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De Tan | Tan Pack | D Tan at Parlour | Cocoon Salon

929 223 views | 10 Aug. 2018

De tan or Tan pack at

De tan or Tan pack at parlour procedure video shot at Cocoon Salon. This training video was done for de tan face only. De tan neck also can be included. De tan helps to remove tan on the face. In India, especially in southern states, the sun is usually very harsh and a lot of people doe to their work and travel get their skin tanned. Skin tone and complexion will be affected.

De tan or tan pack or d tan or tan removal will be a right and good solution as it helps clean the skin and exfoliates the dead skin and the tanned cells. It is not possible to remove all the tan at one go but it definitely helps you get your brighter skin back soon.

De tan also helps in reducing the wrinkles under the eye and on the facial skin. The proper facial massage helps fight the tanned skin and wrinkles.

De tan also helps in improving the skin tone and make the skin breathe more oxygen and blood flow to the area. More oxygen, more blood flow, removal of dead cells and proper massage make the magic is keeping the skin tan removed, good complexion and skin tome and free from wrinkles and makes it glow.

Following is the procedure followed in the de tan video.

De tan step 1: Clean the skin from dust and impurities, makeup etc by cleaning with cold water and then apply cleanser and do gentle facial massage to clear the skin from all the impurities. This massage also helps in improving the blood flow to your skin.

Do the massage for 10 min.

De tan step 2: Apply the desired detan product. In this de tan video, we have Nature's essence Detan product. Apply the anti-tan product to the face including to the under neck and ears gently.

Leave the de tan product for about 15 min. Then with water in your hands, wet the dried de tan cream on the face and do gentle massage with proper massage steps. After the as the product is little sticky, use the soft-edged object to clear the skin and then clean the face with a cloth.

It is always good to go for regular de tan sessions. visit the nearest parlour. There are various de tan creams in the market and the detan procedure is usually the same.

This de-tan pack usually should not take more time than 20 -30 min.

Please use the following links for more info

Website: http://www.cocoonhyderabad.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cocoonsalon/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cocoonparlour/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cocoonparlour

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/115775198094240410597

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Harshit Sharma


Tannu Vaid

Cleansing se phele lipstick remove nhi hoti kya??

Geetanjali ambekar

Where is your salon and how much it cost???

DURGA Neerudu

Hello mam i want's to come ur parlour once it is very nice nd peasfull. i'm also beautiacion plz tell me the address

Shagun Kumari 5th A

hii where is your salon

Charishma Raghu

First remove her makeup before dng...

Reshma Reshu

Can u please show how to do straightening

Raja Geetha

Good result

Amandeep Kaur

Mem aap ne pehla scrub kra or baad me bleach ki

Divvana Johnson

Where can i buy that product you use for face i need to try

Kevin Sani

No difference , she was looking Dull earlier and even after the facial?

mehandi art channel

Easy and simple mehandi design so beautiful and ... - YouTube
Like , subscribe my Chanel ?

Baibhav Binayak

After this treament when she saw the bill !!! ???

saro guna

While cleansing itself u should have removed her lipstick na?

Bebo Kamble

Golw nhi aaya ?

ch madhavi


Kajal Insan

Mam plz cutting or makeup btao plz mam

Sonu Kumar


sachine bhupesh

Hot chat 9182647563

Anita More

D tan kis liye karte hai

Epshipriya Epshipriya

This is not changing in face
hair colour?

Veena Poojary

There is No faltu chit chat. Its good

Thejaswini Badithala

U tell me parlour address I will come

Sunita Walia

Kitaa messy work kiaa na cleansing se phle lipper remove kiaa application bh achi nhii th improve it not satisfy??????????????????

Sukhpreet Sandhu

Mam app ny client ka liper Kyu nhi hateia

USA myhometown

Chut style face

Tamanna Warwal

Why didn't she removed the lipstick first

Sheelam Singh

Kya is k turant baad facial kiya ja skta hai

Bhargavi krishna

What is the name of that d tan cream

Rosemarykm Sumi


The whiz kid

Scrub is not necessary or you skip it ?

௧ற்றது கைமண்ணளவு

Lipstick Kooda sariya remove aagala

Tirupati Rao


Chandrima Panja


Anthony Massar

ears also need to apply face pack?

Vini Ahirwar

Where is your salon

Shubha K S

I dint see any difference in her face.

Modan Samira

Mem ye bleech tha to eyes pe kyu lagaya? Or lagaya bhee to eyes kyu wight nahi. Hui

Amnu M Nair

Plz upload the video of clean up plzzz

Reena Yadav

Di I'm your new subscriber and I have a query for you mam plz tell me that o3+ bleach separate and o3+ Kit's bleach are different from each other plz tell me mam I m your new subscriber

swati Sheetal

Mam please mujhe bhi guide kre ki oily skin k liye konsa facial shi rhega or dry skin k liye konsa or normal skin k liye konsa facial shoot krega. Please help me mam

Ruksar Khan

Jo apne use kiya h de tan iska nam kya h

LakshmiBujji wondarfull sons

Super explanation

Kavya RS

can we leave de tan pack on our skin for 30 mins or more please reply ......am waiting

srinivas sandi

Eye brow therding plzzzz

anu chowdary

Please help what pack suits for oil and acne skin...

Prajapati H

Pehle to lipstick remove krni hoti hai fir bad me koi bhi step le sakte ho

Yashodamma Yashu

how much you taken this service???

Antra Rathore

Is it really work.

royal robin robin david

This is not good thing that u do .to using relegion things on your faical


Where is this saloon

nemdas tambe

D tan karne ke liye sahi age konse hai

Nisha beautician kitchen


romi ghosal

Just apply lemon juice wd besan and honey... 3 to 4 days.. And all tan will go?

Priya jena

Mujhe neend agayi isse dekhke

Shahina Shaik

Head massage is down words it's not correct

Priyanka Ahire

I didnt seen any difference in her face?

Neha Azizi

Kon sa cleanser use kiya?

Barkavi Mohan

It reduce pimples pores

royal robin robin david

Y u use this Christian prey music background this is the music of Zabor.from Bible

Keerthana Ckyesu

Which cleanser is good

arokia das das

Is it a permanent way ?

rajitha bandaru

U people applying de tan pack r keeping bleach??? Bleach will give improve shade of colour which remains just for 15-20 days... But it doesn't remove tan know

Anita Motwani


Ganesh Ganesh

Very bright look

Sukannya Hela

Aap kon sa produced use kar raha ho kya aap uski ek pic ya uska name bata skta ho plz .... mujha kinn na hai

ss tv ss tv

How much cost


1:20 to. 6:59

Arti Saini

Claeanser aur detan bleach kaun sa use kiya hai

ganapuram prabhaker

Shall we do facial after this d tan pack

Ayan Qureshi

I dont thik there is a much difference ??

KanakBS Jhariya

Makeup remove???


Guys make sure if this pack works
Before 1:19
After 6:59

Noshin Baloch

Make a video on hair spa

Akanksha Manu


My all in one channel


Priti Sen

Nature's professional d tan cream kaisi h mam.

Muthyam Swathi

Very nice and how much cost for this

Makeup Stories

Nice video

Radhika Shrivastava

No improvement

Midhu Mikkil

Wht is the rate of this treatment

Chandrika Gami

Face tan jaldi Nikal jaayega. Coz message, scrub, pack etc. Body tan hoti hai. So what we can do for tan skin?

Saima Ali

Massage se pehle makeup clean kiya jata hai.lipistic aapne baad me clean kiya.

Surbhi Biswas

Where's ur salon ???

Sandy Cheema

Ur videos help so much...thnku?

Saima Ali

Lipistic aapne remove nahi kiya

chandrika choudhary

To remove total tan tan from face and neck which is best to prefer facial,bleach,or detan?

jayshree ulmale

De tan cream konsi use kiye mam

Neta Haria

Why are you playing Xmas tune ????


Pack is important after De - tan

Harsh Mandave

Ye bandi massage krwate time bhi lipistick lgaye huyi h?

Rakesh Gour

Plz make face spray video

innocent jaine

Haha?jab ussnai second step mai facial lagaya aysa lagraha tha ki isse bandage kiya hai face pai

Renuka Renu

What about of lips and ?

Kishan Kattimani

Kya isse side effect hota hai

Cocoon Salon

Here you go! De tan pack video! Hope this helps the beauticians and want to be beauticians understand how to do de tan! Thank you!

smiley allinone telugu

Detan price

bhavani sridhar

Useful video

sandipa das

So there is no scrub?steam? ?

honey sekhon


Skin salons

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947 463 views | 16 Sep. 2019

As a spa enthusiast

As a spa enthusiast myself, I wanted to show you guys my top spas that I absolutely love in Seoul, South Korea. As many of you know, Korea is very famous for its beauty and cosmetics, so I highly recommend you guys to try out these spas here in Korea.

Here are the spas introduced in this video:

1. Spa 1899 Donginbi

2. Yeo Yeong Guk Spa

3. Sulwhasoo Spa

▼❓ Family ❓ ▼

SUBSCRIBE to my other social media:






SUBSCRIBE to GAMJA'S Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2jpnjr7fDo4DHmOa7mNUwA

▼❓ Business Inquiries ❓ ▼

[email protected]

▼❓ What We Use ❓ ▼

Chris ------

Main Camera: https://amzn.to/2XklRnr

The lens usually on my camera: https://amzn.to/2xsfOCR

How I get that nice bokeh b-roll: https://amzn.to/2xwOgfH

The drone that I love: https://amzn.to/2Xp4fMj

When I'm feeling strong with my gimbal: https://amzn.to/2RPltMw

Handy mic on my main camera: https://amzn.to/2jQfGd0

Apple laptop I use (fully specced): https://amzn.to/2lj9f2I

Hard Drive that never failed me: https://amzn.to/2jPsArS

Sunny ------

Main Camera: https://amzn.to/30he0sV

Studio camera that I always use: https://amzn.to/2xsqPUG

Cute grey backpack: https://amzn.to/2lhsEkz

Music by Clueless Kit - rain - https://thmatc.co/?l=C2692EBC

Music by ninjoi. - Foolish Heart [Thematic Exclusive] - https://thmatc.co/?l=488CBC3F

Ikson - Think U Know

Ikson - Midnight


Arica Lal

So nice and helpful relaxing body

Elise-chan Night

07:04 Song ??

Anteng Mulyati

Itu kameranya di pegangin terus kak?


The fact she till looks perfect with a bare face is...not fair

Song Rae byung

How do you have such a clear skin?????☺️☺️☺️

Royce Rupert

Hey this is Royce Ivan Rupert I created 3rd party cookies to track people like y'all guess we're I got the job from

Georgia Price

How do you record there? I would be embarrassed to ask lol. It looks so lovely and relaxing!

Melisa Sintia


MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli

Fathur Rosy

Spa 1989 위친를 오디잇서요


I would take a trip to Korea just for skincare ??. Their skin is always glowing & so so so clean !


gue yang nonton aja mau tdr wkwk

Priyanka S

I Legit thought the thumbnail was RAPMON from BTS for a second...no disrespect intended.

Nathan Josh

You look like Wendy + Mina mixed together

komik komik

Kak sunny , kak Krisnya kemana ? I'm from Indonesia...


dang, i wish you listed a price for each of the spa places you went to!

Fatima Zahoor

When i first looked at the thumbnail i though it was namjoon ?

Kristiyan Flores

OMG, close your eyes! It's so distracting that you may get poked in the eye while she is massaging near your eyes, you're supposed to close your eyes!!!


어디에요?장소좀 알려주세요

Beezy Mommy

I wonder how much are estimate cost?

suci rahmadina


Bantu support chanel TemanHidup TV yaa


Masih butuh banyak saran, Terimakasihhhhhhh

Ron S

interesting thanks for sharing

Ty Pavlinh

Anyone here thinking she sound like wengie ?

Tara G

i wish i could meet you you seem so so so so so soso nice

Anna Vasilenko

Alguien vio que en la portada del vídeo se parece a Namjoon? Ahree tengo miedo

Ashanti Drummond

youtube needa do betta wit these subtitles - smh-

Emily Balan

Lmao that second place review she was like, y'all's moms are doing the most and I already know that

speak yourself

Oh the things I could do if only I had the money...

OverpowerNick YT

Ok heres the deal you either purposely searched this up or wanted to see a shotgun


fix your hair next

Jose Martin Del Rosario Ridriguez

Improve your business https://go.hotmart.com/I37979774F sweetparty_on

Jenny Lee

Watching this in lockdown, where all facial/ massage businesses have been closed since March so I’m living through your video. It looks so relaxing! Can’t wait to try these places out when we can travel again!

Nour Arafa - نور عرفة

Hi guys I started adding English subtitles to my videos so if you have sometime check it out and maybe give me some feedback I will be really happy ❤
Have a nice day beautiful people ?

naura chevril

Ini mah aku aja ampe hampir ketiduran nontonnya?? literally relax ini jd pengen ke spa nya

jesika Masitoh

kak enak Gk di massage

Jullanda Maria

Watching this made me feel so sleepy with the music n everything watching her made me feel so relaxed even though I couldn't feel anything ??


this is just making me feel bad abt my skin since i break out a lot? and urs is glowing etc n my looks like ass??


Wtf i subscribed on the very first sec . u are so beautiful


Wow it must be nice going to all these spas ?

Valyn McNeil

Thanks for something else to do when I go to Korea... And, how in the world did you keep from dropping the camera during those treatment - or did you just edit that part out?

Egle Sukyte

You Joey have a cinnamon trouble. At least that's what subtitles said. ??‍♀️?‍♀️?

gioviar design graphic

will try when I visit to korea

Nifin Sirafudeen

What a korea girl without makeup, impossible


I would love to see the full length versions of treatments in this video. Soooooo relaxing
Especially Yeo Yeong Guk Spa.


Damn, i miss going to spas... damn covid.

Soo Jin

? in the first spa you had to go braless and clothless ?

talmo dick

u did continue spa following another. you didn't rest your face? that will hurt your face

Minty Borro

I wish you put the price ?

Lisa Wakelam

You are being rude, you don't ware hats in doors..

Lil uzi verts nose bridge piercing

Your cute

Liura Baum

I loveeed the last one just because they gave you food haha


Your eyes being open during all the facials is very unnerving to mr


Watching this during the quarantine makes everything different


한국 자막 없어서 재량껏 알아듣는중....

Fathur Rosy

Spa 위치는 어디에서요

Felicity Terry


මොඩියුලයේ AI හරයේ අර්ථ නිරූපණය, ඔහු නැගිටින තෙක් බලා සිටීම

Suhita Basu

How much it cost?


There are luxury sauna(like spa) in my channel =) come on and enjoy with me!

Bryanna Clinker

What is that pointy tool at the second spa called? It looks amazing

Erica Pertersen

I wish you did the full video of each one

Tara G

and if i was not me i would want to be chinies and look like you you are so pretty


Lots of love from Mumbai city india... I like your videos....??


Wow looks so so nice :) I wanna try this spa treatment too <3

Top Music Playbox

Good content.??

Lydia ruiz

Any place in Los Angeles ca that have this type of massage??

little unicorn

I really appreciate that she keeps her intro rly Short

danval betancourt

Hello hello someone to speak spanish

Christine Boswell-Sexton

What's with the weird dog sound???

Yganjo Family

who else thought of the fire benders from avatar when she was brought ginseng tea?


When we finally get to visit Korea might have to split off from my family and treat myself a bit. These were wonderful places!!


Sadly my cc did not work and was not in english :(


My neck is in so much pain I really need a massage I miss them.....


남자:더러워지면 씻는다.
여자:더러워지기전에 관리한다.


subtitles: olaf chair dont let you buy senior


Im at japan rn i should go to korea ???

Marianne Linder

How much do they cost ?

Soo Jin

The lady in the second salon terrifies me because the way she talked and her moth grin

Putri Puspa Anggini

Kaa.. Bikin kyk gni lagiii ???


한국인 왔다 감

Sighs Internally

is she not wearing makeup? she is super cute wow

Veronica C

You need to take someone with you to film the procedures. That you get the full experience.


How could you manage to hold the cam so steadily and not passed out?! Like how??? Explain it to me!! Hahahaha I'd be KO-ed in just 5mins hahaha Nice vid hope you enjoyed those face spa despite having to record for us. Thanks for sharing your experience! ?????❤

Kate Kelly

250,000 won is only €1.90! :O

Agrove 2017

why don't you close your eyes?


Omg it's so relaxing

Nafisa Kanchwala

She resembles like j hope?


I love your voice! It just has a good energy to it!


U’re so pretty ?


Idk why she’s keeping her eyes open, I feel like it’s creepy lol

Lalisamanoban Lalisamanoban

Btw kak sunny mirip Mina Twice ?❤️

citra zahra

The Lady froem

Justin Charles

Hey! Are these foreigner friendly? Sadly I've had friends visit Korea and they've been turned down bcos they weren't Korean from a few different establishments. Would like to know if you know that they are foreigner friendly! Thanks!

Hannah Bingham

Love all your outfits!

Jan V.

This would have been so relaxing to watch had it not been for the annoying music and blips and pops every time wording came on the screen.

Jessica Wilson

Is it just me or did her face looked more slimmer after the second one? ???

Sidney Soup

Me: I should try that
Also me: On the other side of the world stuck inside my house

Lal Valte


Skin salons

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Vitiligo Discrimination: Nail salon employee is rude to customer with skin condition | WWYD

7 017 690 views | 6 Mar. 2019

Model Winnie Harlow joins

Model Winnie Harlow joins “WWYD” to help stage a scenario where a woman with vitiligo faces discrimination at a nail salon.

What Would You Do?



Watch brand new WWYD episodes on Friday at 9PM on ABC! ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUlwc...

Subscribe to WWYD ► http://bit.ly/WWYDSubs

Check out some of the Best WWYD? Episodes ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Htytu...

Follow What Would You Do? across the web!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wwyd

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WWYDABC

Instagram: https://instagram.com/wwydabc/

What would you do when you think no one is watching? What Would You Do? (WWYD?) explores the varying answers with the help of hidden cameras capturing individuals who have been placed within seemingly everyday situation that quickly go ary. The individuals on this hidden camera show are forced to make tough calls when directly faced with situations of racism, violence, hate crimes, and other hot button cultural issues. Catch John Quinones reporting on these individuals as they make split-second decisions to intervene or mind their own business. WWYD? airs Friday nights at 9|8c on ABC.

What Would You Do? (WWYD) is a hidden camera show, hosted by ABC News correspondent John Quinones, in which unknowing bystanders are placed in uncomfortable, and often compromising real world scenarios in public. WWYD’s hidden cameras focus on the average person’s responses and reactions to these issues of social responsibility. Topics such as gay couples being affectionate in public, date rape, racism and racial profiling, interracial couples, abusive parents, drunk driving, and harassment of the homeless are touched upon in this series. What will you do? Would you choose to intervene in these situations? Watch and join the discussion.

#WWYD #WhatWouldYouDo #SocialExperiment

Alexis Ledesma

If that were me, Id see right through the charade immediately. Why? Because no black woman would act as calm as her in that situation. OH HELL NO! Im not black but I know what Im talkin bout.

Ps. No hate just spittin facts.

Lovely long legs

If looks could kill...5:03 lol just glaring at her up and down, then she says "I wouldn't showcase it" lol seems like another Karen has arrived

Madelynnn Sanford

I think vitiligo is beautiful ?

Logan malough

Michael Jackson suffered from vitiligo and nobody find him ugly or contagious!


That's unique, that's cool, I'm ashamed I'm pure white now, whoever thinks this condition is dangerous, they're extremely stupid...do you think if the condition was contagious she would have go there ?

brianna Baze

Finally a Karen that is nice

Heaven Bunny

“I personally wouldn’t walk around showcasing it”.

Something about that line kind of rubs me the wrong way. It just seems to me like she’s embracing her vitiligo. There’s nothing wrong at all with showing off something like that.

Dandelion Fair

I cried when he lady touched her. What an angel

Hannah Rose

Fun fact:Michael Jackson also had vitiligo

Tori Beltowski

Who is that condition ugly it's beautiful I like how unique it looks and it comes in different area of the skin my friend has three markings

Karmari Williams


Ness Otty

My nephew has that and everyone that has discriminated belittled bullied him we have sued and won every case now my nephew is studying to be a lawyer if I see anyone or hear anyone miss treat someone with a medical condition even though I am partially disabled due to a car accident I don't hesitate to speak up and I tell you that my walking stick will get it wrapped around their heads some people disgust me in their behaviour


Do people with vitiligo have to put more suncream on the light parts.

Another Obvious Truth

3:25 "Oh my goodness. Stop." It's a moment when your courage is tested, but it's rather difficult to reprove someone for rudeness.

Julie Vanhoove

Omg her skin condition is so beautiful and Michael Jackson also had this skin conditio n

Kanageswari Thillainathan

Honestly the first Karen is see that is not a Karen

Courtney Goodwin

I feel like vitiligo is very beautiful !❤️?❤️

Bisexual J


Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

The first lady is the good version of Karen

Skeet_ yeet

Like ok and what if it was contagious? I’d love to be unique and beautiful. Why don’t we all be multiple colors it’s be fun.(AND HOW DID NO ONE RECOGNIZE WINNIE?)


She is a beautiful sexy model. People are very fucking rude. I don't care what the skin color is.


Honestly I think vitiligo is really pretty!

Meg Blevins

I would like to say that I suffer from Vitiligo and I have never had somebody stand up for me but the skin condition that I have is not that bad but if I did have it to that point more the model has I would want somebody to stand up for me and stuff

Anusha Masrani

My mums best friend and my best friend both have this condition all over their arms and faces and my best friend luckily doesn’t get bullied bc of it In fact he’s one of the popular kids bc at my school we are taught to be nice to everyone even the nerds never get bullied

Lana Mohammad

I think its beautiful?
Edit: the actor kinda looks like an actor lmao I don’t know the name of the actor tho

I love groot

Vitiligo is so beautiful like how would anyone make fun of it ?


I personally find Vitiligo beautiful.

Beans Are Life

Real talk. People with vitiligo or probably some of the most prettiest people fr.

Apple. head_

Michael jackson had the same thing

Isabella Humphreys

I love the beautiful skin

Joshua Thompson

I’m sure Kyle Kuzma watched this

Emaan Adeel

My friend has a condition like that but her skin is darker so ofcourse I will be furious

Miaaa UwU

Am I the only one who thinks the marks actually look so pretty they just look like some 1000000$ art

Ross 3000

This is what Michael Jackson had. That’s why he decided to turn his skin white, so he could even it out. If he didn’t have Vitiligo he wouldn’t have went white.

ɮɨ0ɢɨʀʟ_Ӽ-ֆӄʊʟʟ plays

Nail Lady: "get away from me"
Me: "wow, that's pretty"

Kelvin Waweru

That last woman, i know her from somewhere, either from a tv show or a movie but i can exactly place her...who have any idea where she is from?

Zodiac Queen


Rosa Saucedo

What an idiot she's going to double check wow

Aizawa Is life

Is it just me but people with vitiligo are so different and that makes them so beautiful also that model is so fine

Monki Man

i think that kind of skin is beautiful and unique


this ones personal

whatcha howsya

Actors going at it.
Customers: ...
John: "do it."
Actor: "I'm just saying what everyone else is thinking."
Customers: ?
John: ?

sailor socialist

isnt winnie harlow mean or sum lmfao


As a kid I used to think it was contagious but I understood nd I think it is litrally beautiful !!!!

Cupcake Without The Icing

Turns out I had no idea how to pronounce vitiligo......


It’s been a year when I was initially clinically determined to have vitiligo. I was told no medicine is accessible for vitiligo along with some 5% steroid. My vitiligo is almost entirely healed after I learned and used the vitiligo remedy 4VitiligoCure. Com two times a day for the first two weeks and decreased the dosage slowly. The end result is remarkable!.

Min min

They're so beautiful and unique


I mean it looks weird, but like yeah. If I had it I’d be putting on so much foundation lmfao, but that’s just me, I’m not super concerned with my looks, but I probably wouldn’t like it

Xoxomimi Lol

why did people think its ugly that looks good ashh

Karmari Williams


alfie simon

I didn’t even know it was a condition I thought it was because people touched an acid or something cause I remember when I was in year 1 we had science and my teacher said if we touched the substance it would change our colour but the thing is I wanted to touch it cause I didn’t like being black but I didn’t get a chance to and I’m happy I didn’t but at least now I know it’s a condition and it’s not because of a substance or whatever that substance was

April Lam

My mom saw this model on tv and asked me “is she doing that for attention so she can win”. I said “mom she was born with this and it’s rare but she is human like you and me.”


bro there getting to comfy with these 25 sec un skippable adds

Calvin Daniel

The person touch her I am happy she did it god bless her

Alyssa Hinton

Me:Trying not to get mad at the actor*

Dan Molloy

Can we talk about how diverse this salon is? Not only male and female clients but it was nice to see an older male who was giving manicures xx

Rozina Boran

Es preciosa es unica

Blu . Starz シ



Angels: Do you want her skin to be black or white?
God: Y E S

Kou’s Bitch

Personally I think that the skin she has is so beautiful

sorry, i have rehearsal

I would have been like that lady that touched her arm, but then I would have poked the manicurist after touching her just to piss her off lol

stacy hippi

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deepak tyagi

Honestly I love this channel and they influence us a lot but this might have made the actress with vitiligo feel insecure

C Liverpoolboy01

I think it’s a skin condition, and I won’t say a bloody thing!

Imani Dominguez

am i the only one who legit thinks this is f'ing AMAZING and beautiful?!
its so different , unique , amazing and COOL looking!
and is it wrong i wish i had it??

Tori Beltowski

Have a friend that has condition and I really liked how it looked I mean the name is very hardest to pronounce

Lilbratt. Niya

When she said “is your father black and your mom white?” I started dieing laughing

some fish dude

I have vitlitogo


I'm 12, I'm from India, I'm currently living in the U.S, and I have vitiligo too, and I have been bullied and discriminated against for having vitiligo. People call me alien, or monster, or weirdo, or a freak. Most of the time, it doesn't bother me, because I know I'm, and all the others who have vitiligo, are beautiful, and still my family and true friends always support me and make me feel special, but it still hurts. My name means unique, and my friends say that this condition just makes me more unique, and I wish that everyone in the world had such friends, who are always there for them. A big shoutout to everyone in this world, because you all are beautiful and special. PEACE!!!

sam c

I’ve always been fascinated by people with Vitiligo. It’s so unique and beautiful. It’s quite honestly cool, in my opinion.
Most likely no one else you know is like that. So you’re so fucking unique. Love it. Embrace it. You’re special.

Caitlyn Smith

They guy with the black tank top really said “ throw the whole chick away ??‍♂️” lmao I laughed ?

Demøn Angel

she touched her hand like, IDFC

AJ Rulz

The only karen I’ll respect

p a n d a e x p r e s s

My cousin has vitiligo on her foot :)

Miwan Ibrahim

My little brother had that but smaller ones all over his body!
But i still love him ♥♥♥♥

Kayla Carmack

It doesn’t matter what she looks like if it is contagious wether u like it or not still do it and don’t judge and keep your opinions to your self. TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WANT TO BE TREATED not matter what you never know what they are going through people hurt them self because of what people say.Love your self no matter what and don’t let anybody tell you wrong.you are perfect just the way god made you.My sister has a condition and If somebody was treating my sister like that I would stand up for her.No matter what people say to you keep fighting through it.Always stand up for people no matter if they are your enemy or a stranger.stand up for people no matter what.AND ALWAYS LOVE. YOUR SELF❤️

Alice Evonic

This was disappointing, are americans really that unknowledgeable about Vitiligo ??

Doggies R Da Best

My mother has vitiligo, not as bad as Winnie and the actress but noticeable when she wears short sleeve shirts. She kind of grew into it as she got older, and so did my mothers mom. It is in fact a condition, not contagious what so ever!

Brie Lancaster

How you scared you gonna “catch it “ if you already white ???

Zara Zadro

Shes special bc of her skin

Greatness Washington

If anyone knows Telisha personally please tell her im single❤❤❤

i’m not lay the sequel

“i don’t know if i’d go around and showcase it”.. girl what u want her to do? stay inside ? she’s beautiful and so is her skin

Mikaela Garcia

I think vitaligo ( sorry I can’t spell ) is so unquie it’s makes you who you are and I think it is beautiful

AsherPlays Roblox & Friends

To the lady that touched her arm: You must have a beautiful soul because the way you stood up for her like that... you deserve heaven

Demøn Angel

Me sees this: oh wow thats so cool...

Aynalem Amare

At my old school we had a technician who had this disease, he was the nicest person in the school. And i felt really bad bc students kept looking at him. So i always spent my lunch with him in the tech area and helped him with the morning announcements. I hope someone else will give another person the same kindness #everylookisbeautiful

Leo Tard

can i just say that i love her and i love people with vitiligo they are so cute and i lowkey wish i had that because it is so beutiful

Nelly Salvatore

I find vitiligo soo beautiful and unique?

Gogeta Vegito

Michael Jackson had the same skin condition

Roblox Queen

I think she looks beautiful, and I’m not just saying that to be nice I genuinely feel like it looks pretty and defiantly NOT ugly. ??

Aitarak 1981

they forgot to compare it to michael jackson. very funny. Even if we think about it with reason, it will not be found the answer why Michael Jackson can while this girl cannot.

Allen S

MJ had this

Aubry Asmr

Me: has vitiligo as a white girl and no one sees

Also me: the fact that this happens disgusts me

Be Mindful

That one lady said something about walking around and "showcasing it."

Kimnareun Limberdges

3:18 my first impression in her that she was a strong woman that's it when I heard her voice. she's an angel

Molly Bru

Bro id b scared if i was in this wwyd show bc i cannot talk to rando ppl no matter what would they look at me like "what a bit h nkt helping " ?

Hollyann Stuart

My daughter have the same on her skin I tell don't tell nobody tell her different cause she is beautiful in every way

Greatness Washington

The girl getting her nails done i would date her in a heartbeat she is beautiful Omg give her my number❤❤❤❤

Sara Paola Bresciani

0:32 3:07
Me in lockdown: crying silently

3:30 ?❤️

Rylie Green

Im not saying this to be rude at all but if somebody who was white had that disease instead of getting white spots would they get black spots? Again not trying to be rude at all, These models are stunning!