Shea butter for rash

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The Difference Between Good Shea Butter and Bad Shea Butter

275 950 views | 18 Jan. 2012

I Bought What I thought

I Bought What I thought was 100 percent Shea Butter From Two different Companies and got Two Different results

talireya robbins

do u sale this product ?


BECKYS CHOICE SHEA BUTTER deals in 100% pure unrefined organic shea butter; help reduce dark spots stretch marks and blemishes, sooth sun burns and contains natural anti-sun properties to prevent UV damage
Kindly contact us on  0233 269900637 or 0206566544 for more info

MY Natural Beauty

Many of the people posting videos on YouTube are still in learning process. Please visit Africa, go to the villages and see how Shea Butter is made. If you cannot got to Africa, then thoroughly do your research. Yellow Shea Butter has dyes added to it, and the Ivory is original which is used for medicinal, cooking, and total body care.

Wild Crafted FAIR TRADE Shea Butter

Jae’s Journey30

Thanks to giving us the company.

Natasha Green - Chillaxed Products

Raw Unrefined Shea Butter is a ivory colour - you can’t get Yellow Raw Unrefined Shea Butter
Refined Shea butter is yellow.
It’s grainy because it’s been heated up slightly and not fully melted before placing in the container

Iv used it for years in my Body Products.

Mar .Vranjko

hey, shea butter gets grainy because when it melts and solidifies again, certain components crystallise more quickly.  There's usually nothing wrong with the butter, it just means that all parts of it didn't cool down at the same rate.  

Regina Donaldson Kelley

the one in the plastic tub looks EXACTLY like the homemade play doh I make with my kids.. its flour oil and salt.. I bet that its some sort of similar concoction..

Jackie Joseph

So is all the shea butter that says 100% african shea butter not good?

maria najjar

this is not real shea butter ....the pure shea butter is ivory

Create Your Own Story

get to the fucking point woow

Tracking KiKi

That looks more like African butter vs Shea Butter

Rosette Bahati Amisi

The grainy texture has nothing to do with the quality. It's because it melted and resolified slowly. If you melt it again and put it in the freezer it will have a creamy texture

Yleana Gareca

Didn’t like the comparison... you didn’t get to the point honey.

College Woman23

Very informative video. Also, when any products are that cracked or have dents in the packaging, don't but it. Once air hits anything it reduces the effectiveness and strength of the product. You can use it and mix it with vitamin E and use for baby diaper rash or body lotion like for the feet.??


Informative... but took too long to get to the point. :(


Wow yeah wherever you bought that bad shea from I would NOT be going back there again, lol.


thank you for sharing. i am trying to learn about shea butter since it's supposed to have a comedogenic rating of "0".  I am caucasian but have frizzy hair and dry skin. your close ups are GOOD.

Sara Loggins

lee Williams has a video here called 'is your shea butter making you sick" that you might be interested in.

Tina the bargain shopper Warren

ebayv 'll have the 5lbs for $20

AtomicBalm Bath 'n Body

I hate to say it but the shea in the contsiner is fine. Real true unrefined can look just like that it's fine once you melt it. And do it properly it's wondervul, I have a 10 lb bucket and it's been melted down once it's a bit grainy on the efges, but was more grainy when first purchased and I purchase my shea right from Ghana pure unrefined. You can actually watch them from start to finish boiling the nuts mashing, and packing by hand into the shipping bags, that stuff you have there is wonderful, it even has a nice earthy smell

Everything Eunique

Y'all are assholes


I'm glad that you kept this butter to share this information

Nicole A

If anyone is looking for a GREAT shea butter, use the Simpah Cream 100% shea butter, trust me this stuff is AMAZING. Best shea butter I've ever used. My skin is extra flawless because of it.

Cherella Gessel

sheabutter is not yellow, it's off white. these are african butters. (I just learned this)

Maria nsc

This is not real Shea Butter. Real Shea Butter is Ivory/off white in color. People please educate yourselves, and go to the American Shea Institute and educate yourselves, on what real shea butter is. This person who made the video, is totally uneducated.

Organic Agro Supplier

check out www.goldstarsheabutter.com

Emily Norwood

Thank you for the information! It's very helpful. ^^

Jewel J

Between the horrible lighting, rambling , all the "umm's", Ebonics, and the shaky camera; this video is horrible.


hi I. have been in touch with them and I will be buying from them in the future and I hope to go to the Bronx this month I love in Pennsylvania. is their Shea butter quality to you? They seem to being doing big business. how did they sell it to you, in bags blocks? holla back , miss elaine

Raquel Ward

Hi Cassie, this is a bit off topic. I don't know if this means anything to you but looking at the upper right corner of your bag of shea butter I see an image of what looks to be a female. I'm just pointing it out because I have had some phenomenal experiences with spiritual beings myself. I thought it was possible you may have a connection with this person & wanting a sign from her, wanting a sign from God, etc. Maybe it's just a coincidence that the shea formed in that way? In any case, God bless you!


The one in the container is not shea butter its just African butter, they just put shea on it so it can sell.


you can try a company in new York call African Palace in the Bronx Look them up on the web or Facebook they are much much cheaper have you heard of them they have pictures of their products also I can also give you the phone number if you need it ok

Jaida Davis

Also, if you view Ghanacuty, she is from Ghana where the best shea butter is harvested and she has seen it come into the villages only yellow, when it turns white it means it is getting old. Therefore if your buying ivory shea butter it has less nutrients because its already old. The darker the shea butter the better.

fk coleman

you are very annoying

AtomicBalm Bath 'n Body

Also since the container is cracked, the air has probably gotten to it, that would could also be contributing to the whiteness and crumbly texture, I have never seen shea go moldy if anything it jyst gets a fowl smell you won't see mold

Lndin Galle

This isnt Shea butter

Curvy Latina

Honestly your doing way to much talking just get to the fuckin point


Shea butter has a shelf life of 18 months to two years. Always buy from a reputable company. Your bulk purchase should always have a date showing when it was packaged. The crystals are created when Shea butter has been processed at a high temperature or a temperature change that is too hot or too cold in shipment. The Shea is still ok to use with the grainy texture. It looks like your bad Shea Butter may have been melted and then poured at a high temperature in the plastic cup. The high temperature caused the cup to degrade. Always try to buy Organic African Unrefined (raw) Shea Butter with NO additives.


Great vid very informative. Forget the haters.


Yellow shea butter is supposed to be extra beneficial compared to ivory--it is still shea, but better--from my understanding. I am not an expert I just saw Jostylin's video on the subject

Julianne Presson

Frankly I do not buy Shea that has been melted down to ship. I do not like the graininess. If it is tempered properly there should be no crystallization. What I have noticed is that some Shea butter that comes melted and poured into plastic tubs have issues. I know how to temper Shea butter and when it is crappy Shea it is unusable. Good video.


Not pure shea. It has probably been mixed with Palm Oil. You should never buy shea that is in a plastic container either. It has been melted to go into the container and if it is grainy, they used a high heat which causes it to cool grainy. High heat reduces the nutrients.


Girl bye it's the same shit


Did you find a good Shea Butter company.? Let us know

Shelly Cooper

Shea.....you molded!


Oh My, Oh My I hope what your are saying about the bad shea butter isn't true....I'm going to research this some more because I bought some from Beauty Master on Morrow Ind Blvd in Clayton County, Ga and it started to act just like this. How could this happen. Is it too old? Kept in an unsafe place? Made in a home made lab? What?

prince amoah



spead it up to 1.5, skipped several times, and it still took too long. Please prepare a script before you start shooting! <3
great video!

Carol Young

It looks like the shea butter and container was frozen before you got it making the container crack.

Jaida Davis

It seems as if because of the damaged packaging that your shea butter is oxodizing. And there are ivory and blonde shea butters that are both very good. Im inclinded to think if you would have changed the container as soon as you saw the damage your shea butter would have held up as usual. But there are ivory and beige shea nuts depending where its grown but both are very very good.


thanks for sharing


its pronounced Halal with a thraothy H its arab meaning approved by islam for consumption like jews have kosjer.

carrie Anastas

Thank you so much for this video. I just got my order today and its the same way. Im very unhappy with it. For one the order came late then when I opened it the bag had holes all through it. The company I ordered from was very rude to me. I will never order from them again.

Iris afua Douse

Unrefined shea butter is either ivory colored or yellow..
The yellow one has a root added to it. It has a stronger smell than ivory colored
The ivory colored one has nothing added to it..it has a less mild scent


those hands are so gross :s


I have read that grainy means chemically extracted, traditional method of pounding makes creamy shea butter. Maybe you've got some kpangnan though. That's supposed to be better for skin, shea butter is better for hair.


Idk what to believe anymore ??‍♀️


Wake up girl! It is impossible to listen to this sleepy mumbling. One minute of bullshit is enough. Get to the fucking point


It looks cheap though.

Nadeen Sivic

I have just started making creams etc - and I found this video excellent. Thanks for the information - I would never have know...but now I can spot the difference and see a real difference in the quality of my end product.  Thanks again.  x

Noah Powder

i had mine for longer no mold
no cracking

AChristian Crawford

Ok I thought when shea butter is yellow its because it has alcohol in it..which is not good


you can try a company in new York call African Palace in the Bronx Look them up on the web or Facebook they are much much cheaper have you heard of them they have pictures of their products also I can also give you the phone number if you need it ok

Deadpool Mrcool

my shea butter didnt come matted and smooth like hers. is mines moldy. it came in clumps.

AChristian Crawford

Ok I thought when shea butter is yellow its because it has alcohol in it..which is not good

henry mena marine

Back to Africa in Brooklyn is the best play to buy this we make the best Shea butter products..

Mi'el Blanquea Esquivo

Uh, ten minutes, wasted. She received product with cracked packaging. Mold, other contaminants and rancidity are just three potential reasons for a change in the properties. If you want to hear a more detailed note, skip to @4:35 and then read below:

Jump to @4:35 and tell me that isn't shea butter? Is it 100%, unnnrefined, virgin, raw, etc. etc., given the color? Ehr, I can't say because proving that there's none of something in the entire world is very difficult. I can say with confidence, the texture of the shea here is common. The graininess is something fairly unique to shea. Shea butter is processed in different ways, at different times, and it does have a shelf life. Closer to months, than years. This goes for raw, unrefined, especially.


i would like some of your shea butter, mixed product for hair. how may i obtain some. please tell me where to send my address....mbetter yet please call.me 727 337 8066 thank you

AtomicBalm Bath 'n Body

I personally would purchase from Baraka, thier shea comes right from Ghana, and on the website you can watch the process from beginning to end, also you would be helping these wome6suppirt thier families and you'd be getting an amazing quality shea butter

Quinn’s Life

The "bad" shea isn't shea. It's African butter which is still good for you hair it just doesn't last as long as shea and is more grainy.


i would either throw that horrible shea butter away or send it back to where you bought it from and get your money back. I get a shea butter like that i wouldnt be happy at all, i would seriously have it out with the people that sold it to me.

Dsmiley G

I think I had gotten a bad Bach of whea to when I put it in my hair my scout was itching so bad I dont know what to do

Soap Junkii LLC

its not even melting on your finger. Usually it would melt because of the temp of your body.

Charles Bolling

That's African Butter... Shea butter it off white not yellow....

Oslove Organics Inc

Pick up your pure and natural mango butter here. Stays fluffy and fresh in DIY mixes.  https://www.amazon.com/Butter-Oslove-Organics-Natural-Fluffy/dp/B01H7MTBWQ/ref=sr_1_18_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1473275479&sr=8-18&keywords=mango+butter. We have all the butters you may need: Organic cocoa butter, mango butter, Organic and fair trade Shea butter, Organic Tamanu butter and more.

gary musser jr

I was at the flea market today. This is what 2 different vendors told me. Natural shea butter is white. When palm oil is added to it is when it turns yellow. They also said the yellow shea will over time lose its color

Casleanor D

IM Sorry for those of you asking me about the company I got the large bag of shea from they are no longer selling th eproduct. But you can try simplysheabutter.com there prices are decent product was great.

Abdulrhman Ali

متوفرة لدينا زبدة الشيا الخام وخلطات شد الجسم والاماكن المترهلة وخلطات تبييض الاماكن الداكنة وتفتيحها وتوحيد لون الجسم . وصنفرة الجسم الرهيبة .. وجميع الخلطات تحتوي على زبدة الشيا السحرية والمعروفة بتأثيرها الرائع على الجسم والبشرة والشعر .. 0535120008

Iris afua Douse

Informative video ?

AtomicBalm Bath 'n Body

If the shea butter is grainy it's not nesesarilly bad, they may not have melted it down properly it can happen if it's fine incorrectly and it will fee grainy, and if it's lighter that dosnt mean it's nesesarry bad either if you notice when you melt, and whip it it gets really light, I havnt finished watching this so maybe you say more. So I'm hoing to finish watching and I'll be back lol ( oh ps another great place to order pure raw unrefined shea is baraka oh thier butter is to fie for lol ) k hoingvtovsee jeep watching, I may be bavk..?

Brianna-marie McCullough

Thank you for sharing. Which place do you trust most for shea and cocoa butter?


I thought it was just me! When I would use yellow Shea butter my scalp would explode in patches of dandruff I only use ivory now

Casleanor D

You are welcome Jaime smith

Keisha Shante

I love Shea butter like I'm addicted to it lol :p

Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

i like the ivory ones better

Lilly V Gutierrez

the description unrefined and the other doesn't say so it does say BODYBUTTERS . I would taken it out the container hello u getting Air???? into it. uneducated the other is in bag. it's in the air and it's not 100% covered hello

pumpkin spice

very insightful, thank you for sharing

Gold-in- Melanin

Awesome job on the video! And please overlook the comments from the people who are really ignorant, and keep up the good work!

Learning Experience

+Casleanor D, I am SO grateful that you took the time to share this comprehensive video! It has been the go-to video whenever I am recommending friends to educate themselves on raw shea butter. Your illustration that shea butter is molding when it is grainy and the cracking its plastic container is priceless! You have saved many people from ignorantly absorbing toxins into their bloodstreams and causing a chain reaction of other maladies, stemming from undereducation of this normally wonderful butter. God bless you!

daimary cristina

Good love

Regina Donaldson Kelley

And the white stuff near the cracks looks like dried out play doh... exactly like dried play doh!! it could be mold too but i bet its hard and crusty..

Abdulrhman Ali

متوفرة لدينا زبدة الشيا الخام وخلطات شد الجسم والاماكن المترهلة وخلطات تبييض الاماكن الداكنة وتفتيحها وتوحيد لون الجسم . وصنفرة الجسم الرهيبة .. وجميع الخلطات تحتوي على زبدة الشيا السحرية والمعروفة بتأثيرها الرائع على الجسم والبشرة والشعر .. 0535120008

no inhibitions

Shea butter is overrated garbage that dries out 4c and causes breakage and shedding. Africans have duped African Americans into buying that junk. Lanolin softens wooly hair. When you stop denying your sheep texture hair and get you some grease and water you'll see the difference.

Natural Mom

I just purchase Real Shea Butter is Ivory/off white in color and it is edible .....check out my wall for tips https://www.pinterest.com/givemeorganic/

Julianne Presson

When Shea butter is old it can get whitish spots it is not mold it is the Shea breaking down. When you try to use it, it will not mix properly, the other oils and butters do not incorporate,

Mikeya Jones

I literally just made a DIY shea butter mixture with the container you said was bad less than 20 minutes ago... I wish I saw this sooner lol 

c cc

Hi Cas, great video! I wanted to know where did you purchased your packaged (the good Shea butter) from? And how much did it cost? Thanks!

tayka chilpil

a waste of 9min of my life....N didnt even anr question...rubbish info..even i know more about shea buter than this lady...it seemed more that she was marketing the product!!!!!!!!

Yemi Dasaolu

It doesnt mean shea butter is bad because its grainy. The reason why shea butter becomes grainy has to do with molding teprature after remelting it before repackaged. All you to do is remelt slowly

Serina Weems

yellow shea butter isnt shea butter its African butter

Shea butter for rash

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2 646 views | 7 Apr. 2020

13 week old

13 week old


Nicole Rivera

Can you make a update on your baby eczema because I’m going through the same thing

Rio Tañafranca

Can you tell me whats the ratio of shea and coconut oil?

shomari myers

Awww i call my baby girl koala too

Mary Harris

Thank you for sharing. It is best to use organic products from God's green earth instead of store bought products with all the harmful chemicals for your baby. Most doctors won't tell you that. There are doctors who will. You and your baby are beautiful.

Queen Vibez

Omg you look like the girl from the haves and have nots

Veronica Ruffin

Great job on you presentation

Chepchumba Ruto

Thank you so much for posting this. For anyone watching this and is concerned about their baby's skin, please listen to her story. My son's story is exactly like this. He's two years old now with perfect skin, both in appearance and feel. When we came home from the hospital after he was born his skin was ok. After about a month things went south. All red and puffy and peeling. We took him to the doctor and the different creams prescribed didn't work. When he was about 6 months old, we visited my parents and my dad suggested organic vegetable oil like coconut. So my husband bought some cold press coconut oil from the food section and my little bit of research into the benefits of going organic brought up pure African shea butter. We mixed it up, exactly how ModestKas described, and stopped everything else. In a week, the redness was gone. The dryness and peeling also stopped about 3 days in. By the time we started this, his skin was completely pigmented (he looked caucasian with patches of dark skin across his face!) it was that bad. We applied the butter all over his face and body every time we did a diaper change. Within about 2 months, his skin was perfect. I never looked back, I discarded all other commercial ointments and decided that making his body butter myself from organic oils and butter was a small price to pay for the healthy skin he now had. I'm Kenyan and storebought creams and ointments are generally more affordable here than organic products but that stretch to give my son the best is completely worth it. Thank you for this video because it is quite scary to watch your baby go through something you don't understand and won't respond to conventional medical treatment. One more thing ModestKas, that redness, will eventually disappear if it hasn't already. All the best to you and your handsome little boy.


My son developed eczema when he was 8 weeks. He is
6 months now and the eczema is infected now. Two rounds of antibiotics failed to work. We have used steroids and emollients but nothing is working. His skin is extremely dry and flaky. I am going to try this. I hope this works for us. Please update on how your son is doing now.

Ti Marie Natirel

He is such a cutie I need make this butter for my kids they suffer from eczema


He is such a cutie pie.
My little girl, boy I almost cry the other nightwhen she started crying and scratching. Shes 3 months and was prescribed topical cream with steroid


Sweet baby. Did you ever try Aveeno baby products? They contain oatmeal which is soothing to the skin. Another DIY is mixing shea butter with Vaseline or Shea butter with oat oil.

Veronica Ruffin

Love it. my grandbaby is dealing with the same thing... and I had these items in my bathroom I did the two mix like you said. and went to work and made some for my son to take home to used on the baby

Raheel Luqman

Thank you for sharing this
My baby is 7 months old and his eczema is really bad at the moment
I bought the shea butter and will start using soon.
Would you please update how your baby is? Did he outgrew it?

Julia Carter

May I ask what kind of baby wash you use? My shea butter is being shipped.

Kayla B

Awe this happened to my baby too. He has sensitive skin, couldn’t use no diaper rash creams, aquaphor, or anything! Dove was okay, but still not great. I bought Aveeno lotion. It didn’t help, it made it worse :( so I bathed him in the baby oats bath stuff (says it’s good for eczema) which he freaked out crying and broke out in a rash all over his body. Turns out he was allergic to oats (the lotion and bath product used oats) he got better when I stoped with all the baby products, however, his cheeks didn’t get better. I noticed that his cheeks would get bad when others would hold him, I thought because people use harsh soaps/bounce/softeners on their clothes (babies rub their face in your hair and clothes) so I would always make people lay a recieving blanket on their shoulder before holding him and his face cleared up. I also had to change my hair products. He is eight now and not nearly as sensitive thank goodness! I wish I knew about Shea butter back then. You will help many moms, thank you for posting this.

Ms Dee

Girl he is just too cute!!! I've had eczema since childhood and I'm 65 y/o. I've just started using the OKAY pure yellow African shea butter (from local beauty supply store) on my skin instead of lotions and oils and I'm getting very good healing results with the out breaks and dark marks that the eczema left behind. So glad you found a cure for Mr. Handsome.

Nicke D

Omg he’s so cute and look at his hair. He had more hair than me when I was a baby like him. I was a shine head gal! Your hair so beautiful too.

Shea butter for rash

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Shea Butter by Dr Shea. For body & hair. Dry skin, split ends, baby rash and anti inflammatory.

50 views | 7 Oct. 2017

Even the most conscious

Even the most conscious consumer hand picks what they choose to use on their skin - with looking younger and staying healthier being sought after more than ever. Make Dr. Shea your number one choice today and check out our lares deals. Pop us a message if one has any questions.


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