my sisters have thick hair from my dad. I REALLy want thick and long hair really bad! I cry all the time about this. I used all natural shampoo and contioner, I never put heat on my hair, I use a wooden brush, I do oil treatments and egg, honey, and olive oil masks. I do the works. I don’t know what to do. It kind of working but not to the extent that I want. I am so tired. Somebody please help me!


I wish society would start saying fine hair is ok and pretty too but sadly that's not the case :))))


you're so beautiful. you kinda remind me of Twice's Mina even though you don't look like her. but same vibes i guess?

Begum G

I've tried applying castor oil mixed with coconut oil in equal proportions and my hair color turned from dark brown to black and my hair strands have become coarser too. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

Prakriti Shah

I ve extremely silky fine hair , by birth ,, I grew enough ,, length by several diye oiling , rice water ,, aloe but how can I grow ,, thick ????

Lola Poente

I use shampoo and cond for fine thin hsir to fake thick hair

Subliminal Junkie

I have thin hair due to perming my hair by my own, 3 years later my hair is still thin . Do i have a chance to have my hair back?

Ali Mohy Uddin

*But if genetically our hair is thick and due to stress and some other conditions turned out them thin ... can they become thicker or grow thicker again*???

Laura Degood

i have reeally fine hair, a fine hair series will be the best, espetially from my queen! ?

Nafia Noushin

I had a fine hair but now it has been started falling like crazy. I have applied all method but none is working. I think it's because of my teenage . Give me some suggestions if you know...


My dad has black people hair, and my mom has Indian people hair, but my hair isn’t course and it’s thin

Teo Pop

I would like to be your model ha ha


I have fine hair but a lot of it so it's thick. Moving to a place with well water ruined my hair and made it feel coarse....

Sharon McCabe

My hair has always been thin and fine and I hate it so much. I can never put my hair up or anything because my scalp shows waaay to much and if I braid my hair, the braids are just way too thin. No way around this ?

Anu Khandelwal

pls make videos on fine hair..u r videos r awesome

shun le

All my friends that have thick hair I have realized it's really dry. I don't know if this is for everyone but I think fine hair is softer and silkier. If you have fine hair, enjoy it! <3

peppa pig

I have nautrally thin hair and it sucks.
All my family members dads and moms side have very thin and fine hair so it really wouldn't be possible to get thick hair but I'm going try to include more protien in my diet

Forum Slothyy

fuck you then

every thing


Deirbhile Whelan

My hair was very thick and slicky but I used Loreal thickening shampoo and conditioner and it worked!!!!I also have naturally long hair

gabi Love

I had thick hair and i thined it out 4 times and i hate it my hair is from roots to mid part very thick and its thin on the ends?


I like colouring my fine hair because it gives it volume like highlights

Itzel Abarca

Having fine and thin hair is the worst i cant do anything, i wish I could do Dutch braids or a cute bun.

Pizza raccoon

My whole family pretty much has thin hair, and I remember once this girl at school saying to me 'your hair is practically nonexistent' because of how thin it is :/

Casey Loove

Thank you for being a smart and honest woman here on youtube. A lot of these woman are FAKE.
I appreciate you (:

Azha Choudhury

My scalp started to get extremely itchy for no reason at all and then everyday I loose about 21 strands of hair, is that normal?

Vaishnavi Dangat

Plz make a vedio on how many months it took for you to grow this length of long hair

NicePersonNamed Summer

I hate my hair I want to die!!!!! :(

Psychology major


angie is back

my mum has curly medium to fine hair and my dad has straight fine hair but for some reason i have pretty thick hair it all started during puberty were my hair got thicker how is that posibel

Kirsten G

For me, spraying dry shampoo gives a pretty good illusion of thicker hair. :)

Rochelle B

My hair is naturally really curly but very fine :( It's the worst combination. I can't wear it down sometimes because you can see straight through it at the bottom and it looks ridiculous to me. When it's shorter it's thicker and when it's longer it's thicker. It's just in between that's frustrating.

2 MChen

My parents and sisters have thick her but my hair is thin as hell


I have abnormally light hair, so much so, I can't even ride a bike or walk in mild wind(extremely mild) without a cap, or all my hair go everywhere. Does anyone have a solution? I'm quite desperate!!

BTW, I used to have hair of normal thickness but they suddenly changed over 2 years. It's not just my hair on head buy facial and leg hair too! ?

Bi Bi

Naturally fine thin hair but it's getting thicker and I did NOTHING just left it how it is


I was cursed with fine hair


I had extremely fine hair prepuperty, we are talking a ponytail circumference of maybe a little more than an inch, as i got older my hair got more reddish and thicker. Some of the reddest strands are the thickest but my hair is overall still fine textured. My ponytail circumference is now 3 inches. But I have done nothing to change it, it's all genetically determent :)

Priyanka Gupta

Do thin hair hair ever becomes thick hair??

Simran Saluja

Does dafni hair straightening brush is safe to use ?

tanii Sharma

please do hairstyles for thin and fine hair :))

J3nn1fer Zahn

I have extremely fine hair and not a lot of it. My whole family does. And it’s hard to do any hair styles because I just don’t have enough hair. I’m trying to find a way to naturally thicken it.

Ekta Gupta

I had really thick wavy hair and was over weight.. but after weightloss I have lost volume and they look straight limp and thin... also last year I severe hairfall problems specially from left side of my head due to which I have lost more volume from left as compared to right... As i was born with thick hair nd genetically I was blessed with thick hair..Kindly suggest me ways so that I can gain that volume or thickness again.. Now there is not much hairfall but i have less density now.. Also I eat a balanced diet.. I think my hair follicle diameter has decresed due to which it looks thin brittle kindly help me and suggest me ways so that I could be happy with my hair

Karin D.

I have extremely fine hair my entire life, and I achieved to make it thde double of its size, now is fine-normal, and the way I achieved this is with no heat at all, no sleeping with my hair loose, I bought the tangle teezer brush, stopping brushing it when it is wet, I used the shampoo and conditioner of mane n tail (this was magic for me) No coloring my hair with chemicals, I started coloring my hair with henna and cassia (this is also magic) and Once a week I apply a hair mask with egg yolk, olive oil, and bee honey for an hour, all of this made my hair a lot thicker but also it now grows faster, before like .5 cm a month and now like 1.5 cm a month, I hope this help you!!!

Fairy Cindy

FIrst, sorry my english is bad :D but here is my interesting hair story: I was born with thin fraigle hair and 6 years ago I started to dye it blonde, hairdresser was leave bleach too long on left side near my ear and that part was really damage and 4 month ago I decide to go back to my natural hair color (also in that time I have long hair) and two month ago i decide to cut more than 20 cm of my hair in bob, because from bleach my lenght was damage. So on my suprise when I cut it - my hair was no longer thin - it was like more than double of my usual thickness (disclaimer: I have bob in past years- it is not because of that particular hairstyle)- only thing that I have change is that beside that horible bleach I was using cold pressed coconut oil(in period of 6 years) It was like miracle. So be consistent with coconut oil-eventually it will give you tickness. If I didn` use bleach- I can`t only imagine how better my hair will look like. Now my goal is to regrowht my natural hair color and continue to use coconut oil overnight- it must be more than 8 hours on hair to penetrate inside hair shaft. I hope that I will help someone with this. Wish you all the best ! :***

indigo 10am

I have REALLY thin and light hair and the problem with that is that your limited with what hairstyles you can do, especially with half up hairstyles. I can't even curl my hair because for some reason it won't hold the curls for more then 8 minutes. I'm looking everywhere to try find a way that I can have thicker hair, but I can't find a thing, AND thanks to my medical condition I have the most itchy scalp EVER so if my hair was in a fancy hairstyle I would ruin it in minutes because of scratching! sigh

Mia Hansen

Dude I would be so excited to watch a fine/thin hairstyle/haircare/whatever series! Mainly I would love to see more videos on Youtube showcasing thinnies & fineys with long hair. There is only 1 by Haartraum.


I had thicker and long silly hair aftr i go to university i lost it... Is it possible to grow again please repl kiren

Alexandra Henderson

Both my parents have coarse hair I just don't ?


you are hope killer ! ?

Darth Mel

Everyone in my family has lost their thickness after giving birth and so on. I've already started loosing hair what can I do.


Hi, when I was younger I had very long hair (knee length - not kidding, then I cut it to butt length) but I have fine straight hair so I was getting a lot of comments on why do I keep it long, if it´s not thick, or it would be thicker if I cut it. Once I cut my hair really short, it wasn´t thicker at all (but I did it because I needed a change) and I tried oils, massaging my scalp, vitamins...my hair grows really quickly, but the thickness´s been always the same...and I don´t want long hair if it´s not that thick, because for me it´s tiring to hear every comment on my hair, strangers touching my hair and questions about showering or even going to the toilet. (Btw your hair is beautiful, have a nice day.)