Pur mineral makeup

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PUR 4 in 1 Powder Foundation Review & Demo | Mandy Davis MUA

41 246 views | 5 Oct. 2016

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We all know I didn't have luck with the Bare Minerals Bare Pro Foundation, so stay tuned to see if this works any better or if I have sworn off powder foundation altogether! Hope you enjoy! Please like and subscribe before you leave..it really helps me out! Have a blessed day!

I did receive the product at no charge from Octoly.com, but all of my opinions are 100% mine.

PUR Minerals 4 in 1 Powder Foundation "Medium Golden": http://go.magik.ly/ml/20dj/

Other Makeup Worn:

Giorgio Armani Master Corrector "Orange": http://go.magik.ly/ml/20dl/

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer: http://go.magik.ly/ml/20dm/

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder: http://go.magik.ly/ml/20dn/

Hourglass Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light: http://go.magik.ly/ml/20do/

The Balm Frat Boy Blush: http://go.magik.ly/ml/20du/

MAC Oh Darling Highlight: Limited Edition :(

Natasha Denona #4 5 Pan Palette: http://go.magik.ly/ml/20dq/

Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette: https://shopvioletvoss.com/products/holy-grail-eye-shadow-palette

MAC Cherish Lipstick: http://go.magik.ly/ml/20dw/

Bare Minerals Far Out Gloss: http://go.magik.ly/ml/20ds/

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September Faves: https://youtu.be/52vjg2yWQf4

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Jessica Siders

I love liquid foundations for myself, it looks good on camera!

Bonster Monster

I tried this (golden medium) after watching this video. I have mixed nasty skin, oil, dry, rosacea & dermatitis. Have been using Mally & Bare minerals to cover all my nasties. I have to only apply very little of the product! Great coverage and it looks so natural on me. So I have oily & dry and LOVE this product!

Beverly Saylor

Happy Birthday!!!! My daughter's is on the 7th! I don't care for powder foundations at all and I'm oily. I do have this foundation and it's really kind of "crappy"....
You've got to try the new La Mer foundation......OMG......I got a sample last week and it is soooooo beautiful. It had good coverage and didn't settle in pores or lines also lasted all day...Out of my many many foundations I can almost say it's number 1!

debbie peter

Hi from the UK. In your opinion what is the best setting powder out at the moment? Have tried so many but haven't found one I really like

Laura E Herrera

I enjoyed your video and I felt the color match was right on. It couldn't have matched any more perfect to your skin. I think this powder is best used as a light setting powder. I agree with you when you say you just might not like powder foundations. Lol.

Julie Cracchiolo Rosati

I love this mineral foundation. I have combo but occasional dehydrated skin. I also love Sephora micro smooth baked foundation...

sara Feeley

It seems the redness started with the buffing.thankyou for review. At 36 I feel like all powder foundations look terrible on me,although I am curious abou IT Cosmetics powder foundation. If you ever get it I would trust your review. I really enjoy your videos. ?

Gabriellah Nzeokova-Rios

I have oily and the 4in1 works amazing for me. The oil makes it look as if you're wearing nothing and you just have flawless skin.I do think it works best for oily skin. Nice video ?

Stephanie Casey

I agree with you about disliking powder foundations. I do use the Becca powder foundation at the end of a long day when I need a touch up - just a light dusting works great!


Powder foundations generally look terrible on my skin. The only one I've found that I like is one by Shiseido, which I saw on The Very French Girl's channel. Oh, and Casper the Friendly Ghost is my everyday shade! :)

Inanilmaz 5 Lik

Hi everyone I used this product and it is a very high quality product. Currently this product is discounted and there are few available click on the link you want to buy:https://amzn.to/30cI8XF

Ashley Diane **Boosting Beauty**

Love your eye makeup...would love a tutorial on this look! Thanks for the review.

Cristina Risso

would you say that GOLDEN medium kept the peachy tone even once on your face ? i am really struggling to find a shade in this range which goes towards a yellowish tone :/

C Ocasio

Happy early birthday!


I haven't tried this one, but my skin HATES powder foundation right now. I used to use IT Cosmetics powder foundation ALL the time (for quick makeup days) and now it looks horrid! Guess my skin is just changing...AKA getting OLD, haha!

Laura Lee

You look like a doll with no makeup..... so gorgeous you are....I think the Pur looked great on you....except for forehead and you needed lil more color it was light.

D Luv

I hate reviews or tutorials that show the product mentioned but not the rest of the look. I clicked on you as apposed to the others reviewing this foundation because I wanted to see your full look. ?

lizzys BEAUTY show etc.

i really did not like it either it has retinol and sunscreen not a good combo

DigitalPunk Diva

Hi! Been using Pur for years. I chose it over Bare Minerals because I have sensitive oily skin and BM used to include an irritant. This 4 in 1 works best on normal to oily and is light to medium coverage. It looks best over a slightly matte primer and minimal color correcting or concealing. It works better with powder products. This isn't the right product for someone used to full coverage or normal to dry skin. Cool that you tried it though!


Hi there! New subscriber here and love your videos..I have been binge watching! I am 50 and have dry skin. I usually hate powder foundations. I I don't like Bare minerals at all. I like It cosmetics and I do like this one. The thing is I only like it using the Pur minerals brush to apply this. I know that sounds weird but I get full coverage with a lot less product. If I use any other brushes it never works for me and I get the same issues as you and also feel it looks caked. I do love liquid foundations more but I like to use this on " get out the door quickly days". I have " sun spots" and a few fine lines under my eyes and forehead. I always use a colour correcting primer under this. I just tried the It Cosmetics powder foundation and am liking it. . Love that you give honest reviews!!!


Happy Happy Birthday! This looked beautiful on u, really. Liked it much better than the Bareminerals on u. Mineral foundations are tricky..hv to find the right primer and brush. My favorite is loose Laura Mercier and I apply 1 color first and then a different color on top of that using my Tarte brush that came with their original creamy foundation 5 years ago. Bristles are short and brush top is round. I don't hv to buff much and it feels creamy on my skin. But, before that routine, I had used it with a different primer for years...then it stopped looking good until I found the,current routine. I love it for the hot humidity where I live and it does well when I sweat so much. You may just be a liquid gal....and that's okay. :-)

Sammy Sweet

I have this foundation and i dont like it either. its very noticeable on the face and not much converage at all. :/

The Merz

Just got this in the Ulta sale. It is weird. Similar to your experience where later in the day it had definitely melted into the skin, cakes easily. Kinda like it, kinda hate it. But I think for a light dusting over a bb cream, might be good? Think I'll keep it & mess w/ it some. Does look pretty from here on you.


Do you think it would be good as a setting powder?


I came here looking for a review of this foundation and am mesmerized by your skin! It’s so stunning and flawless!

Mary Cook

I've always wanted to love powder foundation but have similar issues. Well at least I'm not alone in this. Thanks for the review. Happy early birthday. ?


Omg, you're so pretty without makeup!! You could just go bare faced, your eyes are amazing ?

kim fouraker

I never did like this product. So many better powder foundations out there. Shiseido Perfect Smoothing powder is great.

D Moore

You are beautiful and I feel like you have got way too caught up in what standard social media is portraying how you should look to make you feel beautiful. Botox? I’ve even thought about it but there are so many things I could use that money for! Take that $300 or plus and use it to feed a family on any given week. What are you going to do when you can’t afford it or your body system changes. Everyone will look at you thinking damn you’ve aged! There’s nothing wrong with trying to preserve your youth but at some point, as women, we should embrace our maturing features and nourish them.

Liz Torres

I pack this one on with a powder puff on top of a bit of concealer. I found it very longwearing but a bit powdery looking (not as much as matte powders, it's still a satin finish); that said at the end of the day it looked very good. The only thing is that liquids look a lot more skin like.

Alba Quiroz

Looks really nice

Selena Rushton

I know you think it looks powdery but on camera it looks flawless and beautiful on you!

Blair S

Love your videos :)

Lisa Marie

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Powder Foundation is the only powder foundation that has worked for me. Awesome coverage, does not look powdery and very reasonably priced. Try it, you won't be disappointed. I'm 50, btw.


I've bought this fairly regularly since 2005 I'm an oily combo skin...my forehead gets oily more with this one I get the best coverage using it with a velvet puff...but then it runs out too quickly. Bare minerals is way too shiny on me unfortunately. Pur is great as a setting powder with coverage over liquid in the evening


Thanks for making this video!
I agree with your review. Everyone raves about this powder but it applies horribly on my oily skin. It's unbelievably cakey, patchy and drying. It highlights fine lines that I didn't know I had and only provided sheer to light coverage. I haven't used a powder that was this bad before. So disappointing :(

Virgin Citizen

hey hey <3 love the content, subbed xoxox


This has been very helpful. I have normal-dry skin so I won't be purchasing this. I like the it cosmetics celebration foundation illumination or the Laura geller balance and brighten foundation paired with bare minerals complexion rescue for quick makeup/natural days.

Maribel Roos

You need to use the correct brush to apply this . Your brush was not condensed enough . The bare minerals brush isnt suitable .I have used bare minerals and pur minerals 4 in 1 .Pur minerals has more coverage and after you have worn it for about 30 minutes to an hour it melts into your skin. You dont need all that other stuff on your skin. It sets itself .It does treat your skin .It truly does do all things . I have tried other make ups but I always come back to this one. I stress again the correct application brush is key to success. I am wearing Pur minerals in my photo and always get compliments on my beautiful skin which makes me laugh .It's not perfect but Pur minerals is.


I think you prefer a polished, generally "made-up" look on an every day basis, because you're a makeup artist and your look is an ad for what you do. I think powder foundation is often for people who don't really want to wear much makeup, and that just isn't you, lol. It just isn't going to give any coverage unless you cake it on and most people don't wear powder foundation for a lot of coverage. I used to like powder foundation, the Kanebo Sensai Total Finish that I would get at Barneys, but it's been long discontinued. So anyway, I never understood the whole "mineral" makeup thing, like what is that? And I also never understood "buffing in" your foundation - to me, that's just rubbing off any coverage you've put on. Maybe it's incorrect, but I stipple or pat on my foundation and use less product where I want less coverage.

candice german

Good morning - I've been curious as to why I crazily ITCH when perspiring using a powder foundation?



Alba Quiroz

Looks better than liquids ?

Pur mineral makeup

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Pur Minerals Makeup Tutorial

1 166 views | 19 Jun. 2016

I have created a look only

I have created a look only using products from one of my favorite brands, Pur Minerals!

Thanks to my friends at Pur Minerals for sending me a bunch of products to review for you guys. Some of the products featured in this video were purchased with my own money and others were sent to me by Pur Minerals to review. I have indicated which products are which throughout the tutorial.

Check out https://www.purminerals.com for all their products and more information about the brand!

As always, please visit https://www.frostandpolish.wordpress.com for more beauty reviews, tips, and tutorials!



Pur Minerals Color Correcting Primer in Illuminate and Glow

Pur Minerals CC Cream in Light

Pur Minerals HydraFluid Water Serum Foundation in Medium

Pur Minerals Disappearing Act 4-in-1 Concealer in Light

Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation in Light, Light Tan, and Blush Medium

Pur Minerals Marble Powder in Bronze

Pur Minerals Afterglow Illuminating Powder

Pur Minerals Mineral Blush in Copper Sienna

Too Faced Cosmetics Glitter Glue Eye Shadow Primer

Pur Minerals Perfect Fit Eye Shadow Trio in Wild Child

Pur Minerals Eye Polish in Silk

Pur Minerals Eye Pencil in Midnight Sapphire

Pur Minerals Fully Charged Mascara

Pur Minerals Brow Perfection Trio

Pur Minerals Browder Brow Perfecting Powder in Brunette

Perfectly Posh Santa Monica Smooth Sugar Lip Scrub

Know Cosmetics No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner

Pur Minerals Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick in Fever


BeautyBlender in Nude

Farsali Rose Gold 24k Elixir

Sonia Kashuk Core Tools Concealer Brush No 110

Morphe S15 Deluxe Tapered Powder Brush

Pur Minerals Chisel Makeup Brush

e.l.f. Studio Powder Brush

Sigma F90 Fan Brush

Crown C427 Duo Fiber Blush Brush

Crown SS021Deluxe Blending Fluff Brush

Vera Mona Eye Smudger Brush

Crown SS027 Deluxe Blending Crease Brush

Tweezerman Classic Eyelash Curler

Sephora Pro Brow Brush 20

Piper Blythe

you look amazing girly! keep up the great work! I cannot wait to see more!! :)

Aime Maggie

Great look I love that lip color on you could you check your my channel and tell me what you think

Caitlyn Kreklewich

You look so beautiful, I can't wait to watch your channel grow!

Silky Dhillon

love your makeup :)

Amanda Nielsen

I love this video and your channel! <3

Pur mineral makeup

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MAKEUP | Simple Everyday Look w/ PUR MINERALS

99 956 views | 28 Jul. 2015




Promo Code -- PURCRUSH20 -- your audience will recieve 20% off sitewide on purminerals.com


---Product List---

Pur Minerals:

4-n-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation "medium tan"

4-n-1 Liquid Veil Foundation "medium"

4-n-1 Concealer Pen "medium"

Correcting Primer "illumnatte & Glow"

Secret Crush Palette

Nyx Correct and Coneal Paletter

La Girl Pro Conceal "fawn"

Nyx Brightening Setting Powder "banana"

Beauty Bakerie BROWnie dip "brown"

Ardell Demi Wispies

Nyx Gel liner

ELF HD concealer "fair" (under brow highlight)

Ruby Kisses

Lip liner "brown"

Matte lip Laquer "mirage"

Beauty Bakerie "s'mores devour"

Real techniques buffing brush & sponge

Essential Tools angle eyeshadow brush




Music: Soundcloud

Feki "Safe Return"



----FOLLOW ME----



SnapChat: Symphani

Camera: Canon Rebel t3i

Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X

Location: Florida/Georgia

Age: 22

Ethnicity: Native, Hispanic, African American

Height: 5'7

FTC | Thanks to Pür Minerals for sponsoring this video! All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

Donna Muldrow

can't seem to find that lipstick is it at all possible to post a link your lips are amazing

Vogue Hawaii

Beautiful look! I love the highlighting on your nose and Cupid's bow!!

Toni Livingston

So beautiful remind me of Sade...

Laporsche La Belle


Sophia Hernandez

This looks flawless. Is this makeup in any store or just online?

Pnd Shawty

ur lenses omg

Symphani Soto

Love you guys! Thank you for all the lovely comments! <3 God bless you!

Jasmine Deshea

I love you



Monika Butler

Stunning! I simply love it ???

Elizabeth Donado

I love the new background!

soseductive thomas

chile them lips well lip color ok over all everything is beautiful ?

Kris Jones

Just when I thought the tutorial couldn't get any better

The subtle sample of " Return of the Mac " in the bg. You're perf.

June Sholaja

Love your videos! Could you please post a video of you singing? Thanks.

Sophia d


Megan taylor

Holy shit your gorgeous :O


Ok sexy

GothShawty InAThong

I would really like to buy this products but im new in make up and im scared to buy a tone that doesn't match my skin :/ help!

I Am Josseñia

Skin goals honestly!


love your videos. keep posting more and love ya????☺️?



Andréa Laure

Gorgeous !! Love the look !

majeidah dolo

what highlighter did yu use to highlight the high points of your face?
 I dont see it mentioned

Tammy Siddik

your make up is always 10/10

keianna sandoval

I love it!?

Victoria Sanusi

So gorgeous

Alani Perez

Hi, I work for pür minerals and I recommend you don't spray the mineral veil directly on the face, rather you should spray it on our chisel brush, or on a regular foundation brush for a more natural airbrushed look! :)

Camile Harris

what color / brand of contacts ?

Dija s

please what contact lenses are you using? <3 thanks

Sam S

You're so freaking pretty ? I'm a newer subbie and I'm so glad I came across your channel cuz this lip combo is the perfect your lips but better shade that actually works on my skin tone and they're both very affordable products yas ?

Symphani Soto

Please guys look in the description for details!!


How do you feel about the Loreal infalliable spray?

Chonlada W.

I'm not gay and not crazy but I seriously fall in love with you and your channel and really obsessed with it LOL


I love your videos, u are sooo beautiful! what contacts were u wearing?


skip to 02:56 your welcome


Check out my channel!(:

Karina Gonzalez



Beautiful !!

VicDaBest Artistry

so pretty!!!

Cori Scherer

Love this look!  You are SO beautiful -- I used to love Pur Minerals and want to check them out again after watching this.  Love the coppery eye color on you, and your complexion is SO beautiful!



Dana C. Franks

>>If you want to say goodbye to acne for good…Make the decision and click the button below to startgetting clear skin today!
>>===>> https://plus.google.com/103897606052482897854/posts/a8ioKBiaMAS <<===<< hope it helps>>

kaela martinez


Kiki Leslie

this look is really nice! i really like the lip color combo

Pnd Shawty

just goals

Golden Tia


Sara Perret

Ommmmfg You look so beautiful without makeup ?

Leslie Mason

I just love how you use affordable products. Most of these "gurus" use high end products to achieve flawless looks. You have proved them that you can look flawless too without breaking the bank! You have earned a new subbie!!!!

Lilo Jade

Wow you truly are a unique beauty! :)

Palesa Ndokweni

you slay make-up! stunning.

Deb Blake

I have been wanting to try Pur. minerals. Great video, especially the correcting with concealer and the pressed powder. I use another brand of mineral products but heard that Pur. offered better coverage and crease prevention. Thanks.

Rēne Paras

Love this look. You're so pretty!

Charenza R.

which color are you in mac?


You are beyond gorgeous with such a sweet personality, had to subscribe! ?

Tara Lydon

Your makeup looks on point but the highlight looks a little too light and it comes off sort of ashy

Sata matos

You kinda look like nicki minaj. Loved this look x


highlight on point!!!!!

Uche Natori

You are so beautiful! :O

Elan Empire

Beautiful ???. Has anyone ever told you you and Stephanie from bgc look alike?


I've been using the pur mineral powder foundation for soooo long it covers scars so well and it doesn't clog pores like regular foundation so it helps keep skin clear. love it . I'm in tan though so darker :)

Kymberli Brenzell

your lipstick always comes out so flawless. love it!


Is the 4 in 1 foundation good for oily skin? Like if i use it alone without primers?


omg your soo gorgeouss btw love this look xx

Zeenat R

Omg you are gorgeous ?


your skin has gotten better. congrats! ?

alejandra rcruz

The nyx powder in banana that you ised to set your concealer, is it the compact version or the loose one? I thought it would look ashy on me but it looks perfect on you so i will guve it a try!

Candace Jones

Do these products cater to oily skin?

Amie Svg

Wow such a gorgeous look! :)