Non comedogenic hair products

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How to use the non comedogenic Glypto hair paste from Mickey Alan Kravitz - MAK Hair Products

160 views | 15 Jul. 2019

Great for sensitive skin

Great for sensitive skin or not

Concentrated Extra hold sculpting molding paste, matte finish.

Non Comedogenic, will not clog pores. Acne Friendly Hair Products.

Glypto hair paste is concentrated and only takes a very small amount with a drop of water or use on damp hair. It is a little tricky in the beginning to find your consistency because it is concentrated so just remember a small amount is all that is needed. Cruelty free, Made in the U.S.A

Non comedogenic hair products

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5 807 views | 30 Aug. 2019

Hey loves❤️ In todays

Hey loves❤️ In todays video I will be doing trying out fragrance-free hair products thanks to No Nothing. This is their moisture collection: https://nonothing.us/collections/moisture






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Sadly this is not CG friendly :(

Alezandra Davila

I just ordered mine and I wash my hair in sink not in shower

Tyesa Morgan

Thanks for the review! I'm transitioning from relaxed hair to natural and it's been hard looking for products! I will try this out! I've been using Anita Grant unscented shampoo bar and Curly coily tresses deep conditioner/moisturizer/pumpkin oil. But I'll check out these products as well!

thomas addison

I love these products. So hard to find fragrance free products. Fragrances are so bad for you smh.

Alezandra Davila

Lol love ur. Curls my hair will never look like that thanks so much for ur review !!

Delina Marie

Thank you for the review, they have mousse down. Ive got to try this line!!

Divamichelle McIntosh

Wow your hair is beautiful. I’m going to try these products. I just ordered some fragrance free styling gel from a company called fragfree.com. They have other hair and body products as well. Thanks for the video. Please subscribe to my channel and I will do the same.?

Rachel Reichert

Your hair looks gorgeous!

Rachel Reichert

My main problem is having an itchy head and scalp. How did these products work in terms of that? Good I hope! I just ordered them :) Thank you for your honest review

Doe John


Bru Ci

Is it but free too? Thanks for the video looking for a safe product for years for my toddler who has multiple allergies

Carrie Wright

Thank you for this review. It’s really frustrating trying to find products that don’t bother my allergies. I tried so many products and the only one that doesn’t bother me is the pink Shea moisture. It has my curls not defined, dried up, and lacking volume.

Journey28 010

I looked at The conditioner ingredient and it had isopropyl alcohol which is basically rubbing alcohol and will dry your hair out which I was sad to learn. No hate ♥️ your video was great.

luzia stern

It has sls in it ?


I'm truly. Who do happy to hear about this line. Because, I am a migraine suffer and I do suffer from allergies, and a lot of haircare products have fragrances that cause me go catch migraines and that cause my allergy symptoms to go into over drive. Which is why, I have switched over to only using fragrance free products or products that have a very minimal amount of fragrance in them. I feel that these hair care companies should put more emphasis on the ingredients and performance of their products versus putting a whole lot of emphasis in putting tons of parfum in their products for fragrancing purposes. These hair care companies should be well aware by now that chemical fragrances are a major irritant and cause of dude effects to ones body, including ones very own health. Which is why, I'm really glad to hear about this new hair care company that sounds truly fab and that offers fragrance free, hypoallergenic products that consumers can totally trust Plus, I absolutely love just how well these new products work for your hair, as they have your curls looking well moisturized, nicely defined, very soft and totally frizz free as well.

Thanks so much for sharing this super awesome video with us! As, I greatly appreciate it so much. ?????

Shunna States

Good review

Deesha Deesha

Hello there. Thank you for the review. I would also like to know whether anything about "dermatologically tested" or for "sensitive skin" is mentioned on any of their products. Thank you. It would really help me out ?


Shampoo has sulfates in it? no thanks

Malita Jones

I wish their products didn’t have sulfates and silicones, then it would be perfect ?


What comb are you using to detangle?

Daughter Of the most high

I wish alot of product were fragrance free but catered for curly hair.

Martyna Seiliute

I wonder if these products just appear moisturising because of silicone. Maybe thats why the sulfate isnt drying on the hair

Ossie R

Glad you’re doing this. I have such a problem with strong fragrances. I get allergic reactions, sneezing and watery eyes.

Yalon Mishaél

Have you tried fragrance-free products before?

Non comedogenic hair products

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Hypoallergenic Hair Products Review || No Nothing Very Sensitive Hair Care Products

4 721 views | 2 Sep. 2019

Please visit

Please visit https://nonothing.us/ for more information about their products! I genuinely enjoyed their products and I know you will too. Let me know what else you want me to review in the comments below!

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Kaley Bender

I’m so glad that you’re up loading videos again!

Rene McCracken

You are ME Instant follow.

Livi Bridge

The puppy!!! Lol cute dog, and great video. Very straight and to the point ?


Suggest me a Shampoo hypoallergenic and protein free other than vanicream.


Omg someone with the same skin problems as me I'm not alone lol


Wow, I never thought I'd find another person who was allergic to life like me. Hello, fellow super-sensitive person! And thank you for the review.

Moses Gabriel

Omg you’re back !!! ? I didn’t realize !!


But this contain protein any other brand I want protein free.

Kay Lee Clemons-Haw

You are comedy.? Totally enjoyed your review vid. I’m going to try out these products. Thanks so much!

Sonni Rivera

I just realized I might have the same hair texture. It's thick, but fine. I knew I wasn't going crazy! I try to minimize how much product I use for my hair now because I cut it super short, but still feel the buildup or the heaviness despite changing my products


My hair is just like your but black im going through a phase that my hair is feeling dry and it feels like its hard and im definitely buying this product even if I don’t have any allergies

Jordon Holmes

Love your vids. Is it odd to say that you have really nice hands

Shar Roon

I love the dive fragrance free dry shampoo

Steph W

These products look wonderful! My scalp has attitude a lot of times, meaning that I am allergic to Pantene, Garner Fructis, and who knows what else? I can’t use hairspray unless I want my scalp to itch for days. ? So, I am going to look into these!

Thank you for reviewing these products. I am glad to see that you are uploading again! Honestly, I love product reviews and how-to videos. Keep up the good work! ??


I'm soooo excited this brand exists. I have not tried it yet, but definitely hoping it will work for my allergic ass self. No perfume, no soy... this sounds great!