Not taking a shower

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BIPOLAR/BPD - Taking a shower when DEPRESSED! Here's how to enjoy & do it!

4 260 views | 5 Oct. 2018


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Hi folks

Welcome to BIPOLARLINE. Taking a shower when we're depressed is SO hard, and often we just cannot. So I'm sharing some great ideas with you, on what to do about this, and how to reward your brave self, if you've managed to leave your bed, and get into the shower!

Enjoy and just do it. You CAN!

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Sanchita Yadav

I'm not beautiful. Nobody knows me here personally so here i go... I'm about to cry rn. The more I love myself for a moment, I'm going to hate my self brutally. I dread going to shower, sometimes, at extreme I don't even brush. I hate this feeling. I even think about showering and going there but it feels so weird. It's like my toes tingle n my mind screams. And just don't feel beautiful.

Stephanie Poleson

Hey Debs, you rock! I haven't had much time to watch videos, but I am putting them in my watch later list so I can get back to them. Your vids are always so informative and helpful, relating to people like us. Fortunately, I am more likely to crawl to the shower and stand there in a daze when depressed, unable to get out of it. I used to go to this great Korean ginseng baths to treat my mental illness, but now it no longer exists. Love ya lots xxx

Justice Kay

Hi, I just wanted to say that I appreciate this video! Having had BPD, PTSD for many years, I used these tricks on myself already, BUT I had NO IDEA others suffer from this too! I thought maybe I had developed a shower phobia. You brought some things to mind here and I just got out of the shower, put smelly stuffs on, changed my sheets and pillow cases and I feel so much better! So THANK You! Its inspiring to see you conquering and fighting through! You're beautiful and radiant!!

Shannon Sutcliff

my parents think im lazy because i dont shower as much as they do.. but it just takes so much energy out of me and its a lot of work because of my severe depression, they have depression too but everyone is different. and always being home doesnt help the non showering because thats even more of an excuse for myself to not shower.. i hate it and i want it to stop.. i want to me normal again..

Heavenly Peace

it has been about 4 months for me since i been in a bath, and i am a woman.

Nour El Samahi

You're so sweet ?

Sasha Anderson

Thank you for that ! Really helpful

Carrie Red

Hey Debbie, Thanks for that Very Uplifting video ! I am bipolar but currently unmedicated...I'm definitely going to try the Fengal shower gel, I've always Loved Badedas myself, but it's runny, and I DO find that I often lose most of it out of my wet hand, and make the shower floor Really Slippery, so a mousse will be better !...I can't shower Every Single day, but alternate days I can manage...And you're Right, washing my (Long) hair can be Very Daunting.

Los Angeles Laura

Is it natural? I don’t know... Do I care? No! ????

viktorya psychedelic.souljam

You always look so vibrant :) great advice. A shower and pamper raises my self esteem... even if it's just a little bit.

Shtha Almzyd

I am scared of getting wet in the shower

catherine victoria

i am in a lot of trouble and I'm stuck at home with just my computer (very happy I have it with me). i haven't showered, eaten, brushed my teeth in days. i have no motivation to get up and do these things. I'm gonna try to shower soon, but I don't know when my body will allow me to eat. i don't have my phone so I cant listen to music in the shower which is something that always gives me motivation so I don't know what to do

Lawrence Wallace

Thanx Deb...?

Hrithvika 1

My brother is not taking shower, he has bipolar and personality disorder. He takes bath once a week and he struggles to take a bath

PSE Mentalist

Hello Deborah your looking absolutely amazingly breathtakingly stunningly smashingly gorgeous. Excellent topic of discussion I've been stuck in a deep dark depression state here lately
Please watch my lates bipolar video. Much love and hugs to you sweetheart

Angelface :)

I've been suffering from major depression & anxiety and your video just inspired me to jump in the shower and now I feel better, and I smell divine from all my shampoos & conditioner and body wash.
A good thing to brush your teeth are little toothbrushes called "Whisps", they already have toothpaste in them and there's no water needed, you just sit there and brush your teeth and it refreshes your whole mouth.

Lisa Shawe

Deborah..Im stepping out of replies. Also..if I am not part of the solution then I can become part of the problem. Not going to do that.
Thanks again for your amazingly helpful channel. Will continue to reccomend your channel to others along my way.
Thank you..Love, Lisa

Giorno Giovanna

I hate being bipolar it is awesome

Angelina Matos

you are absolutely gorgeous and i love your voice it's so soothing, you also hit exactly all the points of how i feel when trying to get up to shower you are such an amazing youtube er and i'm glad i found this account?❣️

Blue Clouds

I just hate drying my hair - it takes too long

dolores drury

You went to South Africa? Wow I could never to that. Not only can't take a shower, I don't even go out.

Ramin Aghvami

best looking mid age woman ever existed?

Manatee J

Yes showering daily is a big struggle. I didn’t know until I got my diagnosis

Not taking a shower

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Summer Walker on why she doesn’t like Showers

20 266 views | 27 Nov. 2019

Ace Viral Videos For you-

Ace Viral Videos For you- Turn Post Notifications ON

Zyah Ellis

exactly like cmon bruh she never said she don't shower . y'all comin at her fa nothin

Sylvia Morton

Don’t seem like she got social anxiety to me


Future baby momma should of clicked on the video, smh

Yanna Jones

Girl put some damn shoes on when you get in the shower ??

a. ng

LMFAO but same bc the fucking crevices of hotel showers and shit ?

Malaisah Trophy

Here from twitter ? Eliza dragged her musty behind . Ion like her witchcraft music anyways . Keep the demons over there hun

Miss Badazz1980

I've never done a hoe bath. I've seen a play cousin shave her legs in the sink at the hotel we worked at.. 20 years ago... At the bare minimum I at least do the 2 minute showers we learned in the navy... But now it's 5 to 6 minutes for that 2 min shower... Ugh.. but playing devil's advocate, dermatologists do say hot showers & unnecessary showering depletes your natural oils & you should wash what is smelly & get out.. ??‍♀️?

Cayla Bailey

This is the first time I’ve heard her speak. It’s a bird.

ahmya watsonn

Summer Walker : "Everybody has stop acting boujee"
Me: looking for who is "everybody"

• Miu

Her music ain't even good, sound whiny and mumbling, how is she slapping more than other female artists?

Kavari Burgess

She’s a weirdo

dad0ll jaay

Never thought her voice would sound like this

nikki h

i have OCD and i’m completely opposite i can’t take baths at all it’s like laying in the crevices with the dirt. hell no?


She a whole weirdo ?

Aline Medina

True I don’t like to take showers either but I take them at least twice a day

Frankiee Forestier

Yeah she dirtyyyyy

Twerk clouds xxx

I wish she can bring all this energy when she sang on stage ?

Absolute Gem

But u sit in a random bathtub? That’s nasty ? u can wear slippers in the shower


Bra she takes baths not showers

black queen

It doesn't matter ,I love her music and the haters need to leave her alone because it is her body ?

D'shawn Cherry

i agree. crevices


peaches’ coochie type beat

shlappy papi

I hate them crevices too

Shawddy Dylise

I haven’t wash my cooch in the sink that look likes that’s uncomfortable...?


Yeah she crazy

Azyriah Green

yall tried to say the girl dont take baths??‍♀️so wen she explains herself yall saying she dirty gtf & yall mamas dirty

Tosha Lewis

I don’t like taking showers either I only take baths ?

sativa 222

She’s talking out her ass at this point.

Not taking a shower

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Kid showers for the first time in 17 years...

6 074 262 views | 24 Jan. 2018

He’s never taken a shower

He’s never taken a shower so we forced him to take one for the first time in 17 YEARS...

(made with #spliceapp - http://get.spliceapp.com)


Just pretend I’m a girl dude???

Danny Barreiro

This is so fake

Zant Fluffingtons.

Am I the only one that punches the shower curtain for no reason?

Chelsi Vlogs


Naveed Jantzen

I am a green belt at taekwondo and this makes me cry.

Pink Bird


Emma Nethery

You coyld fill the tub up with the shower lol


I always shower with the homies

Christopher Hurda

Am I the only who thinks frank is the Cutest one

Marlon Saville

3:12 this man wouldn't last a day in the hood

Mynt Plays Games

IanBro is so freaking strong lol


His ninja moves

Joey Videos

The kid doesn’t even look over 17

IloveAnime UnU

Hmm interesting ?

Shoto todoroki

Roses are red
U stink like must too
Take a shower'
Before I slap you.

c Lowzee

4:14 lmao "why would i even pretend hes a girl? Why would that even help....im gay"


Well I Feel bad about gabe

Chris Coons

They beat the shit out of each other more than they do anything else???


the way Ian takes the water out of his shorts and says "its done cooking" lmfaooo

Kevin R

Great Value Drake Bell

Black Black


Dr Hackerkid

Reminds me of granny from ice age coz she never a bath years and killed some fish with a shark when she bathing in the ocean

Black Black


Law D Trafalgar

? Gabe is literally me when I’m hangry




7:02 frank almost called loyd by his real name, Nichols but he caught himself and looked at Egan.???

yu liu

I love shower

ct_aimbot 121

Frank do be sus though


Kid showers for the first time in seventeen years

If he’s a kid how is he older than 17.

tang yaonan

Me: does not want to take a shower but still takes shower
Me after talking a shower: never want to leave
Mom: Honey, what are you doing in there? Your taking a long time...
Me: MoM i DoN’t WaNt To LeAvE!!! angry baby face
Mom: slaps forehead
Me: Lenny face

Zachary Akerman

I know people dislike because it's scripted, But it's still hilarious.

Spoink Spoink


Warda Douglas

Its not right that you are bullying him

Chiemerie Okafor

Dude is trying to change the topic

TSAR Bomba

This was me 5 years ago i hated showers they had to force me

Carly Litzan

When he said gas chamber..

Kemper Lazenby

gabe would make a great jew

Jaden and Brooke Gaming

This f,d up


7:02 u can hear Frank almost say “nichols” coach Lloyds real name

Saamir gaming


King Tyde

My head is green and ur all dead

The Champion

Me and the boys

Ivan Menendez

Who’s here 2020 corona time

Lance - Gaming,Vlogs & More!

Ok videos off still videoing

Chris Coons

CEO of just pretend I’m a girl


2 years later and I still have a big fear of tubbies

Mohamed Mohamed

white boys sigh lol btw no offence to white people


Trash juice


I will beat gabe in a fight in real life and in fornite


"you take a shower llyod" lmaooo

alex strother

0:48 his eyes lmfao

landeigh w


Lawrene Grubic

In the middle of the way it is makes it allot of more time to keep on having an right to be white British is living in England ??????? is part take it over to Lancashire north of west is take over the castle ? is royal ? city ? is held in the middle of Europe with some of things of the middle of the way it is part of it so much time in here at the moment in time for this is by Lawrence

Jordan Ongel Stern


cassie friedman


DinoLisha YT

Shower heads can contain lung cancer bacteria..

Cynthia Ruiz

All right we gotta admit the video was kinda click bait kid hasn't taken a shower for 17 years

Cheryl Jackson

Why does Gabe look like drake from drake and josh

Billy Joe

4:50 he do be flexing though

Abby Garner

This is fucked up if it’s real but if it’s fake the acting is immaculate and it always makes me laugh ?


Lol if you dont shower in 17 year you'll die thats how i knew this vid was cap, but no hate nice vid ?????

fireuwu 5059

He looks like a demon because of his red eyes by the camera

Renner Willard

No one is talking about the transformation

a cruz

I missed watching this

Kyreon Johnson


Dante Solitro

Is this staged?

Hunter Hagen

Gabe is like patrick from spongebob

Rohit syangbo Tamang

Man keep giving me more of this content this video is funny more please I love it!!

Nathan Guirgis

2:46 When the teacher asks you a question but you weren’t paying attention ? ? ?

Farah Pelaez

Leave Gabe alone

Mythical Playz

He pretends to be dead lol

Derpy kid

You can see that his hair is all clean, that’s how we know he takes a shower, imagine if friends were still playing with him while he smells like a skunk.

Tosin Oparinde

Frank look like Luke Skywalker

The only anime weeb

When will you make another video


If you were a real coach youd get fired lol


I read the title and turned into hank hill


Why’s you eyes red when it’s night

Branson Bacchas

Did no one hear Frank say it’s coming from the ceiling?Like bruh.

soane lukupa

who would not want to go shower

The red powerful Shark

What the heck is going on why did not he take a shower in 17 years


Awww dose willde kid needz a bubbiez

Loreane Johnson

I like to take showers every day


How old he is


4:49 I don't know why but this part is just so funny how Gabe is trying to be intimidating

Anthony Murillo

Why did Frank leave he was the humorous side of the friend group

Thomas Cavanaugh

“Trash juice that doesn’t even smell that bad” deadass when he said this I was rolling

Sylvens Blanchard

Who else came from tiktok

Monae Watson

Idk why but when they slammed him on the fridge I started cracking up here said u knocked me out cold ???????

Christopher Gaytan

Who still watching this in 2020


3:18 it looked like he was in a horror movie about to get killed

Kyreon Johnson

When ya boi go on taco Tuesday

Robert Patrey

I absolutely love this channel funny stuff keep posting I’ll keep watching

EvanTheOnly 1

Ya'll have serious water pressure issues

Redneck Pudding

What would you like too see Gabe do next ?
Best idea gets pinned comment!


y do u hate the cam gabe

Matís World Yeaiii!!

His walk was so stupid when he escaped from egan


I miss frank

Destiny Johnson

I take showers and tubies


The shirt he’s wearing he went to my school ???


2020 anyone?