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Fullips Lip Plumping Enhancer | First Impression + Demo

5 509 views | 29 Feb. 2016

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FIY*** You do need to use this product multiple times for it to show any different from your normal lips. They do eventually go back to their normal size. I would recommend using this product consistently everyday to achieve fuller lips. I would recommend using this product once when you wake up, before putting on your makeup, and after your makeup. Of course like the directions said, do not suck hard into the enhancer, I did experience discoloration around the bottom area of my mouth because so. I also liked the circle enhancer more than the oval, but that is just personal preference. Other than that, I think it is a cool fast alternative to actually getting lip injections.

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Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoyed :)

officialjohn _xo

A very helpful video. Do you think these enhancers are safe to use?.

Brittany O'Barr

That's awesome that it worked! You are super beautiful :)

Erica Pelayo

Just found your channel since I was looking for reviews on this. Wanted to see a review on this before buying it on amazon, your makeup looks stunning ?

Sara Vtt

Found you on IG :) just subbed

Beautifully& Wonderfullymade

You reminded me of the girl from Adams family , but I didn’t mean it in a rude way I always thought she was pretty ?


How long did the effects last?

Priscilla Jane Fumero

Omg I love your makeup and necklace