Taken butter

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Destiny 2 - Dawning Farm - Taken Butter, Null Taste (void), Delicious Explosion (grenade)

2 672 views | 17 Dec. 2020

Equip Nezerec's Sin exotic

Equip Nezerec's Sin exotic helmet for fast super charging from all the void kills and get some Superb Texture ingredients as well.

Also works in the same spot with bottom tree solar Titan to replace Null Taste with the solar Impossible Heat ingredient.

Corey Brown

What location is that


mute your discord sound

Some Guy

What tree warlock? Top tree?

Zemi Hernandez

is this patched? or is it still working?

Taken butter

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How to get Taken Butter in Destiny 2 - Dawning 2020

10 290 views | 17 Dec. 2020

How to get Taken Butter in

How to get Taken Butter in Destiny 2 - Dawning 2020

Jayden McClary

Thanks really helped me out out have a good day ????

Gary Webb

You have to use weapons with void damage.

Oliveros Kintanar

is there a certain way to kill the taken because I ran through and only got 1

Ollie Tubbs

Thanks for your help

pug nomnom

I didn’t get anything lol

SK8TR Cotto

Thanks, I thought it wouldn’t work, got many of them by just one run. Very helpful, good job

Alex gallo

I didnt get shit from this lost sector ...


I only realized just how many locations with Taken enemies got cut when I thought about how I was going to get this stuff.

Cyber Punk

Luckily i got the ones that i needed. Thanks!

Adolf Hitler

Thanks for the info my dude now I can make more cookies

Elijah Bowers

Thanks for the heads-up on the shattered throne I spent ten minutes in there and didn't get anything.


thanks i am new to D2 and i didnt even know taken xD

RyZe ツ

Thanks very helpful video

Gary Webb

I ran through twice and got none

Taken butter

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5 035 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Hey guys!


Hey guys!

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Nidhi Mehta

loved the vid stef xx

Tatiana Kostiuk

Loving your videos stef! love from brazil!

Aurélie Sr

I’ve been missing your videosss so much, glad you’re back ?
We don’t have the same snack brands in France but I’ll certainly manage to find equivalent products
Lindt chocolates are insaneee
I need to make protein shake smoothies for breakfast, mixed with oats, that way I’m sure I’ll be full until lunch


Where is your cute short set from? x

Mollie Tree

I eat so much food because my body needs the fuel but for so long I denied it , but honestly seeing the food you eat and how comfortable you are , it helped me emensly in my ED recovery and now my fitness journey , thank you stef love you loads ! Xx forever my inspiration and favourite women ❤️

Valerie Kehrhahn

I miss ur workouts videos here :(

Sophie Wilson

Never clicked so quick!!! ??☺️

L. van der Windt

Love this!

(Just a side note, maybe you can look at the camera a bit more instead of constantly at the selfie screen ?)

Оксана Семинева


Ashley Green

Nice! ???

Kaitlin Pothast

Where’s your outfit from? I love the white with those shorts


i dont know who is more delicius you or the food

Mollie Tree

It’s our lovely stef ☺️☺️❤️❤️

Dee Luther

????Great Video?
Love thAt thumbnail Tho
?Your Pretty hot Self?
?Makeup so nice?
EnJoy your good day
Happy Spectular Weekend ahead
?Stay Bless n Be Safe Too?

Sandra Roman

Yes , that chocolate is the best! I agree ☝️ ??