Straightened hair ideas

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14 479 views | 4 Sep. 2020



You can rock these straight hairstyles at any given time but...This is the best time for a hot girl summer glow up period ? because we're not going anywhere right? So quarentine & chill with me and get your hair slayed with a touch of black girl magic with one of these cute hairstyles for straight hair either short,medium & long.

0:00 intro

0:12 short & hairstyles for straight hair

6:02 medium hairstyles for straight hair

9:46 long hairstyles for straight hair




Straight Hairstyles for Black women;

Every morning, it’s a real puzzle to style your hair curly and curly. Indeed, your hair is disheveled, tangled, thick, dry and very difficult to apprehend. Too much is too much, you’re tired of your frizzy curly hair, which give you a hard time. And, you are thinking strongly about straightening to have a smooth cut because your hair is too difficult to tame.

Advantage of this hairstyle is that you will save time and your hair will be smoother, supple and easy to comb.

How to keep hair smooth, straightened in good health?;

Straightened and smooth hair also need attention because they are more fragile than natural hair. They must be constantly hydrated and nourished with vegetable oils, moisturizing milks and hair masks. For example, you can feed them with coconut oil or avocado oil.

Protective hairstyles, such as braids, weaves or wigs, must be used to protect straightened hair.

Also, if you use lacquer to fix your hair. Avoid taking lacquers with chemical components, but prefer lacquer with natural organic components.

If you use a straightening iron, favor a smoothing iron with ceramic plates, as it diffuses heat in a smooth and homogeneous way.

Cut the tips of straightened hair, to promote good regrowth. (Once, every two months)

Do not use any shampoos. One rule: the longer the foam shampoo, the more aggressive it is! So choose a soft shampoo, which respects the nature of the hair that is dry at the base.

Thank you for watching this video!It would mean a lot if you like and subscribe to see more.Commet suggestions what videos you wouldlike to see next for quarentine?

These video compilation are to teach and show individuals “how to” achieve beauty looks.

They are for educational use and inspiration only.

All the videos, Songs, images, and graphics used on this video belong to their respective owners and I or this channel does not claim any right over them.

* Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use"I do not claim any rights to the images,videos and songs used in this video and they belong to their respective owners.This compilation was created for educational and inspirational purposes.

Wanna slay your next hairstyle??!

More Straight hairstyles ??Wanna slay your hair straight?



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0:00 intro
0:12 short & hairstyles for straight hair
6:02 medium hairstyles for straight hair
9:46 long hairstyles for straight hair comment below your favourite hairstyle(s) with timestamps luv u ❤✨

Youssouf Kouyate

OMG! why in the world did i try every single one and failed like bravo you deserve it

Shorty DuWopp

The first girl hair is not even short just because its not all down her back that dont mean its short (no hate tho)

Shamoya Green

most helpful ??

Shannia John

Imma be using some of these for school??

Marva Rondon

I love all d styles tho,even if my hair is not straight,I still love them ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Straightened hair ideas

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2 206 232 views | 13 Sep. 2019


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Rainbow Hair Clips


Sofie Hans

Cutting my hair tomorrow so I'm gonna be readyyyyy

Antonia Tan.

i tried cutting my hair and now im crying LOL thanks for the videoooo

Just in case account Yh

Oh ur a basic girl
How does it feel?

Jessica Castillo


Verónica music

Yazmine Hunte

Just cut my hair so I feel you

Ingrid Rozae Madulid

When you already got a lot of ideas about styling your hair and then just end up doing the same hairstyle coz you’re not confident enough?

saga Ågren

So exited to try these out. I never know what to do with my hair. It's about your length and i love to try out new things:)

Chloe C

serioulsy girl are you a model!?

Makenzie Simon

awe you are so cute

Wanidah Uamburu

Who has natural hair and still watching this?

Breyonna Clark

First step be pretty

Lilianna Jimenez

I did the picktal one it was fun i love the look on me now it’s now my daily hair thx for the hair ?


why my side profile look so weird tho?

cheyenne kernats



because my hair too thick and hard to stand up so it doesn’t work on my hair lmao

Kamilia Bakir

So cute ✨???

shanil sr

You guys complaining about your forehead or face shape lol Imagine having huge ears, they stick out in every single one of this hairstyles.

Shanayah Heremaia

Please be a model

Serenity Shyanne

all of y’all complaining about having a big forehead ... a bad side profile BUT I have eczema on my scalp BEAT THAT LOSERS QUIT COMPLAINING

Edits by kira

i did 5:04 and omg it was so cute tysm!!!

Farrah Sadler

i have shoulder linked hair to

sm1 wavyyy

the fact that she done all these styles with no gel...

Em T

Imagine being that pretty.


I’ve had long hair literally my whole life and now I cut it shoulder length last week and I’m telling you, it’s easier to brush and I use less products but girl... I have to take care of so much more to keep it looking good?

christopher murphy

I can't do any of these they are to hard

jhoana melo

why’s the intro mad king like girl

Vivid Elf


Zoe Alexondra

Hello my loves! In response to this video, I have made a video that was inspired by a lot of the comments under this one. I REALLY want you all to watch it and show yourselves some love today! REMEMBER YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE! ?

Ain Polara

Step one- be pretty

bigHead. Acey

I looked at the date and had a relief when she coughed

Vanessa Silva

damn, wish I had a voice like her.

Zoe Martinez

thanks for this video beacause i do not know what to do with my short hair for school so thank you!!!!!!


well today i am getting my hair straght so i am loking at these hair styles

eMmA bAkA

Fun fact: bangs don’t always solve your problems ?

Cherri Pink

Yeah it match her not me. Sigh.

Bunny Bananaz

When your hair is this short ?but you wanna have cute styles ??

Jenny Villanueva

im watching this even tho my hair is way shorter O__0

ʙƖᴜє ʙєяяу

Türk varmii

sophia marie

I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow :D trying to see what hairstyles I can wear so I’m prepared even though I never do my hair to began with lmao

Lena Gallot

Thanks girl literally trying some of these rn they're so cute!!!

hi I’m Sarah

I’m in love with this video

Nostalgia X

So I have natural hair that can't be styled into anything but buns so whenever I straighten it I watch thousands of hair styling vedios and try all of them lol

Reagan LaFleur

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sophia marie


Laurel Dandridge

Love this! ? Check out my straight hair style video!

Megan Byrne

aww! omg, all of these hairstyles look amazing on you!?

Sophia Angle100

Her - looks good with everything hairstyle

Me - ugly me looks horrible in every hair style

victoria k

me over here with my BIG AF forhead

Emma Wilkin

When she says face to face tho??


wow yall really have low self-esteem

Precious Chukwu

Okay I'm 3 minutes into the video and it hasn't started

PaStEl VxBeS

How do you have your hair so silky and straight like that? Do you do silk press?

Isaac Laplander

Me: Ugh I look so bad ughhh! runs to school bathroom to cry

My friends: Bruh you dont look bad your so pretty!

Can you guys relate? Because thats literally my friends!


You're beautiful.


Where the hell was this when I was practically begging for some way to style my thick and short hair at the time ?


Couldn't be me

I eat cake because it’s good um

period she killed allll of the styles I don’t like the comment sections vibe like ?? Ms girlll we get it your insecure, what about the video??? I love her hairstyles in this ???


i can't wear any of these to school :(((


Wait!!! She has a tattoo on her hand that comes from hinduism...I can't believe that black are actually fascinated by hinduism....cool


How did you do your lip gloss in this video it looks amazing on you ,I just need to know sis

Nyla Jordan

Pretty ashhh sis ❤️❤️

Ari Rhs2

Imagine having good normal ears...Couldn’t be me.

Gigi Gibson

I have the same length hair but I have the worst stupid bangs that literally won’t just go away

Hello Goodbye

wow you are so pretty. literally all the hair styles looked amazing on you!

peachy mans

She’s pretty bye

natalia mushkudiani

this video helped me so much espacilly when u show us how you do it i have problem with that thx u are the best!!

Ireen Myself

Also got short hair since a month. Love your hairstyle ideas! ? I also made a video on my channel- easy and quick to go hairstyles for short hair ;)

Zoe Richard

omg i love the this

Eva Strong

OMG i just cut my hair so short and what a life saver! tysm this is sooo helpful!!!

Richard CADET CAP AK091 McCoy

imagine having thin enough hair to do this

Audrey Martin

You look like Tina from princess and the frog. You’re so beautiful

Sarah A.

Thank you! After wearing wigs for years I really had no idea how to actually make my natural hair to look cute. Very helpful ❤️

jaz o

me wishing i had straight hair so ion gotta damage my shi

Sanskriti Telang

why do you have an om on your hand? are you hindu?

Camryn anservitz

It seriously is harder and more annoying having short hair and I honestly regret cutting it ?

Celmy Montano

Omg I really love this video it has helped me make cute hairstyles for my short hair ? thank you!


I’m going to kill myself after I do the first hairstyle


U Call this short hair ?

Valeria Cortez

Your so pretty wtf-


Her: Short hair need more maintenance then long hair
Me: OMG YASS GIRL, #shorthairproblems lol

jerilyn M. Malimata

When I first so your channel your video I thought your so amazing ?? I'm your number one fan ❤️?? I wish you is my one of my friend .❤️❤️❤️

Bangtan FanFics

curly haired people be like : ????

Tsiky Mampionona Kezia

When I split my hair in the middle it's not even....one side is thicker and the other very thine.....??



Willow Lovegod

Thank you I really wanted to do something with my short hair now i finally know some stuff to do with my hair!!

Taylor Young

Teasing the two ponies instead of putting them in buns is genius! My ponies are always thin and looks weird if I put them in buns haha. Thanks for the tip!?


Omg shes so pretty I need to look like that


Hair Styles

Style 1 Clipped Back at Temple : 3:07
Style 2: Half Up Half Down 4:12
Style 3: Half Up Half Down, Two Ponytails 4:55
Style 4: Half Up Half Down with PomPoms 6:10
Style 5: Low Pony with Face Framing Bang/Side Swoop 6:49
Style 6: Half Up Half Down, Twist Back Two Pigtails/Buns 7:48
Style 7: Two Pig Tails with Face Framing Bangs 8:37
Style 8: Clipped Back at Temple with Flipped Ends : 9:33
Style 9: Side Part with Swoop and Flipped Ends 10:53
Style 10: Low Knot Bun with Face Framing Bangs 11:24
Style 11: Low Knot Bun with Face Framing Bangs and Two Clips 12:03


Zoe: ummm ummmm
Me: um wot!??


omg thank you so much for this!! i have short hair too and i needed ideas!! god bless you!!!

LIAN tonsing

I wish that my forehead was not short ?

yeabsira Tibebu

Ur face is like barbie

Valentina Unicorn

i did it on me because i have short hair.

Latina Wolf

if u weren't looking for 11:03 then idk what u were looking for

Marilyn De Wee

Wow my hair looks so nice,now me and my mother don't have to fight about my hair

charlotte bentley

the lighting yes wow

Nichole's Nation hickey

Everything is going to be ok God is in control

Mary Rush

you’re stunning what the heck

Straightened hair ideas

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39 719 views | 14 Jul. 2020

Thanks for watching

Thanks for watching !!❤️



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Part 2 : ?Hairstyles for Straight hair pt. 2?







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