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Mau cheiro na axila?  Veja dicas de como evitar e tratar!

713 398 views | 19 Nov. 2018

Mau cheiro nas axilas?

Mau cheiro nas axilas? Vamos entender o que é a bromidrose, o famoso "cc"


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Climate strikes inspired by Greta Thunberg are on the rise. | OCC News

21 038 views | 19 Feb. 2019

In this week's OCC

In this week's OCC environmental news episode, I look at the student climate action protests and walkouts ignited by Greta Thunberg. I look at how Greta Thunberg has created a movement of students that has now built momentum and is pressuring world leaders to act on climate. I also look at a new study that shows the effect of the Endangered Species List on marine animals, specifically sea turtles. The study found that sea turtle population grew quickly when their habitats were conserved and protected.

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1. Marine mammals and sea turtles listed under the U.S. Endangered Species Act are recovering (Plos One): https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0210164

2. Belgian minister resigns over school-strike conspiracy claims (The Guardian): https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/feb/05/belgian-environment-minister-joke-schauvliege-claimed-children-climate-protests-a-set-up

3. Becoming Greta: ‘Invisible Girl’ to Global Climate Activist, With Bumps Along the Way (NY Times): https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/18/climate/greta-thunburg.html#click=https://t.co/p11uswezKz

Sparkyplug Clean

These children will be the grown ups that will be caring for us when these changes get real. We ought to pay attention to them.

Nilla Pysselfia

I went!

Our Changing Climate

What's your stance on the student-led climate protests? Have you gone to one or do you plan to participate in one?

Ok first of all

I’m definitely going. If the people in charge of my future are old enough to not live to next election, I should at least get a say in what happens



Tyra Hagland

She makes me proud to be swedish


The next mass protest is on July 21st

Talha Tariq

Children, kids and teenagers, arent idiots. I think people forget that. We know that this is going to destroy the world and we are not going to let it.

Nick Brown

It says something big when children realize their collective power when faced with a system that is failing to adapt. I’m deeply inspired by these marches. I think we need to apply simple changes to our human system to mitigate all our inefficiencies. I think if we slowed down our consumption and work/school system from a factory model to a sustainable cycle we will make the necessary adjustments for our environments. I like your video on biomimicry. I believe that is thinking in the appropriate direction. Thank you for your hard work.


From 62 nests to 37341 is an increase of 19.46% per year, not 76%.
62*1,76^(2015-1979) = 4.27 * 10^10 Nests (If there was an increase of 76% per year)
62*1,1946^(2015-1979) = 37341 Nests
Great video otherwise, just wondered because the math didn't seem right ^^

Isabelle Axelsson

A little late to comment maybe, but as a striker in Stockholm (where it all began) it is absolutely insane to se how big it has grown. How far our efforts have reached. A school strike is perhaps one of the best ways to spark attention, in my opinion. Sure people will dismiss us because we are children/youths. But that doesn't stop the fact that we are creating a huge splash in news and media. There were pictures of me in The New York Times a couple weeks ago which was absolutely insane. I never thought that would happen. The shock factor of children not going to school, and not listening to adults is exactly what a movement needs. This shows that children are more perceptive and dare i say, smarter, than adults to use this to our advantage.

Jakob Ahrenberg

First of all, great video. Keep up the great work.

Now to the school strikes. To say that they are childish is very stupid because they are children. Also by discrediting those young people politicians might lose voters for generations to come. I just finished school last year but I still support them and will join them on the 15th.

Peachy Pie

This fantastic news about sea turtles has lifted my spirits! I have just discovered your channel and I'm enjoying your videos.
Do you have any more info or links about the March 15th strikes/protests?

Johann Mattern

I think all this criticism just shows how much pressure the movement is building (sorry for the english)

Madison Wallace-Guy

does anyone know the song at 1:00?

Truong Nguyen

Is it Bc of climate change that this year Flagstaff,AZ have exceptional amount of snow falling?

Malcom Roberts


Fatehjot Singh

very important ❤️

Grace Nakashima

My high school's Earth Club in Marin County, CA will be organizing our community's climate strike on march 15th and I'm excited to see that you've made a video on the topic because it helps this strike gain attention and coverage that's important for gaining support. Thank you!

isagon j

Ive been striking with the Australian movement! The uniting of children on this issue is powerful. Any politicians who say we should be in school obviously don’t understand why we’re striking! We’re sacrificing our education so that our voices can be heard and the politicians can do their job and keep our countries clean.

Mark Belciug

Could you do a video on eco-colonialism ?

Marina Timofeeva

Sorry everyone, but the idea that climate does not change is somewhat of a FLAT EARTH Society. It's great for the dim bulbs among us, but not really reflective of reality. For example, 10,000 years ago, really a flash in time in the overall scheme of things, the sea level was about 80 METERS lower.




we all must do what we can. the average person can only do very little, we have to force the rich and powerful to act


with this and march for our lives if i was in highschool i would totally do this ut in college they wont really care

Nell Fabian

I’m going on the 15th straight after an exam! We’ll just about manage to get there on time

Adrian Nguyen

holy shit cant believe this channel has so few subs. narator has nice voice. and makes very good animations. i get like a vox vibe from watching ur videos (the yt channel)

A bunny that will chew on your cables

We seriously need to act. Humans are very adaptable creatures. If we could adapt to the living conditions and life changing events like the WW1, WW2 etc. for example, then we can definitely adapt to a more environmentally friendly life. But people need that push, that wake up call. And the way society functions today, this needs to be reinforced by the government. Sure, media has a huge impact and can make many people change. However, it doesn't target the whole population. And what we need is a change of lifestyle from every single person in our societies. And this can only be done by the government. We need to push them to start acting instead of constantly thinking about lining their pockets and the economy. Because there will be no future if this continues. So what's the point?

Gosia Hasal

Today there was an environmental strike in my city, Wrocław. Out of 32 students in my class 26 of them went to the strike. I didn't go because it's cold and I'm sick, but I try to encourage my friends on the daily to be more environmentally friendly. I'm so happy that my generation wants to adapt to the changing climate! Love your channel, have a great weekend.

Adeline Purdy

I've been to the last two UK strikes, and not only have they been really fun but really inspiring too! The fact that so many people came out to strike makes me hopeful that this world won't turn to complete sh*t.

Esther Gerlitz

I was at the strike on March 15. It was amazing. I hope the government leaders have seen our outrage


Greta Thunberg annoyes me, but I guess she influences others to do something good, so that makes me accept her anyway.

Zak Mikehock

Greta Thunberg is brainwashed by her parentes and is getting money from proffesionall PR brands. She is not special, every kid says climate change is bad but she just got attention due to her famous parents. She has no solutions to this problem. Stop glorifing childlabour


I'm very proud of Greta and all the children who are engaging in these protests, making us all aware that we can't live like we have, that change is necessary. They study the issue and know what they are talking about.

The sky's the limit.

Climate change is fake.


It doesn’t really matter what the last two generations think, in the end. What matters is what this generation thinks.

Emily Aung

I think children are doing their part with these strikes, whereas the grown-ups are trying to shut them down, sadly.

bk kedairy

i was going to do this but i was on vacation

ıllıllı Lilac ıllıllı

We students won't stop until something is done about this.


To be honest, I am always a bit sceptical about strikes... Maybe if big enough and if it would hurt the government in a significant way than I would assume it's useful. Does anyone know if there is a good example of a climate strike that actually brought a change in mentality if talking about a government?

I always see them as a bunch of frustrating people that shout and are either completely uninformed or just angry. They are not really approachable, they are just mad, and I don't think that helps us forward. MAybe this is just me but I see different more welcoming options to get the government to do something and help individuals be informed in what they themselves can do. Maybe I just have a bad taste in my mouth from being a camera operator that needed to film interviews with demonstrating people. I am open to debate

A bunny that will chew on your cables

I always used to try to encourage my family and friends to think more about how much of an impact on the environment their daily life choices have, since I first properly understood climate change.
None of them would sadly listen or try to change.
5 years on now, I'm 17, and only now do I see that they have finally considered this idea, now that all these strikes, news about climate change are around us constantly. It took them this long to finally somewhat understand, and start acting (although still on a small level).
I'm so greatful that there are other young people like myself who deeply care about our and the planet's future.
It's so sad though, that it took them (family + friends) so long to actually realise what's happening. They're still somewhat in the "climate denial" section, trying to ignore the fact that climate change is happening. They're starting to act but on a very small scale, and I think it's mostly because of the feeling of guilt rather than devotion to a better future (like myself).
It's also sad that not only did it take them so long to start to change their daily life habits but also because they didn't really listen to me. Instead, a whole bunch of young people striking was the wake up call for them.
I guess this just shows that you need action like this, people coming together, in order for others to wake up and start acting.

Manda Soha

Your videos are so well produced and put together! The animation, voiceover, music works so smoothly together. Definitely subscribing! Can’t wait for more content <3

Denpa Dolt

Thanks, rest of the world, for organizing a school walkout on March Break.

Devlin Price

Something needs to happen. Right now. With bigger strikes there will be more awareness. Its a shame that governments aren't doing enough for this global emergency.


I live in the UK and I think especially considering what the UK political system is going through, a school walkout isn't going to change anything at the moment. Legislators are completely focused on Brexit. Also I feel like a school walkout to help climate change is counter intuitive and paradoxical. Climate change is going to be solved by well educated politicians and scientists, which require a good educations. Lastly, there are so many people who went on the strike to just get out of school for a day and will take no lasting steps to reduce their carbon footprint, the protest will obviously be more effective with numbers but if people are solely taking part in it to seem woke on the issue will it still have a good effect? I don't necessarily think the strike won't help but why can't it be on a Saturday after Brexit is over with? It being on a Friday can only lead to older generations seeing the protests as kids being disruptive and bunking school.

Fredthegamer SCHRARDER

Lol another way to get out of doing school oh yes. Um yeah I care about the environment ? videos games for days


I'm really happy that youngsters take this seriously, I'm only 19 myself but the fact that these kids realize what their future will look like and could look like if we don't act now really gives me hope for humanity. Compared to the greedy and jaded politicians they're up against I think they will win and hopefully also teach their own kids when that time comes what true compassion is.

August Landmesser

I think we will die while talking and clapping and patting to ourselves.


It seems like the older generations are putting all the responsibility of climate change onto gen-Z. They are hoping that the kids will take care of everything on their own while the politicians keep on making money whilst watching the world burn pretending that they are making a change. The kids are the mature ones in this situation


very pro the school strikes, have gone to as many of them as i can ? there's no planet B

Cali Martinez

my school is uniting with a high school to strike!!


I always thought that climate change happens because of the nature process, cycle. Am I wrong?

Liam Neupert

I'm extremely excited for the climate strike! I'm the state lead for Idaho and it has been extremely motivational to see how I'm only 16 and most of the kids planning them are 12-14. It's great to know my age group actually care and are passionate about the climate!


Typical dumb lefties lead by children. So fucking stupid. "climate change" is just a catch phrase. The climate has always gone through changes since the dawn of time.

If kids want to make a difference then they should walk to school or ride a bike instead of having mommy and daddy drive them. Unless they live over three miles from school.

And stop eating beef and grow vegetables in the back yard. Doing walkouts is just for show to make themselves feel good like they are changing something. You ain't changing shit.
China pollutes massively but everyone is silent about that because they are Asian and Asians are a victim group.


I think the problem is that these "kids" want bigger government to enforce that everybody changes but they don't start changing them self. for example here in the Netherlands, they protested in The Hague and were really mad a the government for not doing more to stop climate change but when they were done protesting they just went to MacDonalds to eat some burgers when it is well known that animal agriculture is really bad for the environment.



I'm from Belgium we are currently on the 8th week where students come on the streets. I walked as well. And will do so again the 15th of March. I'm tired of politicians saying we need to do it ourselves. We can all change and help in our own way. But the big changes happen through the parlement. And it's time they realise their responsibilities.


I am extremely frustrated about this topic. I think that living by example when it comes to activism for fighting climate change is the most powerful approach. How about we collectively “strike” against plastics for a week, or limit petroleum use for a week? I think that concentrated strikes against the products and industries barreling us toward climate collapse is more helpful than masses of kids jumping on the chance to skip school and don’t care about sustainability in the slightest. How hard is it to bring some totes to the grocery store instead of trashing 30 plastic sacks every week, or using a canteen instead of downing three bottled waters or sodas a day? The government shouldn’t have to do that for us, although I agree that legislation can be an effective way to keep corporations in check when it comes to sustainability. I’m tired of all this “raising awareness” excuse. That time has passed. People are aware. It’s time for action from the individuals that compose our society. Me, and you, and you, and you. We can do it, and the companies will listen because we speak with our pocketbooks and our consumption behaviors. I’ve become more and more educated on climate change recently I’ve been changing my habits to match that conviction. Well, those are my thoughts anyway. I hope I’m not alone in this. Thank you for listening.


I joined the movement at my University today on March 15th. This young girl showed the youth an example of making a huge impact on our future.

Giacomo Carnevale



It’s important to remember that rise of temperature in future will impact on gender of turtles. Climate change and ocean acidification is still one of the main catalysts that will lead many other species to extinction...

aarshiya singh

i like this channel
it gives us nice numbers like fjallraven {sorry sorry sorry im on desktop and idk hiw to add the, the thinys} reducing water usage by 75% and the marin animal nests increasing by 76%

Harsh Shitole

Can you make video on resources required to make smartphones?

Buddha Linkola

They have kids doing the climate change bit now...totally not a religion guys

Jake Lim

Please do a video about the Green New Deal! Thanks.



Nathaly Kim

is that really how you pronnouce her name? boi, I've made some mistakes


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Occ-Cast Episode 9 featuring Mason Ho | Billabong

120 917 views | 15 Dec. 2016

In episode 9 of the

In episode 9 of the Occ-Cast, Occy is joined by legend in the making Mason Ho to talk about the season the North Shore is having, Mason's epic win at Surfer Poll, his plans for the tour and the boys take some questions live from Facebook.

Subscribe to the Occ-Cast at one of the links below -

iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-1-featuring-joel-parkinson/id1142062161?i=1000373896800&mt=2

Google Play - https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/I6cbnxrlia4xwcpcqw72mzw4nau

Stitcher - http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/jake-fournier/occcast/e/episode-1-featuring-joel-parkinson-45777313

Visit our site for the latest athlete news or follow us on social for up to the minute updates -

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/billabong/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Billabong/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/billabong1973

Snapchat - Billabong

Or visit http://Billabong.com

yesfrat b knowin

neither gets a word in edgeways great mates baha

J. Montrice

I bet mason knows how to Milly Rock

james pugh

Mason is wicked! just needs to chill out on the green :)

Alex Mauer Vlogs

Respect! ?

Jeff Byrnes

So animated. This Occ Cast is an instant classic.


13:18 or so Mason gulping beer and look of bliss....Occ reference of Fem Nu absolutely classic...Occ tell us more about the 80s!

Shitbird Pete

Mason in the anti-Warchild

bobby beep

best interview of the season


such a good interview, how good it must be to grow up on north shore


Love you legends


Mason Ho! An instant classic.

Natalie Wimbish

is it just me or do they seem to be a little drunk toward the middle lol


hahaha mason's such a fuckin weirdo but I mean that in the best possible way

Lukas Trimble

Occy is a douche

Marc Knight

Look, contests ain't fun, no one wants to be out there with a group you don't even know. Too much confusing.

Connor Chow

dude where is kelly at?


I reckon Mason Ho's mother must have dropped him on his head when he was a baby . . hot surfer though!

Aloha State of Mind


Backcountry Surf

Two rippers with the rt, good vibe attitude. Cast description is accurate. Mason is a legend in the making,even if ASP results never come. Be stoked to have some pacificos and twist up a fatty with you bros. Great cast Occ. This one as well as Parkos and Micks are me favs so far. EnjoytheRide everyone. Oh Occy, How's about getting Curren and/or Wayne Lynch?

Gregory Adorian

Hey Great ambassador for surfing Mason Ho great vibe and enthusiasm. I grew up in that era of Michael and Derek Ho but to be honest Reno Abillira And Barry K were my favorite Hawaiian surfers and of course Jerry Lopez. Thanks for the vid really enjoyed watching and listening.


Occy at Rockies going utterly kamikaze!


HO...HO...HO...Merry Chirstmas

Kurt Bowden

Brilliant occast! Not the first time I've seen this one

Joe Blow

Best free surfer in the world!

Tom Süss

Best Occ cast ever, gotta love Mason :D

Cupcake Works at Home

Surfing's mascot who is also a master. I'm a huge fan.


i wanna see him going ballistic on tour

Rob Bent

Occy, Mason, & Pacifico tall cans = pure entertainment! Love these interviews Occy!!


I love like this guy is stuck in a permanent acid trip lol Mason is suck a trip. Absolutely my favorite surfer right now.

yesfrat b knowin

33 minutes of froth sic best one yet 2 legends


Brent spotting at 3:54 lower left

Banton Fingerboarding

So sick! Please do an occ cast with Ethan Ewing

Jonathan Rath

Nothing puts quite the same smile on my face as Mason’s stream of consciousness. Two legends right here ☝️


He's 28?! I would have guessed 17. He's a boy..


Mason’s speech is what my internal narration is when I’m on acid.


Mason is Hilarious. Occ is the "Ledge!"

מאיר ברון

13: 18 This is how you drink beer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Carver

I have so much respect for Mason.As a surfer and huge fan of everything surf its really refreshing when a guy like Mason Ho comes along hes a great rep. for our beloved pastime/sport/true love. Occ just seems to get better as the interveiws keep coming. Cheers to both of you 2 good humans

Pancho Wheeler

Billabong pump,,, one of fav occy surf film

Roman Calvino

haha ''like a sponge" the best

Jason Linkinhoker

classic occason


Mason is the coolest dude ever ?

A Brown

Mason is my favorite! He gets me so amped and happy! I hope I can meet him someday! He is the Stokemaster! ❤??

Paul O'Reilly

He rode a 50ft Waimea beast! wiped out at the bottom, got hammered by many big waves after. He is a true Hawaiian waterman. Respect! his style on big waves is perfect too.

bodhi tree

I re-watch this to get stoked

André R. Meyer

Mason for president


26:48 the love rivalry for sure.

Bullseye Fowl

Occy you are the best, so cool to see you calming the youngsters down so humble, awesome series


Parko bought me, my first Play Station!

Eion Sculley

You got to love the stoke coming outta Mason Ho.

Mark Sisom

If you dont giggle, or at least smile .. at least once ... check for a pulse.

The Surfing Connoisseur

Mason is THE most humble person EVER! ❤️?✌️

Michal Micic

If you could put together what surfing means, like fun, excitement, adventure, power, flow, tons of happiness .. . all those and much more,... if you could fit all characteristics of surfer and surfing into one human being.. there is only one person that comes into my mind. Mason Ho IS surfing.

Igor Souza

Mason is my spirit animal.

Shon Doyle

So many issues with competitive surfing. Go out and rip. Clutch!


Thank you Michael Ho for sharing two of the most talented, genuine and humble Hawaiian ambassadors with the surfing community. As a father I can't imagine how proud you must be. Mahallo

noah mccudden

mason is a legend, the biggest frother

Adam Coyne

hooooo haaaaaa braaaa.whoa haaa,hooooo,whoooa,shhhaaa,

Ollie Hoagland

One too many adys my dude

Antoon den Brok

amazing, absolutely love mason! ^^

Arthur Cwalina

haha best interview ever just good vibs from North Shore Psyched level over the roof haha love it



Kahele K

The Bunyip surf video is my all time favorite occy and Ronny Burnz killing it

Stephen Wigley

Pure Aloha



Brendan O'Hara

Epic episode, Mason is such a legend!

VAN the man

Jesus Christ ...every time I watch a occ cast I want to comment that this is the best one I've seen so far. Haha there's a pattern going here. LOL I love this show beyond belief. So much Stoke and character coming out of these two I was just smiling in this trance the whole time.


Mason Ho is awesome!

Blues Man

Much respect for young Mason Ho , He ROCKS !!!!

a.m. remorse

A guy like this should get paid regardless of how he fares in competition. Judges do not appreciate his forward thinking approach.

Pedro Mq

bro this is classic

Ho Stevie!



love it when he just randomly throws a shaka outta nowhere pure stoke

Daniel Sprock

pure voodoo


Favorite surfer the goat

Jonatan de Sousa

It's such a wonderful interview. ;)

brad king

If you could bottle Mason and share with the world... It would be a much better place!!