Smart cover concealing cream

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Sarah Covers her Birthmark with the Smart Cover Stick

787 views | 19 Feb. 2019

Sarah demonstrates how

Sarah demonstrates how easy it is to cover her Birthmark with

Smart Cover's Cover Stick. Also covers #DarkEyeCircles, #AgeSpots, #Acne and #BlotchySkin.


In which country you live

Clinton Ludecke

I'd really like to know if you support the product. In all my life i've never tried to cover my birthmark but at 47 I am just more annoyed with the stares. I thought it would be cool to see if I could be "normal" in public. Not sure how to communicate but I am open.

Smart cover concealing cream

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The Most FULL Coverage Concealers Compared

93 947 views | 18 Apr. 2020

I know you guys have been

I know you guys have been wanting to see the most full coverage concealers in action, so here we are. These are my top four concealers for covering dark circles. Hopefully this video will help you find one that will work for YOUR skin type. Leave your favorites in the comments! And let me know if you still want to see these comparison videos! ♥️



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Twitter: @Anele_Alexandra



DISCLAIMER: This video was not sponsored. The description may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support my channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!



Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealer https://bit.ly/34Qyvjp

PAT McGRATH Labs Concealer shorturl.at/gVZ19

Jouer Essential Concealer https://bit.ly/3aSHzqF

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye https://bit.ly/2Wb9rBo



BH Cosmetics



Velour Lashes

Code: VLSxALEX 15% OFF


Dominique Cosmetics

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Miss Lola

Code: AA30 30% OFF



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Sugar Plum Siren

You're the best. ?

Nadia H

Hello. I know I am a bit late to the party!
I really enjoyed this video but was wondering what are your thoughts on the huda beauty overachiever concealer? It claims to have a high pigment percentage. I am curious as to if you have tried it and what you think of the formula?

Renee Douglas

Hi , have you tried the new Dermablend cover care concealer? I love your videos it’s nice to watch someone’s who is real !

Rissa's mukbang & ASMR

Hi here watching showing love ?

Beautiful Anonymous

The only eye cream that hydrates my under eyes is Caudalie Premier Cru. It’s pricey but you can get a set one and get more band for the big buck.

Ryley Tennant

was never a huge makeup person until finding your channel...now I am OBSESSED, thanks for making this quarantine brighter !!

Marta Ciwoniuk

What you think about Huda Beauty Concealer?

Cynthia Strait

Liked shape tape best on you, looked brighter and most coverage.

Kris Munoz

You sold me on jouer! I really like ur unique artistic practical spin on things

Zayna Kassim

Lol loved the intro "...now you know me" hahaha. You're funny. I love this !!!


I'd love to know what product you would recommend for dry under the eyes. I'm having that issue lately as well):


I noticed something with that last one you used. It may be because you had it on longer as you were talking but it really reflected light into that eye and brightened your eye color. Go back and look how muted your eye with no coverage looks compared to the last one you used. It was really cool to see!

Dawn Rodriguez

Hi Alex! Love that you included Pat McGrath - I love it, too! I am a concealer junkie...mature skin/fine lines. Nothing ever helped - not even Shape Tape. PMc worked really well, but the one that I’ve just fallen in LOVE with is the Celeste Luxury Concealer. This is hands down the best one that I have ever used. I put it on at 7:30a this morning - it’s midnight now - and it’s STILL. THERE. Thank you for continuing to do videos - need the escape! ? Celesteconcealer.com

Becca Wagner

Your dark circles look like they faded a great amount!!! Are you doing anything d different in your skin care

Olivia O'Rourke

You are seriously one of my FAVOURITE MUA's on YouTube! I started a channel recently and you are such a huge inspiration! xo


Bought the Jouer after watching that other video of yours ,loved it! Perfect shade too. That with the Jcat concealer in shade banana (even more of a bright yellow than Jouer Chiffon, I am Asian) is my fav combo now - I use the Jouer on the inner corners and then add a tiny bit of the Jcat right where my tear trough shadow is, and bomb I come alive! Can’t thank you enough!


Hi, do you like the Too faced multi use sculpting concealer? Do you know if it has a good coverage?

fifi vogel

I deal with beeing ashamed of me using make up. I just go to the nearest drugstore and pick the same concealer every time since i was nineteen. but i slay though

Silia Psychi

I discovered your channel 45 mins ago and as I was watching your videos I kept thinking how sexy your dark circles are. I know it doesnt work in the majority of faces (I keep concealing mine that actually are a lot less prominent than yours) but it works on you. I think its because you'are so modelike, dollface and so symmetrical that the circles add that extra oomph. It's like the tooth gap or slightly crooked teeth a lot of models have. On an average person seems like a flaw but on a ridiculously beautiful ends up rock n roll, sultry and hot

Safeeya B

Have you tried the Tarte creaseless concealer? KathleenLighys said it reminded her of the IT bye bye one

Nicole Hammond

Love you. OMG Your undereyes are perfect. Stop stressing. Love your work. xo

Aaliyah Rodriguez

My fav concealers are the too faced born this way super coverage concealer in “nude” (makeup glam days) and the No7 lift and luminate concealer serum in “light/medium) . They both have health benefits however the No7 is my more natural , non-creasing full coverage concealer I use on the basis... What u think about those concealers tho... have you tried them?


can you try out the colorpop hyaluronic concealer plllllleeeassseeee

kanika Johnson

I never usually use my concealer first hmm

Ruminder Auluck

Thank you so much for this video Alexandra, despite your dry eye situation, you have put this great content for people like me who suffer hyper pigmentation and dark circles. Really appreciate you doing the review. Very helpful.
Hope your dry skin gets better soon. Take care and stay safe.

Laura C

One good thing about having to take off our nails is now we can actually tap out our concealer without risking stabbing ourselves in the eye ??

Hanami ya

I'm just wondering, is undereye concealer can be used to hide post-acne dark spot?
The usual concealer for dark spot are often drying out that spot and flaking it like crazy on my skin
Or it's not too ideal for spot concealing since it's too flexible and have a chance to move around?

Cynthias stylemua

Which are your favorite color correctors? Who has the best formula?


Alexandra I love your channel, you've been my distraction in this time, thank you for the videos... I'm very curious about the huda overachiever concealer, have you tried it? What do you think?

Mellody Sharon

Have you ever tried Limelife by Alcone?

Janelli Marie

Drug store version!

Luana Rodrigues

Hey Alex! Have you tried the Dior Forever Skin Correct Concealer? Have been receiving great reviews. I would love to see you trying it

Sofia Echa

Born This Way by Too Faced. The best so far. Have tried them all.

_ zara_

how can u miss dermacol and dermablend concealer they are full coverage foundation/concealer in the market

Irene Fast


a great video and a very nice makeup! Keep going! Love Irene ?

Nova Lee

Is this video like... really really quiet for anyone else??? I usually listen around a 15 level, and I have it up to 45 and can still barely hear her

Mary Ann Kricko

I’m so frustrated. I have dark dry textured undereye and try everything but still can’t that perfect coverage that you and others do. The gray caste still shows through. Don’t know what else to try!!!!

Anissa Yuliana

I just got the Jouer one <3 it’s really full coverage, holy shit. And not as drying as Tarte Shape Tape for me

Tin Bautista

can you please do this with drugstore concealers? ?

Julia Howland

I have hereditary dark circles as well so I bought the Jouer concealer after watching your last video. It did not work for me at all ? it creased worse than anything else I have tried I could not believe it!

sana alobaidi

Can you please please try elf and catrise concealers.. ?????????

Christa w.

I think the Shape Tape did the best job. The other three almost look Identical in finish in the side to side comparisons.

Kim Wilson

Hey Alex. I’m a new subscriber and have been loving your channel! This one in particular! The Jouer concealer is THE BOMB!! Thank you , thank you, thank you!! I bought it yesterday and wore it today! It’s amazing! The best part is my mascara doesn’t bleed onto my lower lid and no finishing powder needed! BOOM!!! You’re as amazing as this concealer!

Jaimee Rae

Need to try that Jouer ? All good choices, the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye is my favorite FULL COVERAGE concealer ??

Y izzie B

Soooo informative !!

Holly Readman

Tarte Shape Tape - 1:22
PAT McGRATH labs concealer - 2:17
Jouer essential concealer - 4:26
It cosmetics bye bye under eye 7:07

P Pres

Thank you for the great review! Put aquaphor under your eyes every night (as long as you're not allergic to wool). It is amazing for dry patches and eczema!

Melanie M.

What are your thoughts on the Hourglass concealer?

aubrey Aubrey

Just stick with tarte it will never do you wrong Hahahaha but it may make you cakey if you don’t need full coverage. Here is my tip when it comes to foundations and concealers, if it’s too cakey, put Face oil on before applying foundation, and put on concealer before foundation and no primer just the oil. I say put on oil because trust me people with oily skin have the easiest time with texture and stuff than any other skin texture..... but my issue with full coverage is it looks too cakey but then I did these tricks and now I look flawless..... also spraying water on and letting it dry before oil is key bc hydration is important. But out of all of these I love the shape tape. Tarte masters tones so it doesn’t matter how light or dark the color is, what matters is the tone, and tarte masters tone and this is why it never fails me

Can’t use Nars, two faced, or bare minerals bc even the fairest shade is too yellow? same with Loreal infallible.
I can use tarte, makeup forever, makeup revolution, revlon, and cover girl but the cover girl that is supposed to be a dupe for shape tape is way too matte and it dries funky but it does best when paired underneath with the right foundation.

My favorite concealer ever is bare minerals bare Pro!!! Oh my gosh soooo good it’s so natural and so full coverage it’s perfect, but you ha e to be yellow to wear it or orange or warm toned basically



Christy Angel

I love your personality! I feel like i'm hanging out with you and getting the tea on makeup. lol You should definitely try the ELF 24 hour camo concealer! It's an AMAZING tarte shape tape dupe but seems a little less dry :)

aubrey Aubrey

I don’t understand how people can’t set their makeup. I hate the feeling of a wet sticky face. Even the ones that dry down I still have to set. The only thing I don’t feel like setting is a BB cream or something of this nature

Aashma Vlogs

I use L’Oréal infallible . It has great coverage ?


Shape tape is so dry, do you have a recommendation for a full coverage concealer that won’t emphasize texture? I have little bumps in my under eyes and shape tape makes them STAND OUT so much worse haha. Thanks. I’ve been looking at Pat McGrath and jouer, but which do you think won’t bring out that texture? Everyone loves shape tape and it looks so horrible on me. What shade did you use in Pat McGrath? Thanks!!

Cecy Sosa

Hi! Im watching from Monterrey Mexico & NEVER miss your tutorials! Haha they are like my guilty pleasure! I wear one that I dont know if u have it in the USA, but it is so great for me as an anaesthesiologist I was 36 hrs on call in the residency, it was MaryKay yellow! You must try & review it pls!

Makeup_ Mamaxo

What are the shades your using

Michelle B

I’d love to see you try the BareMinerals BarePro full coverage concealer

Vlada Kay

I was "blessed" with my mother's undereye bags and my father's deep set eyes and dark circles. I've tried them all! My favorites to use are maybelline brightener for regular days and it cosmetics for special occasions.

todoroki lah

My personal opinion I still like Maybelline Fit Me concealer the best... I have Tarte Shape Tape and ended up getting rid of them ?

Nicole Mendoza

You are so helpful!! ❤️❤️

Zaki Hallaq

Love your channel. can we please have some on how to prevent/fix concealers creasing? it would be so helpful!! cause i have tried EVERYTHING

melissa gibbs

Shapetape creases on me so bad! Don't like it

Safeeya B

Have you tried the Hourglass airbrush concealer? Also what happened to the Loreal infallible concealer?

Suzy Verkade

Love you.
Thanks for this! You're very wonderful!

Neilynne Parcon

Thanks girl. I'm gonna be picking up the PM one and might look into the jouer too! Heard great things about the hourglass one too!


I’m on the hunt for my perfect concealer. This is a big help! Thanks Alex! ~ Charli

Grateful Princess of God

What happened to the Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer? Why isnt it not in the list? I thought you said it is the best? ?

Sunanda M

I love all of your videos! Its really very very helpful! The way you explained every single things is very helpful to learn!! Thank you!❤️

Mint Elixir

How does one find the correct shade online? Its hard not going to a store to choose a shade.

Avigail B.

girl hey its me again but i cant stress how much you need to try the mac pro longwear concealer its so amazing and doesnt crease even without setting. & i have deep dark circles + wrinkles. just bear in mind it oxidises a lot.. i am fair with yellow undertones, i usually combine NC15 and NC20

Stella D

love these videos! does the creaminess of the bye bye under eye cause more transfer from mascara? thanks!


You need to test out elf camo concealer please!!

Unabashedly Broken

You are so beautiful...so don't take offense but I never thought anyone would be able to match my dark circles. I love your videos. You are so talented and you can actually explain something in a way that even a novice, non artist person like me can understand. ?


You always do first impressions, but don’t do a wear test.

Anna-May Moon

As someone who doesn't wear foundation (various reasons) and only uses concealer under my eyes, this is SO helpful !!! I usually buy drug store price concealer but have considered dabbling in high end as one tube lasts about 6 months so it's worth the investment so may be I will dabble...

My Drug store concealer of choice is Nyx as they're cruelty free, was gutted when I found out rimmel sells to China :/ I've found liquid concealer tends to be the best for my skin as it stays put but I might invest in a little setting powder and see how that looks...

I love these videos and how you challenge us to dabble in stuff ❤

Ninja Mom

I like the Bye Bye Undereye or the Becca brightening cream. Because I have VERY dry skin I need something hydrating.

Kristina C Haydel

Super informative. I have all of these but I only really use one. Will have to try to rotate more often.


The most full coverage "concealer" is Dermacol Makeup Cover. Too bad you didn't include it.

Myra Keovilayhong

Hi Alexandra! Can you compare Jouer concealer vs. the new Jouer concealer pen?

Seba Alghamdi

I love how calm you are! Don't change ?

Wendy F

My under eyes are so dry I don’t have to set Tarte Creaseless - it doesn’t dry down but if I powder it I get cakey.

Chris Crisis

Have you tried the smashbox one?

Jessa Marie Pole

Bye Bye Undereye has been my HG for years ❤️ I use it for all types of looks including a full face of glam for photoshoots, stage makeup, etc.. Super versatile!


Hi Alexandra! i have very similar skin tone that you! is so difficult to find concealers and foundation for fair olive. the best match I have found is Surratt dew drop foundation in shade 5 and Surratt perfectionist concealer palette in shade 2.
try it if you can I think you will really like it as well!


I love the Jouer essential high coverage concealer. I also love pot concealers though like Nars soft matte and too faced peach perfect


I decided to buy the Tarte one because the matt formula will cover the hole. The vid was very helpful thank you !

Luz Karim

We want to see more for sure ! Thanks ?

kanika Johnson

So far my fav iv found full coverage is maybelline 24hr superstay consealer and foundation its fricken amazing and waterproof ?

bella rina

Please do a review of Marc Jacobs concealer

Mrs. Mia Wallace

Omg you're gorgeous with or without makeup, how is that possible ?


Bought the jouer its definitely full coverage. I like it but only with eye moisturizer underneath

Barbara r

I have really dark undereyes, and I love your videos. I don't wear foundation and this means I have a find the perfect color because I need to blend it into my skin. Since you also have dry and dark undereyes, could you please do a full makeup routine with no foundation? I struggle to blend in my concealer into the area around my eye and make the transition look seamless and avoid the reverse panda eyes.

I tried the Maybelline age rewind and I found that it oxidized a lot, and I am trying the Elf camouflage, which has great coverage, but it is too drying for me. I wanted to buy the Nars Radiant Creamy concealer, but couldn't find a color match. Maybe I'll try to purchase the IT cosmetics Bye Bye undereye. Which setting powder and brush would you recommend for a person like me that doesn't wear a ton of makeup and doesn't want to spend a lot of money on powder?

Also, I'd love to see, or at least hear you talk about a wear test of these concealers. So many concealers looks great at first, and then within an hour they have disappeared, caked or oxidied.

Jennifer Jaramillo

Thank u gorgeous


No Kevin Aucoin... I'm shocked!

Lauryn Geeurickx

thank you for the work you put in all of your videos they really help me a lot

bella rina

I have very oily skin but my undereyes are dry . It’s very weird. Anyone else ?

saj da

I’ve never seen anyone with the same exact skin color and tone we wear the exact same concealer shades!!

Jackie Allen

Please compare other full coverage concealers!

Suzi Hazlove

Omg ? my eyes are too sensitive for chemicals... plz do a natural full coverage concealer review....


Have you tried using the Make Up For Ever MATTE VELVET SKIN COMPACT? I’ve seen so many adds but am hesitant to try it. Thanks!

Smart cover concealing cream

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Smart Cover


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