Natural alpha hydroxy acid

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A Skincare Minute - AHA vs BHA Natural Alpha Hydroxy and Beta Hydroxy Acids

157 views | 29 Nov. 2017

Stephany the skincare

Stephany the skincare chemist (creator and master formulator of Amazonia skincare products) answers to all of your skin and skincare questions, busts common myths, does tutorials, and even some basic DIY. Amazonia is a nature-derived skincare line that uses all of the top clinically-proven anti-aging ingredients combined with age-defying botanicals from the Amazon rainforest. All products are cruelty-free, made with the highest quality sustainably sourced organic, EcoCert, and wildcrafted ingredients.

Satya K

thank you!!

Miya Gotsko

Love my natural AHAs and BHAs!

Natural alpha hydroxy acid

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Honey- salicylic acid (diy AHA/BHA) Cleanser- acne, pigmentation, anti ageing

6 356 views | 22 Nov. 2018


You can always


You can always make changes . If you have sensitive skin plz do use it weekly twice or once no more than that. If you are a seasoned acid user on face then you can build the frequency.

Do not forget to use sunscreen.

You can just make it with honey and multani mitti also for the cleansing action.

The salicylic acid that I got is from Dr Reddy labs- SF6% .

muskan sharma

will it work for dark spots??

vani vvv


Madhuri Padala

Can u pls tell the proportions of Bathpowder,yastimadhu, tumeric (u told for tan removal)??

Yoga Lakshmi

Hi ma, aroma magic peppermint exfol gel alone using enough for exfoliation or wat to add with it?
I'm oily skin ,35+ how many times we will do exfoliation in a week? Please give some suggestion...

Madhu Dasari

Can i use flaxseed gel. N alovera gel as nit cream

Supraja Madishetty

Heyy nice video?❤️ ... I have mailed u ... Plz check

Prathima Podila

Why dont u talk in telugu being a telugu girl. ??? Just try to talk in telugu too bcos if uneducated person wants to see then they will not see your videos. So just try to make videos in telugu too. Thanks

Prathima Podila

Your talking too fast.. slow down your rate of speech. All the best

Anna Cavalii

Where do you get the salycilic acid to buy

zuhaib munir

nice cleaner for sure i gona use

Olivia Omane

In making a whitening facial cleanser do I use aha powder or serum

Confidently Beautiful and Healthy

This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing. I also love honey. It is naturally antibacterial, so it's great for acne treatment and prevention. Salicylic acid helps unclog pores to resolve and prevent whiteheads, blackheads, and blemishes.

Saritha _SRB

I keep reading that aha & bha or acids & vit c should not be mixed !! Is that true or just a misnorm ?
Ammmmazing video??

Divya Raju

Hi ...can u pls say about Shea butter how to use n it's benefits on face n hands ?

Zaibi collectio by zaibi sajid

How can I store it for 1 year

Sadie Rose

hey! can i use pure salycilic acid powder in this face wash???

Natural alpha hydroxy acid

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HOW TO DIY AHA+BHA FACEMASKS AT HOME || cheap & natural aha bha facemasks

659 views | 21 Jun. 2020

Lets be crazy people that

Lets be crazy people that we are on instagram too

Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/gursimran_bedii/

Hi munchkins❤️

This video is purely dedicated on #how to make aha+bha facemasks at home. You do not have to buy costly facemasks or products like #ordinary peel #ordinary mask. You can simply make it at home in a natural way and in budget. You will find all the ingredients at your home.

!!!I have shown 3DIY face masks for dry skin, acne/oily skin and combination skin.

#How to use aha+bha on your face?

You have to apply this facemask once or twice a week and do not forget to apply sunscreen daily to protect your skin.


1) Do patch test before applying these face masks because these containa natural fruit acid that may or may not suit your skin.

2) This video is purely my creation. Do not copy or post anywhere without my consent

For business enquiries mail at

[email protected]

Love you xoxo❤️

Chetna Bedi


Harwinder Kaur Bagga


01 Saumya Gupta


Sanas Corner

Very informative