Profound treatment cost

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Everything you need to know about the Profound Laser

1 880 views | 10 Apr. 2020

Is your sagging skin

Is your sagging skin making you look and feel old? We understand it can be frustrating to see changes in your skin as you age. The Profound Laser is our go-to treatment to lift, tighten, and smooth out wrinkly sagging skin in the lower face and neck. ⠀⠀

In just one treatment you can you look and feel younger. This video guides you through the aging process, how the Profound works, the results, and expected downtime.

We love educating our patients! We want to give you the right information so you can look great and feel great so you can do great things!

Thanks for watching!⠀⠀⠀

Website: https://beyoumedicalaesthetics.com/

Email: [email protected]

Text: 916-345-1455

IG: drselene

FB: Selene Doc

Margo M.

It would be great to see older pictures, i.e. one year later, etc.

melissa pintone

How does this compare to Morpheus 8 ?


What is the price point?

Profound treatment cost

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Profound Lift

3 807 views | 23 Jun. 2015

Profound treatment cost

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What is ECMO? The basics explained.

196 037 views | 21 Jul. 2020

We are talking ECMO in

We are talking ECMO in this lesson! Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. The ultimate form of life support that we are able to offer our patients. When all else fails, we turn to ECMO to buy us more time to try and fix whatever is going wrong with our patient.

In this lesson, I go over the history of ECMO and how we got to where we are today with it. From there I cover the how and why of ECMO. How it is that ECMO is configured and works, comparing VV and VA ECMO. Then I talk about what the indications or for using ECMO for our patients, as well as covering some of the contraindications for its use.

Our use of ECMO today has grown significantly compared to even a few years ago, and the hope of this lesson is to provide a basic understanding of what it is and why we use it.

0:00 Intro

1:51 History of ECMO

5:59 How ECMO works

12:58 Configurations

17:47 Why we use ECMO

22:41 Conclusion

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Alfred Fonacier III

Not that my scope of practice will ever let me play around with one of these contraptions but I would love to learn just so that in case of a last resort option there's one Med=Surg RN in the hospital who knows how to use one of these things.

harihara sudharshini

can u do a video on euphoria

Shaun Fix

Nice job!. We train about 25,000 professionals each year (www.MedicalTraining.cc). As you mentioned this is becoming an emergent option during some cardiac arrest cases, this was a great intro for my ALCS staff as well as students. Thanks for the explanation.

Vitaliy Kovdiy

Fantastic explanation, thank you.

Vivi Liberton

I'll be touring post cardiac surgery ICU in a few months. It would be less terrifying with the help of some videos about postoperative care for these patients (valve replacement, congenital heart defect repair, CABG...) and what to do when things go south (and how to recognize it early). Thanks!

Sohaib Hussain

This is great, i am a cardiovascular scientist in London UK, like the way you explained ECMO, maybe you can do one on heart lung machine too.


This would have been really helpful before I had my ECMO course.
But well done for explaining simply but in great detail!

Dr Ali Sufian

This is a very elaborate video. I am a doctor and a post graduate student of Thoracic surgery. This is the best demonstration so far on Ecmo which I have seen.

Lamp Pole

So what I’m hearing is we haven’t thought of anything better and it’s been 50 years


I’m a veterinary Technician and working on getting into Veterinary Cardiology as a specialty this was so cool

Gazz Maz

The all in one organ

Anooradha Saramanda

Hi. I want to prepare a topic on ECMO. . I read it in few articles but I couldn't understand the concept. After watching your video, I understood the basics of it. Thank you so much.

Gilbert Williams

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Judith Sherman

Loved the graphics which combined with your explanation made this presentation great. Thank you

Kimberly K

Thank you for the great explanation! My daughter was placed on VV ECMO as a newborn and this machine saved her life. She's a happy and healthy 3.5yo now :)


Great explanation Sir..

Joshua Woods

I love it!!! I'm a CVOR Surgical Tech and this has truly helped me understand ECMO even more and to helps me to explain more about it to orientees when they come through!!!

Katie Haefs

This is the first video I've watched from ICU Advantage. So well done. Thank you for the time and effort you put into it. The clarity of teaching (down to the color-coding, organization and sectioning of the video) was refreshing.

Helena Morgan

Thank you for presenting this video. I’m an ER nurse and have no experience with ECMO but it’s often talked about. Now I understand!

Safwan Hamdoon hamid

excellent explantation

S Konstas

In pediatric congenital heart disease that requires ECMO we canulate trans-thoracic.

Thanh Tang

thank you so much, very helpful


My sister spent a few weeks on ECMO and survived. She was an adult that had lung damage from a fire. She entered the hospital June 17th, 2017, placed on ECMO on June 21st, 2017, and removed from ECMO on July 5th 2017.


I'm nurse in South Korea. I work at COVID ICU now. Last night me and my co-workers watched your video to understand ECMO. Thank you very much!

adil sayani

I’m a ECMO survivor it was very scary at first and I didn’t think I was gonna survive thought it was a medical failure but I’m home now and healthy and I am extremely grateful for this procedure

Susan Tyler

thank you, i have a friend with covid 19 that needs ecmo. as a nurse (non-critical care), i found your explanation very helpful. thank you. Susan

Albert Winata

Why morbid obesity included in contraindications?

Andres Ni

Sir quite honestly your explanation was so good, that I will have it bookmarked and share it to colleagues everywhere! Truly awesome!

Bill Fabian

Excellent presentation. Started in the ICU in ‘91. Tri-fold paper ICU flow sheet. Recorded wedge pressures with a pencil. That said, I see a lot of covid19 comments. Of note: once a covid19 patient is intubated and placed on a vent, weaning is next to impossible and most don’t survive. I would imagine weaning from ECMO is just as difficult if not more. Are you using EMCO on covid19 patients who have failed to respond to standard respiratory support and do they survive to discharge from the hospital?

Wincent Ivan

If only they can make it portable and cheap.


Subscribed right away


If you're here because someone you know is on it due to COVID-19. I hope and pray that they recover soon.

Tina Lambert

One year ago today, my husband (age 63)was on ECMO for severe Cardiogenic shock-post MI, He had right vent. failure - which led to some Left vent. failure - had a right pump which failed - then a left pump failure - with stent placement X 3 with no improvement. Cardiac arrest X 3 - Surgery 4 times within 24 hour time frame - was placed on ECMO in Huntington, WV - transported via helicopter to Ruby Memorial WVU Hospital in Morgantown, WV. Excellent group of ECMO technicians and medical staff - placed on VA ECMO - then to RVAD - and the rest is golden. Spent 1 month in hospital, then to in patient rehab, and finally cardiac rehab. No previous cardiac problems and is still alive and doing very, very well. Keep on teaching the wonders of this life-saving technology. It has taken me this long to really research what he survived. Thanks so much for the overview. TDL


Thank you for this video, it's been a big help and very easy to follow for someone like myself with very little medical knowledge.
We currently have a family member waiting to be transferred to a hospital that can provide ECMO and I am their primary contact.
Although the doctors have explained briefly, I was still somewhat unclear and this has been a huge help in allowing me to understand exactly what ECMO is and will really help me to explain to other friends and family who don't quite understand how it all works.

Irwan Kurniansyah Putra, S.E

where i get the product? i need this product in indonesia, do you have contact distributor in indonesia?

Doris Thecoder

Life given with AHA moment around13:55! Rock on EDDIE!

Faker T1


I m Reks

how can i get certified for ECMO

Jessica Sarge

My 19 year cousin got COVID and was intubated. This machine was her last hope- and it saved her life. I just came here to understand it. Thank you so much.

hema kalil

اللهم علمنا ما ينفعنا وانفعنا بما علمتنا وذدنا علما يا كريم اللهم

Erika Hopkins

My son is an ECMO baby. He is now 29 years old. ??. Thank God for this procedure.

eddie Towers

ECMO is brother of Elmo, he never wants to talk about.

Stas GH

I was on ECMO for a week after going into cardiogenic shock after years of heart failure. Afterward I had an impella and then the lvad. Hospitalized for two months and inpatient rehab for 2 1/2 weeks. I still have some nerve damage and neuropathy but otherwise doing well and working towards a heart transplant after 2 years of therapies. Very good description!

Jeffrey Pruitt

Really appreciate your educational information. Thank you

Christine Cortese

I’m not a medical professional but I have a body with both respiratory and cardiac glitches. It’s very good to have this explained so thoroughly.

Stephen Verchinski


Vijayakumar Srinivasan

Really enjoyed your video. You have clearly deconstructed all the essentials. Thanks. It has saved lots of time reading about basics of ecmo

Carolyn S

Thank you, this was a good intro for me. I’m taking the critical care nursing course right now.

Sahar Ali

Very well explained!!! Thank you so much.


I was on ecmo and in a coma for 3 weeks after aortic Dissection type a.


Elementary, my dear Watson.

Rajesh Sikdar

Very perceptive lecture on ecmo.Enriched myself.
Pl let me know the expenses for such support if needed.


In really enjoyed seeing how ECMO has progressed over the past 30 years. I was a cardio-pulmonary tech @ WHMC from 1973-1990. Drs. Robert DeLemos and Don Null were some of the early neonatal pioneers in using ECMO. The typical patient was a premature newborn, usually weighing less than 2000 grams and delivered because they were in fetal distress. When that happened, the baby would release it's meconium plug (essentially inutero stool.) It often had the consistency of tar. The baby would inhale this while still in mom's tummy and require ECMO. Wilford Hall's ECMO device looked somewhat like a Rube Goldberg device, but it worked fantastically well. When I retired in 1990, WHMC had the only ECMO that a neonatal patient could be placed on and flown across the country. The reason- at that time the standard aero-vac plane was some version of a Lear Jet. Not a lot of room inside for all the personnel needed. Thankfully, Uncle Sam had a large fleet of C9 air evac aircraft that could carry ECMO device, patient, 3 RN's and 2 technicians and a respiratory therapist.

DrV Tamizharasi

Veru useful information

Murtaza Rizvi

Great explanation Brother. Really appreciated your efforts.



Frphx Kaboom

I had heparin after a cardiac stent . Made me sick, had to d.c.



Lokineni venugopal rao

Excellent very informative...


This machine saved my son’s life! After a car accident with major damage to his lungs.. I was the ventilator wasn’t working. His only chance of survival was ECMO! And thanks to his wonder ICU physicians.. it worked! Amen

Nathnael Feleke

Thank you for all your videos. I had my critical care assessment as a new graduate nurse and I found these incredibly helpful. Quick question, do you plan on doing any videos on devices like Balloon Pump, Ventricular Assist Devices (Heart Mate II, HeartMate 3, HearWare) or CentriMag by any chance? Just curious. Thank you again!

neetesh agrawal

In this video u said taking blood from jugular vein and return from femoral vein
While in ur other video u said taking from fem vein and return to jugular why ?


im entering into cardiac and vascular surgery and this video was super helpful prior starting my hospitals ecmo classes! thank you

Azelin Buttitta

I am starting in a CVICU in two weeks and loved getting a brief rundown before I start ECMO training. Thank you!

Not a doctor, just a nerd who's interested in this sort of stuff :p

Colby Stuckman

this video is amazing my dude

meena kaotanthong

Good content. thanks


simple to the point explaination Thanks

Gejza Kuruc

Great video! Why is that VV Ecmo is denied after 7 days ?

Doris Thecoder

In my understanding, arterial blood flow moves away from the heart. What is done to cause the blood to travel retrograde when the arterial return is not central (ex., femoral)?

Karl Edmark

Do you ever see a patient on both Ecmo and ventilator? Great video, thank you for your production and posting.

a h

a tiktok showed all the intstruments used when putting someone on an ecmo machine so i decided
to find out what that is

ICU Advantage

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pillu ullip

Easy to understand

Andrew Almond

Great job and extremely informative.

Mohan P

excellent.As a doctor I have learnt a lot.

Alexandru Plesoianu

Thank you for this great video. So beautiful structured and explained! God bless you!

Nurse Wenckebach

That was great! Thank you so much! We're getting ready to start ECMO on my unit and this was very informative.

Karisma Lucía

This is just Amazing. Thanks all the way from Mexico.

subramanyam chittivelu

Very comprehensive basics

ting fan

If I will take care of ECMO patient, what should I have to notice?

steph N

ECMO is french technology

Samantha Williams

My baby girl had to be placed on ECMO just a few hours after being born, this saved her life.

Pamesh Kumar

Please change your intro music of someone dying

Jason Lundy

Great video! Thanks for creating it!

Vamsi Uppalapati

dear sir...you made it simple ...thanks a lot

Antigone Ismene

Super Video! Danke für die Erklärungen !


WHERE does the CO2 go after removal from the blood?

harihara sudharshini

can u do a video on lumbar puncture

Nancy Durance

Great video ! I have worked with Dr Bartlett who developed ECMO. He is still involved with ECMO research at U of Michigan.

Jill Ridling

Really excellent presentation and a very understandable breakdown of the ECMO components and processes. I was curious about how ECMO worked and when it was indicated since the use of ECMO appears to be so critical in the tx. of advanced CV. I'm not a doctor, but I teach future RN's and Doctors at a High School pre-med program and the students like to throw random questions my way concerning current med issues and tx. so I just want to be prepared! Thanks again!

Courtney Graham

Keep coming with the videos! Ita good to be reviewing ICU lessons!

The Crafty Foodies

Very good explanation, Thanks

Michael Nguyen

The gullible gusty century independently notice because cardigan meteorologically tame afore a quick yak. attractive, thoughtful swing

Face to Face F2F



34 dislikes from Ventilator Producers


Ecmo adds oxygen but what about carbon dioxide removal?


This was so helpful to really outline the components of ECMO, the reasons for ECMO, as well as the contraindications for ECMO.
I’m so glad that I ran across your video!

Sarfraz Khan

Doctor used ECMO when I had severe respiratory due to Covid.thanks for doctor and this device who saved my life and Specially God who gave me another life .really great information ??

Gabriel Inaraja Pérez

Wow, amazing video! Congrats! Could you tell me which program do you use to do such great videos?

83 340 views | days ago